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Room: 7.5/10
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Cleanliness: 8/10
Location: 9.5/10

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comfort in village setting

"Not five star, but we found this hotel to be a reasonably-priced option in a village setting. Check-in was swift, and one of the staff guided us to the room. This had all the facilities you'd expect, though the TV had only Turkish channels. There are lots of communal areas at the hotel - lobby, breakfast room, restaurant, pool area - and I would say this is perhaps the main feature aswell as the location. It is also a short distance away to the Express Bus Terminal in Denizli city and there were frequent buses into Pamukkale. The white terraces were a short distance away, and there was a day tour available."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make the most of their buffet breakfast, it was well-stocked and filling
by artemis2012
9 / 10

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Great Hotel in Turkey

"This hotel is great and i am very suprised it is not in the guide books! Okan picked me up from the bus station and drove me down to Pamukkale (no charge), he showed me some rooms, all of which were clean, roomy and faced the central pool (bloody huge!). The Traverntines and Hierapolis were really only about 50m away which was very handy as i was only staying in Pamukkale for 1 night. Dinner was very tasty and inexpensive (7 lira). After dinner Okan and his girlfriend taught me how to play Backgammon and after way too many beers it was time for bed. Would have loved to have stayed there longer and if i ever go back it will be the Artemis Yoruk Hotel for me. Thanks heaps guys! P.S. No more scrubs attacked me in Turkey"

by Brainy85
10 / 10

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Great Stay

"I stayed here for 2 nights and everything was spot on. The owners (very friendly and exceptionally helpful) met me at the bus stop and we walked over to the hotel (maybe 3 metres!). The first thing you notice is the amazing garden that surrounds their pool, perfect for relaxing around. The rooms was very spacious and clean, i also had my own balcony looking over the nice scene. The room cost me 20 lira with a full breakfast included. Bargain! The water was always hot and the food, cooked by the mother was fantastic!

The owners is what made it great though, very helpful about everything, teaching me and the other guests backgammon, organising our bus tickets and everything. Highly recommended!!

by stratty83
10 / 10

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awesome location

"I stayed here and it was great. The staff were fantastic, very very helpful with loads of tour information. The best thing about them is their location though, perfect. As soon as you step off the bus, in the very centre of Pamukkale. Highly recommended!!"

by AussieMeggsy
10 / 10

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Best Place To Stay

"Mate, if you're travelling through Turkey and need a fantastic place to stay in Pamukkale, the Artemis Hotel is the only place you need to know about.

The staff were so helpful with everything, loads of tour and bus info.

I got a great deal on some fantastic food as well. 7 ylt for 2 bowls of traditional Turkish food, the best i've had in turkey.

The other great thing was their location, smack bang in the centre of town and only a short walk to the travertines.

I would recommend this place to anyone.

by NateDog_007
10 / 10

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The best stay in Pamukkale

"My visit to Pamukkale was made all the better by my chocie of accomodation. Artemis Yoruk Hotel is the place to stay...where my comfort and enjoyment were the number one priority for the hotel staff.

I arrived in Pamukkale ready for a good time and ended up having an amazing time. I was welcomed warmly into the family at Artemis Yoruk Hotel. Not only do they serve excellent meals but the hotel is very user friendly for singles, couples and families. The rooms are a good size, there is free computer usage, access to a pool and the cutest little puppy by the name of Becks.

If you're looking to have a good night out you won't even have to leave the hotel lobby. Okan, Christie and other staff members will be more than happy to entertain with magic tricks, board games and lots of good old turkish raki. A good time had by all.

by pneu1
10 / 10

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Loved the HAMMOCK!!

"Artemis Yoruk Hotel

Loved the HAMMOCK!!

Last month I had a most enjoyble stay at this friendly hotel. Right in the centre of town ( about 100 metres from the travertines). They had the biggest pool ( & cleanest) i have seen yet in Turkey. The hammock was also a major plus. Thanks for everything guys. See you again in August hopefully...


by BinghamVancouver
8 / 10

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Join the Family at Artemis Yoruk!

"Our stay at the Artemis Yoruk was one of the highlights of our trip to Turkey. The staff was excellent. Okan, Christie and Best Hassan were very friendly and helpful. They were always aware of the needs of their customers. Beck's - the cutest puppy I've ever seen - was always good for some entertainment.

The double room was of decent quality and had its own bathroom (including shower), a/c and heater. All rooms are located around the pool. Our double room costed approx. 14€, including a traditional turkish breakfast. Tea is free all day. The food is average priced and of excellent home-made quality. Free internet access was also available.

The foyer serves just as well for social gatherings as for a dining room. There is a bar and the fire place makes it nice and cozy if you're travelling their in the winter time.

Free pick-up is available in Denizli. Once you're there, it's only a 5 minute walk to the entrance of the travertines and the ruins.

All the best

Lindsey & Nils

by Moose84
10 / 10

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Fantasic Food

"Just finished a trip travelling around Turkey, which was great. On my trip I went to Pamukkale. Stayed at this great hotel called the Artemis Yoruk Hotel.

It was really cheap for everything it offered. The services was fantastic. All the staff spoke really good english. The rooms were all well equiped with TV, comfy beds, A/C and heating, and running hot water which is a luxury in some turkish hotels. It also has a great pool and bar area to hang out it in the warmer months. My favourite part was the food. Traditional turkish food for every meal.

Plus they also had vegemite for breakfast if you wanted, which was great for a change. Would definately reccommend it to anyone travelling through.

Cheers Jimmy

by JimmyAussieinLondon
10 / 10

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This is the only place to stay in Pamukkale!

"Staying at the hotel felt like staying with family. The staff were great... super friendly and very attentive. Ask them to teach you the turkish game Okey. Another plus, the hotel is close to the bus stop for a short trip to the travertine pools, Hierapolis and Denizli."

by yildiz
10 / 10

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"This hotel and their staff went beyond anything we could have expected! The food was fantastic and much cheaper than eating outside. Our rooms were clean and the staff always friendly and willing to help us with information. Right in the centre of Pamukkale and they also met us at the bus stop. Highly reommended!!!"

by go_further
10 / 10

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