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Zante, Greece
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A big thankyou

"A great big thank you for taking such good care of my son who recently stayed with you. He tells me it was a fab, safe and a good clean place to say compared to others he met who had nightmares in their hotel.

Thanks again

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by Wendy M
10 / 10

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Kat and george are top boy and gal

"Best week of my life, hotel was great, bare alcohol brilliant food, decent pool and everyone that worked there and was staying was great, especialy kat and george xxxxxxxxxxx"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: free bar every night ;)
  • Good For: Beach
by Ollie B
10 / 10

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****ros Studio's


we decided to stay in this Hotel at the start of August for a week. When we arrived it was very empty the rooms were basic, unclean, the shower was broke. So we tried to make the best of it until we met the hotel manager 'George' he was rude, unhelpful and violent he shouted at the guests continuously, the food tasted like it was cooked by a blind monkey (my chicken burger on the last day was all green) Kat the other hotel manager was lovely, helpful and polite. They didn't change the sheets once while we was there, the hotel manager at night was rude and very loud. Not only was the shower broke but it flooded the kitchen/bedroom every time we used it, we then had to swim across the room to reach our unclean small beds where our towels (which were the size of a sheet of tissue paper) talking about tissue paper we never had any, due to the fact the maid was clearly incapable of doing her job. George's friend was the bar all the time, we do not know his name or why he was there, but he was a complete and utter Pervert. Day 3, we bought a ball, we named this ball Kitty, we bought her to play volley ball after one game of volley ball we decided to go for a nap in our unclean small beds, when we returned Kitty was no where to be seen, so we asked George if he had seen her, he replied 'no more ball games' which was an outrage as there was no signs to back up this rule and we were not told when playing with the ball therefore we bought a ball for George to murder. We made some friends at the hotel (and thank god or we would have left/ jumped off the balcony which George would have made us clean up) if we was more than whispering in our rooms Mostachio (the night manager/ Georges older uglier twin) one night at 2am he burst into our good friend Carl's room where he was in the shower and just stood there with his flash light for ten minutes, Carl was disgusted. Overall I hope you have taken notes on what I have said this hotel was like a prison and George was the guard with Mostachio as the guard dog- you will not be paying for a Holiday you will be paying to meet George the complete nob.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: run away
by Georgina C
2 / 10

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lovely places to stay

"I stayed in the hotel in September 2011, i would recommended it to anybody. the studios are lovely, the price we paid for the holiday was good so i wasn't sure what the accommodation was going to be like, when i got there i was very pleased. the staff are lovely and would do anything for you. when we went down to the bar the staff would come talk to us all the time, they are very friendly. i cant wait to go on this holiday again next year. the only bad thing i could say about are holiday is that we only saw the holiday rep once in all are holiday n that was in the welcome meeting."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, studio, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: the coach trip all around the island but dont book thought the tour operator.
  • Good For: Beach
by rachuk
10 / 10

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The Hosts With The Most!

"Can't praise George and Kat enough for their amazing hospitality and warmth at Spyros. Nothing is too much trouble and they absolutely made this holiday for us! Many hous were spent chatting and laughing at the bar, playing pool, and enjoying their amazing Express Breakfasts! I do wonder if they ever go home because they are always on hand with a smile! Their local knowledge is fabulous and they have great tips for the best places to visit and things to do.

The rooms are basic but clean and well maintained, and far enough out of town to not be bothered by club/bar music, although the road is busy and can be noisy at times. The pool is a perfect size with ample space to lounge around, and very clean. The beach is a good 25/30 minute walk with bars and restaurants in plenty starting within a ten minute walk, and a mini market just around the corner and a larger supermarket within 5 minutes. The restaurant Paradise directly across from Spyros is fantastic and offers discount to those staying at Spyros. Age is not a barrier here at all - despite Laganas being a 'young' destination for partygoers, Spyros guests ranged from groups of young lads in their teens/20's to couples in their 60's. George and Kat create an environment that welcomes all and crosses all the age gaps so no one ever feels they aren't welcome around the bar.

We don't tend to visit the same place twice but my hubbie and I agreed we would definitely return here. We have to rank this holiday as the best we ever had simply for the company of George and Kat and the friends we made while staying at Spyros.

(And if the Olympic rep Ross bugs you about filling in his ******* questionnaire so he can keep his job, REFUSE! He made no attempt to socialise with us at all, and didn't once ask how our holiday was or if we needed anything. We got everything we needed and more from George and Kat!)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Ask George and Kat for tips and advice, and don't bother with your rep for trips - book direct for better choice and less money.
  • Good For: Beach
by Claire&Dave
10 / 10

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Miss you!!!

"Well after being delayed 27 hours, we were on abit of a downer when arriving at our hotel... However as soon as we got there we were welcomed by Kat who instantly made us feel welcome :) We got took to our rooms that are basic but have all you need and clean so cannot complain and were then offered to go down for a drink on them.

This is more then Olympic did for us all holiday!!! While sitting there Kat made us some food which is cheap and definately worth it although the resteraunt over the road is gorgeous aswell. We then met George who runs the bar with Kat and he was sound! All week we stayed at the bar till around 1 in the morn because the drinks were the same price if not cheaper but twice as strong and the real deal. For instance you want sambuca you get the real stuff, same with vodka whereas down the strip its all cheap watered down or just simply Raki!

The central location is correct for Laganas as a whole but it is a good 30 min walk to the beach and Cherry Bay and deffo like an hour walk back but the service and Kat and George definately make it worthwhile!

I miss them already and if I ever went back to Zante there is only one place I would stay! :D

Finally, most security guards in Zante our complete tools and will annoy you or threaten you at some point. However, George's dad is sound and you have no problems.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Drink in the bar and get drunk before leaving! :)
  • Good For: Beach
by nath
10 / 10

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Loved it best holiday everrr!

"Just got back from sypros studios and had the best holiday ever! Me n my 3 friends all 18 were really worried at first that spyros didnt even exist because theres hardly any reveiws on the internet, but when we arrived there we were so happy and didnt expect it to be as nice as it was because the pictures on websites do not give it any justice! The rooms are basic and have everything you need, we didnt have air con but i would recommend you to get it because its soo hot! The pool is lovely, but the best thing about sypros is George and Katia, who own the bar and are two of the nicest people iv ever met! They are there all day and most of the night and will help you out with anything you need the bar also does food, which is really nice especially the fry ups for hangovers!! Before we went out on the strip we started at the bar, but we could of stayed there all night! Spyros is only a 10 minute walk from the strip but we got a taxi most nights as it was only 6 euro. If i was going back to zante again i would definitely stay back here its the best place to stay in zante and would recommened it to anyone! Loved zante so much, best holdiay ever!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, self catered, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by xoxo
10 / 10

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Epic stay!

"Had an amazing time with great hosts in George and Kat. Well maintained and despite behind quite far from the main strip you won't sober up by the time you get back in!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by GazzWales!
10 / 10

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The best holiday EVER!!

"Just got home yesterday from Spyros Studios and had the most amazing time. Myself and 2 friends, all 24, stayed in 2 rooms which were bigger than usual and had all the basics you'd need. George and Katia are the most amazing attentive people around the pool whenever you need them (day and night!!) for entertainment and shots!! Yamas :)

Laganas is a beautiful place, good for families, couples and of course young and lively. Pink Panther Karaoke bar is 10/10 then you hit the strip before the beach where many parties happen. It is a 20 min walk into town but is not an issue, around 30mins max to beach.

Food at Paradise opposite hotel is amazing. Niko and Dennis are lovely!

Be aware, in May the season is quiet and some cloud and rain were a let down but helped with the hangovers!

Loved it - definately worth the little money we spent on the holiday.

by Zante loves Me
10 / 10

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Loved it

"Myself and five friends (lads aged between 19 and 21) stayed here in August 2011. The rooms are basic, bed, small shower and a small kitchen with a sink and portable electric hob. Even though we were a bunch of young lads and would have slept anywhere as long as it was warm and dry, there were families staying there for two weeks and they were more than happy with the facilities.

Previous reviews have said about the pool being next door or being owned by someone else, this may have been the case previously but the pool is in the middle of two small blocks (maybe 8 rooms one side and 16 the other). It has a small bar as well where they cook a wicked omlette. The food is again basic (burgers, omlettes, chicken nuggets, lasagne, etc) but its perfect for munching when your around the pool.

Theres an amazing restaurant opposite that are good friends with the owners and gave us a 10% discount as we were staying at Spyros.

You can easily walk to the main strip, its no longer than a 10 min walk, we walked every single night.

The best thing about Spyros though were the owners. Kat and her partner (Ive forgot his name) were amazingly welcoming. Their English was better than mine and we had many days and nights having a drink with them having a real laugh.

I reccommend Spyros to anyone really, but especially if your a young group as its near enough to the bars and clubs but because its a little further away than some its a little cheaper. Also because its not a huge hotel its not as roudy and loud as some of the others, which is perfect when you just want to chill in the day and nurse your hangover.

by Mike
8 / 10

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We have stayed at the spyros studio...

"We have stayed at the spyros studio twice now and although the studio is basic they do have everything you might need and they are clean.

The bar and Swimming pool are owned by different people to the studio and they are lovely and New and are kept spotless and the drinks and food which is lovely are very reasonably priced the staff are great very helpful and very welcoming all in all a great holiday base and langana is a great lively resort and Zante is so lovely I think everyone should holiday there Next time we go the whole family is coming to.

by Ruth West
8 / 10

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  • by GazzWales!

    " Enjoy the food from the hotel and the pool area. "

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