Amvrosia Apartments

Crete, Greece
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"I dont know what people are moaning about, Me and my best mate stayed in the Amvrosia for 2weeks and had a wicked time.. Stella and her husband where great really friendly always happy to help...

Fair enough rooms where basic but thats why its so cheap we paid £400 for 2weeks. Your not far from anything and people are always happy to help you. Food was great we awlays had our breakfeast at Amvrosia 3 Euro it cost and was lovely... The cleaner cleaned our room everyday she works her arse off and gets paid pennys we always tipped her...

Def would go again great holiday!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Activities: Sticky Fingures, Red Lion
  • Good For: Beach
by malia08
10 / 10

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Can't understand what everyone is...

"Can't understand what everyone is complaining about . .

I've just returned home from a wonderful week in Malia . .

I stayed in Amvrosia with 5 other friends, we had three rooms on the second floor.

We found Amvrosia decent.

The rooms are small, but this is what we expected as we booked Club18-30.

The rooms were resonable clean, and minorly cleaned daily.

The pool area was clean, the pool was cleaned twice on are week stay. The bar area was clean and well presented.

Few disapointments were:-

The towels were only changed once.

The toilet-roll wasn't replaced-but as two rolls only cost 0.65cent from the local supermarket is was hardly a severe matter.

The security guard does not pick on anyone. He simply does his job, and he does it well. We never had any probelm with him, simply because we respected him and our rooms. He even helped us out on a few matters.

We found the Owners of Amvorsia fine. Even helped my friend when he lost his key.

Amvorsia is well situated, Its a easy five minute walk away from the main (hardcore) strip. And a few minute walk away from the lovely beach. Anyone who says it takes longer must of had a few to many Vodkas.

I find the main problem with the apartments is the people who stay in it, they try and treat it as a whore-house aswel as a boxing ring. For example, On arrival it was late an after heading to bed the girls staying in the room next door started fighting. This continued until 6am. Then their was a happy hipo on the third (top) floor who found it funny to wake everyone with the crazy and disturbing laugh in the middle of the night.

Overall Amvorsia was fine, just a pity that Crete isn't for me.. The locals are rude and all they want is your money and to many rude english, who need to get some manners, and don't even think on hiring out motorcycles.

Overall Cheap and Cheerful.

by Palmer
7 / 10

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Amvrosia apartments are fine...

"Amvrosia apartments are fine considering the amount that was paid... The pool was cleaned every night and was not like a pond!!!!! The only thing that was bad was girls fighting every night and another one putting on a ridiculous laugh/screech at 5am to wake everyone up for badness. Our room was cleaned everyday, only thing beds sheets werent washed but considering we were clean anyway we werent that bothered. We had 6 people in our party split into 3 rooms, had no problem going in and out of each others room, sittin on the balconys at night til watever time we just werent as rowdy as others! And valentino did not pick on the girls, they picked on him, after all hes jus doin his job. Wat can u expect wen theres bulls running up n dwn the stairs all hours of the morning mouthin n [--]. Its situated in the middle which is good, near the beach and near restaurants etc. All in all we had a brilliant holiday all of us, some people need to think that they get wat they pay for and this is a perfect example. I read comments below and dreaded goin to apartments to find everythin was opposite... U can hardly xpect 5 star accommodation for a club 18-30 apartments and for a cheap price!!!!!!!!!"

by G Hiles
9 / 10

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Do not be deceived by the photos, the...

"Do not be deceived by the photos, the pool is tiny and green, to the point were we would not go in it (although the bugs on top didn't seem to mind!) Basic rooms as to be expected, however I did not expect the toilet to leak from the cistern when you sat on it or the sink to leak on your feet when brushing your teeth!

Not particularly clean as sheets were not changed and only one towel was changed during the week. Feet was absolutely disgusting from the dirty floor.

All in all I would not recommend this to others or ever stay there again.

Onthe plus side it is a nice location on the road to Stalis so about 15 mins to Beach road in malia or 15 mins to Stalis, which gives you more choice. You have been warned!!!!

by Un Happy
2 / 10

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I thought the Ambrosia apartments...

"I thought the Ambrosia apartments were really good, dnt no wat all the bad reviews are about, I read all them b4 i went and was expecting the woirst and it turned out to be the best week ever!!!! Our room was basic but clean but wat can you expect for club 18-30 room only! The Owners were lovely and the pool bar was good, good food and drink and pretty cheap at that! The security guard was a bit of arse but suppose only doing his job ' No Boys, No Noise ' haha! Nightlife was only a stroll away and was 'AMAZING' if you havnt already experinced Malia, you should defo soon nothing like the papers or news made it out. Defo be back to these apartments and Malia AMAZINGGGG....!!!!!"

by J Scottish Girls!
8 / 10

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i stayed at the amvrosia apartments...

"i stayed at the amvrosia apartments with a friend. and it was AWFUL... the rooms are small and dirty.. the cleaner came in one morning and moped the floor and then moped the toilet seat with the same mob.. was nasty!! also the beds were nasty might aswell sleep on the floor.. and the POOL well im surprised they are allowed to call it a pool.. in the pictures it looks nice and blue and clean.. but it looks like a pond it is green.. you could seriously catch something going into that! so overall just do not go to Amvrosia apartments if you need somewhere to stay go to the mirage appartments or semaines appartments. our friends stayed where and they were much better they are closer to the strip but in the day it is much nicer to be at those hotels then the amvrosia"

by Cm Ches
1 / 10

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Me and 5 of my friends stayed at the...

"Me and 5 of my friends stayed at the amvrosia last year! we got told it was on the beach but when we got there all we cud see was a building site in the distance!

they took our passports incase any damage was done and stored them in a little cupboard in the corridor which any1 could break into.

the staff tend to get annoyed when you dont spend your money at thier bar and buy thier food (which for the record isnt the best, we saw a mouse running around), we always went to the shop next door instead which is understandable as we did pay for self catering!

during my stay the owner of the apartments turned out to be a complete psycho! he pulled a machetti out on a boy near the pool because he was wearing a borat costume! the week before he also pinned a girl up against the wall! on our last day he even threatened us all to not give us our passports back because someone let off a fire extinguisher in someones room, and had to pay 1500euros; which had nothing to do with us. If u plan on bringing home some guests i advise u not to. the owner, the security guard and his wife all have insomnia and stay awake all nite to keep an eye on every1.

oh and make sure you buy ur own toilet roll, or pinch it from the poolside toilets like every1 else did!

the rooms however were better than we expected. we got two rooms which i think turned out to be the biggest in the apartments with corner balconys.

x happy holidays :D x

by JL Lea
5 / 10

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I seriously don't know what people...

"I seriously don't know what people have to moan about, okay so the rooms aren't too great, but come on how much time are you gonna spend in your room on a holiday your complaining about spending so much money on. In fact my room was really nice it had two balcony's, a full kitchen and three beds for the two of us. However friends of ours had really really small basic rooms. The staff were really friendly and the reps were great they really looked after us! The security guard was a bit of a pain in the arse but he was only doing his job.

The holiday turned out to be fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to go back again!

by JS Scott
8 / 10

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Hotel was very basic, but relatively...

"Hotel was very basic, but relatively clean. However, on the second night our door fell off its hinges with nobody touching it. The staff were very rude and made it clear that we were not allowed to consume our bottled water near the poolside and insisted that we had to buy it from the poolside bar!! One of our doors also blew shut in the wind and locked us out of the main bedroom (where all our wallets and travel documents were) so we went to the poolside bar/reception to ask for assistance in getting in. We were met with "there is no-one here to do it, you will have to wait". As no one came, it resulted in me having to enter another groups room and climbing over their balcony to get access into our room through the balcony door.

The bathroom was disgusting with the shower curtain broken and the toilet was in a bad state.

As for Malia itself, the night-life is brilliant if you are in a group of same-sex people, but beware because it is full of English, sunburnt, tattoo-clad chavs out looking for fights. The Greek security men are absolute psychos too, as one of our lads found out. Do not go here if you are looking for a quiet get away and you are someone with a bit of class.

by Tom Smith
4 / 10

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I'm half way through my 2 weeks here...

"I'm half way through my 2 weeks here and all I can say is that the hotel is utter rubbish. We paid £430 for 2 weeks self-catering and we've ended up in a tiny room with the self-catering being a broken fridge. Only half the lights in our room work, you need to bring your own toilet roll and the staff are beyond rude, sometimes even violent.

I feel absolutely had - this is my second 18-30 hotel and the second poor hotel. It's not dirty or anything, the pool area is nice but the 15 palm trees block any sun getting in and it's miles away from anything.

Unlucky if you've already booked to come here.


by A Curnow
2 / 10

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I wouldn’t suggest staying in these...

"I wouldn’t suggest staying in these apartments. The rooms weren’t too bad, they were basic but clean and we had plenty as room as it was a corner room but some of our friends rooms were tiny you could hardly move! Location wasn’t too bad either 10 minutes to beach 20 minutes to main strip.

Unfortunately the staff were rude! On our first night the bottom floor apartments got there doors kicked in. When they asked who did it we suggested to check the "24 hr cctv" and it didn’t even work. Some one got charged 1300euros (£900!) They didn’t do it but they were gonna get the police involved unless they paid.

When we went to leave he checked everyone’s room tried to charge me and my boyfriend 30euros for a broken door handle (which wasn’t broken when we left the room), refused to give us our passports till we paid.

Another group was charged 20 euros for dirty sheets! And 15 euros for a damaged shower rail which was already broken!

We didn’t pay as our rep said they couldn’t legally keep our passports!

by C D
4 / 10

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