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Ross The Entertainment Director by ben hen
8 / 10

Ross is a wonderful talent, he is an all round entertainer, real top man. All the staff work so hard to make the passengers have a great holiday on board. Don't know if Ross is on Facebook, hope he is. Thanks For Great Holiday.

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worst holiday ever by carolcazza1970
1 / 10

I went on this ferry three years ago and couldn't believe how it could be classed as a cruise ship IT IS AN EX FERRY!!!!Don't listen to these travelers who say anyone who complains about this cruise are too fussy or expect too much they are talking rubbish. Im of the opinion these people will put up with anything, have no standards at all or paid the least they could. As for this being a cheap cruise i don't think so it cost me well over £3000 for a cabin you wouldn't put a dog in.Thomson sold me this holiday but didn't want to know when i complained even though they recommended it.Do yourself a favor do not book this cruise unless you want a booze cruise with like minded people.The food is terrible but unless you want to starve you have to force it down and the drinks are overpriced ( I mean a proper drink not the watered down rubbish included in the all inclusive)I WILL NEVER BOOK ANOTHER HOLIDAY WITH THOMSON.I cannot believe that this floating wreck is still being advertised as a cruise ship. I am tired of people writing reviews saying there's something wrong with anyone who didn't totally love this ship. When i pay for a holiday i expect a holiday and that sad excuse for a boat is no holiday i couldn't wait to go home.I definitely wouldn't set foot on this ferry again even if it was for free.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont book it

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island escspe by Rosi P
4 / 10

We got a real bargain break, we had three days on Majorca at a nice hotel which was all inclusive. 7 nights on the Island Escape. Now, I've been on quite a few cruises, earlier this year we cruised Alaska and then the East med. At the price we paid for this holiday we weren't expecting too much of the ship. The queues at check in weren't too long, and boarding was a breeze. We were really surprised at our cabin (we were on deck 8). The size was OK after all we were only going to sleep in there. The toilet and shower were fine, in fact the shower was great, always really hot water. The vanity bar had a few chips in it but overall not bad. There was plenty of hanging spaces too. The attendant was always making sure we had clean towels when we asked for them, we don't change our towels everyday at home. The public areas were always spotless and we found that the lounge on deck 12 suited us best, quite quiet and we could play cards there. We ate in the free restaurants which we enjoyed very much. The waiters were always helpful. We found the food on this ship was much better than some of the bigger lines we've been on the food on Norwegian line was horrible and the Princess line wasn't great either. I do love Royal Caribbean, but you have to remember the difference in the prices. We left the ship at every port and did our own thing visiting Rome by train and using the hop on buses where they were available, they are a great way of seeing the sights. The entertainment on board was excellent and the entertainment staff all put in 100% effort. All in all we would definitely cruise on the Island escape again if we get another good deal.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013
  • Advice: don't expect too much its a small ship with small prices

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Magic Of The Med-Nothing very magic about this ship by cruise lady
5 / 10

On board Island Escape 29th October-9th November,very disappointed when shown to cabin which was badly in need of refurbishment,very small hard beds(I am 5ft 1in)dirty carpets, badly stained toilets,vanity units & shower unit all needing replaced,our cabin steward Olivero was a lovely guy went out of his way to make the cabin as pleasant as possible coming in several times a day to change towels turn down beds etc,however you cant clean what is permanently stained.Communal areas of the ship were reasonable pool area too small as was pool and always crowded.The plus side to this cruise was the excellent entertainment team, nothing was ever too much bother for most of the crew,the very attentive waiters Udin & Wayne who looked after us and kept us entertained at dinner each night.The choices at meals times were good although a bit repetitive but we always found something to eat Thomson need to stop relying on the loyalty of the guests who return year after year as they love the staff & entertainment so much, as they at some point will get fed of of an old tired ship,come on Thomson your loyal guests deserve better.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: love what there is to love about this ship and try to ignore the bad points

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first time cruise by allie 1
7 / 10

Just got home on 28th October after two weeks on board the island escape. was very excited cos it was mine and my husbands first cruise and looking forward to it. food was good but not a great choice day to day was pretty much the same. entertainment team where excellent which is something different every night. lots to do to keep you entertained during the day. did four trips during our two weeks which where booked through Thompson before we went. i know on the trip lists it states if it is an active trip or if there,s a lot of walking involved but i think it should be made a lot clearer for example it should state that it is not advisable if bad on your feet , as we did a trip to a volcano and it was even to much for me never mind a few elderly who where on walking sticks.also some of the guided tours where hectic where again had to be told to slow the pace as people where not able to keep up. the pool was small but big enough just to cool off.the staff where very nice apart from a couple at the pool bar which where a bit ignorant which spoil it for the rest. our cabin steward was very nice and went in two or three times a day our room was always spotless.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: enjoy the ship and entertainment
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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Great holiday by Helen O
8 / 10

We have just returned from a holiday on the island escape(escape to the med) had a fantastic time there were four of us my husband,myself and our son and his partner . The ship was kept scrupulously clean , the staff were very friendly and polite,the food was tasty with a vast choice ,the cocktails were not strong but very pleasant .overall this is a great way to see some beautiful places,we avoided the pool area as it was always very busy (very small pool),there are plenty of activities to join in on board if you want,we left the ship at every port to explore and went on a few of the excursions, well planned and enjoyable .Our cabin was on deck8 an inside cabin plenty of hanging space , nice hot shower , clean towels ,crisp clean bed linen the only complaint was the mattress which wasn't all that great , but saying that still slept well and woke refreshed every day.It could possibly be a bit holiday camp like but you don't have to join in ,it's not posh but we did dress up a little bit for our evening meals. Over all this was good value for money a great introduction to cruising ,we would definitely sail with this ship again thoroughly enjoyable ,ps the weather was great too which was an added bonus ,would recommend to anyone ,enjoy!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013
  • Advice: Explore all the different places of call then relax and unwind in the friendly atmosphere on board
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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dress code by Tom I
8 / 10

As there is no dress code on the Island Escape, some of the passengers, were arriving for evening dinner, men in particular, wearing swimming shorts, vests, or t shirts, trainers ,flip flops, or sand shoes. Most of the passengers were suitably dressed,wearing long trousers and shirts. I suppose there are always some ignorant people, who have no idea how to behave in public !

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: be early if you want a sun lounger round the pool

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Disappointed regular cruisers. by sailorgirl
6 / 10

We have been regular cruisers on board The Escape. Last year we purchased the "inclusive drinks package" This was great, we had proper strength drinks albeit using house brands but they were good, well presented and served with the usual "Escape" enthusiasm and charm and the food was very good with plenty of selection.

What a difference a year makes with the boat becoming fully inclusive. The cocktails were nothing more than a glass of ice and fruit squashes with a dash of Grenadine. Very weak and tasteless, no trimmings and you were lucky if you were given a straw , you had to help yourself to those on the bar. As the staff were not incentive's to sell you anything their enthusiasm had gone and they struggled to be cheerful. There was the odd one or two staff members who did try and smile but for the rest it was a job to be done.

The food selection was very bland and lacked any presentation skills at all unless you dined in the Oasis restaurant for an extra cost. The fresh fruit selection never contained any pineapple just melon and water melon and a bowl of mixed fruit salad containing the same chopped fruit. Apples and bananas and oranges were available, but just lacking variety. Breakfasts were the best meal of the day.

The facilities on board lacked the care and attention we have been used to in the past. We have always held a fond feeling for the attention of the staff members and their devotion to caring for their passengers, not so this year. They worked hard and cleaned the cabins but did not try to communicate with us as in the past.

The entertainment staff were as usual fantastic and really worked hard to develop a happy holiday atmosphere on board. The day time activities were all there and the staff tried very hard sometimes against all odds as many passengers just wanted to down the free drinks and food and lie in the sun.

The excursions varied from good to not such good value for money, you need to select very carefully.I always check each port online before we travel and find out about distance from port to town and various places of interest, then you can judge on the value of the trip.

Captain David did advise travelers to Tangier to avoid eating or drinking ashore for our own health but yes as usual many passengers ignored all the advice.

The adherence to dress codes was lax at the very least and although this is not a "dressy" ship there are some protocols to adhere to and on many occasions these did not apply. Why do people need to fill their plates so that the food falls off as they walk to their seats? Why not make two trips to the food area if you need that much to eat?

The need to sanitize on board and also on arrival on board at the gangplank is paramount and rightly so,then I ask why the crew were allowed on board just before departure when the sanitizing dispenser had been removed from the gangplank?

We enjoyed our cruise but feel that standards have slipped very badly since the introduction of the "all inclusive package" and the mentality that it induces.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Research your destination Ports to enable you to get better value for your money.

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Safety issue with Passengers by Sam W
5 / 10

Just returned from a souks and sangria cruise aboard this ship,not the greatest adventure as the itinerary was changed last minute, so the ports were a little boring,however we chose to eat in the island restaurant (for reasons i will explain later) the service in the island was excellent our 2 waiters Ronnie and Rajesh could not have been more helpful and were a credit to the ship also the food is very good with ample choice.

The downside of this ship sadly is the Beachcomber buffet not enough seating is provided and the "residents" that never seem to move away from the food buffet seem to spend all day eating hence the large percentage of morbidly obese passengers that seemed to be on this trip, God forbid if an emergency had been called i doubt very much if these people would be able to escape indeed they would be an hindrance to other passengers. {Thomson you need to address this is a huge safety issue} only other issue we had was our room with a large viewing window that was so badly smeared as the double glazed unit had broken down and we could not see out of it, As we had payed extra for this view we complained to reception and were given back half the value of inside/outside room difference.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: eat at the island restaurant

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Fantastic holiday by Diane x
10 / 10

This is the ideal holiday, you wake up every morning with a new view and land to explore, the cruise ship was fantastic, food was excellent with plenty choices, cannot understand why people have wrote reviews about the food saying lake of choice (must be very fussy eaters). Entertainment was well done, and between each set they changed the staging round within minutes ready for the next act. The bounty lounge team were excellent, and all staff make you feel so welcome, our cabin Steward was fantastic and our room was spotless every day and lovely animals made from towels to greet you when you went back to you cabin, Newsletter every night to tell you about the next port of call and all the next days activities on board. No need to be asking staff what was happening as kept well informed.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: enjoy every moment and let your hair down and relax

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Escape from Island Escape by angief
5 / 10

This ship is now all inclusive and sorry to say it has ruined it. The drinks are cheap brands (all the cocktails tasted the same), you have to buy one to get a good one. Also it is not waiter service so the staff do not get to know you the same as on other Thomson ships. The food was excellent especially in the specialty restaurant - well worth the £14.99 cover charge. We paid a lot extra to get a suite as we have a 15 year old son. First impressions were good, but when my son complained of back ache and i checked the mattresses, well it was hard not to through up - they were both disgusting. I complained and Max our steward who was great put extra quilts on to give some comfort, but they definitely need upgrading. I have been on 3 other Thomson ships and this is definitely at the lower end of the scale and would not go back on it again. I love Thomson cruises as they are friendly and fairly casual but this was a bit like but lins on water, not worth the £3000 i paid for a weeks holiday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Not to expect too much.

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EXCELLENT :) by sazguddy
10 / 10

Returned today from our brilliant week cruising, firstly I need to say "i will be booking again" and "take no notice of the reviews"

This boat maybe aged but the staff and passenger are so helpful, polite, pleasant and friendly.

Our cabin was on level 6 and was cleaned twice a day the ship as a whole is clean and tidy. They was me, my partner and daughter at 6 yrs old and after reading some of the reviews prior to going i was at 1 stage going to change the holiday. the travel agent kept re-assuring me and now im glad she did.

Kids club is amazing they did all sorts with the kids shows, discos, face painting, sports and breakfast club

the food was out of this world we preferred to eat in the island restaurant for breakfast and evening meal and beachcomber at lunch if we was on the boat as we went off the boat exploring at each port.

excellent all round couldn't have asked for a better holiday

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, booked with Thomson

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  • by Kathleen Connolly

    " Have a hairdryer from reception much better than our travel dryer also it american plugs. "

  • by Kerry LeCras

    " Use the drinks package in advance its worth it and make sure you go on an excursion and the show team is a must see. Ben voice is amazing. "

  • by Boblynne

    " See the shows they are top class "

  • by travelling duo

    " Be on the ship for the itinerary and not for the cruising experience necessarily! "

  • by sandracl2

    " Get the drinks package - 95 pounds for a couple. Well worth it! "

  • by SS

    " only travel on it in the summer when stormy seas are unlikely "

  • by Steve Pringle

    " Do your homework on the places that you are going to visit. "

  • by MIW

    " American plug adapters and don't buy the drinks package - not worth it! "

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