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evamar by Sarah M
5 / 10

Just got back, and I can honestly say, after worrying what I was letting myself in for had a brill time. Ok its very basic and the bath was older than me but I could live with that. The staff were friendly apart from the old guy, the pool was lovely, the indoor was not usable but we had the sun!! There are great places to eat close by, its not to noisy at night. The balcony was massive, overall it was a good place to stay and I would defo go back

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horrendous staff by stoo
1 / 10

stayed here for a week last june.omg.the staff just scowled at us the whole week,and as you faced the reception desk when you enterd the hotel you could nt avoid that glare.the manager was the worst.i was appalled by this, seeing as i had paid for my room and had nt got it at gunpoint!outside hotel was no better.i had a huge fella shove me out of the way whilst queing for a balloon for my daughter(who was with me)off the guy with the penny farthing.he got the shock of his life when i ran back at him ,elbowed him in the stomach(by accident!lol) and i got the balloon.he did not ha!not bad for a 7 stone wench.wouldnt **** on this hotel,the locals or resort if it was on fire,i hear muggings are the order of the day this year.NEVER NEVER AGAIN.PS room we had was dump.

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just back had a great time by robroy
8 / 10

good place to stay ideal just round the corner from everthing basic but clean nice size sitting room and big balcony power shower,late bar, secure,all you need going back next year.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: try it we loved it
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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Dump, but ok for stag doo venue by stag
2 / 10

The apartments suited our needs as somewhere to shower and sleep, Wouldnt recomend for a family holiday but just good enough for our stag doo, Would i stay again.... prob not unless it was silly cheap.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: only to make them laugh.
  • Good For: Beach

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Not sure if we went to the same place as everyone else! by jed
9 / 10

The apartments were very clean (which is better than most at this price). Not exactly luxury but at least we had everything that we needed - its not like anyone ever just sits in the room all day. I hope!

The staff and pool were the best! and I'm not sure what curfew people have said about.

Roccomend if your looking for a good party holiday with lots of amazing sun!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Room Only, booked with lowcostholidays.com
  • Advice: Don't listen to all the bad reviews - some people are too negative.
  • Good For: Beach

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Miss by jackig
5 / 10

My friends and i stayed at these apartments for a week in April and we found them to meet our needs,sumwhere to get washed-as long as you were 1st or 2nd into the shower that is!!We didnt really have any dealings with the staff apart from trying to wake the night watchman up at 4 in the morning trying to get in.The only really bad thing i can say is if uve had a late nite then bring ear plugs because there is a market that comes twice a week and the panpipes will drive you crazy 1st thing in the morning because its just across the road from the hotel.We didnt eat in the hotel but if you want a decent cheap meal then we recomend the yorkshire pride-it is amazing,we ate ther every nite,would go back to benidorm jus for that place!!The pool wasnt open when we were there but to be honest we didnt mind as it was April an freezing.Over all it was cleanish and quietish.1 other thing,do not try and fit more than 3 average size people in the lift at anyone time as you will not get anywhere!!!

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WARNING DO NOT GO!!!! by Cold1410
1 / 10

Me and my fiance went to benidorm sept 2008 benidorm is a nice place clean beach but the evamar was disgusting.Rude staff,the pool was disgusting you would let a sewer rat jump in.The apartments was only cleaned 2 times in 2 weeks we was given 2x toilet roll's for 2 weeks only twice did they change bedding and towel's.Only enough hot water for 2 very quick showers.The entertainment was a joke some Old greyed out spanish fella that was more interested in watching people on the fruit machine so he could take all the winnings as he knew how to use it.The theres Peter who lives there hes been there 23 years and is now playing on tuesdays and saturdays on the keyboard you will be lucky to hear any thing this side of the war.You had brats running around untill 10.30 gangs of hen partys and stag do's blowing air horns and screaming and shouting over the balconys untill 6am its a disgrace absolute hell hole i deffinate wont be going there again and i would reccomend to people thinking of getting a cheap hol pay the axtra and dont stay at the evamar. :O)

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just back from these apartments,... by J Hyland
3 / 10

just back from these apartments, stayed there for 2 weeks we were in a party of 7 3 of which where children, as you have probably read previously these apartments are not the best, but if like me you paid just over £1000 for 2 weeks then you cant really complain. The are very basic but if you only use the room for sleeping in then am sure you will be ok. The pool are is quiet during the day and you do have to pay 1.50e a day for a lounger but at least it mean you will get one!!! some of the staff are ignorant but once you get to know them they are ok! your room does not get clean at all and only get towels and bedding every 4th day! We had a great time in benidorm and will go back (not to these aprtments) would i recommend these - only if you get a cheap deal!!!

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we stayed at the Evamar apartments in... by  K Kennedy
10 / 10

we stayed at the Evamar apartments in april 2008 for 2 weeks the apartment was cleaned daily we had everything we needed in it. One of the bulbs went one night but was replaced the day after. We had plenty of hot water the beds and the towels were changed twice weekly. The people on the reception and the bar staff were friendly and helpful. The pool was plesant to sit round the indor one was handy we really enjoyed it and we are going again next year

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i have just returned from a weeks... by K BISHOP
1 / 10

i have just returned from a weeks holiday in the evamar apartments

i travelled with a group of 11 people its actually the 2nd time i have

stayed in these apartments but i can honestly say it will be the last

time &i would not reccomend anyone to book these apartments ever again they are the most dirtiest apartments i have ever seen in my life

the bathroom well were would i start with that the bath was really filthy

that you wouldnt bath a dog in it the shower was faulty towels &bedding was only changed once which because the weather was so

hot & having children with us was not acceptable the next point i want to make is about the pool area i think its a disgrace that you have

to pay for sunbeds after paying out so much money for the holiday in the first place the pool was shocking my nephew who is 7 actually cut is hand open on the metal bars seperating the pools which we reported to

reception &the bar was fixed with cellotape ! so i can honestly say that although i will visit benidorm again i would not stay at the evamar apartments ever

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this is the worst apartements i have... by J Hart
1 / 10

this is the worst apartements i have ever stayed in!! on arrival we were placed on the 24th floor. the balconys wernt very safe at all because they were so low. you have to pay for sunbeds everyday. the saftey deposit boxes are in the reception area instead of your rooms. the staff are so unpolite its unreal! mobile phones and money from our room were stolen, however the door was not broken into which means it was someone who had a key for our room within the appartements. overall very untidy, un friendly and an absolute discrace!!!!!!!!

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I have just returned from a holiday... by K
1 / 10

I have just returned from a holiday in Benidorm where i stayed with 3 other people in the Evamar apartments. I was not impressed with the apartments at all! On arrival we were shocked to discover that there was no air conditioning as we had been assured that there would be! in 30 degree heat during the night this was really very uncomfortable! and we had to buy fans from a shop in the resort as we didnt know that they could be rented.

The cutlery and dishes were dirty- thank got we never cooked anything in the flat! when i did try to make toast the toaster was broken anyway! we only had enough hot water for 2 showers a day which meant we were fighting to go first for a shower! not only that but the shower head would fall down at least 3 times at every shower! The towels were a grey colour and all torn around the edges and we only got clean ones every 3 days! My bed had cigarette burns in the sheets and my boyfriend noticed that the other sheets also had rips in them!

On the apartment door there was a list of everything that there should be in the room including 6 cereal bowls- we didnt hav any! instead if we had cereal we would eat it out of a desert bowl! we also only had 3 knives!

We were 17 floors up in the 24 floor building and the balcony was nice but had very low railings, so i wouldn't recommend the apartments for people with young children as it didnt seem safe! The lifts were dodgy, rattling and making noises all the way to the bottom, the doors kept sticking at the different floors so took a while to get from one to another.

The pool was tiny and you had to pay 1.50 euros for the most uncomfortable sunbed ever! the pool was dirty around the sides and there was a dead wasp floating in it for the 10 days i was there and a plaster sitting at the side, so it obviously doesnt get cleaned often! People were also constantly annoying us to join them on a pub crawl! The staff let them in every day to promote it!

We had 2 toilet rolls between 4 of us for the duration of our stay and also only 2 bin liners, so we had to use plastic bags to empty out bins! We had to empty the bins ourselves and take them onto a big green bin in the street.

The beds were very uncomfortable and there was a televison that you had to pay 1 euro for per hour! even that was unreliable cutting off after 10 minutes and sometimes taking out money and not working at all! the fridge was warm when we arrived but i adjusted it to make it a bit cooler! The door had graffitti on it and the kitchen tap would flood the place if u turned it too fast.

I expected the apartments to be basic, we got the holiday cheap so i wasnt expecting them to be fantastic, but for 3 star apartments i definatley expected more than what we got! Even friendly staff would have been nice! I would never return to the Evamar nd would not recommend it to anyone!

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