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mr and mrs wilson cruse

"We are just back from having a brilliant time on the island escape this was our 2nd cruise on the island escape it was fantastic very friendly crew and the food was very good something for everyone loads to do Ross and tony mac were very good we maybe going back next year as i will be celebrating my 60th my cabin boy name was Precash he was very helpful they work very hard."

by Sarah W
10 / 10

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"This cruise ship is fabulous for anyone and everyone. on some websites and reviews they say how it is only mainly for the elderly, well don't listen to them because theirs things for everyone. when you first get on the ship they welcome, comfort you and make you feel as welcome and safe as possible. on the day at sea some people say they saw dolphins (but only on the front of the ship.) the drinks are fabulous (for children i would say the fruit punch is the best and will never change my mind.) the food is fabulous! i am a vegetarian and i could find loads food for them and even if your not theirs lots, lots of choice its like a buffet and they make it as equal as possible. If theirs something wrong with your food they will make a new full pot of it all through all of it away and start from fresh.

As i had 2 children we chose to have a room next to them and every morning there room is like a bomb site and we go back to it in an hour or 2 and find its all been cleaned and they have NEVER complained about how messy it was.

For all you adults when you want to go in the pool and theirs children in it they have an adult hour and children's play activities. They are soooooooo nice to your children they make them laugh and look after the children and make sure their smiling all the time.

The only thing that put me down is that the children's activity people could sometimes sunbath but only in certain cloths but the cleaners couldn't and i thought it was unfair how some people can do stuff when they work on the bout but others cant. :(

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: get to know people on the ship as they are soooo nice and down to earth, even the crew.
by Zara C
10 / 10

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fabulous cruise

"We had a wonderful time on the Island Escape. Spotlessly clean, very friendly and helpful staff especially Willy who was the cleaner for our cabin and Estrada who worked on the top decks. Very well organised from start to finish, well ran tours. Very sad to be home now and want to return"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Outside cabins have a lovely big window
by juliepete
9 / 10

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first cruise, excellent time

"Brilliant time had by myself and 2 teenagers. Yes ship is dated in places but we knew it would be. Food excellent,lots of variety everyday. Restuarant Staff so helpful and happy, especially 'naughty boy' and those in his section. All staff on ship make the cruise a happy and great holiday. The hygiene is 100%, and I am fussy!

The entertainment and staff are brilliant.

The places we stopped at were great

We did our own thing, easily getting on trains/buses etc to main attractions like Pisa , Monaco.. Met some great people.

Saw dolphins at back of ship.

Did cruise and stay in Palmanova after cruise but all wished we had stayed on the ship ad we were sad to leave it.

Only moan would be the very small pool, but apparently its based on the size if the ship.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
by samhollieharrisin
9 / 10

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Brilliant time

"After reading some of the reviews we did not know what to expect but we didn't have to worry. The check in process was very efficient, staff really helpful. When we got to our cabin which was on deck 6 our cabin steward Amr showed us inside, admittedly the cabin was a little small for 3 of us but we managed. We ate our lunchtime meals in the Beachcomber which is a help yourself buffet but on an evening we used to eat in the Island Restaurant, again this is a buffet but you were shown to your table by waiters. The service in here was excellent. One of the waiters, Manuel from Mauritius was so friendly and extremely helpful. The entertainment on the ship was very good, always something going on in one of the bars or theatre. The pool is on the small side but we always found sun loungers to use if not by the pool then somewhere else on one of the decks. This was our first ever cruise and we would not be frightened to do one again."

by Teresa T
9 / 10

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Great cruise

"Had a great cruise although the ship was dated. Food staff and entertainment was excellent. Ross the cruise director was a credit to the ship he needs to give a few tips to the Royal Caribbean cruise line. Will certainly be back on Island Escape"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Entertainment
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Rona T
7 / 10

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3rd time passenger on Island escape

"I have been on the island escape ship every summer for the last 3 years each time travelling with a different group of people and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves every time.

I have read some of the reviews on here and quite frankly have found some of them laughable one complaint I read - ' you were lucky to get a straw in your drink, sometimes you had to get one yourself' now if these are actually things that stuck out as 'issues' for you then all I can say is it must have been pretty bloody good.

The staff are absolutely wonderful and cannot do enough for you, the bar and restaurant staff work horribly long hours and you often would see them clearing away glasses and plates at 1am the night before and would then be serving you with a smile at 8am the next morning at breakfast, they are an absolute credit to Thompson. Our housekeeper every year has kept our room spotless and as I traveled with my partner this year and our cabin was two single beds he then offered to push our beds together and dressed it with a double mattress and quilt which was completely over and above his call of duty considering he had around 30-50 other rooms to also tend to.

If you have a serious problem with feeling the motion of a ship I would suggest you book an on land holiday never mind another cruise line, as it is not Island escape cruises fault that the sea is rough or that it's windy, that is slightly out of their control, some of the comments on feeling the motion of the ship amused me as it's not completely unexpected as you are in fact on a ship. Although I would say 70% of the time you do forget you are even on a ship it's so unnoticeable.

The ship has hand antibacterial gel stations everywhere around the ship and people are expected to regularly use this to prevent any outbreak of illness on board the ship, I did hear about the outbreak of the nova virus a few years ago and to any travelers who experienced this it was very unfortunate, I am sure their time on board was 100% different than mine.

There are a large choice of excursions for every port of call varying in length of time and also broken down into how much walking each trip consists of which was brilliant for us last year as one of our party had a broken leg and wasn't able to do uphill or long distance walking so she picked trips that were suitable for her.

The only reason I have not given this ship 10 out of 10 is because I found the entertainment this year to have slightly dropped in quality, I would have liked to have seen more of tony mac and Ross in the bounty lounge as they are absolutely wonderful and I was disappointed to have not seen as much of them on board this year.

If you're looking for a formal or brand new cruise ship then this is not for you but it is absolute value for money. fabulous for families, couples or solo cruisers of any age. Would definitely recommend this cruise ship .

by Rachel1993
9 / 10

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"Well the brochure was very accurate, friendly informal and relaxing, this was our second cruise(previously with First Choice) and we had a brilliant time, the cabin boy Larson to the the waiters in the restaurants couldn't do enough for you, I traveled with my husband and 2 daughters age 10 and 12, we all had a wonderful time, no it isn't Royal Caribbean (who wants to be stuck on a ship with pompous stuck up people anyway! )but you were made to feel very special I would recommend this ship to anybody the food(particular Island Restaurant) people(who want to talk to you) and places you visit are what made it a holiday to remember we are definitely returning . Only criticism and only a small one was size of cabin would book an outside one next time."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014
  • Advice: Enjopy enjoy enjoy
by Wendy L
10 / 10

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Excellent cruise

"Island escape cruise, soukes and sangria ,,October 2013.

This was our first ever cruise and we were very worried about going after reading all the negative reviews,,,however we had absolutely nothing to worry about!!...some people are just not happy unless they have something to complain about!!

Yes the ship is old and yes it could do with a bit of an update and yes you can feel the motion in rough weather ...but why book a cruise if you get seasick??.... What some people seem to forget is this is a budget cruise at a great price!!....we would have never been able to afford to visit the places we did had it not been for the island escape!!!..., you can't expect and shouldn't expect 5 star luxury at this price,

We had an outside premier cabin which was more than adequate and kept spotlessly clean ,which is the most important thing...,so what if it was a bit outdated..after all it's only for sleeping in!!....

Great food

Great service

Entertainment of a good standard

Well organized embarkation/disembarkation

Flights on time

What more could you ask for?

If you want the snobby luxury that's fine but I'm afraid you will have to pay for it

I work in the hospitality/ catering trade so would be the first to complain if things were not acceptable.

We have booked the spirit of the med cruise for next April ....yes on the Island escape!!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013
  • Advice: Just enjoy it and don't moan!!
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by Martyn shergold
8 / 10

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Fantastic ship, will be booking again for next year. Felt totally pampered!!

"We joined the ship in Palma, great as only 2.5 hours flight from the UK. A party of 3, myself, my husband and our 10 year old daughter. Our daughter loved the ship and made many friends straight away. She was able to go where she pleased and we felt we didn't have to worry about her. She checked in with us regularly and it gave her a little independence. Food was good, waiters and staff were happy, had superb manners, pleasant, helpful and simply could not do enough for us. Our cabin steward Willy was efficient, clean and made our daughter a towel animal every day to come back to. He left it on her bed each day. He cleaned our cabin superbly as we tend to be mucky pups when we are away. Our cabin was always spotless, small, but clean. Yes the boat is a little old, but fit for purpose. The shows and the entertainment staff were wonderful, shows were as good as the west end. Always lots to do on board, so never got bored. Drinks, food etc was all included on this ship as well as money tips for the staff, its all in the price. We stayed at a holiday resort on our second week and after sailing on the cruise ship it was a total let down. Just wish we had booked 2 weeks cruising, but I was afraid I would not like the water and being my first cruise wanted to play it safe. But I didn't feel the sway of the boat at all and if I didn't look out of the window, I wouldn't have even known I was on a ship. I may have put on 2 stones in weight though as the food is 24 hours x 7 days a week. If you enjoy your food, drink and waking up in a different country each day for an affordable price, then this is the holiday for you. Enjoy!!! we will be booking for next year for sure."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Take an iron with you as the ship does not hire these out and there is no laundry room for you to iron your own clothes. You have to pay and it was approx £17 for a small bag full.
by Amanda W
9 / 10

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Dissapointed this time

"We were on board from 8/7/2014 to 22/07/2014 good cruise as this is our third time for coming back due to entertainment and the wonderful staff. But we noticed a few problems against our other two cruises with Island Escape.

1. in Livorno and Valencia we had to pay for the shuttle bus service which I think is out of order when you have spent over £3000 for the cruise.

2. The photo section on board is a rip off. We purchased 2 DVDs for our memories of both weeks we were on board at a cost of £30 total viewing time 1 hour....30mins on each video only to find the second DVD was a duplicate of the first DVD with just the glimpses of places visited cut and pasted in; There was no scenes of entertainment except for Master chef on both DVDs no staff except senior staff no mention of the group and except for Ross (brilliant) and Tony no mention of Craig, Lucas and Gemma who were great! or any of the Brazilian theater shows!

The ship is old and if you want luxury and a ship that does not move in the water don't go Island Escape but if you want Brazilian entertainment and exceptional and superbly friendly staff then this is the ship for you.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014
  • Advice: Do not buy the Memory dvid and dont go on any cruise including Tangier
by Rex Y
5 / 10

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Relaxing enjoyable affordable cruise for all ages

"If you want to have a really laid back holiday where you can unwind and have everything done for you at an affordable price then this is the cruise for you. Whether you are retired or a family or young people you can get up when you want, eat when you want and the choice is great, you will need to go in the gym now and again to make up for all you will eat as everything is so tempting but even if you don't work it off its your annual holiday and you have earned the treats. I have traveled on this ship three times now and I love it more each time. I love relaxing on deck, the camaraderie with other passengers, the entertainment, the shows at night are as good as any in the West End. The staff are always smiling and cant do enough for us. The trips ashore are excellent and you can take an organized excursion or do your own thing. This year there were three generations of us from 60s to 30s, teenagers and the youngest ten and I can honestly say no one wanted to go home. For children there are Kids clubs mind you we went in June so the schools weren't all on holidays so there would be more children in July and August. I can highly recommend this cruise as the friendliest in the world, it is not a five star but for the money it is as good as one and all that remains to say is I'm filling the piggy bank already for next years trip because I wouldn't miss it for the world."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: try the other diningrooms as well as the 24 hour dining especially if you have a special occasion to celebrate
by Mary Rose
9 / 10

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Value: 7/10
Cleanliness: 8/10
Location: 8/10

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Top traveller tips for Island Escape Cruise Ship
  • by Kathleen Connolly

    " Have a hairdryer from reception much better than our travel dryer also it american plugs. "

  • by Kerry LeCras

    " Use the drinks package in advance its worth it and make sure you go on an excursion and the show team is a must see. Ben voice is amazing. "

  • by Boblynne

    " See the shows they are top class "

  • by travelling duo

    " Be on the ship for the itinerary and not for the cruising experience necessarily! "

  • by sandracl2

    " Get the drinks package - 95 pounds for a couple. Well worth it! "

  • by SS

    " only travel on it in the summer when stormy seas are unlikely "

  • by Steve Pringle

    " Do your homework on the places that you are going to visit. "

  • by MIW

    " American plug adapters and don't buy the drinks package - not worth it! "

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