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amazing cruise

"I went on this cruise and my first impression was WOW! I was very surprised to find that my transition from the airport to the cruise ship was very organized. As soon as we boarded the staff made us feel very welcome. When we reached our cabin we found that it was a comfortable size which was very hygienic and tidy.

There was not a dull night because the entertainment was second to none. We especially enjoyed Ross and his group as we found them very funny. Even though we didn't take children it seemed like family entertainment.

Our food we had on board was outstanding especially in the island restaurant. The variety of food seemed to suit different dietary needs.

The waiters were exemplary as nothing was too much trouble and they treated you as good friends.

The itinerary was well planned. Our favorite spots were Corsica and Rome. Although the weather changed the itinerary it wasn't through any fault of the ship yet they still gave us another choice of excursions.

We could tell that the ship was old but it didn't make any difference as it offers everything a 'fancy' ship would offer.

The maid service in our room was excellent. She tidied the room in the morning and turned it down in the evening. She surprised us with a sweet surprise under our pillows every night.

The bar staff in The Sail Away Pub were so friendly and nice that they kept the cocktails coming all night.

I would definitely recommend it to families and friends. I enjoyed it so much I am going back in April!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: try new experiences
by glynisandles
10 / 10

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first cruise not the last

"The island escape may be old, but I have stayed in many hotels with wallpaper coming off the wall, no door on the toilet etc. you cant compare this ship with any hotel as some do, i cruised on this ship in July/august 2014.i cannot find a single thing to complain about, it is clean,drinks are good, entertainment outstanding,,staff very friendly, etc. people moan about the slightest thing. pleas don't rely on these reviews just take a cruise and then see what you think. i honestly think the island escape is a wonderful ship as are the crew and facilities.if you want some kind of luxury then why the hell are you reading these reviews. pay 3 or 4 times as much if that's what you want.i am booking up again on the island escape in 2016."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: tour the ship as much as possible, its well woth it
by malckey
10 / 10

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Never again!

"This is a review of our personal experience. People reading this must bear in mind that we are not drinkers and therefore, our experience was not made any better under the influence of alcohol. With a clear head we found the ship to be dirty in general. Mold around porthole windows, lipstick on plastic cups from previous user. Within 3 hours of booking into our cabin the male cleaner had entered our room no less than 5 times and moved items from the bed into drawers, this may sound ok in principal but we had put a do not disturb sign on the door that was clearly disregarded and our drawers and belongings had been disturbed. Rather than repeatedly rifle through cabins their time could have been better utilized with a mop and bucket and an anti mold cleaner.

It was late afternoon before we managed to eat, I think the food had been waiting for us since we left our home at 6am that morning, it certainly tasted like it. Good place if you wish to diet. Maintenance going on all around, constant smell of paint fumes on deck, covering dirty, rusty metal with a fresh coat of paint above where we sunbathed. Only selective sunbathing areas available as deckchairs tied up and stacked so high it was impossible to get at them. Sticky carpets underfoot and windows in the bar that were covered in mold and sticky drink spills. Asked for assistance from reception on numerous occasions regarding limiting the cleaners repeated entry into our room and they were unhelpful and down right rude. First and LAST cruise, never again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014
  • Advice: complete overhaul- tired, dirty.
by Angela H
1 / 10

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Mortimer and Douse Families

"We knew this was an older ship when we booked our cruise having said that it was spotlessly clean everywhere, and hand sanitizers at strategic points which was for everyone's benefit. We had one small issue that we could not regulate the air con in our cabin however a word with our cabin stewardess Maria [from Romania] and it was sorted in no time [she was a treasure] we were on deck 8 outside cabins with large windows. At times the main restaurant could be quite cold so advisable to take a cardigan or jacket ladies.

Food was excellent at all times with themed evenings, could not fault the breakfast buffet all you could wish for. [Jobert and Richard were very attentive and aware of everyone's needs especially when help was needed by less able bodied holidaymakers]

All crew were happy and helpful even though they are away from their families for nine months of the year.

They were all on count down to returning to their families when we traveled,but all were still enthusiastic about their work.

The cruise itinerary was excellent and the ports of call were lovely especially Corsica and Mahon.

One major negative packed like sardines on the sunbeds all around the plunge pool area. Had to look on other decks for beds and peace and quiet. Having said that we would book again but a different itinerary.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, booked with co-op travel
  • Advice: excellent entertainment team
by Mordou
8 / 10

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dont let moaners put you off

"Its our second trip in 3 yrs on the island escape.We decided on a suite as it was our 50th birthdays and our 13 yr old daughter was with us.plenty of room ,TV in both sides of the split room ,not that it got used.2 big windows and 2 toilets.The maid Maria was a lovely person .each day the room was cleaned and fresh towels even while you were out at night on board the beds sheets were moved back for you, nice little touch.Each day you would have a card under your door telling you what was on and where you where stopping.We used the Island restaurant every night, as there was 3 of us you could end up on a table with others but not a problem.No need for ball gowns and bow tie but a nice pair of shorts shirt/polo top but please no vest doesn't look right.After a show or on board pub/casino you can always get a bite to eat the beachcomber as I always did before bed .the staff are lovely Carlos was a big favorite and Alan made my daughter a rose out of a tissue.So please take no notice of moaners its what you make of it. The ship is old but so are some hotels .with big flash ships the personal touch is not there because on here they remember you.If you want to dress up each night in a suit and ball gown each night and be told what time to eat then its not for you.We did 2 trips mount Vesuvius and Pompeii which was amazing also a trip in Menorca.We are now looking to go back next year on the same ship but a different itinerary .We also did 4 day stay in Santa Posa but the hotel is not on the books next year (good)"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: mount vesuvius /pompeii
by Tommy F
10 / 10

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Down to earth

"Loved it. Great people on board friendly clean staff lovely entertainment great food brilliant cabin standard but not in it long still slept well what more can I say but if it's your first time just book it and enjoy escape to the med was wicked Don't be put off by the moaners"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Day at sea grab sun lounger early do the stairs it's quicker
by Furzton mk
9 / 10

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mr and mrs wilson cruse

"We are just back from having a brilliant time on the island escape this was our 2nd cruise on the island escape it was fantastic very friendly crew and the food was very good something for everyone loads to do Ross and tony mac were very good we maybe going back next year as i will be celebrating my 60th my cabin boy name was Precash he was very helpful they work very hard."

by Sarah W
10 / 10

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"This cruise ship is fabulous for anyone and everyone. on some websites and reviews they say how it is only mainly for the elderly, well don't listen to them because theirs things for everyone. when you first get on the ship they welcome, comfort you and make you feel as welcome and safe as possible. on the day at sea some people say they saw dolphins (but only on the front of the ship.) the drinks are fabulous (for children i would say the fruit punch is the best and will never change my mind.) the food is fabulous! i am a vegetarian and i could find loads food for them and even if your not theirs lots, lots of choice its like a buffet and they make it as equal as possible. If theirs something wrong with your food they will make a new full pot of it all through all of it away and start from fresh.

As i had 2 children we chose to have a room next to them and every morning there room is like a bomb site and we go back to it in an hour or 2 and find its all been cleaned and they have NEVER complained about how messy it was.

For all you adults when you want to go in the pool and theirs children in it they have an adult hour and children's play activities. They are soooooooo nice to your children they make them laugh and look after the children and make sure their smiling all the time.

The only thing that put me down is that the children's activity people could sometimes sunbath but only in certain cloths but the cleaners couldn't and i thought it was unfair how some people can do stuff when they work on the bout but others cant. :(

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: get to know people on the ship as they are soooo nice and down to earth, even the crew.
by Zara C
10 / 10

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fabulous cruise

"We had a wonderful time on the Island Escape. Spotlessly clean, very friendly and helpful staff especially Willy who was the cleaner for our cabin and Estrada who worked on the top decks. Very well organized from start to finish, well ran tours. Very sad to be home now and want to return"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Outside cabins have a lovely big window
by juliepete
9 / 10

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first cruise, excellent time

"Brilliant time had by myself and 2 teenagers. Yes ship is dated in places but we knew it would be. Food excellent,lots of variety everyday. Restuarant Staff so helpful and happy, especially 'naughty boy' and those in his section. All staff on ship make the cruise a happy and great holiday. The hygiene is 100%, and I am fussy!

The entertainment and staff are brilliant.

The places we stopped at were great

We did our own thing, easily getting on trains/buses etc to main attractions like Pisa , Monaco.. Met some great people.

Saw dolphins at back of ship.

Did cruise and stay in Palmanova after cruise but all wished we had stayed on the ship ad we were sad to leave it.

Only moan would be the very small pool, but apparently its based on the size if the ship.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
by samhollieharrisin
9 / 10

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Brilliant time

"After reading some of the reviews we did not know what to expect but we didn't have to worry. The check in process was very efficient, staff really helpful. When we got to our cabin which was on deck 6 our cabin steward Amr showed us inside, admittedly the cabin was a little small for 3 of us but we managed. We ate our lunchtime meals in the Beachcomber which is a help yourself buffet but on an evening we used to eat in the Island Restaurant, again this is a buffet but you were shown to your table by waiters. The service in here was excellent. One of the waiters, Manuel from Mauritius was so friendly and extremely helpful. The entertainment on the ship was very good, always something going on in one of the bars or theatre. The pool is on the small side but we always found sun loungers to use if not by the pool then somewhere else on one of the decks. This was our first ever cruise and we would not be frightened to do one again."

by Teresa T
9 / 10

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Great cruise

"Had a great cruise although the ship was dated. Food staff and entertainment was excellent. Ross the cruise director was a credit to the ship he needs to give a few tips to the Royal Caribbean cruise line. Will certainly be back on Island Escape"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Entertainment
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Rona T
7 / 10

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Cleanliness: 8/10
Location: 8/10

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Top traveller tips for Island Escape Cruise Ship
  • by Kathleen Connolly

    " Have a hairdryer from reception much better than our travel dryer also it american plugs. "

  • by Kerry LeCras

    " Use the drinks package in advance its worth it and make sure you go on an excursion and the show team is a must see. Ben voice is amazing. "

  • by Boblynne

    " See the shows they are top class "

  • by travelling duo

    " Be on the ship for the itinerary and not for the cruising experience necessarily! "

  • by sandracl2

    " Get the drinks package - 95 pounds for a couple. Well worth it! "

  • by SS

    " only travel on it in the summer when stormy seas are unlikely "

  • by Steve Pringle

    " Do your homework on the places that you are going to visit. "

  • by MIW

    " American plug adapters and don't buy the drinks package - not worth it! "

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