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Dirty noisy pit for 16 - 20yrs gangs, steer clear !

"Food a joke Unedable ! drinks Discusting No gas for fizzy drinks etc ! No aircon in rooms or hotel bar or reception etc , No clean sheets available for beds ,Childrens pool cannot be used by children as its full of gangs of drunken youths , Stag weekends , football gangs , tours etc sunbed money man is robbing everyone hes very sggressive violent even Also cloudy not clean , Large pool very dangerous , steps loose an broken ,gangs drunk in pool drinking partying fighting all night long ! No rest whatsoever and No help from guard he was a scared joke , we just couldnt wait ti get home , we will never return to the royal beach hotel its gone to the dogs now. we love palmanova and magaluf wev been going there for 30 yrs. steer clear of h m royal beach . residents are all trying to sell and get out fast."

by magaluf
1 / 10

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"Words cannot describe how horrid this place is. Door on room didnt lock, no help from staff. Advised to check out, if we didnt like it! Fighting in the corridors and broken glass all over. Worst place i have ever stayed. Glad to leave."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: avoid it
  • Good For: Beach
by bailey
1 / 10

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Worst hotel ever !! Rashings to eat

"After booking this hotel and reading trip advisor i fought its going to be a nightmare and i was right it was a nightmare.

When arriving lady on the recepttion was horrible, didnt help at all, give us our keys for 3rd floor but instead of telling us to go up to first floor then along corridor then up to floor 3 she didnt so took 15-20 minutes to find our room. When we got in it smelt really bad of smoke, other than that the room was clean and plently space.

Before i arrived i emailed that hotel stating i was after a pool view and they said we would have but we didnt get 1 so any request are not looked at proberly.

We unpacked our cases and went downstairs to get our dinner. There someone standing on the door asking for your room number and checking we werent self catering. There wasnt much choice of food to pick from, there was soup which was cold salad bar with a few mix salad dishes to choice from but the cheese and butter is not with the salad it is actually with the sweets and ice cream. The main food doesnt actually tell you what it is there is pictures of animals to say which animal the food comes from and again this food was cold as well. . They have paella with pizza on everyday. We didnt make it for breakfast but peoples comments in the hotel didnt sound like we were missing anythink. The scrambled egg was apprently the worst food. We arrived for breakfast at 10 am and they turned us away and said they were closed so we had to wait for snacks, we were expecting the left over from breakfast but it was only ham and cheese toasties. Overall the food didnt get any better while we were there so had to make do with cheese and salad sandwich to get us by untill we went out for food.

Been all-inclusive there was only 1 bar to get drinks from, In the airtours brochure it does say there is a poolside snack bar but we werent aloud it use it. The bar inside they wouldnt allow you in if you have been in the pool or with no shoes on. Only 1 drink aloud per person and in plastic glassses all the time. The drinks you get are San Migel which was watered down, There own local Vodka, Barcadi, Gin and Brandy. For the sun loungers you got to pay 2 euros per day and thats even if you are all inclusive.

The hotel is a stone throw away from BCM and the stripe so it is ideal for hen and sag partys just looking for somewere close and just for the hotel. I wouldnt recommend familes as there is nothing for them to do and doesnt cater for children at all.

We only had 1 problem in the hotel and that was people pressing the door bell and holding it in for a while and running up and down the corridor screaming and banging, and our last night the fire alarm going off for 10 minutes but there wasnt a fire. Next morning when i complaint to the reception they said nothing we can do about it as its a hotel for hen and stag parties and its up to them what they do.


while we were there we did hear it was changing in to a sol hotel so maybe it could change and become better.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: Horrible
  • Good For: Beach
by x-a-ndre-a-x
1 / 10

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Loved it cant wait go back!!!

"Omg loved this holiday and all the people we met hotel was nice nad clean...only bad points was pool man who charged 2 euros for sun loungers nad rooms not being cleaned for 2 days but u cud ask for towels etc at reception...

Was in a perfect location for everything you could literally roll to the strip and beach and could see bcm square from the hotel!

Good places to eat are happy house amazin food and really cheap i wouldnt recommend godfathers as the staff and maangement are very rude!

Also watch out for the security guard on hotel (hitler) he pops up when ever your being too loud haha but that didnt stop us or anyone else =)

Absoloutley loved it i would recommend doing the bar crawel well worth the money!

Cant wait go back in august!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, booked with coop
  • Advice: Amazing!!!
  • Good For: Beach
by MagalufBaby!!
9 / 10

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Great loaction hotel .... although Very Noisy hotel

"Stayed at Royal Beach in May this year, first impressions of the hotel were great!! However once we got our room key (which we were given straight away) we were in room 416 and 417 you had to get a lift up to the 1st flight of stairs and then walk down a long corridor to find we had to go up another 3 flights of stairs as the lift wasnt working!! Rooms were great nice and big (didnt have pool view even though we asked for one) Location was brilliant - however they were charging €2 for a sunbed!!! That is what you pay for the hotel for!! However the downside to this hotel big time was the noise!! It was absolutely impossible to get any sleep what so ever!! So many hen and stag weekends it was so noisy you could hear absoltely everything!! I know it is Magaluf although you need to be able to get some sleep!! LOL - Wouldnt stay here again I dont think !!"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Loved Magaluf although this hotel was impossible to get any sleep!!
  • Good For: Beach
by Lou Lou - Lisa
6 / 10

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Great Value

"I have just got back from spending a long weekend here. We usually book a Sol hotel as you know the kind of accomodation you are likely to get as they are all of a similar standard. I have to say this was excellant value for money. The rooms were basic but very clean. There were 13 in our group and some didn't want to stay out partying and came home early and had no complaints of noise or not being able to get to sleep. We went in low season so not sure if this reflects that the hotel was not at all noisy. The only complaint is that you had to pay 2 eauros for a sun lounger round the hotel pool, seems a little unfair when you are paying to stay in the hotel. But the hotel is right on the beech so this maybe to deter those people that are not staying in the hotel from taking all the sun loungers. would definatley stay at this hotel again."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by jax80
7 / 10

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royal beach magalluf

"forth visit to this hotel over several years , very close to beach with great access for all ages and abilitys, we like a good night life but the hotel has been ruined as they how have started letting in stag and hen groups making it very noisy and the pool area was very busy at times with very bad language/behavior that i would not have wanted my children to listen to. shame as great pool area with good cafe bar facilitys.asked the rep his reply was "you are in magaluff""

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Activities: loads
  • Good For: Beach
by gordygas
6 / 10

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spolit by some guests

"This place is now called HM Royal Beach.

Lets be honest with ourselves - if we have booked this hotel, we have paid a cheapish rate and we will not be staying at the Ritz. For the price paid this hotel offers fair value but it has many rooms and I would NOT think about staying with a family during high season as it would be full of youngsters who have been drinking until 5am. We did experience some noise from returning drunks but it was bearable.

PLEASE BE WARNED - The real problem that we encountered was on the 5th day of our holiday when 2 or 3 coach loads of spanish youths arrived for a football competition. The atmosphere changed in the hotel. The noise increased, the restaurant could not cope and the mess was awful. Some reviewers have warned of brits being badly behaved but these spanish kids were awful. We saw them breaking brooms and throwing them from windows, braking into the games machines, smoking in non smoking areas and banging drums and shouting during meal times. Although we enjoyed most of our stay the reason why we will NOT return is this - on our final night we were racially abused by the spanish teens and had several abusive and threatening internal phone calls made to our room. The hotel staff were completely unwilling to help or deal with this abuse that was aimed at a family which included a 5 year old!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by jonners1964
3 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Just got back a few weeks ago had a...

"Just got back a few weeks ago had a great time.. but as for people recomending the hotel for young groups i would't.. me and my 2 friends went just three girls and EVERYONE at the hotel hated us especially the staff. from day 1 we were treated difrently just because we were young even before we were noisy so we started doing it on purpos by the end.. to be fair people looking for a quiet holiday shouldnt go to magaluf in the first place so moaning about the noise is just stupid.. location was great. Right on the beach so we went swimming evry mornin wen we got in and thers a cafe underneath the hotel that sold really nice food for good prices.. If i was going to recomend a hotel for young people id say the Fiesta Jungla we went there a couple of nights n it was mental.. more of our type of hotel to be fair.. the room wasnt THAT nice either the bedroom was like a prison cell with a TINY window reli high up but that was good for me because i wanted to sleep all day when we got there ther was a Wet towl in the fridge and it STUNK of stagnant water but we went down to reception and they came up n sorted it straight away to be fair.. the maids gave up on out room by about the 6th day .. we were there for 10 days so by the end it was vile.. A nice hotel and good location but i wouldnt recomend it for groups of young people who want to mess about early in the morning.. i had too many arguments"

by . Omara
7 / 10

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lf you want a good holiday please...

"lf you want a good holiday please don't go to this hotel because it's the hotel from hell there's no control. fighting in corridors,.broken glass and food allover the corridors every morning when we went out,and the noise was horrendus we were kept awake everynight and l mean every night.There's to much to write down because allsorts happened. We have been to lots of hotels in magaluf in the past 11years and this one without a doubt is the worst.the food is also bloody awful.the police were called in to arrest some youths they threw the pool attendent into the pool he's in his sixties and cannot swim so he had to be fished out.IF YOU GO DON'T SAY l DIDN'T WARN YOU. outside the hotel is great magaluf and palma-nova you could not ask for more.The piano bar and windsor bar near the rounabout in magaluf are really good and they are honest and will not rip you off like some of the other bars.www.pianobarroundabout.com. take a look.DON'T FORGET l WARNED YOU ABOUT THE ROYAL BEACH GO AT YOUR OWN PERIL. BYE JOHN ps that hotel should have a site called holidays spoilt.com"

by J Wilson
1 / 10

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we were a group of 6 girls (18 yrs)...

"we were a group of 6 girls (18 yrs) on self catering holiday looking for fun and sun! this hotel was perfect for location, right on the beach and 2 minutes from the clubs etc felt safe all the time. pool was lovely and not too cold/salty/chloriney! staff were very helpful with providing info about days out, booking airport transfer and helping me get back in my room when everyone was asleep and not answering!! food in area was typically british, would recommend ibizza and this other one (begins with letter c!) on sea front, very nice food and waiters. Go to BCM at least once, especially the waterparty! 30euros to get in but get free drinks all night and free gifts like towels, tshirts etc! visited aqualand, palma, marineland- recommend them all. oh and the beach! beautiful and clean clear sea! Would definately go back! Deserved to be more than a 3*!"

by E Field-Lucas
9 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

We went to Magalluf in a party of 15...

"We went to Magalluf in a party of 15 females ageing from 23 to 60! An excellent weekend all round.

We were supposed to be staying at the HM Martinique but a storm the night before we arrived had damaged some of the rooms so we got moved to the Royal Beach and what a stroke of luck it was! The rooms were great, very clean although not as big as the Martinique but you're only in them to sleep so we didn't mind. The view from the balcony was stunning and literally right on the beach. It was the perfect location as it was right at the end of the strip where we went out on a night so wasn't far for us to stagger home!

The staff were all friendly and the pools heated so doesn't feel like ice when you jump in! The hotel bar was very quiet but we were there in October so expected it.

We will definitely be going back to Magalluf next year and will be heading for the Royal Beach instead of the Martinique!

Must say though, I certainly wouldn't take kids to Magalluf, its more of a group holiday place, if you've got kids take the to Alcudia where I went in September.

by K Roe
9 / 10

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