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Zante 29092, Greece
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perkes :(

"ok, so i went last year to perkes hotel, laganas [late august 2009]

upon arrival we were waiting around for such a long time to someone to acknowledge our arrival. when they finally came we were sent to our room. They then offered me [17 years old] another room as i was with my mum and dad. This was free of charge and a lovely jesture.

The air-conditioning is a rip off as $10 a night didn't seem worth it for a week, so i went without. I left the balcony doors open throughtout the night and within the morning i was biten ALL OVER. bloody misquitos. i recommend you take so much mosquito cream. I had to put up with this for the whole week otherwise i would of had so manby sleepless nights, TOO TOO HUMID. The breakfast was definately nothing special. too dry. just stale bread, plastic cheese and tastless ham. However it kept us going and had it everyday. The pool area was ok. however i did not go in the pool as it was intimidating with all the young people and just me on my own. The walk down the road to the beach took FOREVER, and in the 47'c heat, was unbearable and only managed it one day. definately longer than 400km!! try 1500km!

i didn't go in the clubs however they seemed lively and great :D.

the view from my balcony were unbearable! tied up dogs to chains in the agonising heat! NO SHELTER, food (leftoever dried breakfast) and water out of their reach, they were screeching for help! we did complain about this, but they didn't seem bothered!

i'm definately going zante again but for the hotel it is a big NO NO.. for ALL ages!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: loved zante - the area seemed pleasant. the intentions of perkes were good, however they failed.
  • Good For: Beach
by Fiona
2 / 10

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no perks at all

"cheap hol required for relaxing! Not a chance! Good for young ones, who like myself are going through the phase of ubiquitous binge drinking. Besides that which was a slight annoyance celebrate being young free and single i say-but if you want a relaxing break ie book, drink,food(which is not a rip off). Do not stay here.

Anyway, i digress. The worst part of our break was the most arrogant man you'll ever meet, an aussie guy who is the manager, and is 'Greek'. Which he rudely informed me on our first day, fair enough,but some people skills are definitely needed by this guy.Looks like a cross between Rod Stewart and Peter Stringfellow, obv one cannot judge on appearance but the guy was 'racking rude'. Rest of bar staff were nice, just doing their work prob for menial pay.

Accomodation was basic-very.Someone kept nicking posesions we had left outside, some plastic mugs and a towel. Kleptomania heaven.

I would never go back, even if i was 18! And that's bad!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Ok if you're 18 to 25-single and like getting smashed everynight
  • Activities: fanari(i think it was called) lovely staff-a nice chinese down the road.
  • Good For: Beach
by joyfull
1 / 10

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Do not go here!!!

"Perkes hotel was the worst place i have ever stayed, off our balcony our view was locked up dogs, on chained and from what i had seen not released, barely fed. The safety deposit boxs were very annoying as kept in a locked room, and when asking to open the room, the response was often no. Therefore couldnt get to our money, and was certain times to get into the room. Some of the staff rude, a very far walk from the main strip. Towels changed once in the whole week, continental breakfast waste of time. & We had 3 rooms with 8 people sharing amoungst, all paying the equal ammount, even though 2 people had to sleep on camp beds, which could barely hold, for the price paid it was disgusting and wont be visting again!

[however laganas is a must!!, we stayed mainly down at the beach and only went to the room to sleep and had an amazing time, would have been even better without the shoddy hotel!!!]

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by raaaaaaaaaaaa
1 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Not fantastic

"Where do i start ? Location... Certainly not 'a mere 500 meters' from beach as stated on the website more like a mere two mile which witht he hassle from PR's on the restraunts and bars took an hour at ;least to get from hotel to beach Breakfast... well this was jsut terrible it was riddled with bacteria no doubt where it had been sat in a sweaty room full of flies, cant comment on the taste but it looked and felt a little something like hard dry bread, sweaty peice of donkey meat and the most un appetising slice of cheese ive ever seen. however go to the pool bar in the hotel and for a small cost you could have a variety of nice meals which were considerably better than the free breakfast. Pythari was a really ncie restraunt we ate in almost every day very friendly fantastic food and prices. The pool.... during our stay i made the msitake of simply jumping in the pool fully clothed several times on the first day the next day to realise the pool turns everything green ! Bar staff are really friendly Hotel manager not so friendly and threatened to beat us up because we made a l little bit of noise in his 'lively resort'... leanne from thomas cook was full of [--] the rooms were basic to say the least air con cost us 10 euro a day and worked for about 20 minutes before turning off, shower was absolutely pathetic it was like someone urinating on you i would imagine. no telly, no fridge, no bedding, lovely view of the poorly treated dogs out the back of the hotel which kept me awake all night along with the cleaner who has some voice for a relativey small lady she also likes to wake you up and open your blinds at 6 in the morning. the walk to and from the hotel to the rest of civilisation grew more and more frustrating in the 44 degree heat all in all this is the worst hotel ive ever been to in my life ! i would highly reccoment the alexander hotel or the marios studios which were much more classy and just as cheap and a lot lot closer to the entertainment. Quad biking was good 27 euro at 2+4 wheels rentals for a day which was the best price we cud get. if the hotel staff read this then just to let you know as i was too drunk to remind you before leaving, your hotel SUCKS! also dont **** the greek police off they seemed to get pretty angry pretty quick with some english lads we saw them talking too. beautifull views, not so beatifull local area though ... roads are dangerous !"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont bother going on a boat trip to see turtles and dolphins we went for 8hrs and saw nothing
  • Activities: pythari, cocktails and dreams, pink panther, rescue
  • Good For: Beach
by Anonymous17775
2 / 10

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worst hotel ever

"I think it is safe to say this hotel provided the worst service I have ever encountered and made for the worst holiday experience I could possibly have imagined. Perkes is more like a prison camp than a hotel in a lively resort. The woman who works in the hotel, Margaret, tries to portray the hotel as a family hotel despite the fact that it is in the middle of a resort which solely targets 18-30s to sell drink to, not to mention the fact that we did not see any families staying there. As a young person you are spoken to more like a delinquent than a paying customer. One evening, we were having a laugh with some guys on the balcony across from us around 10:30pm (which is basically dinner time in Greece) and we were shouted at by Margaret for making too much noise (which we weren't) and told we could go to that hotel if we wanted to meet me - insinuating that because we were young and British we must be out to have sex (not the case). On our second night in Perkes myself and my friends were walking home from a night out and saw an English girl in trouble. We went to her help and it ended in myself and one of my friends getting punched by a Greek man in the face. To put you in the picture I am a civil servant and my friend is a nurse so we are not the types to cause trouble, we were simply trying to help this girl as she was almost raped. We returned to Perkes and we were crying and shouting telling other people in the hotel what happened - understandably we were being quite loud as we were so shaken by what had happened. Next thing we knew it Margaret was telling us we were out for making so much noise. We got into a verbal argument with the hoteliers (again we are not violent and would never invade someone's personal space nor make any threat of violence) - this led to the hotel watchman grabbing me by the arm and swinging me across the corridor so that my feet lifted off the ground. It was at this point that we packed our bags and tried to leave. On trying to leave we were denied our passports being told that the police were coming. This was fine by us as we were completely innocent and wished to report the assault in any case. An hour or two passed and the police, funnily enough, did not arrive - this to me is a sign that Perkes knew they were in the wrong. they also, in this time, allowed the greek man who had punched us into the hotel to sit chatting to the men on the balcony - we were disgusted by this. eventually after us having to wait until 9am when we could phone thomas cook, we got our passports back. we were moved to accomodation elsewhere on the island (vassilikos - which was lovely and where you are treated like an adult and a paying customer). i would warn anyone against going to this hotel, while our experience was obviously at the extreme end of the spectrum, the staff speak to customers in a completely unprofessional manner, rip you off for disgusting food at the pool bar, and claim it is a family hotel so no music can be played - despite playing music at the bar until late and serving fishbowls to 17 year olds."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Activities: vassilikos a lovely part of the island - very greek.
by cjack
1 / 10

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not what I was expecting......

"When I booked this holiday over the phone, I said I didn't want to be in "party town", my husband and I hardly fall into the 18-30 category, and where does the guy on the phone suggest,Perkes hotel in Laganas, party central. All the reviews I read said it was far enough away not to hear noise from clubs, so I was reassured somewhat. And true enough, you don't hear any club noise, but nobody mentioned the noise of the clubbers coming home from five o'clock onwards - slamming doors, shouting, music, where was the so called security then?

It is true that the family who run Perkes are all very friendly, and the breakfast is hardly the full english that some folk might expect, but it was enough to set you on the way, and Laganas is bursting with restaurants and eating places all desperate to get you in the door. The room was very basic and not very clean,the bathroom had hair on the floor that wasn't mine and so did the bedroom, and our balcony never saw a brush or a mop the whole ten days we were there. The towels and sheets are changed once a week, which to my mind is not often enough. I was also amazed that we had to pay 20 euros to hire a fridge for a week, while the couple of families with young kids got one for free. I'm afraid we didn't fork out the 50 euros required to switch on the air conditioning, and sweltered at night instead.

The beach is a long walk, but worth it. I personally found the pool a bit intimidating,full of lilos and balls being thrown about. The food served by the pool is very good and well priced, if you didn't feel like walking elsewhere.

On the whole, we had a really good holiday in Laganas. Perkes may be a family run hotel, but it is not a hotel for families, Margaret at the desk was surprised to have couples and children arriving in August. But if clubbing, beach and sun are what you are looking for, then Perkes is the place for you. Personally, we will never be back.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by mrsmelv
6 / 10

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Wanted to come home on the first day!!

"We arrived at the hotel about 7am and was looking forward to having a lay down in our room. Once we walked into the room we realised this was not the case... Hairs were all over the floor and bed. Stains up the walls. Dust everywhere. Pupic hair in the bathroom!! Scum everywhere in the bathroom. We looked out onto our balcony to find someone asleep on it. We went to reception and said how we couldnt stay in the room and the staff were very friendly and told us to come back at 11 when we can get into another room. The room we woz given was better but still not good. It still had dirty floors

The walk to the first shop on the strip is about 20 mins and at least 45 mins to the beach!! The walk turned out to be a killer and a pain towards the end of the week!!

The pool would be nice if it didnt ruin any swimming gear by turning them a manky yellow colour. After the tirsome walk back to the hotel from the beach all we wanted to do was have a dip but couldnt as we didnt want to ruin another set of swimmers.

As we went bed and breakfast we went down for it on the first day and was met with orange juice, tea or coffee, 2 slices of bread, a slice of ham and cheese and butter. This was very disappionting so we ended up going out and buying breakfast every day.

Laganas itself is fab for groups of young people who want to party... the drinks are cheap and there are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs to choose from. The beach is nice if you go to either end of it as this is were the water is clear. Would recommend visiting cameo island and turtle isalnd as these are really nice places. Also take a snorkel and mask as we was out in the sea and spotted a turtle close to us which was an amazing experience for us both.

Overall we wouldnt dismiss Laganas for a future holiday but would definately never go back to Perkes as it made us feel as we just wanted to come home on the first day!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Activities: Turtle spotting.
by holidayhunnieuk
2 / 10

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Costa is a Legand

"The hotel was fair good apart from we got kicked out for diving in the pool wearing a Borat mankini. The staff are friendly including the night watchman named Costa. He got my mate in a sleeper hold and didnt let go untill he fainted and tapped in submission. funny times."

by bacs
7 / 10

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Lovely hotel but a bit too noisy at night

"Just returned from one week at the Perkes Hotel for my 30th birthday with my Husband.

After reading the reviews i was very anxious about staying there,however the hotel was lovely,basic and clean.Fantastic view.

All the staff are really nice,friendlt and helpfull.Great food and drinks

I wouldnt really recommend it for couples or families as come 10pm the groups of guys and girls are just getting ready to go out!

However the younger guests are told to not make too much noise after 10pm! No alcohol,smoking or visitors in the rooms.

Laganas is a lively place but dont be put put off. Theres loads to do and see

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Very lively! However you dont have to follow the crowd
  • Activities: Cameo Island
  • Good For: Beach
by yellowgold
7 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"Breakfast is really just a cheese butty to be fair!! The hotel itself was lovely and run by really friendly people.

The greeks seem to have to concept of distance tho, as the beach isnt 500m away (its like a mile and a half), and the clubs arent a 15 minute walk!! I made the mistake of wearing heels on this first walk!

Rooms are basic, but clean. The hotel is ideal for couples and family, however by mid June, seems to be over run by noise (I'm 21 and struggled with this)

Pool area is lovely, the food you can buy there is as good as any nearby restaurant, its all reasonably priced too!!

Dont fall for the boat trip from your rep though, you see more Turtles on a 10E pedalo.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by beki1
8 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

dont listen to other reports

"just returned from a week at perkes hotel.we were a party of 4 adults all over 40 ,and after reading the reviews was very scared, and fully prepared to go have a look and book some where else.How wrong we was yes the rooms were basic and yes slight shower problems.still constant hot water.The staff were very very friendly, chatty and helpfull.The whole complex had a lovely warm relaxing feel to it.I had a lovely birthday with some good cocktails and fish bowls lol .ALL the staff were excellant.Bar man scott and nick great laugh.Food was great and good value so were the cocktails.thinking of going back with the family in the near future."

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Bed & Breakfast, booked with
  • Advice: great
  • Activities: cameo island
  • Good For: Beach
by lorrhiggy
8 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Fine for the money

"I stayed at Perkes last year near the end of the season, with 6 girls (all 21). Hotel was friendly and helpful as long as you respected them, and if we were being too loud they would tell us and not make too much of a scene about it, as long as you keep relatively quiet from then on. Very close to everything Laganos has to offer, and if you are going for a party holiday it is recommended. If you would like a slightly quieter holiday with bars, restaurants etc but not necessarily all the clubbing I would recommend Kalamaki, not too far from Laganos.

The only issue I had really was that out balcony was overlooking where all the dogs were. The barking wasn't annoying but I felt the treatment of them was quite cruel as they were chained up to their shabby kennels all day and were quite thin. Not making accusations however, as I don't know how they are treated all year round. However, if the barking would annoy you, I'd request a room not overlooking this!

We usually ended up in cocktails and dreams at the end of the night, guarenteed good night. Overall, good holiday for young people who like a good time.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Can't remember.....
  • Advice: Good party holiday
  • Activities: The turtle boat ride, really nice scenery.
  • Good For: Beach
by me :)
7 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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