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fantastic? by rob21
10 / 10

takkas is fantastic, lovely rooms in a good place close to everything! would go back and tell others to you will love it. food good and lovely staff great atmosphere with in the hotal and by the pool!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 sounddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd......!

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: fantastic
  • Activities: everything
  • Good For: Beach

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Accurate review by lornyporny19
9 / 10

When we 13 girls, aged between 17-19, first pulled up at the Maria Apartments we could not help but ask 'Is this it?..'

We were concerned about the location of the Maria and the distance to the square and beach etc and as i can see from many reviews before mine the scale, according to some people, is very inaccurate.

The distance from the Maria to the nightlife is approximately 7-10 minute walk and the beach was atleast a good 15-20 minutes away.

As we arrived in june the rooms were basic yet reasonably clean. There were 4 rooms between 14 of us (another girl came out in our 2nd week which took our group up to 14)

and they were a good size for 3 or 4 of us to share. The rooms consisted of 2 single beds pushed together in one room and in the other a camp bed and fold out couch along with the hob and sink etc.

Our balcony faced the pool which was ideal as you could see what was going on. Although saying that our rep, Merlin, was only seen at our apartments about 3 or 4 times during our 2 week stay and there wasnt any '2wentys' activities round the pool but most people were either lying in the sun or in the pool so this didnt bother us.

The pool bar was great for food and i would recommend a [--] cocktail :-D

They play your c.d on request btw!!

The staff were quite helpful apart from one girl whos haircut was attrocious and she reeked of b.o.

The bad things were :-

Our bath blocked in the 2nd week causing water to come back up the drain

There were termites in the furniture (which were replaced once staff were told)

Sheets were rarely changed, same for the towels

There was a huge spider creeping about one of our rooms

In one room the water from the shower leaked out into the room

Camp beds are not comfortable

There was a older pregnant bird living in the apartments who didnt appriciate noise

Someone [--] outside our door on the last day

Apart from that it was a freaking awesome holiday and i would recommend napa!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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if ur young n wana party stay ere!!!!! by mizzdiane123
8 / 10

I stayed in the maria aug 08.....let me just say it aint the nicest hotel ever...bt if ur goin napa 4 a group holiday wiv ya m8z and want to party.....i mean its napa for god sake.....ur onli goin there to get changed etc.....the bar is open 24hrs....n all welcome(so when u meet others there they can go bk wiv ya...unlike other hotels that are mardy).....im 21 n its aimed at our age group...its great always partys happen....every1 is realli nice.....manager never moans its crazy.

my first impression was errrrrrrrr......bt its were the party is att....loved it!!!!!!

Its 2 mins from the main square....and 10 from the beach......shop nxt door!!!!!!

To be honest its not clean (altho cleaner comes every day) bt ur hol n ur neva in ya room neway!!!!

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Amazing. Advise ne1 2 stay here by stew/fran
9 / 10

Hey, We stayed in the takkas apartments number (69). We had a very good time here. The rooms were cleaned everyday and the maid was very friendly. The staff are very nice 2 and the manager was very friendly 2. he carried our bags to our room. The rooms wer very big and spacious. We had sea view,2 big wardrobes , bath/shower and kitchen fully equpt e.g knife n forks, cup etc... On a nite we sat on the balcony over looking ayia napa its self and the view was amazing. Ill b staying here again %100 next time i cum. cant wait.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10

Friendly staff, good location, big room, cheap aircon (could have been cheaper and been free but hey ho), on a bit of a hill but good for burning of all the alcohol, close to the beach, nearby to restaurants, very short walk to the strip, not far from the famous river reggae....... good atmosphere by the pool, all in all good hotel for what you need!!! beware of the ants they are everywhere on this island!!! lol as long as you dont leave any food out you will be fine and if you do the cleaners will give you ant killer!!!

Defo booking this yr and gonna try my best to stay at the Takkas Apts again!

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Takkas Hotel Appts by TinkyBell
7 / 10

Very easy transfer from the airport via Olympic coach. Took about 45-50 mins till we reached our accomodation as we were one of the last to be dropped off. We had a group of 4 people - 2 couples. We each had an appartment. We both had inland views and backed on to a block of other appartments, not that close though. A lot more spacious than i thought they would be. A bit dated but what more do you need? The nightlife and restaurants are close by and easy to find. The locals seemed to be ok. The food in the hotel was nice and was quite cheap, so well worth lunch or a cheap tea. I wouldnt really fancy cooking in the appartments they were not the cleanest and we had LOADS of ants in our kitchen and had to keep everything in the fridge. The cleaners came in every day and the towels were changed every day or every other day. Dont really know what they did as we found rubbish from other people stuffed down the side of the dressing table and the bathroom sink wasnt very clean either. The pool area was nice, played music out all day - CD hardly ever got changed so if your there for a while it gets a bit repetitive! The beach at the bottom is ok, not the greatest, very stony. Go to nissi beach instead its amazing. The bus stop outside the discount supermarket at the bottom of the hill is the closest to go to it goes to Nissi, waterpark etc. Taxi's quite often stop and ask if you want a lift - if you haggle you can get on chepaer than the bus its 1.50 one way on the bus. The discount supermarket is well worth going to - dont go to the shop at the hotel - its very expensive. Cyprus is quite expensive in general. Once your in the main square lots of people come up to you and try to give you loads of offers to get you into their bars/restaurants. They can be quite annoying and might not take no for an answer, just walk away. I would recommend this hotel to others and its close to night life and its got the main thing you need, a bed and a shower. Just take plenty of of money.

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We stayed at TAKKAS nearer the start... by K Booblie
10 / 10

We stayed at TAKKAS nearer the start of the season and it was amazing! Constant Loud music 24hrs a day loads of lads and a s*it hot rep k***. It was his first time as a rep and he was amazingly cute! Ayia napa itself is wickid for clubbing and drinking although a bit expensive! definatly go back!

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Where to begin... Taxi transfers from... by gudyno
8 / 10

Where to begin... Taxi transfers from the airport so got to the apartments in no time (40mins) although did have to share with one other person and cases were strapped in the boot so had to keep checking they were not flying down the road behind us.

Had a top time in ayia napa just me and my friend went (2 girls). Takkas, good central place to be, rooms quite large, clean apart from the ants which i found in my cereal box, arrggh! Didnt think it was too loud at the nite but we was getting in at 6!

Nightlife was top, we found a love for Black and White rather then Castle. 15 euros to get in clubs unless u get given flyers. Wasnt too cheap 7euros for two drinks so make of that as u will.

Takkas is not a place to relax in the day, it constantly plays cascada music around the pool all day which did our heads in! Definately recommend nissi beach, although i did get stung by a jelly fish, but worst things happen at sea! Only 8 euros in a taxi. DO NOT WALK! It will take u all week.

First few nights we were there the weather was very clammy and so hair had to be tied up on numerous occasions. Very friendly people all around

Overall, top hoilday would go back and would stay at Takkas even if they do play crap music all day long x x

OH! DO NOT EAT AT A CHINESE FACING BLACK AND WHITE, i swear i had food poisoning and had to spend a FULL DAY in bed!!

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Me and a friend stayed there for one... by T Oram
3 / 10

Me and a friend stayed there for one week, 17th sept - 24th sept 08, we would never stay there again, it was the worse hotel i have ever stayed at. we got there at 1.30am on the Thursday morning all you want to do is sleep but we walked up to the room,no lights on the corridoors was dark, we got to our room it at writing on the doors 'DO NOT ENTER' the corridoor looked like a prison. WE ENTERED THE ROOM WE FOUND -


There were ants all in the rooms, bed, frige, kitchen sink.

The beds sheets where not clean stains (sexual) on all the sheets.

The bathroom ciling was mouldy and cracking, there were stains all in the bottom on the toilet, used toilet roll in the bin (as cant flush it over there)

Lights were hanging off of the wall.

Then we stood on the chair to look at the top of the kitchen work top and there was a USED condom and wrapper.

I then tried to sleep got in to bed to find pubic hair all in the bed.

The folowing morning after no sleep, we complained to the rep and manager, which they told us ther was no spare rooms avalable (lies) but they promised the maids would go in and clean it all the way through, but at 5.30 when we went back to our room there was no change the maid hadnt even been in it was all still there, so back down we go to complain once again.

We then got moved to another room which yes looked cleaner, we had to make our own beds, so were given clean sheets! which again had stains but we give up at this point we wanted sleep. 2 days later the ants were back, not once then all week did we have a maid in to our room to clean new sheets new towels.

3 days in to holiday i had a sickness bug, since beening home we have both been ill, colds, stomach cramps, chest infections.


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Takka's Apartments!!!!! Totally... by A Rhicard
10 / 10

Takka's Apartments!!!!! Totally amazing! We are booking back up next year.

I went with my boyfreind and we loved it. Food and drink in the bar are amazing and quite cheap. Our room was totally spotless and the maid came every day, if we were sleeping she just cleaned up round about us! Only thing I would say is get up early if you want a bed at the pool. Its a 5 min walk from the resteraunts and the clubs and only 8euros to nissi beach (a must to go there). The aircon is only 35 cent an hour and we had ours on constantly for 2 weeks and it only came to 27euros which is fab!

Defo would recomend if your looking for a boozing and tanning holiday which we did.

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Went here with 6 mates, n we all... by K Bothma
10 / 10

Went here with 6 mates, n we all loved it!! there were alot of ants, but we didnt mind. it's wot u expect for apartment within the night life, but it was quite quiet. the beach is close n the town is too. im goin back next year with takkas apartments !!! i wouldn't recommed it for families, as the pool gets a bit rowdy and **** galore! ha! but is ideal for people who just wana have fun. room 39 is the best! and air con is 35p an hour n is well worth it!! our sheetsgot cleaned nearly everyday too! dont buy food n drink from the shop there tho, walk about 5 mins on the left n there's a better one!

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I would not stay here again, if my... by L Cox
1 / 10

I would not stay here again, if my life depended on it!!! Went with 3 girls in july 08, altough the holiday was amazing, the only thing thats good about the apartments is the location. We complained to the manager on our first day about the state of our room. We had makeup all over our pillows, hair in the beds, glass on the floor, a bed in the kitchen, food left in the sink and sides and all we had to cater for food is a hob!

All we lived on for 2 weeks was pasta or we bought food out. The manager called other hotels but typically there was no spaces anywhere else so he offered to show us 2 different rooms available in the apartments. He also offered us free air-con and a safety deposit box for 2 weeks so it tempted us to stay. Which for me it didnt, 2 of the girls jumped at the thought of free things and i had to live in it which made me really upset and i just wanted to go home, because there was ants in the beds and toilets of the room we had picked.

When our bus pulled up, and we saw the place, it looked a state. We went into reception and got told we had to pay 35euros deposit for any breakages even though we hadn't been told this before booking, and speaking to everyone else on the holiday, neither had they! (we never did pay though)

The location is good, as its a 2 minute walk to the square, theres a shop right next to the apartment block E, and theres an internet cafe right round the corner (as you can't get msn in the reception comp)

Just to let you know, we had cockroaches roaming around our apartments from about day 4. so we had to live with them for 10 days. it was a nightmare trying to sleep at night cause we thought they would be in our beds and that. One of them flew onto one of my friends, and we all ran out of the room screaming and got our body builder neighbours to get it out of our room, and they had a tub in their hands already cause they just told us they'd got rid of one from their room! We also had ants everywhere in the main room, crawling around in our cupboards and work surfaces and in our food, which was absolutly disgusting. But having baby cockroaches in your bathroom in the morning, really isnt pleasant either.

Oh, almost forgot!! On about...day 5 maybe. We had not long been in, it was about 4 in the morning, all asleep. And we had our door banged in. It was kicked open but the person ran off because one of the girls was asleep in the front rooms bed. Our door was broken and we went to reception and found out that someone had been knocking everyones door down and peoples valuables had been stolen. So its really lucky we were back in already that night.

The staff at the place were quite cocky to be fair, and never really did anything to help us. We had to call our rep many times to complain, but she never got back to us either. the apartments must have really gone downhill in the last few years, because reading other peoples comments it seemed much better years ago.

I am warning you, if you go there you will wish you never had. if you do happen to go, if its the only place available, just make sure you complain and then maybe you'll get free stuff aswell, its the only thing that makes up for it. Cause it saved us over 170euros. Because you need air-con otherwise you will be soooo hot, but its 10euros a day, and you'll need a safety deposit box, cause if someone knocks down your door, you'll be glad you had one, but also thats around 20euros.

Theres no doubt you will meet alot of people there, everyone young and lively, but just watch out for your lilo lol.

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