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The Hilton Paris hotel is in a great...

"The Hilton Paris hotel is in a great location next to the Eiffel Tower. Though not a great building to look at, and maybe in need of a lick of paint in a few places, the rooms are a very good size, the staff very friendly, and the food good.

I've stayed here five times over the last six years. The rooms at the front have balconies so you can look up at the Eiffel Tower - great in the evening it's floodlit, and the sparkly lights come on every hour. The rooms at the back of the hotel are quieter and overlook a small garden.

Huge buffet selection for breakfast - everything from the very healthy to the very unhealthy.

The hotel is a short walk from both an RER and a metro station so very handy for both train systems.

Also within a short walk of the hotel is a good selection of restaurants and some small shops, e.g., a small supermarket, a bookshop, stationers, and a pharmacy.

Would highly recommend staying here!

by JaneS1969
9 / 10

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Stayed at the Hilton Eiffel for 5...

"Stayed at the Hilton Eiffel for 5 nights in May on our wedding anniversary and had a fantastic time.

We booked the hotel directly with Hilton and took the Eurostar into Paris for a change from flying. We were totally pleased with the ease of travel on the Eurostar - no waiting for baggage, no lengthy check-in, passport control is quick etc and certainly use again.

Now the hotel, I can’t think of any negatives for the hotel apart from being a bit pricey for food and drinks - but that is to be expected for Paris.

We had a standard room and had asked for a view of the Eiffel Tower - which we got and also a room overlooking the garden, which was a bonus as most rooms with views of the tower overlook the front and the road. Tower looks amazing at night lying in bed - what a view!

Our standard room was lovely, large, and extremely spacious with the most comfortable huge bed. Plenty of closet space and a good size bathroom. Room was cleaned daily and cannot fault the level of service.

Breakfast in the hotel was excellent, large buffet selection everything from continental, fresh fruit, pastries etc to American style cooked breakfasts and gorgeous waffles with maple syrup. Only complaint some of the tables were a bit close together.

Evening meal in the restaurant was amazing, some of the best food we had ever tasted -though it was rather on the pricey side. There are plenty of nice restaurants near the hotel with equally nice food but considerably cheaper.

Location of the hotel is great just a five minute walk to the Eiffel Tower, where you can easily pick up the open top bus tours which are a great way of seeing the city and getting around.

Staff at the hotel were courteous and professional and appreciated if you said your 'please/thank you’d' in French.

Euro Disney is worth a visit, nowhere near the class of Florida so be warned. However it’s still a good day out and effortless to get there on the metro.

Overall the Hilton Eiffel is an excellent hotel and I would thoroughly recommend it.

by wennol
8 / 10

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Would think hard before staying at the Paris Hilton again

"We stayed at the Paris Hilton for one night last weekend since we needed accomodation for 3 adults. I booked a Deluxe King for 300-Euros, which included breakfast. It allowed for a rollaway bed to be put in the room for the extra adult.

The location is fabulous if you want to hang out around the Eiffel Tower since the hotel is literally around the corner from the tower. It was also very close to the river cruises that take you down the Seine. Since most of my favorite places are on the Right Bank, this location ended up being a bit inconvenient. There's not much around that area, though there are a couple of restaurants right around the hotel. We didn't dine there.

Service is bad, not quite appalling though in the restaurant, it was truly appalling. At check-in, I asked if the room had a rollaway bed put in there as per the reservation. The man told me "yes" without checking. When I get to the room, the rollaway bed wasn't there so I called down to the Front Desk to have them send one up. Thirty minutes later, it still hadn't arrived so I went downstairs to tell them to send one up. Another annoying incident was when I asked if we could purchased tickets for the Louvre through the concierge, they sold me the tickets, but the next day, the Louvre offered free admission since it was the first Sunday of the month. I got a refund from them but it was still annoying that the concierge wouldn't know something like that.

The restaurant's breakfast (free with our rate) was horrible. I kid you not when I say that making two omelets for us at the omelet station took 25 minutes. Besides the omelet station, the hot breakfast was not hot even though they were in those huge steel serving containers - they were lukewarm. The worst part about breakfast (other than the horrendous food) is the service. We loved the discrimination (not!) in that all the Americans were sat in the upper part of the restaurant, whereas all the Europeans were sat in the lower part where the food was. I'm normally not inclined to cite discrimination because incidents don't make up discrimination but in this case, I felt that we were treated differently. In asking for coffee, we never received any; when they finally brought some, we got this small one-serving/per person carafe with no milk while others had the larger stainless steel ones. When we asked for milk, the waiter said 'okay' and didn't come back with it. When he exited the kitchen 15 mintes later, he had no milk but two glasses of champagne so both my sister and I gave him a look. He turned right around with the champagne and came back with our milk. It was such a bad experience, hopefully not to be repeated.

The hotel was a little tacky in the lobby and elevators - brass, shiny decor with shiny marble floors. The room was a very good size with a balcony that had a almost full-view of the Eiffel Tower. Furnishings were contemporary but not good quality, which is typical of most Hiltons. It wasn't as clean as most of the hotels that I normally stay at, but it wasn't dirty.

When we went, it was about 85-degrees Fahrenheit so it was quite hot outside. The air-conditioning was more like a fan - not quite up to handling the warmer weather outside. If you care about this, pick another hotel. It was fine for us for one night, but I would probably have checked out if we were staying longer.

This isn't the hotel's fault, but early that morning (around 4am), the guy next door went on this loud, screaming rant with the f-word interspersed throughout his rant. He was probably screaming from the balcony because he sounded like he was in our room - it was really scary. We almost called down to Security, but decided to ignore it. I guess that the hotel clientele isn't very discriminating so you get all kinds of weird people there.

In the future, I think that I'll stick with the Intercontinental even if we have to pay a bit more. Even maybe, the Le Meridien Etoile where we stayed the first time we went to Paris.

Was it a truly horrible experience? No, but it is such a beautiful city that you want your entire stay to be as lovely. For us, the hotel stay is part of that package. It was the anti-thesis of our experience the weekend before in Vienna where we stayed at the Westin Bristol, which had excellent service and a nice room.

by cqt
2 / 10

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Ummmmmmm!! Your choice....

"We pre-booked our room at the Paris Hilton as we were looking for a sleep over before driving down to the South of France the following day. We were looking for something fairly romantic as we had previously been to Paris and stayed in a basic hotel, so this time we wanted to be in a fairly good hotel. After reading some the comments from previous reviews we made sure we booked a suite room or at least a deluxe room, which I phoned a week before we were due just to confirm this was the case and that I would like a view of the Eiffel Tower from my balcony. I know this sounds like I am demanding but when you are paying a premium anyway you want to make sure you are getting the best, I think they were sick of me before I had even arrived but the reviews pre-warned me of some of things which had happened in the past and how some of the rooms were very disappointing.

We arrived around 7pm, after getting quite lost in Paris but luckily the hotel had parking underneath, so we drove straight in. The reception area was large and spacious and we waited our turn in line to be checked in by the one member of staff who was on the front desk.

We went through the normal checking in procedure and was then left to go to the room, was I being presumptious that my suitacse would be taken to my room?? or the concierge would actually smile at me upon asking him how much it would cost me to park the car below?

We were on the third floor at the end and upon opening the door my stalking had paid off, a full suite with a lounge area the size of my house, massive bedroom and so on. The view was amazing as the Eiffel Tower had just turned on the sparkly lights and hey bingo there I was on my balcony.

Now please don't think it ends there, as for the money we paid, apart from the room, the rest was pretty bland. The decoration around the hotel looked dated, they are trying to give it a modern edge but it looks tacky, bright splotches of colour etc, not my personal taste for a Parisian hotel.

Because of the time, we decided to eat in the restaurant joined to the hotel which was pretty average, our waiter was very funny and made it that more enjoyable, as well as the bottle of red, perhaps it was just the red wine then......

We had a fairly early night as we had a early start in the morning, the air conditioning was all or nothing but I was too exhausted to complain. In the suite there are two toilets, one whichis part of the bathroom and one in the lounge area, one of the toilets was not working which my partner found out only after it was too late, perhaps a sign might of warned us, ooooooooops!

Overall I would not stay here again, I think they are playing on the Hilton name and the fact they are in Paris, the staff were not great overall either, almost made you feel you dare not ask any questions and as for their faces stretching to a smile...........

Upon checking out the computers were not working, shame, I was getting excited at the thought of not having to pay, but hey ho!

by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

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perfect family spot

"We stayed with our ten and twelve year old daughters for four nights in August. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The rooms were lovely. The breakfasts were terrific. The location was within a few hundred yards from the Eiffel Tower and a block from the Seine and Metro and train station. A very good value."

10 / 10

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Great Hotel and Great Staff

"My wife myself and our 4years-old son stayed at the Hilton Hotel near the eiffel tower for two nights. The room was great for us three. The staff was wonderfull, ready to help us with everything we needed. At the lobby the hotel offers all the information about how to get and where to go in the city. All the staff speaks english. And they have also a very good breakfast. Its close to the eiffel tower and a metro station just 5 minutes walk. I recomend the Hilton Hotel Eiffel tower for anyone traveling to Paris.


by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Our Honeymoon

"My husband and I booked this Hilton for our Honeymoon last year and are still very horrified at the way in which we were both treated. Like other guests we chose this hotel (for our Honeymoon!) because of the Hilton reputation. Despite calling ahead and emailing many times to ensure that they knew this was a special visit the staff did not inform us of the ongoing refurbishment works which involved early morning noise and neither did it stop them from giving us one of the worst rooms in the hotel with a view of the running track which is directly in front of the hotel (not the Eiffel tower view which we paid extra for!) also the room was dark, the walls had holes in them and were water stained, the balcony was dirty and the glass cracked, the bathroom was apalling, the room was freezing and smelled musty... I could go on forever about the state of that room. It looked like a $20 a night motel. We went downstairs to compain (the staff did not question our complaint at all and agreed without hesitation that the rooms needed refurbishment!) we then spent the majority of our wedding night moving rooms...a total of 3 times. We were advised that they could not guarantee that we would not be moved back to the origional room for the rest of our stay the next morning and so faced with spending our Honeymoon and over €2500 on a dreadful room we reluctantly decided to cut our losses and fly home the next moring. We booked with Hilton for quality assurance and we still are shocked and horrified. We can never have that time again. After months and months of letter writing and being fobbed off by their 'legal department' Hilton finally offered a refund of our room fees. In our opinion : Do not book this hotel- ever."

by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

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Ou'est la Hilton?

"I chose this hotel as it was near the Eiffel Tower and I got a good travel agent's rate. I should have chosen the Hilton Arc de Triomphe! I believe this hotel may have been refurbished since I stayed there but when I was there, our room was on a low floor with a reasonably good view of the Tower, the air conditioning/heating broke and we had to get the engineer out. The window was also broken and we were freezing! We got "upgraded" to a room on the same floor, slightly bigger but with no view of anything? The heating started making a terrible noise in the middle of the night (thankfully we had just got in from a party and were wide awake anyway) The engineer came out again to fix this. After many complaints, we were given a complementary bottle of champagne which I thought was the least they could do. The staff were young but as helpful as they could be I suppose, there wasn't much to do at the hotel or around it, apart from go to the Eiffel Tower, but the metro station was quite near. I love Hiltons and Paris but would not stay here again."

by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

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Very Nice Hotel

"We stayed for 3 nights at the end of July. We had booked through priceline, so I expected to receive their worst room with no renovation, but was pleasantly surprised to find we had been given a very nice (renovated) room, with King Size Bed, large bathroom, and even a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The staff was always helpful and friendly. The hotel itself is in a great location (if you want to be near the Tower). It is also very close to the metro.

Large TV's in the room with more English language channels than any other hotel we visited in Europe.

Overall, a very nice stay in a very nice room. I recommend this hotel highly, especially if you can get a good rate.

by QlDude
10 / 10

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Great view but avoid room 108!

"The room had a terrific view of the eiffel tower! However, avoid room 108! The first day and a half, it was really warm in the room. After I complained, they sent someone up to turn on the air. Then we froze. After the 3rd night, I complained to the manager, and he moved us to a room with a working thermostat. The patio door in room 108 was very difficult to close, and the hallway door did not have a deadbolt. The marbled bathroom had mold in the grout. I feel that nobody should be given a room like this in a Hilton hotel. I booked a standard room, but standard should mean clean and functional.

It was very close to 2 metro stops and the breakfast was great. The rate was 150 euros a night including breakfast.

by collegemom2011
4 / 10

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Lovely hotel is a romantic city

"We stayed here for 3 nights at the end of June. All in all a lovely hotel, and helpful staff. Only problem is that if you are looking for somewhere to eat, decent restaurants were few and far between. Have room service if you are wishing to stay close to the hotel one night - seriously prices not much more than the restaurants nearby and sooooo much better. But do try Suffren on 84 Rue Suffren - 10 mins walk from the hotle and a real find!

The rooms were large and clean, the staff helpful, and location good, close to a metro stop. And you can't beat the view - grab a bottle of wine and sit under the effiel tower when it lights up on the hour.

Breakfast was lovely - sit outside if weather permits.

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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Nice Hotel! Tad pricey

"Stayed here for bastille day (french independence day) Great location. A stones throw from 2 metro stations (Bir Hakeim & Champ De Mars) Stayed in room 539 and had a nice view of a little courtyard and most of the eiffel tower. Very multi-lingual staff that was very helpful. Do not use the business center, everything is over priced. Room is large and air conditioned. Bathroom is spacious. Room has a minibar and safe, along with table and 2 chairs. Enjoyed my stay, would stay their again."

by RedCritic
6 / 10

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