Yianetta Complex Hotel

San Petros Aghios Petros, Corfu 49080, Greece
2 star
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Good if you dont mind a long walk and the heat :)

"We booked this hotel on a wim and hoped for the best. Before I went I read loads of bad reviews on this site but I really liked this hotel! The staff were very friendly and helpful, they had a lovely pool area where everyone spend most of their days so we made lots of friends. Food at the bar was basic but you weren't ever eating much because of the heat,the price of drinks was a little dear but if you cant spend money on your holiday when can you? Our rooms were cleaned everyday and we also liked the complex, saying that this was an all girls drinking holiday and we only used the hotel room for sleeping and cooking basic food such as pot noodles, sandwhiches and pasta. The lack of aircon was annoying but we hired fans (which you can also buy in town for a cheaper price.

Very suitable for teens who are just there to get drunk and have a laugh. There was one family there and it was clearly not suitable for them.

The location of the pool was good as we always had a nice breeeze coming from the beach which is a ten minute walk away.

The main strip was a little over half an hour away which was a nice walk into town but scary to walk back late at night but there is a taxi bank right on the outskirt of the main strip who were always very nice.

Overall very nice hotel, the only bad thing I can say is the lack of aircon which is bearable when you're full of drink!


  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Book activities with the olympic holiday reps, they do great events.
  • Good For: Beach
by kavos lover
7 / 10

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Okay!! for what we wanted !

"hotel is fab!!! Clean, big apartment across the road from complex, quiet! No air con and fans (€7 a fan was pointless they didn't even work!) first girls holiday 7 of us.. But got split up! for £345 got good deal on 11 nights July! but please be warned you cannot walk into kavod strip! you will have to get a taxi at €7 ++ from summer 2010 might have gone up in price! not worth the long walk trust me. if I could do it again I would pay more to stay nearer kavod strip and have air con and choice or whatever resturant we could go to (which have cheap deals on strip really nice food!) of your far put you have to eat at the pool bar! which is pricey.. but don't worry if you have booked to stay here it's really nice 45 min slow walk from kavos strip and pricey pool bar but clean and friendly! they have a safe for your valables which are good! happy holidays kavos is mint! xxxx"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: AIR CON! All inclusive option? And better cooking facilities, include toliet roll and towels!
  • Good For: Beach
by Kate
5 / 10

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Great place, fab holiday

"Stayed at Yianetta for 2 weeks in August, not expecting much as I had read some poor reviews and new that the accommodation was only rated 2 star. We were very pleasantly surprised with everything, the standard of rooms is great, they all have either a balcony or patio area outside. Ok there is no TV or 'living room' area (but it is 2 star so was not expected). It's basic but there is a fridge, cooker and hob as well as kettle, toaster, pans etc. in the kitchen if you want to prepare your own food. If not, the pool bar has a reasonably priced menu selling breakfast, snacks, salads, main meals, ice creams and drinks. The family that run the complex are so friendly and helpful should you need anything, particularly Dora who works in the daytime and her fiance, Hercules, who works nights. The bar opens before everyone is up and stays open until you stop drinking. The pool area is lovely and very relaxing. The guests are all with Olympic Holidays and were a mixture of ages from young holiday makers seeking the nightlife of Kavos, families and older couples. Everyone talks to each other around the pool bar area and we met some great characters.

The complex about a 30 minute walk from Kavos centre so it is in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed by loud music all night. The area of St. Peters doesn't have many bars and restaurants, although there are a few on the beachfront just down the road that offer Greek night etc. The beach is very relaxing with a great view and beach bars for snacks and drinks. Kavos strip is full of nightlife and restaurants and not much else, but is far enough away to avoid altogether if thats not for you. Kavos is only 7 Euro in a taxi and there is Lefkimmi about the same distance away, which is a quite, pretty village with a choice of restaurants and shops. There are also loads of trips to go on too (but the rep only knows about the bar crawls etc and has no info on days out, unless its the booze cruise!) The waterpark is well worth a visit. All in all, I couldn't fault it for what we paid. We had a great time, the weather was fab, the complex was perfect for relaxing days and nights and the location is close enough to everything if you want to get out and explore whatever suits you. I have read some negative reviews of the Yianetta on different sites, but don't be put off. I would like to know which 2 star complexes these people usually stay in or what more people would expect from this standard of accommodation. The only down side would be the amount of mosquito's around at night, but neither Olympic nor Yianetta can change that. I don't usually like to go to the same place twice but I would definitely go back to the Yianetta and recommend to friends.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Take plenty of mosquito prevention.
  • Good For: Beach
by A Holidaymaker
9 / 10

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Families Beware!!!

"we arrived at the yianetta complex on the friday afternoon.(myself,partner and 2 daughters 1 aged 10 and the other 3)we booked this as a last minute holiday.we specifically requested a family friendly holiday and was reasured TIME AND AGAIN that this place is suitable for kids as we had never heard of kavos.we booked for 2 weeks.the yianetta itself is very basic but we could cope with that.what we couldnt cope with was the young people that were constantly drunk and swearing and abusive.there is nothing for the kids to do at this complex.it states it has a play area but all it consists of is a broken plastic slide and 2 swings made of wood planks.our 3 year old was bitten from head to toe by bed bugs.we went in to kavos on the saturday morning.omg its a dump it stinks and is filthy.we rang the reps main office to complain and ask to be moved but they were totally disinterested.the lady called diane who i spoke to said she would ring me back but failed to do so.when i rang her back she refused to move us to somewhere more suitable so i asked her to get us home(this was day 3),which she refused.she told us we HAD TO PURCHASE OUR OWN flights home.we could do this with easyjet for £120 each or she would do it for us for £180 each!!! couldnt believe the cheek of her.as if they hadnt already ripped us off by selling us a family friendly holiday when they knew full well kavos is a 18-30 resort.we had to take our children to corfu airport to purchase the tickets as the complex only had wi-fi which is not secure(although diane the olympic rep seems to think it is)we had to sit in 30 degree heat with 2 kids from 2pm until 11.25pm when our flight departed.we flew home 4 days into a 2 week holiday.im writing this review at home when instead we should be having a fun filled family holiday.please any families considering going to this place DONT.it will be a waste of money and cause nothing but stress.olympic are quite happy to take your money by mis selling you a holiday but will do nothing to help you if you need it.the place is just full of **** heads an people off their heads on drugs.DEFINATELY NOT SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, self catering, booked with co operative travel
  • Advice: bull doze it
by kimbo
1 / 10

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Amazing! so friendly :)

"Just back from Kavos, on a girl's holiday. Yianetta really made me feel welcome! All staff were so friendly, no faults whatsoever deffaintly not a 2* hotel. Our appartment was five metres from the pool and very extremly good value for money. If you are staying on a holiday with friends i would recommend to go here! The taxis wern't running for ten days due to a strike, and kindly Spravos (the complex manager) gave us lifts to and from the strip. Made my holiday the best time of my life!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Make sure you get up early to ensure the best sunloungers!
  • Good For: Beach
by sjayneg14
9 / 10

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"me n our jay are currently staying in these aparents, u can wake up at 9 and start drink at the bar, and not get home from town till 8 so its pritty hectic . i mean all it is a bed n shower which is what u want realy . pools nice could doing with a bit of a better clean, walking into the strip is a b\good 25 minutes on ur own 45 with a group so if we were to come back we would stay closer.definaly not for familes only for getting drunk 24 /7 unreal up to now do what u want when u want ! close to the super market! over all a good place to stay just abit far out"

by dannnyyyy
7 / 10

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"Just got back from a girls holiday, we stayed at the Yianetta complex for a week, and it was brilliant, we read many mixed reviews before we went there none of them actually give the place justice. The staff are so friendly!! and the food is decent and cheap, (you can get a full English for 4euros.) The pool is clean, and there are plenty of sun loungers out, (you don't need to wake up early to save one.) It was perfect for a teen get away, its about a half an hour walk to the strip, but the hotel will gladly call you a taxi (which costs 7euros) and the beach is literally just over the road. Would love to go back."

by :)
9 / 10

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A mixed bag

"Just returned from a week at the Yianetta Complex. The highlights were the staff who were always friendly, the pool, the quiet beach which is 5 minutes walk from the apartments and the Socratis restaurant (friendly staff, lovely food and a gorgeous greek dancer!). All of these elements helped to make the holiday relaxing and enjoyable. We also chose to ignore the Olympic Rep and book excursions through them. The Britannia company in Kavos was cheaper and we had a good time on all excursions.

However, we were placed in an apartment that was right next to the main road into Kavos. As the apartments were so hot (no air conditioning and you had to rent a fan for 15 euros) the doors needed to be open for the majority of the time. The road was extremely busy and at three in the morning you could guarantee to hear one of the noisy quad bikes / scooters that were rented out to the tourists. Furthermore, there was a light on our balcony that was on a system where it went on when it got dark and only turned off when it became light. Therefore for the whole day, our apartment was basking in some kind of light. Needless to say, the only time we really slept was either by the pool or the beach.

(However, a top tip for keeping cool at night was to put a bottle of water in the freezer during the day and at night wrap it up in the bed sheet. Cooled me down really quickly)

I think the really low point came though when we ran out of toilet paper. We were told that we had to buy our own!

If I had to go back there I would ask to stay in somewhere other than block A (the other apartments wereback off the road and seemed quite nice)and I would

make sure that I took toilet paper with me!

by just needed a break
3 / 10

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very good holiday

"We stayed at yianetta and had a great time. The accomodation is basic (it was stated a 2*)but it was clean. we had clean towels when requested and any minor faults we had were dealt with. We spent all day by the pool with some friends we made (families with children) and yes there are young party goers staying there WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE JUST OUTSIDE MAIN KAVOS TOWN but we didnt find them drunk and swearing around pool + one group staying below us were a group of army lads and we had no problems with them, maybe woke up a couple of times when they got in but thats to be expected.The owners were lovely and food was ok too,very cheap. Im 42 + took my 18 yr old daughter +her friend. We went into town alot and clubbed it a couple of times till 3.30. We also went on a couple of day trips. All in all we had a great time and will definately go back again, my daughter says without me though. Kavos seemed to me a friendly safe place to let her go without me. There is not alot for young children at this complex or kavos but the owners will put any movies or programmes on you want, theres a pool table and the beach is across the road +it has watersports,childrens parks + family friendly bars"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: young+lively and take lots of bug spray and cream
  • Good For: Beach
by the cornish lot
8 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"I went to Kavos with a group of girls and yes we are young so the party lifestyle of Kavos suited us although we are not as rowdy as others.

All in all we enjoyed our time in Kavos with the beach being a 5 minute walk away, the pool playing music for our age group all day and obviously the food and entertainment in the town!

However myslef and my friends did feel as though our room was very basic and simple and not as clean as it could be. there was a plastic water bottle under one of the beds when we got there and it was still there when we left. We where also greeted by a lot of ants which we still could not get rid of even using the good old boiled kettle routine and we were constantly finding them in our rooms.

As five of us went we were put in one apartment and one of us had to sleep on a 'sofa' bed which was broken and very uncomfortable, after stating this to staff the issue wasnt dealt with.

The shower was also interesting as it had no holder with it so washing your hair was a challenge.

So basically the rooms are below average and so is the cleaning but if you are a party animal who is only going to use the room to sleep off hangovers then it shouldn't be a problem.

All in all Kavos isnt really what i would call family friendly but I would go there again with friends.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: LIke Ibiza but smaller
  • Good For: Beach
by Ginge
5 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

absolutley horrific

"Would never in a million years recommend this place to anybody, It is deffinatly not for families as advertised if you want to get drunk all day and night then this is the place to be!!!!! There is no entertainment on at theeses apartments all you have is a large tv screen that constantly plays music channels, you cant get near the pool for all the drunks who do nothing but swear and break bottles glasses etc The apartments are very basic the first 1 we were shown to had not even been cleaned and smelt off urine!!! It is deffinatly a good 25 minute walk into kavos but to be honest I wouldnt bother as there is nothing for you to do when you get there its all bars bars n bars worst holiday off my life and would not recommend anybody visit this place."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: avoid it like the plague
by tiamaria
1 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Chilled out

"Me and my partner have just returned from 2 fantastic weeks at Yianetta Complex. The pool area and the place in general was kept clean all the time. Pool was cleaned often during the day to get rid of the wasps and bugs. Its a family run place and they were fantastic. Can`t fault Spiros and his family one bit, he even cooked a fish I had caught!!!! We arrived early hours of the morning and were shown directly to our room, which, as described, was basic. Cannot understand folk moaning about the accommodation and wanting to be moved, the description describes it perfectly...dont book 2 star if your expecting 5 star!!! Our only fault was that we had no clean sheets or towels for the whole duration we were there. Found out on the last day that you have to ask at the bar for them. We had a very enjoyable stay here, 5 mins walk to the beach where there is a fab bar, Spiros and his wife Kelly run it, they are absolutely fantastic and cant do enough for you, their food is fantastic too, Kelly`s meatballs and Mousakka are gorgeous!! Also, Nicos club bar is a definate must to visit, Panos is ace!!! Flamingo bar is a con, theres no draft beer and they go out the back to open cans of lager and its warm too!! you do get free pool though so not too bad. The sea was lovely and warm, as was the weather and the pool too. Only thing I would advise is that if you dont like wasps, DO NOT go here in September, its the grape season and there are literally thousands of wasps and trust me, they DO sting!! We would also recommend a visit to Lefkimmi, its a beautiful place, so chilled out. We hired a quad for 7 days, if you ask, you can get a good rate for one. Bonus for the quad is that you can find the supermarkets and they are a lot cheaper than the local shops!! Kavos is literally about a 20 min walk from Yianetta, if you walk down to Kavos by road, we recommend walking back up on the beach, its lovely. As it was the end of the season, there was a lot of places closed, which you can understand as it is the end of the season. I would highly recommend this place, especially if you just want to chill out, which we did."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by pamrobbo
8 / 10

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    " Aqua land.. olympic bar crawls with dee and laura.. and TRINITY!! "

  • by Young24Couple

    " We got a quad and drove to a beautiful beach called Santa Barbara Beach AKA Golden Beach "

  • by pamrobbo

    " Skaltsounis beach bar, run by Sprios and his wife, also, Nicos Club, run by Panos. "

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