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A great place to relax and enjoy the sun!

"My husband booked this hotel as a little anniversary getaway for 4 nights and it was really nice. It used to a Radisson property and my in-laws stayed here before so they highly recomended the beach front. Sheraton took over and renovated the whole place, and renovations were still going on while we were there, but it was never in the way. The rooms were nicely done. The front desk was wonderful; I could not say the same for the restaurant staff by the pool side. When we arrived it was afternoon and after checking in we were hungry so we went down by the pool to grab a late lunch. They refused to serve us because it was 4:30 but they were supposed to be open until 5:00 (I think just simply lazy). So we went back up to the front desk and they called the restaurant, but at that point we decide to just go outside to eat because I did not feel comfortable eating there now that they got a call from complaining.

The beach front is really nice, there are lots of beach chairs and very comfortable, and they have gear for some water sports like: gigantic water bicycle, snorkeling gear, beach volleyball, kayaking...etc.

Since it was end of September and it was the slow season we really enjoyed it, because the hotel was pretty much empty so it was exactly what we need to relax and unwind. The only issue I had is that the restaurant variety was missing. And even the local restaurant that were there were pricy considering they served OK food. We felt like we had to go "hunting for restaurant" all the time and that was a bit stressful. You must rent a car to drive since you had to drive for good restaurants. Very safe to drive the island at day and night, no one speeds so ther is no issues.

We went to the Atlantis which was nice and had more restaurants but even there but over priced for the quality of food they served, and full of families with kids. I guess after seeing that I realized that it was nice to be at the Sheraton and away from all the family areas. I wish the Sheraton had more dining options but as far as a hotel it was really done nice. By the way I have to say Sandra at the front deck was amazing. Very polite, nice and very helpful. Great hotel, but the island could use some better food. After all a great beach vacation deserved great food, and being from New York we like good food and lots of options :-) I would say St. Martin is a much better island. The French got something right; their food.

by eva10
8 / 10

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Relaxing time!

"We got tired of the other hotel we were staying at and wandered into the newly renovated Sheraton Resort. The minute we set foot in there, we decided we'd book the rest of our stay there.

The atmosphere is very chic, modern and relaxing. Check in was easy and we quickly went out to enjoy the beach. Beach chairs and towels are provided to guests for free.

Unfortunately, a storm came in that night, so we didn't get a lot of beach time, but we wandered indoors through the Crystal Palace and Casino (after renovations, the two hotels are supposed to join forces, making it one big hotel complex).

Room service was prompt and the food was worth the price (I ordered a chicken and avocado wrap).

The storm that blew over left the grounds around the pool in a mess the next morning, but by the next time I looked out the window, everything had been cleaned up and ready for guests to enjoy, as if nothing had happened.

The room was spacious and clean and the same facilities as all the Starwood hotels (which we really enjoy). It was clean, quiet and very relaxing.

We plan on going back in February.

by fuzzyila
10 / 10

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Sheraton Cable Beach

"We spent 5 nights at the Sheraton. Everything in the hotel was new and the rooms were comfortable with good storage space. The bed was ok, not as comfy as some other Sheratons and Westins I've stayed in. Except for the Caribe Cafe (almost like a Starbucks), I really can't comment on the food. We did order a continental breakfast from room service one day. It was served promptly and was delicious. At the pool bars, they will make any drink you want and add additional liquor if requested.

Except for one rainy day, our afternoons consisted of hanging out on the beach. The water was beautiful and warm. At night, we visited various restaurants. My favorite was Seafood Haven at the fish fry. We took the bus there and a taxi home. The grilled snapper was so good.

The daquari shack across the street from the hotel made the best drinks with fresh fruit. You can order them with or without rum.

Overall, I found the vacation ok. What stood out was the people. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The Bahamians are probably the friendliest I've come across. How someone can say anything negative about the people amazes me. They are so nice and love to converse.

by Dian
8 / 10

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"This hotel seeks to take advantage of you in every way.

FIRST, demand the room type that you booked. They tried to provide me with a lesser room.

SECOND, VERIFY YOUR RECEIPT - they rip you off at check-out time. While I tipped the bellman twice (checking in and out), the hotel charged me the bellman fee. IN ADDITION, they "accidentally" double charged the bellman and daily "resort" fees. They did this for 2 of my associates as well, (we all stayed in single rooms but were charged for 2 people each). Further, we had to argue for them to remove the excess charges, they wanted to have their accounting department send a credit later, (I don't trust that they would do so).

THIRD, avoid eating the hotel food. While it didn't appear to be very good or bad, I was astounded when "brown catsup" came out of the brand-new looking Heinz container. Heinz catsup is supposed to be RED! (I can't imagine what they put in there just to save a few pennies).

At minimum, this place will take advantage of you. Be careful.

by steve0261
2 / 10

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Newly renovated

"My fiance and I stayed at the Sheraton Oct 8-17th. The hotel and rooms are quite nice, new dark wood furnishings that seemed recently updated...even a new home smell inside. We had a pool/ocean view which was beautiful. Unfortunately, we had cloudy weather, so we couldn't enjoy the beautiful pool and beach. The only negative comments would be the front desk staff were a little aloof, and we had to request daily for extra water, towels etc.. for the room, which was a pain. Also, the ice and drink machines were reguarly empty, and no mini bar to keep your drinks cold. Cable beach is about 15 minutes from downtown, and has 4 other properties around it. The food in Nassau is terribly expensive (i.e. caesar salad with chicken $20, sandwich $15)...made us want to go hungry to save some money. Cable beach resorts also lacked good nightlife if you like to go out at night. You had to take a cab (expensive!) into Nassau to go out. Cover charge at the clubs is $25 - wow! The hotel is under construction, but it isn't noisy...only the gym is closed, so you have to go the the Wyndham next door to work out. Bahamian food is good - try Johnny Canoes, or the Poop Deck, or go into downtown Nassau for a larger selection. If you want a taste of the "locals" scene, go to the Fish Fry and hang out on Sat/Sun. Buses into town are only $1, but stop running after 6ish. Everyone says Paradise Island is the best place to stay, but I preferred Cable Beach myself. All in all, the Bahamas is nice is if you have lots of money - cause it is sooooooo expensive."

by BCBrit
8 / 10

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Unfriendly, flim-flam service, disgusting

"In addition to not being friendly, the reception staff made me feel as if I was being taken advantage of. First, they sent me to a partial-ocean view room with twin beds even after I confirmed (at teh check-in desk) that my reservation was for a FULL OCEAN VIEW, KING bed. Of course, the room was almost as far away from the lobby as possible. Then, they had me walk back to the lobby (with luggage) where they switched me to another room, this one with cracked walls and NO AIR CONDITIONING! Finally, another long walk to the lobby and they set me up in the room type I had reserved and paid for, although the toilet was unflushed (with urine in it). Later, I looked for a vending machine to get a bottle of water. Every machine was either empty or would not accept paper money or coins. I reported this to the reception desk and received a nasty attitude. I cannot believe that this is a Sheraton property - the management seem to be flim-flam artists. I will never return to this place."

by jackie667
2 / 10

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Fantastic Hotel. Extremely...

"Fantastic Hotel. Extremely accommodating, beautiful rooms, fabulous facilities & staff, they really put themselves out to make our wedding perfect!

Nothing was too much trouble, wide range of restaurants, selection of pools, catered for both adults & children.

Evening entertainment, centrally located easy to get into Nassau which is a wicked place you absolutely must go to the straw market & a ride on a catamaran & swim with dolphins!!

by K Sames
10 / 10

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Great Relaxing Hotel!

"The hotel was great! The room was just like the pics on the hotel's website. Everything was new and modern. The staff is really good and helpful. I didn't like the view(garden view) in the room I was given, told front desk I wanted a better view and they changed my room to pool/ocean view no problem. Everything is so relaxed and easy at the Sheraton. It isn't crowded like Atlantis and I liked that. I observed many of the guests sitting on their balconies just chilling and enjoying the ocean view. I can't say enough good things about how relaxing and laid back this place is. While still being clean and modern. Even bathroom was very good. I didn't eat at the hotel due to the reviews here about cost, so we ate down the street at the local restaurant Johnny Canoe. The food was great, lots of variety, reasonable prices and live band from 8pm. It was less than a five minute walk from the hotel, well worth it. I do feel like the Sheraton was worth the price I paid, I don't feel like I was over priced or robbed, I feel like I got what I paid for."

by cubanfish15
10 / 10

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Simply Awesome

"First and foremost I would like to say, the most frustrating thing about the Bahamas (not just Sheraton) is the cost of food. I believe that's the most expensive food you would buy in a third world country.The food there looked more expensive than Chicago!!!!

Back to the hotel, I read the reviews before I booked the Hotel and was really concerned about the construction.

Here are a few bullets on the Hotel deal:-

(1) Do not fear the construction, yes it's there but you barely notice it. They have closed the Eastern section where they are repairing.

(1) The hotel was among the BEST part of my trip. It was very hard to decide whether I want to visit other parts of New Providence Island / Paradise Island or enjoy the hotel swimming pools / beaches / room view.

(2) The rooms were far better than I expected.

(3) It is NOT inclusive, but personally I would rather that so that I could have full day trips and eat out instead of having to come back for food and again you want to diversify the food you eat by checking other restaurants anyway.

(4) The concierge service at the hotel (that's the tourist desk) is very helpful and are very conversant with the entire Island and deals. I shaped my whole trip outside te hotel on that desk.

(4) For food I'd advice you to go to Fish Fry (locally called Arawak Cay) or downtown Nassau where you can get good Bahamian food. The food at the Hotel is Italian and the works, you can get that easily in the US so why eat Italian there.

(5) Yes Atlantis is an Architectural Marvel but I found thausands of people doing what I did there, walking around and admiring it, that's definitely NOT exclusive nor serene and loses on the tranquil environment that took you to Bahamas in the first place. That's something you get in the Sheraton. But you definitely want to see the Architectural Ingenuity all in all.

(6) People in Bahamas are generally hospitable and very willing to give you directions, history information and top tips. Especially the cab drivers.

For me, it's a no brainer. Anytime I go back I will stay at the Sheraton unless something drastically bad happens to it. For now, I probably want to try out the Spanish speaking Islands for a change.

by Jemo76
10 / 10

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Pleasantly Surprised

"I was somewhat apprehensive when I booked this hotel because of the negative reviews, however, I was pleasantly surprised. Checking in and out were a breeze. The hotel was being renovated/updated; hence, the room looked very nice and clean. The lobbies and restaurants look chic. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Cable beach which can be accessed by hotel guests is amazing (I liked it better than the Atlantis Beach). Non-motorized water sports such as kayaks, bikes, etc. were free of charge. The pools that were open were also very well-maintained. We were charged a bellman gratuity of $11 for 4 nights stay, which was not bad considering we used their services a lot (based from my readings - we were expecting to pay $18 for this and a "resort" fee of $36 which we didn't get charged). Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing experience. The hotel is also close to cheap eats - Johnny Canoe and Sbarro going towards the left and Burger King towards the right. Cafe' Johnny Canoe is a really nice restaurant. Try their conch salad and Bahamian Fried Chicken. The Crystal Palace Casino is also really close and is a nice place to hang. A jitney (bus) stop is located right outside the hotel and they come by every 5 mins. This is a cheap ($1) and easy way to get around Nassau."

by travelfreak2
10 / 10

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NicelyRenovated Hotel but terrible dining experience

"Newly decorated hotel with comfy bed. Beautiful Good location but terrible dining experience. The lunch buffet is the worst we've ever experienced.....very few selections and it did not even have enough food to serve all customers. Same bad experience with the Italian restaurant ....we were sitting for more than 30 mins but none of the waiters came up to serve us.....Unbelievable!"

by pyy3389
6 / 10

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The Hotel was lovely with friendly...

"The Hotel was lovely with friendly staff especially when we had a power cut (because of a storm) they helped me out of the lift when it got stuck and took me to my room.

There was a choice of 5 restaurants but I liked 'The Avocados' and the buffet best.

The room was very nice with two double beds and a lovely view of the swimming pools and beach, only thing wrong with the room was that the bathroom was a bit small.

The swimming pools were good and two of them had waterfalls in them, there were also two jacuzzis. There was a bar where you could have lunch. Also there was a free towel service by the pool.

Also if you do go to the Bahamas you must swim with dolphins!!

Overall the stay was fan-daby-dosy. :)

by N Glitherow
9 / 10

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