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houria palace

"I went to the Houria palace for the first time in June 2014. i had a lot of problems which i couldn't sort. i spoke to a member of staff ( Midou).I got told to wait around for a bit and it would get sorted. it wasn't to do with the hotel it happened outside when shopping. When he returned he then took me to the mangers office. he then told me i would have all my money back by 6pm that night.i got a phone call and my money was waiting.

As the hotel itself i found it very clean, efficient staff, excellent entertainment. The dining room was always spotless, my room was cleaned every day. We had a fantastic time there. we got on with all the staff and had no problems with the hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: just be yourself
  • Good For: Beach
by billbear
9 / 10

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a palce it is not

"stayed there for 28 nights they certainly did not cater for the english it is german orientated and where ignorant and bad mannered the staff where fussing around them thr food was in poor taste receptionist (male) was rude, manager would not have any thing said about the germans they soley catered for the germans english had to lump it or get out i would advise any english using this hotel i should know as i have been going to this resort for 7 years and used different hotels in the area and this place is the worst ever place i stayed in ENGLISH AVOID THIS HOTEL BE WARNED;- willing to put name to this reveiw;- robert oddy"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, Booked Independently
  • Advice: the hotel next door GOLF RESIDENT
  • Good For: Beach
by Robert O
1 / 10

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well past its best

"this hotel should not be allowed in any tour operators brochure until it has had a complete re furbishment,the staff need to attend a refresher course in customer care and also cater for all european guests not just german and french.the facilities are basic entertainment is poor,we only lasted two days before we had to request a move to a more suitable hotel"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: do not go
by sunny
2 / 10

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please ignore if possible this is a nightmare palce

"hello, i am a flexible person and i am good at adapting to reasnable place and ijust got back from this place it is terrible when i first read the review of all the people who left a negative feedback i dident beleive them but please do your self a favour please if possible please avoid..... i had to wait 2 houres to check in and i had to change my room 3 times in a 7 night holidays when i got the room it was filthy beds were not done toilet very dirty and i really remembered all thoses people who left bad feedback.

bottom line is if you can avoid please do so if i list all the problems u will not belive me but if possible stay away from this place.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: please ignore
by milan
1 / 10

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Relaxing break

"We stayed at the Hotel for 14 nights and unfortunately (but I should say fortunately) had to extend our stay for 5 days because of the Icelandic Volcano. The food was repetitive after 10 days or so and was not very hot but, that said, the soups on the whole were great and the Pastry Chef is a miracle worker, what a joy to eat his desserts at the end of the meal. We must mention the Crepe chef who went out of his way to produce the English version complete with Lemon and Sugar - bliss. The hotel staff were helpful and friendly, the room was cleaned every day to a high standard. Our balcony overlooked the main swimming pool and road, we even had a lovely view of the sea. We had a lovely time but are not sure that we would return in the height of the season as the Water Park abuts the rear garden and we were told that the music from there can be quite loud. The facilities at the Hotel are exceptional there are not many Hotels with 2 outdoor swimming pools, and indoor one with Jacuzzi. Did not take advantage of the beauty parlor and spa so cannot comment. Would certainly return."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, half board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by pat-b
6 / 10

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Great Holiday, Wonderful Experience

"My husband took me to Tunisia for our Honeymoon. We went there for a week after we got married and had the best experince of our lives. Hotel was lovely with friendly staff. The room was ok, big enough for 2 people. lovely balcony with a wonderful view of the life in that area. Seemed busy all the time. Has a TV which plays films constantly which was quiet nice at night. The only downside is that it does not have a fridge. Was quiet tough in the heat. The room was cleaned every morning while we were out. Bathroom was nice and clean.

The atmosphere in the poolside was nice. People approaching you to take part in daily activities. We went onto the pirate ship took some great pictures. Went on a yacht from Port El Kantoui which is only few minutes walk from the hotel. My husband loved it so much that we got on it twice. We went for the camel ride as well. I was feeling so hot in the camel that i just couldnt take the heat, half way down the ride the assistants were very helpful and worried about my safety that they gave me a cold drink and ordered a horse carriage to take me back to the hotel. Its nice to know that they put your safety before anything and give us so much importance.

We went for a walk to the Port area at night and it has a wonderful night atmosphere full of life. We felt safe to travel on our own that we even took the train on a day trip to the capital Tunis. That was an incredible experience. very proud of ourselves as well. The city is so lovely and clean. Took loads of pictures, nice streets and restaurants. Very busy like london. Trains were ok similar to British rail.

During our time we also went to visit historic site of medina in Sousse. Very busy in terms of shopping with lots of people around. Loads of market stools, however people can be very forceful to sell you their goods. hard to escape from them sometimes. Overall the historic building we vistited here was amazing. It was a large building built in many levels. Just like those historic castles. Took loads of pictures and kept going up the stairs.

My honeymoon was a wonderful experience the only downside for me was the food. Im very fussy when it comes to eating. we ate outside at lunchtime while eating at the the hotel in the evening. I was living on Pizzas and chips at one point i was so sick of it. Didnt like the food in the hotel at all but my husband was ok. For me everything seemed too bland. There is a variety available. But i hated the hotel food so much that i ended up living on desserts. On the other hand my husband said the food was ok for him and im sure thats what the majority would think. Im probably one of the minority.

Overall a great experience, we were very adventorous full of energy that we did everything in our seven night stay. Would love to come back to this place at some point later in our lives.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Half Board, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Wonderful experience
  • Good For: Beach
by Shaley (London)
7 / 10

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Not the best!

"this is my 4th visit to tunisia but the 1st and last to houria palace, the room was very small for 3 adults sharing, no fridge, bedding only changed once, and floor not cleaned at all well, the lifts kept breaking down and i got stuck in them 2 times not the best experience! also the food in this place was horrible, if you hadn't tried food elsewhere you would probably think tunisian food was nasty. on the good side pools were nice and sun bed man was very friendly"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Advice: lovely place apart from houria palace
  • Activities: floating restaurant in marina
  • Good For: Beach
by diamond tina
3 / 10

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We have just returned from houria...

"We have just returned from houria Palace, our first time in Tunisia. It is the first year there apparently for All Inclusive. It is certainly wasn't like other AI we have been on but, as we are not constantly snacking the lack of these didn't bother us. Although drinks were of a poorer quality and beer could only be had in small glasses. You can also only use one of the bars. But, we still thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Entertainment staff were lovely and if you didn't want to join in they just apologised for interupting you to ask! All the Staff were very nice and helpful. It wasn't 4* but, this being it needs sprucing up. The rooms were cleaned every day, and most important for me clean towels given every day to. It wasn't to far from the beach although i think for the first time in many years of holidaying we, stayed around the hotel pool and chilled out. The only fault I have is with the Just Sunshine tour rep who, didn't turn up for the welcome meeting (an emergency elsewhere) but, did not offer another and then forgot to inform us of our pick up time to. And as we were leaving for a 6.30 am flight we sat in reception from 2.40am and the coach eventually arrived at 3.35 am!!"

9 / 10

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Hotel was certainly no palace, but it...

"Hotel was certainly no palace, but it wasnt bad. Having been to a 5 star hotel in Cyprus in July, this definitely was not a 4 star hotel. It didnt even compare! Staff were friendly, pool area was ok, although VERY VERY slippy. Saw at least 5 people fall and injure themselves on our stay. The pool entertainment team were also very pushy, constantly trying to get you to join in with the activities. When you didnt, they called you lazy. The music played around the pool was very inappropriate also, with numerous offensive swear words and racist comments in each song. This could be an issue if you have children. The lifts were shocking. You had to wait at least 5 mins for one to arrive and sometimes they just didnt work. Luckily we were on first floor so this didnt matter. Room was basic athough definitely needs updating and renewing. Cracks all over the place. Toilet was dirty and bath was stained. Beds were clean and towels changed every day if you want. Food was ok, if not a bit repetitive. We were only there a week, and started to get sick of it towards ends. Also, some of the foreign guests at hotel were very rude, constantly pushing in. The other MAJOR problem was that the hotel backs onto an open air disco which is absolutely horrific. It plays banging music until 3am. IT was so loud our ears would ring whilst lying in bed. ON the other side of the hotel is the main road which is incredibly busy .Every night, traffic piles back and horns constantly toot so it would have been just as loud on this side.

Resort of Port El Kantoui was beautiful. Very picuresque. The english are not catered for though, Hardly any menues are in english and it is almost impossible to find anywhere that sells alcohol. We found one bar and ended up there every night.

Money at the hotel and resort can only be changed between certain hours so you need to plan in advance to make sure you have enough money.

All in all, an ok holiday, but for what we paid, I would expect a palace and not a 2 star hotel which is effectively what this hotel is.

5 / 10

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We found this hotel to be very good,...

"We found this hotel to be very good, clean and serviced well the pool areas were stunning

the entertainment personnel were very helpful and lots of fun

the hotel staff were quite stand offish in the reception and the restuarant

the lift spent more time out of order than working during our 1 week stay thank goodness there was only 3 floors

the hotel manager was quite ignorant when advising him of any problems encountered

this hotel is situated very well to the beach and marina

by Y Craycraft
7 / 10

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What a fantastic holiday, probably...

"What a fantastic holiday, probably one of the best.

The hotel was spacious and clean, the staff extremely friendly, 2 fantastic pools, and great activities during the day and night. Mixed hotel with various different nationalities, and great fun for the whole family.

downside was the food was very odd some nights, with a very strange combination of main dishes, but the salads were great. You couldn't purcahse drinks from outside the hotel and consume in your room, and the drinks onsite were 4 times the price of the local shops, also no fridges in rooms, which made the very hot weather difficult to keep things cool.

Overall though a holiday to remember

by L Ashmore
7 / 10

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One of the best Hotels I have been...

"One of the best Hotels I have been at, beautiful room, and the staff were excellent, ok the food is mainly from other countries which some people don’t understand, but is that not the whole idea go abroad and try their food.

Sure some people did not like the hotel but I reckon you get what you pay for. I thank all the staff for the great time we had.

Across the road is the Port were kids can have a great time also a small zoo , sure you get bothered with the salesmen trying to get you into their shops but it’s fun. Don’t go to many tours its expensive and not good for value.

10 / 10

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