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Great choice for a layover at IST airport

"I stayed at the WOW Istanbul hotel for two layovers at IST (Ataturk airport).

The hotel offers great location and price (if booked ahead) but also has some great amenities.

Location: there are a pair of hotels (the 4 star WOW Airport hotel and the 5 star WOW Istanbul hotel) in the same complex. The hotel offers a shuttle to the international terminal but only during restricted hours, and only every half hour at most. The schedule is on their website (click on the picture of the shuttle bus). There are also a few shuttles per day to Taksim square. The easiest way to get to the hotel is to take the Hafif Metro one stop inbound from the airport to the DTM station (fare is 1 token, 1.40TL). This takes 5 minutes (plus a 5 minute walk from the station). The hotel towers are facing you as you travel away from the airport. Trains operate every 10 minutes or so from 6AM to midnight. One can also take an airport cab for approximately 4TL (day) or 7TL (night). When telling the driver where to go, note that the Turks pronounce the name of the hotel to rhyme with "know" not "now".

The hotel offers the following amenities:

--beautiful top floor indoor pool overlooking city (note: they require a bathing cap for all swimmers, so pack one); also a gym and hammam that I did not use. Hours are approximately 7AM-11PM. The staff graciously let me in only 20 minutes before closing when I really wanted a quick dip in the pool, despite the extra trouble this made for them.

--free high speed internet. You will need a European plug adapter and an ethernet cable. (You can purchase an ethernet cable from the hotel if you do not bring one.)

--instant coffee/tea in room

--awesome buffet breakfast starting at 6:30AM. This was extensive and delicious. If you are leaving earlier than 6:30AM you can ask them to pack you a breakfast, which they did for me.

The minibar is annoying for two reasons. First, it is very expensive, and you are better off bringing water/snacks from the airport. (They provide only a small bottle of free water.) Second, it has a glowing blue light--you can turn this off by flicking a tiny switch at the top of the minibar fridge interior.

I would definitely stay here again.

by sftraveler1
10 / 10

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great amenities, terrible policies!

"We booked this hotel as it was nearest to the exhibition centre. I think the only difference between the 4* building and the 5* building is that this has a swimming pool! I stayed at the 5* one though.

Newly built, it is a very well built and modern hotel. If you are the sort of guy who would want to stay, eat and drink- all in the hotel and it's restuarant, it's ideal for you. For, do note that the minibar charges are too high....for even a 500ml bottle of water you need to pay around 6 Euros! And this is the first hotel that i have been- which does not allow it's guests to get even their own water! So, a person like me, who drinks around 2 ltr. water daily in the hotel, should add around 25 Euro per person per day to its fare!

They'r so adamant- they even opened a bag of one of our friends staying with us, just to check he wasnt getting any food inside! The most rude behaviour I've ever seen in a 5* hotel!

If you are only for business, its a gr8 hotel for you, else dont bother!

by ragz_mln
8 / 10

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Horrible stay at WOW Airport Hotel

"Hotel has recruited thieves in staff. Staff is rude, not skilled, non co-operative. some body from staff stolen $1100 and YTL700 from my purse when i was sleeping in the room on 15th February. Managment was totally non co-operative when reported the incident to management."

by Sanjayuzbek
2 / 10

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Smart and new, but...

"There's a four-star Wow and a five-star Wow, separated by a convention centre. Two colleagues and I stayed in the four-star for three nights. Good things about this hotel included a vast buffet spread for breakfast, spacious rooms and bathrooms, and its proximity to both Ataturk airport and the CNR convention centre. Bad points included paper thin walls meant having to listen to the neighbouring room's TV/the lifts going up and down all night, stupidly expensive mini-bar and lobby bar prices (something like 10 lira (£5) for a small bottle of water or a cup of tea, at least 20 lira (£10) for one of those tiny bottles of spirits...I mean I know these bars aren't meant to be cheap, but considering the tap water is labelled undrinkable I think that's a bit much), and the location was anywhere up to a 40 minute drive from the town centre, depending on the time of day. (We didn't try public transport - there was a metro stop right outside - but were told it could take well over an hour to get into the old town.) Add to this the fact that hardly any taxi drivers know where the Wow is and you're headed for a whole lot of hassle if you intend to eat anywhere other than the exorbitant hotel restaurant. One to avoid unless you've got business nearby."

by Emilia11
6 / 10

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best reasonable business hotel

"I am staying about everymonth in this hotel and it is really good. I am satisifed with staff and conditions. very near to airport and metro so not loosing time in traffic jam.

It is only one year old hotel and clean...Try sauna and swimming pool in 15th floor...

by ErkanDerekoylu
8 / 10

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Well product...Terrible attidute!!!

"We have stayed at WOW Hotel Convention Center couple of times. The last trip had made it clear, how important your last impressions are as well as your first.

In our first stay, we were pleased with the hotel and the service. But the last one; this weekend; was absolutely terrible!!!

As another hotelier, I have to admit that I was even shameful for the other person's attidute.

The problem started with the pre-authorazation on the credit card. As I already know the procedure, I have voluntarly gave my credit card. Unfortunately they could not get an authorazation. However, "I" have suggested that they check the room as a no post room and we just pay for the room. They told us that we need to wait. I asked why; they said we need to empty your minibar and without creating any problems we agreed to wait.

To be honest, I was not happy with the attidutue that I have received at the front desk and I may have mentioned it to the bellyboy in the elevator. What a treatment you get when you do not present them your gold card!!!

The real problem started as we went into the room. While I was getting ready to go into the shower, the door knocked at 4:00 am in the morning, and this guy said " Your room is no credit, I need to empty your minibar." I ask, is that any way to talk to the guest! You make the person feel like crab! You can not go into my room unless I say so! Therefore, I said " you kept us waiting for 20 minutes downstairs, I am not available rightnow, you should have done your job earlier"

Guess what happens after that! That rude receptionist (not the one took care of us, the girl)calls me and tells me I have been rude to the minibar guy and I should immediatly go downstairs to gurantee my extras, credit card, money etc...I rejected and told her that I want to talk to the Duty Manager and asked for his direct number. She rudly informed that they do not have a duty manager but they have a night manager and she tells me "as another hotelier, you must know that you can not call from the room" Rude yet snob!

Well..anyways the duty manager was worse than the receptionist. He gave me these stupidest excuses and tons of apologies, did not even listen to me just kept apologizing! Where is the empathy, did they not teach you that!

Bottom line, it is for me the last hotel I will ever visit or send my guests to. Remember, a happy guest only tells maximum of 3 people but the unhappy one tells 20 or more! So, I will tell this even more than 20,even to agents and etc... Because they have changed their first impression and made it terrible for me.

I want the management to realize they need strong trainings for their staff. Especially the night manager and the receptionist should take some guest service trainings.

4 / 10

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Great airport hotel

"If you're looking for a place to crash right before/after your flight, or if you have other reason to stay in the airport area (e.g. convention), then this is a great find. The rates are reasonable, the staff courteous, the taxi ride cheap and quick, the beds comfortable (ok, by Turkish standards. By US standards they're a bit too firm), rooms clean and neat and services quite appropriate for the hotel of its class and location. There's a shuttle to/from the airport, but we were too tired to deal with the hotel so we just took a quick taxi (cost: under 5 lira; at the time about $3.50). The breakfast is superb. Best spread we've seen during out 2.5 week stay in Turkey."

by NYCSmrtTraveler
8 / 10

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"Stayed there for one night during the flight connection.

The hotel is easily reachable from Ataturk Airport by taxi (5 min), subway (the light metro station is 200 m from the hotel's entrance) or hotel's shuttle which runs daily (timetable is on their web page). There are 2 buildings - a 5* and a 4* property, both are good. I stayed at the 4* building and couldn't find any difference. Rooms are of a good size and condition, though none of them with a balcony.

A good hotel for its price ($100 for a DBL room in august on BB basis).

But if you're looking for a hotel which is nearer to the city, yet close to the airport - try Ibis Hotel.

by Thefall
6 / 10

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Functional comfort

"Just about three minutes drive from the airport, or on the train from the airport, there are two Wow hotels connected to the international conference centre. I stayed at the 5* WOW. The hotel is designed for congress attendees in a modern building that is functional with largish rooms that are well equipped. I found the bed remininscent of a low cost French chain of hotels (i.e. hard), the walls to be slightly too thin to deter sound from adjacent rooms. The bar and pool at the top of the hotel provided great views across to the airport and distant sea. The staff were all very helpful, the food was just ok. So this is a safe landing place for a business trip."

by TechnoProf
6 / 10

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it is a beatiful new hotel

"we stayed in august 2007. it is a new hotel, nice turkish breakfast included. professinal, helpful staff. very close to airport.

we liked it price was not expensive either.

by muammer123
8 / 10

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