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A happy tourist from Belgum

"To all without recpect

We have just returned from a great holiday in Hotel Koala Kolymbia. What the previous posts say, there is no truth.There were more than enough food in a professionally prepared and delicious, with a daily variation.We were served daily with a smile. The rooms, which were a bit outdated but very clean.I suspect that the tourists do not know the Greek cuisine and create their plate than it overcrowded, so they obviously have no variation.I should know, I'm a cook in Belgium.Again I would like to thank staff and manger for our excellent holiday.

"Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. 5 stars if you want, pay for it.

A happy tourist from Belgum

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Keep up the good, but ask the mayor to clean the streets
by betasen
9 / 10

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If you are thinking about booking this hotel

"I would totally recommend it to you,it would be hard to find a similar experience for the same money you will pay.I could go on and on about how wrong the bad reviews are but all I will say is it really is not that bad.Some people should consider peoples livelihoods when ripping into Liz for the slightest of things.My goodness get a life,you run a hotel and see how pleasant you remain???It is a very stressful job trying to keep 50-100 people happy week after week running on a strict budget.Yes Liz could be frank and short with you but more often than not she always made amends the next time you saw her.Food was great,3 meals a day and snacks at 4, drinks were ready available from 11 til 11 everyday no limits to what you could have cocktails after 5 pm with very generous amounts of alcohol not your usual all fruit and no punch you got in the bars in town.Pool was great but not for non swimmers unless you had a lilo,very deep end and 5ft at shallow end,children had their own little pool so not a problem there.Rooms were basic but what do you want other than a bed toilet shower wardrobe????It is not like you spend anytime in there anyway.I will say you need a room with air con because the heat is unbearable at night so i fully recommend you forward an e-mail to the hotel before you set off on your hols to pre book a room with it,your holiday company may not tell you that.Although there are fans available for 2 euros a day a cheaper alternative but you do need to position them practically on top of you to feel the benefits.The town is a 20-25 min walk and the beach another 10 mins further but there is a free mini bus to the beach daily.The town has resturants and bars if you fancy a night out Oasis bar, Pauls bar,Niko`s resturant are all excellent,ok bit of a trek but hey (if you are able to walk) you never know it may do you good to have a stroll every now and again??To sum it all up in my opinion I go to Rhodes to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life back home to relax put my feet up and top up the batteries in a beautifully set island in a near tropical climate without going to the otherside of the world,it is an adequate accomodation and met all our needs but a holiday is what YOU make it and sometimes people can focus too much on the bad things instead of trying to make the most of the good things!!If you are a fussy always moaning negetive person who only ever sees the bad in things I seriously suggest you don`t go to this hotel or any other for that matter,I suggest you stay indoors back home,lock the door then put the key down the toilet!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by mctosh2
8 / 10

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Forget the bad reviews and read on ......

"We have just arrived back from the Koala and must admit we read the reports when we had actually arrived in Rhodes and requested a transfer from another hotel. After initially reading the reports we were a little shocked that the tour operator was putting us into another poor hotel but how wrong were these reports.

We turned up unannounced to see the hotel and Liz met us at the door and welcomed us into the hotel from the very first time she set eyes on us until the minute we left. The rooms were clean, towels changed regularly and after talking to other guests any problems were resolved very, very quickly (we never had any). The food was cooked fresh every day, although there was a small selection for breakfast, the other times there was adequate food available. All Inclusive local drinks were available for the majority of the day (11am to 11.15pm), however you did need to take it from the bar to the meal room.

The pool and pool surroundings were cleaned every day and the water was crystal clear, another sign of the hotels cleanliness. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

I must admit there were a couple of people complaining about the hotel but there issues seemed to be un-founded, In my opinion they wanted 5 star quality at 2/3 star prices.

Buses were readily available to all of the major tourist areas and Liz's husband George runs a minbus service to the beach.

All-in-all we found this hotel to be a good class of 3* hotel, Liz is a wonder and yes some small slight changes (Drinks machine in the eating area and a couple of toasters) would make it a little better but please do not let this put you off staying at the Koala.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Book it, if only to meet Liz & George
9 / 10

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

The hell is here.....

"So..i was in koala hotel with my 2 friends..we decided for this hotel bcs just in this hotel we had found some empty room.hotel has 3 stars.so we admitted that.But what we saw when we came,,,was something what i cant describe..when you enter to reception you are also in dining room and in bar which doesnt work.so is just one big room,one poor room,,i felt myself like in cottage house from last century.when we came and when we saw lady on reception we were really surprised bcs she slept.we had to 2 times scream hallo and then she was awaken.and direktly she asked us if we leave now...we looked on o her really confused,..no we just now coming..anromd she told just aaaaa and she smiled on us like in the worst nightmare.she took us to room,,we were 3 girls but we had just 2 beds,,,incredibleee..and air-condition?what is this?outside was 38-40 degrees and we didnt have air-con.owners were so nice they offered us fan after 3 days by 6 euro per day...so,,this about room,,,and food?we excepted some greek food,,but it was just dream.for breakfast every morning we can enjoy just taste of beens or slice of cheese and ham,,and we had 1 toaster for all restaurant.drinks?at first we had to go to pool bar outside from dining room so it means out from all hotel..with nice food what consisted from bread like stone and every day chips,tomato pasta,pork meat and fish,every day the same,,and almost i forget for rice..also it was every day..and salads...every day salads..same kind of salads'''when we asked stuff for tzatziki the told one time per week,.bcs it is expensive..so we wanted so much?when we came for holidays to greece?but one time per week for dinner we had greek food it means gyros...and ouzo?or vodka?we wanted in swimming pool we asked not very kind girl ..she told us..:we re sorry but bottles are empty and boss go buy on monday to rhodos town,,now he cant go because outside is very warm and he doesnt feel very well bcs he is 75 yrs old man..so..this was answer..we re not from england so this is problem for boss..Lizz was not friendly with us..we cant take water to bottles but for english people it was possible..Lizz she was kind just with "her choosed people"...it was some english families or english men.she liked them,,or she pretended her interest..she didnt treat with us like with normal guests..and one day happened something really disgusting...we was eating and inside in hotel started smell,,, was so i cant describe,it was like in some channel...like we re in loo..bleee...and in corridor were cockroaches....a lot of bags...big and black bags..when we asked what is this boss just looked on us and without answer he left with cigarette in his mouth,,,after 1 hour it stopped,,,really it was terrible..and Lizz she just left to her room she said she want to go to shower and she cant feel this smell.So it was the worst holidays in our lives...with antipatic owners..in terrible old poor hotel where nothing works..really we will never forget...Just one good was there were really nice staff..3 girls,,,from slavians countries..they were where nice and sympathic and helpful and we saw they did their job on 150%..really we liked them and i wish and i hope next summer they will find some better much better job...in another hotel very far from hotel KOALA......

Debbie with friends

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont go there please...
  • Good For: Beach
by Debbra69
2 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Had a great time! We'd go back.

"My mother and I have just come back from the Koala hotel and appart from the hurrendus trip back we have had a great time. Yes ok its basic, but lets face it what isnt abord unless you pay stupid amounts of money! And how much time do you stay in your room at the end of the day? The room was very clean. This hotel is not pratical for children! Invest in aircon.. 40euros for a week but it was well worth it! Very friendly staff. Lizz is lovely! She makes the hotel what is and works bloody hard! The food is very good greek food.... After all you are in Greece? If you want English food go to blackpool. The only down side is you really do need to rent a car. Its a hike to the beach and the "local shops". The busses are never on time and there usually packed by the time they get to the hotel. So if you want to get a bus go out the hotel turn left up the main road and turn right towards the golden sumthingsumthing hotel! We went the boat trip to turkey and loved it there is a limit of fags bring them from turkey into greece its 40... per person! Dont push it they will take them off you and we didnt find them any cheaper. If anything more expencive! Go to the first super market that comes up on the main road it you want fags they also sell telecards which you use in the phone boxes which are 4euros and last a decent amount of time! Anyways! We loved our trip, we'd go again."

by JessRarrr
9 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

it's what you make it

"Although the hotel is far from perfect, and the faults in previous reviews were apparant ie.. ran out of beer twice, bad smell in some of the poolside areas sometimes, the water was lukewarm, rooms small, and it's a fair distance from the resort centre, overall, I'd give positive review as we had a great time. It is a Cheap Hotel and this must be remembered, I paid £360 for a weeks stay all inclusive, i searched and couldnt get flights for that price...

In more detail - the hotel is situated on a tree lined avenue about a mile from the beach and centre of town, its quite a pleasant 20 minute walk, one of our party is elderly so we got a taxi once they charged us 10 euros

(Liz rang it for us and she gavefair warning) lots of shops and bars there, a little further and there are

3 beaches and a couple of tavernas on the beaches, the resort itself is good.

The Hotels food was excellent, fresh home cooked meals everyday although a limited choice it was cooked well and tasted great with a greek traditional meal daily.

The beer flowed freely and a limited no of sprits were available too....nowt exciting, but we went shopping and bought some baileys and cheap liquers so this added to the bars own "free" alchos made for great nights. we had no queusfor food or beer and found the staff were quite happy to give us multiple drinks.

we were never asked once to bring plates back or told off for anything and we were quite rowdy.... we made lots of new friends and thoroghly enjoyed our week at the Koala, it's like a socialclub, as you get to know everyone.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: be open minded - its cheap
by axeman
7 / 10

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Koala Hotel

"after staying a week at the koala hotal 12th aug till 19th aug with my husband and my child aged 21 months,

i really was hoilday from hell.

here is just a few thing that went wrong:

* no room in the hotal stayed down the road in maid accommodation.

* NO cot for my little girl had to stay in bed with ourself for the first night, i had email ahead to say we needed a cot they replyed

Thanks for booking with us we look forward to meeting you. We do have cots and they are of no cost to you, we will organize to have one in your room. Air conditioning is and extra cost, it is six euro per day..

Many thanks

George & Elizabeth

we got a bed in the end after asking numerous time, but my daughter still had to share a bed with us as it was just a camp bed and wasnt safe for her to sleep in this.

* there is only one high chair so u had to fight to us this.

*the swimming pool was great the first day but as the week went on there was thick green stuff round the pool which has ruined all of our swim wear, also the bug in the pool, if it wasnt for one the guest familys kids to clean this you couldnt get in.

i have never seen anything like it....

* We understand it is a 3* and not 5* but the food never changes you have rice, chips and pasta every day and egg ham and cheese for breakfast.

* this is not all inclusive as u cant even get a glass of water from 9am till 11am it is so hot you need a drink.

* we didnt have air conditioning so you couldnt sleep at night!!! after the second night they gave us a fan.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by powell
2 / 10

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stinky water

"met lots of lovely people. all keeping in touch. had lots of laughs at the hotels expense. pool stunk bad, no tea or coffee till 4pm for 1 hour only, spirits at 5pm then the only choice was cheap vodka. gin.brandy.and whisky so we went out alot local bars nice 2 coctails for 4 euros. Food was not very nice breakfast was worse, maids turn off your air con when you are out of your room. Liz and george are nice, if you dont ask for anything, someone was sick in pool, so they netted it out, that was it. both my kids had earache. Actual place is lovely we would go back but never to the stinky koala waters hotel"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: lovely place at another hotel
  • Good For: Beach
by stinky pool
4 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Holiday From Hell!!

"I recently visited Kolymbia in Greece, and stayed at the Koala Hotel. At first i wasn't impressed. The first let down was when we arrived the staff weren't very welcoming or friendly, we were a family of 4 staying at the hotel, and the staff knew that. when we arrived in the room to find there was only 3 beds. We then asked the lady at the reception why there was not the amount of beds we expected, she did not have a very good attitude and refused she could not give us the extra bed until morning. When it did arrive it was a small, unsteady camp bed, and when added to the room made it very cramped and made it almost impossible to move around the room.

As for the pool, it does not get cleaned on a regular day basis. To tell you the truth, i didn't see the pool being cleaned throughout my 7 night stay. There was a very un-promising green ring of green around the pool, and whilst in the pool my white bikini stained a horrible green colour. All through the stay, there was a revolting smell around the pool area, when we complained about the smell, the staff said the smell would go between 10-15 minutes, but failed to do so, it stayed the whole stay and made it almost impossible to spend a long period of time around the pool area. there arent any filters and/or lifeguards areound the pool area. so if anyone was to dround, there would be no one there to save you. due to the lack of pool filters, there was various dead bugs lurking around in the pool water. Someone was sick in the pool during our stay, and a member of staff did nothing but scoop out the sick, and did nothing more about it.

The food was surprisingly good. Although no food was available in certain times of the day. The breakfast did let me down, as there wasn't much choice. Therefore i did not eat breakfast throughout the whole stay.

The bar was a major let down. they only served water up until 11, which is when they only started the very basic drinks such as lemonade, coke, orangade & limeade. all inclusive stopped at 11pm, which was a big let down for most of the guests. By just 11.30pm-ish the bar was closed all together. Despite the staff seeing people still sitting up finishing their drinks and playing pool, he turned all lights off. and left them in darkness.

Overall, it is a terrible hotel and i would strongly not reccomend it to anyone. it is very iscolated from all the main attractions of Greece. The buses are very unreliable, so it's hard making a precise plan of your day. im not just being a snob or a moany git, i am simply warning you of the hotel's standards. We got told numerous times to "Get to bed", which made it feel like a prison. It really is an awful hotel, which isn't ran by very good staff. The two owners are getting to old to do these hours, and i really don't reccomend any yound party-goers to stay at this hotel, it will be simply the hotel from hell. overall, it was my worst holiday.. ever!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: not the best hotel in greece, by a long shot.
  • Good For: Beach
by DebbieAlexander.
2 / 10

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Koala Hotel

"My husband and I stayed at the Koala Hotel end of July beginning of August 2010 for 2 weeks.

We haven t gat any complaints, the staff were really nice and helpful. The food was quite nice there wasn t a large selection but it was cooked well and was really tasty.

The rooms were basic but were kept clean.

So all in all its not a bad place.

One thing I should mention are the dogs, if you are a dog lover take some food with you.

When we were there,there were 3 dogs that went around together supposdedly owned by someone down the road, 2 small white ones obviously brothers we nicknamed Tom and Jerry and their mate a large brown one we nicknamed Mickey.

These dogs were lovely unfortunately at the end of our holiday only Tom was left. Mickey got run over and Jerry just disappeared. We saw alot of other dogs and cats all just looking for a bit of love .

So if you are an animal lover take some food and some love with you.

by mamadude
7 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

First all inclusive experience

"Considering this was my first all inclusive holiday, I didn't really know what to expect. I took a holiday with my parents (Who go all inclusive each year), and we arrived at the hotel around 3.30am. The welcome by George wasn't really fantastic, but at that time in a morning what do you really expect. The morning after however, George and Liz were very friendly, and very helpful regarding things to do etc.

I would give the food a 7/10. It was tasty, but the choice isn't really that good. Each daily breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with cheese, cheese on toast, or fruit.(There was only one toaster however, which only held 2 slices, which of course was a bit of a hassle in a morning, especially after each night at the free bar). For lunch, it was usually fish and potatoes, for snacks at 4pm it was biscuits and cake and for tea (Or dinner to some :P )you got the choice of traditional Greek dishes and some English stuff. Overall not too bad, but I found myself getting bored after the first week.

The room was cleaned meticulously each day, apart from Sundays (They gotta have a rest I guess). However, there was one slight problem with the room. I'm a 21 year old man, who decided to go on holiday with my parents for a change, and we were all stuck in the same room. 3 beds side by side. Not good! I even saw a family of 4 arriving and Liz put a camp bed inside their room. Not very good if you ask me, but adequate.

The pool is very nice, well maintained and clean, and the people seemed to be exceptionally friendly (Both staff and residents).

Now my favorite part, the bar. Very nice bar maid, helpful, and fit too! The beer on tap was very nice, did it's job anyway.

Just incase people don't know beforehand:

Breakfast is 8.00 - 10.00am

Lunch is 12.00 - 2.00pm

Snacks are 4.00 - 6.00pm

Tea is 7.00 - 9.00pm

Overall, as my first all inclusive experience, I would give this hotel an 8/10. I would recommend it for couples really though, so if your taking kids make sure to book 2 rooms rather than presume like we did.

by NSWP1988
8 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Great Hotel - give it a go!

"I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Rhodes, spent at the family run Koala Hotel in Kolymbia. We were on our honeymoon and couldn't have had a better holiday if we tried. The hotel is lovely and clean and the staff are amazingly friendly, the food is fantastic (and even got my new husband eating pasta - result!!). It is close to the beach and shops, and many other bars and cafes (if you wanted a wander in the evening there is plenty to do). I would recommend this hotel to anyone - we had a wonderful honeymoon and it's all thanks to the Koala and the lovely people we met there - thanks guys xx"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: loved it - would definitely visit again!
  • Good For: Beach
by Perfect
8 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Koala Hotel

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    " Rhodes was good! But maybe go to a different area of Rhodes. (Falaraki is where the party's at!) "

  • by Sexy_em1989

    " Restaurant 'Nikos was good,paul bar was superb and the beach was lovely and peaceful! "

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  • by chelle23

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