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A good place if you're not too fussy

"I stayed a the Hotel Mar Bella, which is simply a building with rooms. This meant that we were directed to the Tossa Centre for our food, drinks etc., which was a 2-minute walk over a small bridge. The food was very basic and fairly repetitive, but this suits me as I am not a 'foodie' and was quite happy to spend 10 days eating, e.g., lots of tomatos, lettuce etc. with pork or chicken. Breakfasts were okay, although the bacon was very greasy and swimming in fat so maybe a strong stomach needed for that particular treat. But I found it very enjoyable. The resort itself was beautiful and we spent hours and hours wandering around the side streets and back alleys, stopping here and there for a beer, and so The Bar Don Juan, Mick and Julie's and The Tipic Bar were just a few of the many friendly bars we visited. A lovely break, but maybe 10 days was a little too long bearing in mind the resort is fairly small. But a 5 or 7-day break in future - at the same hotel with the same facilities - is something I would like to repeat so that must say it all, I guess."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Mark T
7 / 10

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Worst hotel ever!

"We paid 170 euro per night for 2 persons. Its a price for a great 5-star hotel in a big city. What we got: tiny disgusting room, plastic glasses in the bathroom, no soap/shampoo/ towels. At 12 at night I felt thirsty, but no mini-bar in the room. Ok. I called to the reception. They say: we don't have room service. Ok. I went downstairs myself. Nobody on the reception, bar is closed, only security half asleep on the terrasse. I asked where can I buy water now. He said - maybe in the vending mashines across the street. Its not a 4-star hotel, maybe 1 star. And food - yuk! Its not eatable. And for this price - they are just thieves, who use us! Please don't give them your money!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Just choose some other hotel
  • Good For: Beach
by AMontreal
1 / 10

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overall Tossa De Mar is a lovely...

"overall Tossa De Mar is a lovely unspoilt resort,typically Spanish,very quiet,and no lager louts,which is great,lots of Spanish bars, restaurants,etc.but still cafes that serve English breakfasts,and English meals such as pie & chips, shepherds pie,burgers etc.there is the bus station which is open 24 hrs a day serving food and liquid refreshment,including alcohol,so if you are stuck for food or drink you know where to go, which is located at the top road to the far left (from the beach) Lots of windey little streets, which all lead back to the same place,you can never get lost here!They will either take you to the top road, or the main shopping street.If you go self catering there are lots of supermarkets selling freshly made bread,with butchers,and there are at least 2 fishmongers selling the most huge shellfish, ie: prawns, raw and cooked.Most reasonably priced,so whether you are a typical Brit looking for fish & chips, or you want to try the Spanish way of life, there is something for everyone. Mussells are in abundance at most restaurants,as is Paella etc. I must add that the food at the restaurants is exceptionally good, and reasonably priced.alongside the prom.there are various ice cream parlours,including a Wimpey!! Which is the nearest you will get to McDonald's!!!Getting back to the hotel, not too bad, service is quite good, it's just the night porters, they seem to take things to the extreme, for example I came back one evening at approx 12.30am, took my shoes off to walk up the one flight of stairs ( as I was staying on the 1st floor) went into the bathroom to relieve myself, when a knock came on the door,when I had finished, I opened the door to see a night porter standing there,"Shush" he said, I was so flabergasted I was speechless.What more could I do to keep the noise down.Surely going to the toilet does not constitute NOISE! Well of course everyone laughed when I told them about my experience the following day, yes it was quite funny,but I do think this is taking things to extremes, how quiet can one be, having a pee!Oh well, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this resort,and the people were friendly,also at the hotel, can't see me staying at this particular hotel again tho' not unless they sack the night porters anyway! Ha! Good location, nearby to Lloret De Mar, very lively with lots of clubs, bars, McDonalds and burger king lots of shops and bars too. you can get various boat trips to other resorts, from Tossa and Lloret also, the bus goes to Barcelona well worth a euro or 2 to experience La Ramblas, the dancing illuminated fountains,and the Barcelona football stadium,you will definitely spend a good few hours here guys, loads to see.Not to mention the cathedral and Christopher Columbus statue which stands next to the harbour with it's many ships, and huge amount of fish in the waters,take heed, if you take bread to feed the fish, beware the seagulls want 1st pick!Ha! A great resort, but choose your hotel wisely, it is basically a quiet resort but you can enjoy yourself.The market is on Thursdays, and then goes to the other costa brava resorts.Hope all this helps, please visit Tossa De Mar,Oh I almost forgot, it has a wonderful castle also, which takes a couple of hours to explore, and there is a trolley train to take you there if you're not very good at walking.Refreshments are aplenty on route when you reach the castle pyramids!!Enjoy your stay.I believe the hostels are very cheap, and look exceptionally luxurious!! Believe me. Do go."

by G Williams
7 / 10

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After reading the reviews prior to...

"After reading the reviews prior to departure, I was wondering what the hell I had booked. I did however decide to go with an open mind and enjoy my holiday whatever. The flight was good. My daughter and I arrived at the hotel and were greeted by freindly staff. Our room was clean, and was cleaned daily, with fresh towels etc provided daily. The meals were pretty much the same each day, but had a good selection to choose from. The meat was gorgous. Had snacks if you didn't fancy going down for a sit down meal, which were average. The drinks were good, and by the 3rd/4th day the staff knew what I was drinking!! All the staff were very friendly, including the kids entertainment team. The kids club was fantastic and was avaliable from 10.00 - 18.30, then again from 20.30 - 22.00, not that my daughter went all that many times, she prefered to stay in the pool with her friends that she had made. The kids entertainement team did a wide range of activites with them. The whole hotel/pool areas were clean and tidy. The evening entertainment was good on a handful of nights, one couple were terrible and they were on twice!! The quiz however made up for that, as it was a good laugh!! The surrounding area was beautiful, the beach was however pebbly and a bit rough underfoot. We found tha hotel/ holiday very good, was able to relax and unwind and the weather was a bonus, gorgous every day. We would definatly go back to this hotel, tossa center was slightly better than tossa beach, and I would recommend it to anyone."

by L Peever
9 / 10

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Stayed at this hotel for 11 days....

"Stayed at this hotel for 11 days.

food was repetitive and bland (salt shakers were ALL blocked up, can you believe that?!?). drinks were served in glasses slightly bigger than shot glasses. after 3-4 days of going down for drinks in the evening, we stopped as there wasn't much choice and we just got bored of it.

the resort is slightly secluded. only had 1 street of shops which were closed most of the time. beach was not sand but was more like rubble from a construction site. hurts your feet even to walk on it. i had to walk on the pavement to stop the rubble from cutting into my foot.

room was nice and clean. the maid came round every morning (perhaps slightly too early at 9ish) and changed the sheets and emptied the bins. very friendly and helpful.

Lots of children running round. parents not caring what they their children did as long as they didn't bother them. 10-13 year olds constantly hogging the pool table.

wouldn't go back to this hotel

by cheap-flyer
6 / 10

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could not fault !

"just spent 10 days at the tossa center,could not fault 4 value,havivg read reviews b4 flying out,was a little worried 2 say the least,having returned i have come to the conclusion that us brits are just a bunch of whingers who expect 5 star luxury for the price of a 3star .hotel.location,great,food,great,rooms,excellent,entertainment,ok,value for money,unbeatable,would recommended 100%,will be returning without doubt,have been 2 4 and 5 star accomodation in the past and believe me this hotel more than holds its own with any! tossas a clean,picturesque resort unspoiled by the boozy brit yobs and i for one hope it stays that way. go and enjoy !"

by paddymcguiness
10 / 10

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having booked with this tour operater...

"having booked with this tour operater to fly from Liverpool to Gerona airport with Ryanair at 11.45am the whole flight was changed to flying to Barcelona at 6.10pm with Easyjet!!!a complete nightmare!! We landed at 10pm only to find we had to wait for tranfers to Tossa til 12am then only to be dumped at Lloret and had to call a taxi for the onward journey. Arriving at our hotel in Tossa at 2.45am. Good start, I must say!!

anyway, the hotel is ok, clean, and maids come in every day,fresh towels etc. food is adequate,and is taken at the sister hotel opposite, the tossa beach.The real downfall of these hotels is come 11pm the chairs are taken away from the terrace, so everyone must sit inside until 12am (so if you smoke you must stand outside) rather like our own pubs!! Also come 12am silence is golden, you are shuttled off to bed, and are told by the night porters that if you wish to talk you must go to a bar!! I am not joking, you cannot even talk in your room quietly,and if you do, you are either rang up on the phone or a knock comes on your door to be quiet. We are a retired couple so not a noisy pair of teenagers,but we like to converse and have a drink in company. We found this spoiled our enjoyment of our holiday, and I must say this noise thing was taken to extremes.It was exceptionally quiet,even on checking in the receptionist whisperered to us.I don't know if the guests staying here are all light sleepers,I think they must be! On checking our transfers home, it wasn't on the board so had to ring up, after ringing several times to get through,eventually did and having spoke to the transfer company(resort hoppa) was told that sun4u had not paid them for our return transfers.Then had ring sun4u in the uK half an hour later rang resort hoppa again, all in all costing a total of 14 euros in phone calls.On top of this, were told we were being picked up at 1pm from Tossa for the trip to Barcelona airport and our flight was not until 10.10pm.arriving at Barcelona at 2.45pm. had a horrendous wait of over 7 hours.Totally spoilt our holiday,and having previously stayed in the lovely resort of Tossa,do not think we will visit there again.The tranfers mainly spoiled this for us, plus the midnight rule of silence.We went out each evening and came back into the hotel about 11.20pm for a couple of our inclusive drinks we are on holiday for goodness sake and to be shuttled to bed at midnight which is really 11pm in England is really ridiculous, anyway sun4u is not to be recommended,and neither is resort hoppa unless you want your holiday cocked up.Tossa de Mar on the other hand is a beautiful unspoilt resort,and highly recommended.Thanks for reading and have a lovely holiday wherever you go.

by P Nielson
6 / 10

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stayed at this hotel with my 3...

"stayed at this hotel with my 3 friends (females). We arrived at approximately 11.40pm. We went to check in and the staff where very friendly. They offered to put our all inclusive bands on so we could make use of the service before the bar closed. We headed up to our room and starting unpacking our suitcases all exicted to have arrived. It was then that we received a knock on our wall from our "neighbours". We THOUGHT that maybe we were a bit over excited and noisy, we went to sleep. Over the next few days we discovered that we as a party were not noisy, apart from having fussy neighbours that went to bed at 10.30pm every night and up at 6.30am, it was the hotel policy that there was to be NO talking or LAUGHING in your room or the entertainment hall after 12pm. The hotel send night staff round the corridors at night time listening at your door to see if you are indeed enjoying your holiday by laughing or talking (god forbide ever doing that on your holiday) in your room. As the walls are paper thin they will either knock on your door or phone your hotel room telling you not to talk or laugh. There was a stag party of 49 guys while we were there for the weekend and this really wasn't the place for them and also a lovely group of girls/women from wales on 21st birthday party who were very annoyed (like ourselves) that they could not seen to be enjoying themselves without being told to be quite. Before you think or they must have been noisy we got chatting to a group of 4 women over celebrating a 70th birthday they also got numerous phone calls and raps on their door telling them to keep the noise down.!! The hotel itself is spotless, the food was fine and SOME of the staff were friendly, but if you are someone who dosn't partake in having fun or a little tipple and is in bed like our lovely neighbours before 12pm, then this is the hotel for you."

by D Fullerton
6 / 10

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This was indeed a Peter Kay holiday....

"This was indeed a Peter Kay holiday. Booked it, packed it and went. This holiday was under the heading of my 'Stag Do' involving 3 mates in their mid-30's. All we wanted was a lads holiday away that was going to be cheap with a bit of sun. We trawled teletext and saw a number of options but went with this one. Depending where you look, depends on how many stars the hotel has. There are 4 stars stuck on the porch roof of the hotel entrance. Judge from that what you will. We were fully aware that for the money we paid that we weren't booked into the Hilton. As long as you appreciate that these days you don't get anything for nothing then you'll like this hotel.

Flew into Barcelona with EastJet which resulted in a 2 hour private transfer to the hotel. RyanAir fly into Gerona which is nearer but their baggage costs put us off. Flight was good as was the transfers in a small 15 seater coach. Got to the hotel about 1am. Staff very friendly and hotel very clean. Our room was 2 doubles and 2 single beds overlooking the road (main entrance) with veranda. Breakfast, as with all meals, is served in the hotel across the road. The Tossa Beach Hotel, which is part of the same company. As mentioned in the reviews of Tossa Beach, the food isn't fantastic but we expected that. All the entertainment is at the Tossa Beach although there was a nightly quiz in Tossa Center which we won twice. The teenage quiz hostess had a bad attitude but the look of disgust on her face when we won was prize enough.

We stayed 5 nights at the hotel which was just long enough. We spoke with others who were staying for 2 weeks and we sympathised with them, only because of the quality of the food really. We ate in the hotel every mealtime except one for the reason that we paid for All-Inclusive and wanted to get our money' worth. We worked out that we paid £18 a day to sleep, eat and drink in the hotel breaking down the cost of the holiday, transfers and flights. We got our money's worth. The drinks are served in clear plastic cups which work out to be 3 to a pint or so and the beer is Amstel. Everything else they just make up themselves from the raw ingredients.

The hotel is ideally placed for the beach, it is literally 3 mins at the end of the street with a fantastic view when you get there. Every morning we walked up the castle ruins, sat on the veranda of the bar sipping chilled Fosters Lager looking out over the ocean for a couple of hours and then we walked back to the hotel for lunch.

I personally loved this hotel and I have high standards, but as long as you're aware of the money you've paid, and what to expect for it, you'll ask yourself how could you holiday for that price. If you fall into the chav catagory stay at the Tossa Beach, if you're not, stay at the Tossa Center. We're trying to get back again next year.

by T Dodgson
6 / 10

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had an amazing time!

"I have recently come back from tossa centre hotel 23/05/08 and had an amazing time! I went on this holiday with my family as a late deal we found on tele txt, after booking i found this review page and absolutly dreaded going but believe me i was sooooo wrong! The flight took two hours and the transfair 45min then we were welcomed by a lovely english receptionist. We went to our room expecting the worse but again sooooo wrong! it was lovely and spacious. As we only arrived at 7.30pm we went strieght over to the sister hotel across the road for our evening meal there was plenty of variety for both meat eaters and vegitarians. I tried a bit of everything at each meal and couldnt find fault with any of it. i also tried some of the snacks which are more for the kids really as there mainly burgers chips and toasties. Plenty off beer and a big screen in the lounge (where we watched the match) Lager was a bit strong for my liking but the spirits went down like pop lol. The cups of tea were great and the coffee took some getting used to but were nice after that. The beach is a 2min walk away at the end off the road its a man made beach but lush! Theres plenty off shops and a supermarket near by incase you foret your towel or toothbrush like i did."

by hello06
8 / 10

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Clean but Basic Hotel

"My family (wife and 2 children) have just spent 2 nights at this hotel on an all inclusive basis and generally had a good time.

The hotel is rated 3 stars on the internet sites but actually displays 4 stars on its front signage! Due to the way star ratings are assigned in Spain (facilities such as swimming pool, darts board , etc, rather than quality of service, standard of comfort), I'd say it is a clean 1 star by UK/Irish/US standards. The premises has been recently been refurbished and the reception and bar areas are very smart. The rest of the refurbishment is cheaply executed but clean(there is not 1 picture or decoration or artwork - very utilitarian). We booked 2 rooms and they both squeezed 2 double beds into each 10 by 10 foot space. You could not walk around the beds. Both rooms had great balconies. Rooms were airconditioned but did not really cool - from my experiences, aircon in Spanish hotels tends to be very poor in comparison to other countries!

As per other reviews, food was barely passable. resturant is in a basement in the hotel across the road. We eat there once and dined out after that - I'll say no more!

The only entertainment in the hotel was a quiz every night @ 9:00pm. However, hotel is in an excellent location and plenty of bars close by. Beach was a 2 minute walk away.

Drinks were all inclusive. Beer, G & T's and soft drinks were fine. Wine was poor - on tap - sweet and rough!

Staff were friendly and polite as were the clientele.

by RockmanGalway
4 / 10

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not the worst but not the best

"the hotel was clean and the staff are fantastic but the major let down was the food. you have to go to the opposite hotel and its 3* but i wouldnt give it any stars it was unedible, after paying all inclusive we ended up paying to go out to the local resturants. the area is great though so i would recomend Tossa De Mar but not this hotel. dont get me wrong its cheap but ive been to a lot of cheap all inclusive hotels in spain and not complained as its too cheap to moan really, but this one was awful."

by PlymouthPinkg
4 / 10

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