Amalia Apartments

Calle Esperanto 15, Benidorm 03500, Spain
2.5 star
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3.5  / 10
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Room: 4.5/10
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Cleanliness: 4/10
Location: 6.5/10

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you get what you pay for!!!

"the amalia is very dated and in need of complete refurbishment but for the price i thought they were grt value. very spacious and a super large balcony 5 mins walk to old and new town and 10 mins to the english square. 5 mins to the beach and plenty of shops, bars restaurants all around. if u want clean towels or bedclothes you only had to ask. john who owns the bar does grt food all day and the prices are very low. the pool was exellent with plenty of sunloungers/chairs. i will definately be going back and would recommend the amalia to anybody."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012
  • Good For: Beach
by Tricia G
7 / 10

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pig sty

"apartments dirty pool health hazard with green mold growing in and outside the pool no sign of a cleaner had 2 wash bathroom before you use it doors dont lock on the balcany no safe keys bedding not changed all week when asked for clean towels only once a week if your lucky"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, self catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go there
by skip
1 / 10

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bug infested hell hole

"absolutley disgusting. wouldn put a dog in it. had to wait 20 minutes between showers. cleaners dont no how to clean! beds were uncomfortable. sockets that either spark when used or didnt work. no where near the beach. i would not reccommend these apartments to anyone. was an absolute waste of money. bar underneath was fantastic with very friendly people. had to ask for clean sheets and a kettle. beds were small. cookers didnt work. the manager didnt seem to care at all. was the worst holiday and would never go back!!!"

by unhappy
1 / 10

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perfect for 8 lads from leeds & wetherby

"1st of all for all the people that slag this place off "don't be so tight in the first place"! you get what you pay for these days!!! this place is one of them places where you can have a rite laugh without offending people & you get what you see with the hosts lol, john what a legend u are, great cooked breakfast in the mornings or sometimes the afternoon washed down with a shott or 2. theres no better place to be when youve got 8 leeds fans & 1 manc u fan behind the bar, good bit of banter n paul was more than helpfull with where to go for going out & the best exchange rates. all in all 1st class if your a group of lads or lasses. if your goin as a couple then maybe not the best place if your tryin to impress!! anyway we will be back there later in the year.


stigy, noz,curly, scot, carl, dean, nick, nev

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Alpha Rooms
  • Good For: Beach
by stigy
8 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Dont do it !

"What a dissapointment. Lets get the good points out of the way first, there aren't any. The place is filthy, poorly maintained and dangerous with exposed wiring, broken sockets and switches, the bathroom light worked sometimes, 2 pints of hot water for the shower, no locks on patio doors and very obvious forced entry evidence on the appartment doors. I'd sleep with one eye open if you have booked and take your own towels and dont use the kitchen, eat out. You get your hands filthy by just opening kitchen units. The whole place stinks foul, never again, you learn from your mistakes. BIG mistake."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Domnt go there
by Andytravel
1 / 10

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disgusting dangerous place to stay

"Do not under any circumstances consider staying at these apartments

I was one of a party of 18 we booked 5 apartments staying for a week

The guy who runs the bar John “a bit of a chameleon, nice to your face, stab you in the back, type of character” and a couple of Spanish shady characters run the place for the owners

No security whatsoever no reception area just a battered desk and filing cabnet

Front door left open all night

When we were there three of our apartments were entered using a key whilst we were asleep in the apartments during the early hours of the morning , all our mobile phones watches and cameras were taken

Our trousers were found in the kitchen area the safe key was in one of the trouser pockets

All our money was taken from the safe

total loss over £2,000

(draw your own Conclusions where the keys were obtained from to enter the apartments)

and not very nice having thieves creeping around your apartment while your asleep robbing you

alarm bells rung on the first day as most of the doors in the apartments have new wood strips around the lock areas it appears these apartments are broken into on a regular basis

Conclusion an absolute Filthy dangerous place to stay

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: do not even consider staying here
by e2ray36
1 / 10

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Great Holiday

"To strat with i must say a big thankyou to John and his Brother in the bar, What wonderful people. The appartments are basic yes but who on earth goes to benidorm to sit in an appartment? The sun shining in the day and the night life amazing, why would you want to sit in....Amalia is central to both old and new Benidorm, close to the beach and at the centre of the night life, John in the bar makes you feel very welcome from the second you step in to the moment you leave. The beds are a little on the hard side and the kitchen could have been cleaner but on the whole it was lovely. The pool and surrounding area was clean and roomy with plenty of deck chairs. I would recommend Amalia to all my friends and anyone who is looking for a cheap, welcoming and friendly place to stay for a long party weekend in Benidorm."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Ema N Nigel
8 / 10

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"Just returned from long weekend in Amalia Apartments. Was dreading going after reading reviews, but was pleasantly surprised. The apartment was spacious and clean and had all the appliances in working order. Nice balcony, although at night the Spanish bars could be a bit noisy until early hours, but these really didn't bother us. The pool and pool area was clean with plenty of sunbeds. John and Paul in the bar were great guys who helped with any queries and the apartment was in between the old town and the new so very central. If you just want clean, cheap accommodation in a central location then these apartments are great!



  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Value for money
  • Good For: Beach
by JC
5 / 10

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It really isn't that bad

"Firstly this is NOT an 'Aparthotel'. It is an apartment block that offers cheap accomodation in a very central part of Benidorm. We arrived at 11am (when the bar is open) and John greeted us warmly and gave us our keys. John owns the bar at the ground floor of the building and has nothing to do with the running of the building as such, just hands out keys. We were quite suprised at the generous size of the apartment. Good sized bathroom and kitchen, smallish living room with comfy sofa bed and bedroom with 2 single beds (light metal frame but comfy)Plenty of space for clothing etc. yes the whole place is a little outdated but you dont go away abroad to sit in your apartment all day do you? We didnt have any problems with lightbulbs or electrics. As long as we could make a cuppa and get a good nights sleep that is all we were bothered about. We spent 5 days at the Amalia and I would be prepared to spend another 5 days for the money. The Spanish bars around the place only open at weekends and we didnt really hear much noise at all. Its location is centrally between the old town and the new - 5 mins walk in both directions with the beach also 5 mins away. John is absolutely lovely. Very helpful and he also took the time out to show us around the new town on our first night. The place is ideal I think for couples who are looking for a cheap few days away though not all that suitable for families with young children as the is no entertainment/kids club/facilities for them at the apartments. Oh and the swimming pool is lovely. Clean and with a good number of sun loungers as well as being secluded from the road."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Not really for families with small children
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by Dolphiness63
5 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"take my advice and spend a few more bob and stay in a nice 3 or 4 star air con means you can rent a fan the cooker was a joke,telly had 1 spanish channel,no linen change ,unless you paid for it,bathroom ceiling leaked and was ready to cave in,beds were fold ups,we met 3 different couples on 3 different nights who were stranded on arrival because when the bar closes at 8 or 9 pm you have no access to the hotel let olone a room. noisey location.the only plus point was john the barman who was helpful my last word on this dive is never ever again even if it was free."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by hughie donegal
1 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

a good laugh

"me and my mate stayed at this hotel for a long weekend and we were dreading it after reading the reviews but we had a brill time,sir john who runs the bar is a great guy and is a really good laugh and cant help you enough,dave the other bar man was great too but didnt see him as much,the rooms were basic but big and our balcony was huge,dont know why people were complaining its a cheap hotel so you get what you pay for,its only ten minuites to the beach and square so it wasnt far for us to fall back to at 7 in the morning,this was one of the best holidays ive had and i will be going back and staying in the amalia again next year,i dont know if i would take children there but for adults who want a good time its perfect."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by alisonandkaren
7 / 10

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"i completely agree with all the other reviews of this hell hole! we arrived at amalia apartments at about 12.30 noon to find the room wasnt ready as it was being cleaned (i dont know what was cleaned)& we had to wait, the bar man behind the makeshift reception (the bar!) was very laid back in telling us that the room wasnt ready & didnt give a toss that we'd been travelling since about 4AM & had an 18 month old baby with us!3 star- what a joke! a s--t hole is all i can say- very dirty etc we asked for a low floor & were given the 7TH!! with a glass unsafe balcony! my heart was in my mouth thinking of my son going near it! my husband complained very verbally because luckily he is fluent in spanish & said there was no way we were staying there & the boss came & they actually moved us- to a slightly better place is all i can say & actually we had to move again for the last night as they were over booked at the other place. a zero out of ten rating is what i give this place, fit for demolition only!"

by joannekids
1 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by jonnytee

    " Have been to benidorm on several occasions and ther are many superb hotels etc but just not this one "

  • by hughie donegal

    " mundimar ,terra natura,benidorm palace all resteraunts were good and great value for money "

  • by Tricia Gorman

    " anything you need to know ask john the bar owner he is very friendly and helpful "

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