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Cleanliness: 7.5/10
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festival le jardin

"will be going back again great hottel lovely rooms clean every day bars good lots to do diving cheap its a must trips to luxor or pyramids cheap red sea lovely staff very helpful no problems with food or drink taxi town centre for mcdonalds kfc and cheap shopping great fun watching the russians in action will be back"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: keep your towel over night for sun lounger
  • Good For: Beach
by eljimbo
9 / 10

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excellent alround holiday.

"I have been to the sunrise le jardin 4 times this year and each time is better, the welcome at reception, the staff and varioty of food which is very well presented in the restaurant excellent waiter service in the lobby bar,ignore the russians!!even the staff who look after the lovely gardens if you say hello they will speak to you, the towel and pool staff are so pleasent, the happy beachbar staff and all at the beach and all staff in festival riviera, and the chearful cleaners that kept my room nice for me,wishing you all at both hotels a HAPPY NEWYEAR and look forward to my next holiday."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by wishing
10 / 10

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"We went to this hotel as a last minute booking, 3 wks before we travelled, i was a bit apprehensive as it was the 1st time i had taken my 1 year old daughter, and i can say we wasn't disappointed there was 6 of us in the group and it catered for us all, the staff were brilliant especially with my daughter making her baby (non alcoholic) cocktails, the only downside is the russians they push in and are very rude, the only way is to be rude back and then they stop it. the beach is not far away from the pool area couple of minutes walk which is easily accessible apart from few steps to the sea, the reception staff were brill, but the shops in the hotel are quite expensive we ended up payin £32.00 english pounds for a lilo a boat and a pair of goggles and a ball as there was no more shops near by that sold them. but all in all brill holiday and brill people. Becky, Derby"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Becky08
8 / 10

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absolutely fantastic holiday

"hotel accommodation meals and staff all very very good> staff could not do enough for you> Meals a little repetative but quite substantial. No hassle. Thomas Cook Rep (Lynne) was really helpful and available quite frequently. Did not venture out of complex very much, but absolutely no problems when we did.

Would recommend to both families and singles.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Absollutely brilliant. Will come back again soon
  • Good For: Beach
by wheatie
8 / 10

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Brilliant Hotel

"We stayed here in july for two weeks. Had amazing time, the staff could not do enough for you. Yes the russians can be ignorant and rude but they soon get message if you spell it out for them. I wouldnt hesitate to tell anyone to go to this hotel, cleaning is done daily, the pools are fab,the grounds gorgeous, the entertainment is in english all the music is in english and the animation team do a great job. THe only two comments i have are the disco is great if your fifteen to twenty and, as you come to the end of the two weeks the food does become bland. Talking of food make sure you u fined the oriental rest as they serve chips in the day and we didnt fined out about it until day 8"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Nice place
  • Activities: Going tyo Luxor and Cairo
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by laundrylady
10 / 10

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Think twice before going

"We have just come back from the Festival le Jardin and would not advise any Brits to go there. The hotel is full of Russians who are rude and arrogant. They push in front of you in the queue and pile their plates up with everything on offer. It is like a stampede in the dining room and the themed nights serve up the same food as usual. There is very little variety at meal times ie rice, chicken and beef for every meal. The alcoholic drinks are cheap and nasty that is when you can get one as they were always running out of glasses. The waiter service was non existent except for one waiter near the end of the holiday who did bring us drinks to the table. Sun beds were all taken before 6am and with the sister hotel's guests using them as well there were never enough of them. There was very little shade provided on the terraces which you needed in 48 degree heat. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere and you need to spend a lot on taxis to get to Hurghada or El Gouna. I have been to Egypt many times but I will stick to Luxor in future as the hotels and service are far superior to those at the Red Sea.

MB North Wales

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Stay somewgere near the new town
  • Activities: The Lodge on the Corniche
  • Good For: Beach
by Mazan2
5 / 10

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Great holiday, great value

"Just returned from 2 weeks at Festival Le Jardin. Had a brilliant time. Everywhere so clean, staff very friendly and helpful and the chefs......what can I say - they gave us a holiday to remember with all the special meals. The main restaurant always had something for everyone. There was no need to go hungry. The bread and cheeses, omlettes made to order, special meats each evening and lunchtime as well as the general cusisine. Lots of salads and the cakes were mmmm..... On the downside the corridors and bathrooms were very poorly finished butkept really clean. The staff did our bedroom specially decorated with flowers and "origami" towels twice during our stay. The wine - white, red and rose were delicious. The staff in the restaurants rushed to find us seats and provide tea, coffee or wine. We had an absolutely splendid time. Take your own plug if you like a bath and also shampoo as they only supply a liquid in a fixed dispenser. Never got bitten once due to the rigourous spraying at dawn and dusk so it was a pleasure to walk in the gardens or on the beach at any time, even evening. Will definitely return. The rep was really helpful and had a goody box of left over toiletries to take/replace on arrival/departure. Saved taking them home with the extra weight and good if you forgot to take on holiday.

El Guana, a town 20 minutes away by taxi worth a visit. Lots to look at, buy and restuarants to eat/drink. The Aquarium worth a visit. Very reasonably prices. Thanks to all the staff, especially the Chefs for a wonderful time. We will be back

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Will be better in about 10 years when the area had been fully developed.
  • Activities: Chinese, Oriental and definitely the Seafood. Superb. Italian a bit disappointing.
  • Good For: Beach
by lauren.fretter
8 / 10

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festival le jardin

"I've just returned from a weeks holiday in the Festival le Jardin , was so glad it was only for a week .

Hotel is under a year old and has been built in a rush ,God only knows what it will be like in 10yrs time.The actual lay out of the hotel is lovely and right on the very clean beach.

Music around the pool was very load hence spent the whole week on the beach which was no hardship.

Entertainment it doesn't exist,plus there is literary nothing outside the hotel no shops to mooch around just a massive building site ,maybe in a couple of years time it will be worth going back to that area.

Food in the hotel was very repetitive and sometimes very bland ,luckly there was plenty of fresh bread and butter which i would end up with.

We had one of the worse flights with Thomas Cook ,the plane was ancient and some of the seats were broken.

I hope my exsperience will help somebody decide on weather to book into this hotel.

Regards Maria ST Helens Merseyside.

by pepsi62
5 / 10

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Festival Le Jardin Hurghada

"Can only agree with the previous review on your site. Hotel is certainly inthe middle of nowhere. It could have tremendous possibilities but with the number of Eastern European visitors the British are outnumbered. I would say 95% are Eastern European. The Dining Room is huge and very noisy. Evening meal became a scrum - the behaviour of the Eastern European guests in the dining area had to be seen to be believed. I am still in shock at their behaviour and manners. The rooms are very basic, with very small wardrobes - as is the bathroom - no English Channels on the TV. No plug in bath or sink which made life tricky. Only liquid soap provided in a dispenser in the bathroom. Very loud music played during the day at the pool bar and into the evening as well which echoed around. I also suffered badly with sickness etc and I have never been ill anywhere else I have been in Egypt on previous occasions. It can only have been the food/drink. Drinks are indeed very small and a diet coke can vary in taste from one bar to the next! Red/white wine seemed to be ok as was the beer. No lift to the Ground Floor yet - there was a button on the lift but you were not able to go to the bottom level. As I had an elderly aunt with me it meant she had to climb up and down stairs to get to the pool level. Lifts did not work much of the time as well. The All-Inclusive option necessited the wearing of a wristband which did seem rather unnecessary as the whole place was All Inclusive. Mamma Mia the Italian restaurant is offered one night to guests and you need to book - and you are restricted to a choice of 3 set menus. I'm afraid it was dreadful and this was echoed by other people we spoke to. There is a 'sister' hotel next door to the Festival and you can visit their outdoor bars etc and the guests there can come to the Le Jardin. Many sunbeds taken up by these from the enxt door hotel as their hotel did not seem to be finished. For a Hotel that has only been open for 8 months or so, it was looking a little worn in places!

The rep from Thomas Cook was very good. We travelled to the different sections of Hurghada. Sakkal is an eyesore - and I would not go back their. New Hurghada is much better - long promenade walkways, shops etc. Can of diet coke was 6 eygptian pounds (60p) and a cappucino the same, so not expensive to drink or eat out. El Gouna is definitely worth a visit. Did the Luxor visit - but hired a separate taxi as we were unable to do the day trip as our flight home clashed. I would recommend this rather than a coach. Slightly more expensive, but you have a guide and driver with you the entire day and you can do things at the pace you want.

Not sure I would go back to this hotel. They need to get their act together a bit more.

by amathus
7 / 10

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stayed at the jarden for 11 nights i...

"stayed at the jarden for 11 nights i read the reviews before i went and to be honest most of them were bang on the hotel was great the hotel staff 100% rooms clean the complex never stopped cleaning it everyday if you are staying here get ready for an eye opener the poles/russians/they dont know the words take your turn or please or thank you how the staff put up with them amazed me if you have kids the innovation team will take good care of them and there is sports everyday if you like snorkling or diving see the lads on the complex you will get a good deal the day trip on the snorkling is outstanding its not like sharm they seem more advanced but it is still a good holiday and like i said the hotel/staff we could not fault them"

by J Kelly
8 / 10

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Loved Egypt!

"I thought the hotel was very good, wouldn't call it 5* tho. Loved the 3 pools, and the walkways to the sea were really pretty.

The food was ok nothing special and really repetitive, wouldnt want to stay for 2 weeks because of the food. We felt there wasn't much choice for alcoholic drinks so stuck to the beer mainly, the vodka didn't taste very good.

We went to the waterpark which was about 30 mins away from the hotel, was ok but not very big.

The staff were very friendly and polite which was nice. Are room was lovely and we had pool and sea views which was great! We did find it annoying being hassled by people selling snorkling and diving excursions tho.

Overall the holiday was great would deffinatley go back to Egypt probably to a different area though.

by xxlisa12345xx
8 / 10

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nice beach shame about the hygiene and food

"Arrived at the festival on 29th August 2008 and stayed for two weeks. First impressions were nice big lobby and adequate room with lovely view of the pool and sea. Tiling in the bathroom was slapdash and had clearly been rushed to finish but it was fully functional but had to ask for a plug for the bath. Air conditioning was very welcoming. Unfortunately what let the holiday down was the food and poor standards of hygiene. Most of the food on offer was inedibible and a very poor standard and appeared to cater only for East Europeans. My husband and I have been travelling out of Britain for 30 years and this was the first time we both experienced severe stomach problems. My husband tried the Al a Carte and ended up not being able to eat for two days due to severe diarrhoea. I was also ill and many of the other guests were too. Hygiene standards throughout the hotel in general were poor. I witnessed uncooked meat being handled by the chef who then handled cooked food. Flys all over the exposed food. Breakfast was the only food we could eat (they have a great selection of eggs) and were subjected to eating soup and bread and cheese for our evening meal. Had to queue for snacks at lunch time but with a limited choice on offer coupled with the poor standards of hygiene tended to put us off. Service in the lobby bar for drinks at night was very good and reception staff were very friendly and helpful. In all other bars there was inconsistency with service. Also the bar closing at 12 midnight was also an inconvenience. Watch what room you are in. We had a lovely sea view but were on top of the disco booming out loud thumping music until about 3am. Some requested to move but were put into rooms with poor views. The beach was nice and had plenty of sunbeds. Generally the pools were good but again hygiene was poor in the pool next to the beach with what appeared to be scum floating around. Weather was glorious and beach lovely but due to poor hygiene and limited availablility of edible food we shall not be returning to this hotel."

by holidaymaker068
4 / 10

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