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"Kalehan is a fairly pleasant individual hotel located on the main road into Selcuk. Rooms are a good size, nicely decorated and arranged around a nice garden. However for the price, especially when compared with similar hotels in Turkey, the standard is not high. Our room was slightly dirty (door handle, key and surfaces were sticky to the touch), bathroom was very small and breakfast buffet was left uncovered for several hours; empty plates were not replenished. Swimming pool had no water in it, despite the fact that it was 25 degrees and prices had already been hiked to mid-season levels. We asked for brewed coffee instead of nescafe with breakfast and found afterwards that 5 euros had been added to our bill for this ´extra´. Nice enough, but could have been so much better with some attention to the details."

by MemberTurkey
4 / 10

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loved the Kalehan

"We stayed here for one night in mid-April and had a great experience. There is a pleasant rustic charm throughout the rooms, lobby, and dining room. The courtyard and shaded walk to the lobby/dining room made a peaceful oasis.

We stayed in the "Ephesus" suite, which had air conditioning, a full bathroom, comfortable bed, TV, desk, and closet. The shower/bathtub was particularly nice. I'd say the room is small for a "suite," but there was more than enough room for us and our luggage.

Dinner and breakfast, which were included, were fabulous. My wife was too sore in the morning to get out of bed from all the walking around Ephesus, so I was grabbing a few pieces of bread to take to her. When one of the hotel's attendants saw me doing this, he volunteered to bring whatever she wanted to the room himself!

An interesting side note, when we walked in for dinner, they were playing one of our favorite albums, the Buena Vista Social Club! It was made more special in that it was our honeymoon.

If I have one complaint it was the peacock who wouldn't stop squawking in the morning! But I can't hold the hotel responsible for that.

Many thanks to Tom Brosnahan for recommending the Kalehan.

by paul_liza
10 / 10

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What a magic place!

"Wow, What a place! We stayed this summer for about four nights while we visited Ephesus and it was magical. It's easy to miss the hotel from the main road, and frankly, it doesn't seem like much from the road. But as soon as you go inside the gates, it's like a secret garden. Beautiful!

The staff was wonderful and helpful, all with good English. The concierge always gave us good recommendations for sightseeing around the region and good directions.

The restaurant was top notch, some of the best food we had in Turkey. Convenient too, since there aren't many other places to eat in Selcuk. Normally, I like to explore a bit and eat meals around town, but in this case, the hotel restaurant was perfect. Make sure to get get your meals included with the price of your room because it's such a good deal.

The rooms themself are above average. This aint the Ritz. But I found them more than adequate. Clean, comfortable beds. All the appliances in good shape. There's a charm to the decoration too.

If your visiting Ephesus or Southern Turkey, this is the hotel for you. Don't go to Kusadasi. We drove through the city several times on our way to other places and weren't impressed. It's dirty, overgrown and seemed a bit unsafe. Our tour guide from Istanbul told us to avoid the place because there are a lot of ``sharks'' who prey on the cruise ship crowd so we were leery. Selcuk is much smaller and the Kale Han is pretty much the only game in town. But it's a beautiful place to be and can easily be used as a base of operations for day trips throughout the region.

All in all, a wonderful place. Highly recommend!

by dragonflier
10 / 10

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Historical Settings at Kalehan

"Kalehan is a boutique hotel short walk distance from Selcuk-center. Very cosy reception and restaurant section; nice atmosphere. Rooms have varying standards; some of them have small bathrooms. But anyway, the atmosphere in the rooms is that you feel as if you are living 30-40 years ago, which is a good feeling. Kalehan is run by tourism-minded family and service-minded staff.

Sinan Tortum

by tourtoturkey
8 / 10

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A delightful refuge

"With its history as a caravan stop, the Kalehan is located on the busy main road into Selcuk. But once you are inside the lobby, the outside world disappears. And stepping beyond the lobby into the garden, a new world emerges, with a pool, bar, and flowers galore.

Our "special" room was fairly large and very comfortable. The dining room offered good food, remembering that virtually ever restaurant in Turkey seems to have exactly the same menu.

Selcuk itself is a real town, offering a welcome alternative to the tourist bustle and cruise-ship crowds of Kusadsi. The Kalehan's location allows visitors to explore their way comfortably through the downtown.

by NJ_Voyageur
8 / 10

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Charming Boutique Hotel Near Ephesus

"The Kalehan is a charming boutique hotel with a lovely garden and swimming pool. The rooms do not have television, yet WiFi is available in the lobby -- a winning combination in my mind.

Breakfast is adequate, but dinner is exceptional, with wonderfully fresh food, much of it homemade and many ingredients organic.

Selcuk is a wonderful alternative to Kusadasi while visiting Ephesus.

by pinky45
8 / 10

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Excellent hotel

"We stayed at the Kalehan in the first week of June 2006 having spent a few days in Istanbul at the Seven Hills Hotel in Sultanahmet. We highly recommend both hotels and would be happy to return to either in the future.

The Kalehan has much to recommend it. However, the feature which stands out most is the friendliness of the staff. Like the Seven Hills, the number of rooms is limited - with fewer guests it was much easier for the staff to get to know you. The food was good with lots of it - breakfast being served at any time!! The pool was very welcome at the end of a hot day of sightseeing around Ephesus and other areas. Other hotels in the area don't have pools as far as we could tell.

Ephesus is a must see. Also, give youself time to take the dolmus to Kusadasi and to Sirince. You probably need a good half day at each of the sites mentioned to do them justice. Selcuk is also worth a wander - especially on market day (Saturday) - I have not seen such profusion of colour except in the far east.

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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An above average boutique hotel!

"We had a very pleasant one-night stay at the Hotel Kalehan while visiting Ephesus recently. Our room was small and simple, but adequate, with a well-functioning air conditioning unit and a good-sized bathroom with modern amenities. Most importantly the shower and hot water works well. The staff was also friendly, and we enjoyed the beautiful garden and pool. However it appeared to be frequented by tour groups and so the pool was too crowded for us to enjoy a dip in it. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the well decorated and cozy restaurant. Our night drinks at the pool was peacful, tranquil and enjoyable. I will recommend this hotel."

by D_Therese
8 / 10

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A masterpiece of Ottoman charm

"Having stayed at the Kale Han on many different occasions, in all seasons, alone and accompanied, I can say without reservation that its reputation for charm and value is thoroughly deserved.

With most family-run hotels, in my experience, 'family-run' is code for cheerful incompetence and a repertoire of anecdotes passed off as privileged information. In the case of the Kale Han, however, the family who run it are not only widely travelled themselves, and therefore able to anticipate and provide for the needs of their guests, but they have unparalleled knowledge of this part of Turkey (the head of the family is himself the author of several historical works on the area). No wonder, then, that the hotel is well known for attracting writers, journalists, scholars and film-makers with a special interest in Ephesus and environs.

Add to this the authenticity of the Ottoman decor and ambience, and a level of helpfulness that goes well beyond the requirements of ordinary service, and you have in my opinion the ideal base from which to explore and enjoy this enchanting stretch of coast.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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A wonderful place to stay

"I am extremely surprised to read the review posted on 5th Jan 2006, in fact I can only think that they are describing a different hotel. I stayed at the Kalehan for a week in July with my husband and 11 year old son and we found it to be an excellent hotel. All the staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and hardworking (as well as the owner and his wife), we could not fault them. The rooms were clean, comfortable and typically Turkish. The antique collections add character and interest throughout. The food was excellent and the menu was certainly not "tourist food". The hotel uses organic produce where possible and some of it is grown on site. The private walled gardens are lovely and peaceful, with a view of the castle - there is a lawned area with various places to sit; sunbeds, swing-chairs, tables and chairs, etc dotted around in shady places, a swimming pool with sunbeds and seating areas, with changing room and pool side snack bar. The lounge is comfortable with a TV and some games. There is also a small shop selling good quality gifts. The hotel is easily accessed on the main road, with adequate parking."

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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