Ephesia Holiday Beach Club

Ilica Mevkii Longbeach PK 195, Kusadasi 09400, Turkey
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Lovely holiday

"Hotel is set in a lovely location with beautiful views, staff are very friendly & accommodating. Entertainment staff very good although not geared towards English as the English are a minority in this complex. The female staff need to cheer up & act like they are enjoying themselves whilst making an effort to be friendly, my 2 daughters danced at the mini disco & round the pool every day to the club records yet did not even get a smile out of them. The male entertainment staff were great, friendly, worked even though there was a language barrier & were fantastic with the children.

Food was good but could have been more varied.

Bar staff were fun, friendly & worked hard, very good.

Restaurant staff were OK but sometimes forgot you, although if you got the manager your needs were met immediately.

Reception staff were fantastic, friendly, helpful & nothing was a problem.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Get a sea view, if not happy with room request change, get sunbeds by 7:15, icecreams flavours differ on both sides of hotel.
  • Good For: Beach
by Marie C
8 / 10

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cant wait to go back!!

"Just had 2 weeks here and it was fantastic.Arrived early hours but staff all there to assist,we were a party of 6 (4 adults and 2 kids aged 9 and 4)We had 2 deluxe rooms and they where huge,and cleaned every day.The complex is spotless it hosts 4 pools each in their own areas so you can have a change.Entertainment team work non stop,really friendly as are all the staff.Hats off to first choice kids club,cant believe my little girl was looked after daily which was great when it was really hot because the club was fully air conditioned and each time she she had so much fun she couldnt wait to go back.The food was a little repetative at first but once we hit the 1st July things really improved although the queues got longer.We got 2 visits to the a la carte restaurant,1 seafood and 1 italian......both delicious.If i had to pick 1 fault it would have to be the evening entertainment very poor most nights."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
by cazza
8 / 10

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Excellent will go back

"Well we have all just returned from a great holiday at this family friendly hotel, the staff were always on hand to help and we had no problems at all, the hotel room was great, the nice surprises were when the cleaning staff created towel designs on the bed for your return, after a day out. The food at the resort was fresh plentiful and enjoyable, just a shame the foreign visitors wasted so much after banqueting their tables with more than they could possibly ever eat, it seemed a shame to waste so much of it, although there was always plenty on offer. The restaurant staff worked hard and always made a lot of effort to please, you could not have asked for more, the bar staff were happy and always on the go, working long hours but always tendering your every need, the entertainment team continued the long hours of work and maintained an enjoyable schedule. The complex was as suggested 7 km from Kusadasi town which is easy access by dolmus bus every 5 mins outside the hotel it cost about 10 new lira for 4 of us, alot cheaper than the taxi service. we attended the boat trip which was a great relaxing day, if you decide to go to pammukule its beautiful however a 3 hour journey, however the mud baths spa was lovelyand broke the journey. Great time and would definately go back. XX"

by darts180
10 / 10

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Fantastic value - fantastic time

"Super hotel - right on the beach, altho it's a very small beach! We were in the garden rooms - single storey almost like bungelows - not in the best position and probably the oldest part - but hey it was cheap & clean and who spends all their time in the room anyway. The rest of the rooms were nearer the ameinities in 2/3 story blocks, from what we saw they looked great. Garden/landscaped/pool areas - again very well kept and clean. A bonus for me was that everything was accessable via ramps - as I use a wheelchair this was a real bonus. Food - very good, not the best we'd ever had, usual tons of different salads but cooked food was a bit sameish - still very good and value for money tho. Overall a very clean, super friendly hotel which I would go back to. The only drawback is it's 99% Russians & French so obviously geared towards them, plus they can be awefully loud!! Didn't like the fact that all outside bars served beer & drinks in coco cola card & plastic cups - I assume for safety but not very nice. AI - brilliant - food is available 7am- midnight, the pool bar serving great burgers, chips, turkish pizzas all afternoon, saved us going in for a big meal at lunchtime. Overall would recommend to all ages for an exceptional value for money hotel."

by gsijan
8 / 10

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Excellent, relaxing cheap week in the sun!

"We have just returned from a very relaxing and enjoyable week here (29 Aug - 5 Sept). We were looking for a cheap all-inclusive break in the sun with no intentions of doing very much. We checked Tripadvisor before booking (via teletext holidays on the web) and most of the reviews appeared to be in French so we knew we weren't going to a hotel geared for Brits. We were also under no illusions and expected that this hotel, although listed as 4 stars, would most likely be 3 stars tops by UK standards. Our expectations were mostly correct.

The hotel - the hotel is set up like a beach club so the reception isn't particularly posh. There are four swimming pools: a large main pool (with a baby pool to the side); a slide pool - with 3 flumes; a pool by the sea; and a thermal, saltwater pool. There is a wellness centre with spa, massage and turkish bath and a small gym off to the side (which didn't have very much equipment - two treadmills and a multigym). There is a main buffet restaurant and an a la carte seafood restaurant by the sea (which is only open in peak season and can be booked on your all-inclusive once per week). There are two bars serving soft and alcoholic drinks, snacks and tea/coffee and ice cream at certain times and a selection of little shops including a leather shop, jewellers and hairdressers. The hotel is approx 7km from Kusadasi and should cost approx 15 turkish lira by taxi (about 7-8 english pounds).

The accommodation - the rooms were quite basic but very clean and with everything you'd expect. There is a minibar (empty except for two free bottles of water unless you request they fill it up) and a tv showing mainly dutch, turkish and french channels but for english viewers there are three channels to choose from. We had a balcony with a fantastic view overlooking the largest pool, the sea and Kusadasi in the distance.

The food - being a particularly fussy vegetarian, I was a bit apprehensive about the food but the selection and quality was fantastic. Plenty of salad, veg and breads and main meals to choose from, My other half (not a vegetarian) had a brilliant selection. Having stayed in 5 star Egyptian all-inclusives, the food in this hotel was far superior and we were greatly surprised. We didn't try the seafood restaurant ( I don't eat fish) so can't comment on it.

The facilities - the pools were fantastic (if a bit salty) not too cold but they didn't appear to be heated. As mentioned above, the gym wasn't great but there were tennis courts and basketball courts and the wellness centre does fantastic spa packages with very favourable prices compared to the UK. I would definitely recommend the turkish bath followed by full massage.

The entertainment - the guests in this hotel appeared to be mainly Dutch, French, Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian (in fact we only heard English voices once in our entire stay. We were quite happy with this but for those with children who enjoy holiday kids clubs etc, this might not be the best choice of hotel) so the entertainment was accordingly provided with them in mind. We don't tend to enjoy any kind of hotel entertainment so didn't participate/attend any events - except for joining in the occasional water polo game.

The criticisms -

(i) the Turkish people were all very friendly, warm and welcoming (particularly in Kusadasi town) and this was also the case with the hotel staff, with the exception of the reception staff who could benefit from learning some basic manners;

(ii) we flew into Bodrum airport, a good two and a half hours from the hotel. The journey in the mini-bus was tedious, with the bus struggling to get over the mountain roads. If you can, we hear that Izmir airport is closer so I would advise flying into there;

(iii) I wouldn't recommend Kusadasi as a beach resort. The temperature of the aegean sea was fine but the coast itself is very seaweedy, the sand is coarse and dark which makes the water cloudy. There are much nicer beach resorts if that is your thing.

Overall, this is a great hotel for a cheap all-inclusive week in the sun and we would definitely recommend it for couples looking for a last-minute break.

by Shelleyslk
8 / 10

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"To start off with, if your driver takes you to a hotel called Ephesia, with a posh reception, your in the wrong place, because our driver did! Also, if you can, fly in from Izmir Airport, not Bodrum. Because Izmir is only an hour away and Bodrum is a good 2 - 2 and a half. Now, the hotel itself. On initial looks, it was very nice. Then we got to reception and spoke to the receptionist. How rude. He only just got the fact we were checking in by getting the co-manager to speak English to us! The room was nice, and the balcony was lovely. Try and get a sea view room, its divine at night. The bathroom was basic, no bidet or anything. Had to wash our feet in the shower which was less than presentable. The beds seemed nice, but I dont think the maid changed them, just put funny little patterns on the sheets. The pool was nice, Pool 1 was best, everything happened there. Pool 2 has the fast slides, but it was full of salt and I choked on the amount of salt. Thermal pools looked green and polluted. Never used them. Gym was quite hidden but was good. Now to the animation team. They are so funny. There are two in particular, Itouch and Tahir. There was also a nice Dutch lady that we didnt get the name of, but she runs the kids club. The bosses, Mamadou and Mitcho were cool, and Mitcho even gave me his light he used for the bingo. Itouch and Tahir sat and talked to us all night one time, and they just loved us. They are the nicest people we ever met there, and would love to see them again. The Entertainment was brilliant and was for all ages especially kids. The Mr/Mrs Ephesia was good. Its on every night apart from bingo night (Sunday) Now the resteraunt. DONT. The food is crap. After about a week there we were falling out with eachother because we were starving because the food was boring, or there was just Continental things. Also, If you like olives and cheese for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, then you'll love it. Excursions: Adaland is really good. Although foreigners rule it. A guy kicked my brother to get infront of him in a queue! On the bright side, it's only 20 mins away. Now to round it off, don't go if you want to be nearly killed in a stampede of foreign people. They are so obnoxious. We wouldnt go back."

by ComputerFreak
8 / 10

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Good for families, not couples

"We stayed there for one week on a lastminute deal. Mixed review. To start with the positives: 100% wonderful weather, choice of 3 pools, sea was a fantastic temperature, great tennis courts, sea view from room, good spa/massage options, tea and ice cream served daily. Negatives: Room was very average, much more 3* than 4*. Not sure they changed the bedsheets,just straightened them.Didn't get fresh towels. Grotty shower. Seperate single beds (we wanted a double). Service was not good, very variable. A couple of the staff were absolutely delightful and helpful, let down by some very disinterested almost sneering check-in staff. Food was very ordinary, although they really do their best and offer lots of options. It does all get rather boring though after 4 days. Thes resort is a good 10 min taxi ride from town centre. Taxi's weren't cheap. Use the taxi firm based just by the entrance to the hotel as these are fixed price at 15 lira one way. The town is not that exciiting, but good to escape and get a change of food!

Now, the 'entertainment' oh dear. To be fair we are definitely not the target audience ( a couple in late 20's/early 30's) but it was very tacky and intrusive. We applied ourselves to avoiding the 'entertainment team' at all costs, The main lovely pool is spoiled by having very loud music blaring out all the time - we used the much more relaxing 'thermal' pool.

Overall, we definitely wouldn't return, but I imagine it would be perfect for families with young children (up to age 13).

by HLMLondon
4 / 10

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"I spent 12 days in this hotel and maximum time in sea was 45 min. because the vas very unclear beach with something snail from hotel pool."

by RaNEco
4 / 10

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Give up some to enjoy some.

"Before I start this I have a question: for the people that went to the resort, if you saw a vine that was close to the beach when you walk down that big slope to the ocean, there's this thick grass looking vine, looks juicy and flowers seldomly. If you know the name of it then please post it, thanks =)

So I'm going to have to start off with saying that the pricing wasn't fair. Europeans got to stay double the time we did for the same price and were treated better, and the service wasn't that great either. Most the time, your order would be delayed or your waiter would be busy chatting with another waiter while you wait on your order. You will hardly find ANY guests that speak English there, most of the are Belgians and so it's hard to find people to talk to. The disco wasn't that great although it was interesting to see really young people getting served beer...hmm. I must admit that the beach was amazing though...it was crystal clear water and was only a little bit cold and fun to dive into. The water activities did cost quite a bit tho. Ummm the pool was usually full and you'd have to "reserve" your seat down at the beach early in the morning if you want to have a decent view. The rooms were nice and there was plenty of bars to get carbonated drinks or whatever. Bring a little bit of extra supplies because items are sold in euros and could cost a sum of money. The food wasn't so great at the buffet but there was lots of variety, you will also be treated at second priority to Europeans only because they got that reservation deal that was double the time for the same money you paid except you paid for a week haha. Don't expect to go fishing there, not worth your time. Overall there was ups and downs but you should give it a try sometime in the summer. Don't stay too long at the resort or you'll get bored of the crummy shows at night that seem to get boring as the night goes on.

by traveldude8
6 / 10

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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant what more can i say !!!

"Stayed for 2 weeks in june and had an amazing time. There was loads to do. The entertainment team were brilliant, stuff going on all day and at night, aqua aerobics, pool comps, darts comps, table tennis, volley ball, football, swimmimg pool games, kids club, water sports are to name but a few. There was a great selection of food, alcoholic drinks available till 2 in the morning. Most of the entertainment at night went on in the ampitheatre till 11, then the beach bar opened till 2 with a disco. once a week there was a big beach party with a bonfire. the only downfall was that the bungalow rooms were very small and dark. The air conditioning wasnt great either. But we found we only slept in there and got ready at night to go out, so was ok really. If you had any problems there was a great customer relations team and nothing was too much trouble. Cant wait to go back next year and would recommend to anyone."

by angeandchris2005
10 / 10

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"Me my husband and our 17 month old son stayed at the pine bay resort in the first 2 weeks of june.The resort is fantastic.The food is lush with so much choice,and they do theme nights.pools are great to.childrens pool nice and shallow.they also had a seperate mini club pool area for the kids.My little boy loved this.with slides and fun squirting elephants!we stayed in a bungalow which was lovely and spacious.the hotel even deliverd us milk every day into our mini fridge so our little boy could have his milk first thing!!evening entertainment great.the beaches were lovely and they have a blue flag.Everything is spotless,so clean.so there is no problems there.All the staff are so friendly ,and they love children.the weather was 30 degrees the whole time.2 days of rain,but it didnt bother us as they have an indoor pool and it cooled us down a bit!!"

by n23
10 / 10

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Absolutely Fantastic Resort Hotel

"My Cousin and I stayed at the Pine Bay Club resort on 21st September for 1 week.

We joined in all the activites during the day and at night.

The hotel is just fantastic, so much to do!

The food is great, and you can choose from a few snack bars at lunch which is great.

Water, soft drinks, juices, tea/coffee and alcohol are all free which is just great.

The beach disco was a good laugh, and it's lovely to dance the night away right on the beach.

I would also recommend the Panorama Restaurant which is an a la carte restaurant which you can go to 1 night of your holiday. There is a good choice of meat dishes on there. The service and the atmosphere was very Turkish and superb.

We would definately reccommend going again next year, perhaps with some friends too.

We stayed in one of the Bungalows which was quite a steep, long walk from the hotel, but there is a 'bungalow shuttle' which we used sometimes!

The turkish men are all very gorgeous and friendly, but be careful as being friendly to them, they think that you want them!!

by Nixxy
10 / 10

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