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the best experience, cruise, we have ever had

" crossed the atlantic to barbados, visiting other islands, fabulous

never forgotten cruise, the captain crew and all the staff were

fantastic, our memories of that cruise keep us smiling to this day,

we are hoping to be on the island star again, hopefully, going

through the panama canal, been on island star two times, always

high standard, island star, happy memories, great ship, and staff

brian and phyllis


  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: relax and enjoy the ship the staff, give there best for you
by highlander
9 / 10

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This cruise changed my whole life for the better.

"My holiday: July-August 2007. Cruise around the Mediterranean: France, Spain and Italy.

The Island Star Cruise was the most amazing holiday that I have ever been on. 4 years later I am still remenissing often about what a holiday of a life time it really was. I was 15 at the time, went for 2 weeks, and could never have wished for a more relaxing and blissful holiday.

I went with my Mum and Dad and my friend went with her parents for the same 2 weeks (our Mum's work together) and we both had the time of our lives. In the first week we had a big group of 20 teenagers who we spent every single day and night with. In the second week we had a group of 10 new teenagers who we spent every single day and night with until early hours.

I met my current boyfriend on this ship, we have now been together for 4 years. I know that I could never have another holiday like it. 4 years later and still not a week goes by when I do not think of this ship. People call me obsessed but this was a once in a life time holiday - I do not have these every year.

My plans were to get married on this Cruise ship, and I am heartbroken to know that I can never go on it ever again.

Every country that we went to was actually amazing. I got to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, walk around Monte Carlo, go shopping in Nice etc.

The service was fantastic! I think that we all just lived on chips for the whole 2 weeks, every night, early hours of the morning there was always someone there to serve us! The onboard entertainment was fantastic! We were in there most nights dancing and singing along to all the cabaret.

We spent every day in the Jacuzzi's on the top deck, drank cocktails on the sailaway bar and had parties on the back of the ship every night. We also did our impressions of Jack and Rose on the Titanic!

Every dinner time, we would get a table for 20 - all of us teenagers. We had the same table every night! The waiters knew which we wanted and got it ready for us every dinner time!

We had professional photographs taken of us all as a group - 2 years later when my Uncle went on the ship, our photographs were still up in the Gallery! On our last night, we all signed the back of eachother's photographs.

Anyone who says that they have had an awful time, clearly had the complete opposite holiday that I had and I really cannot understand it.

Please trust me, this really was the best 2 weeks of my life, I will never ever forget it. You would be mad to miss a chance like this.

Vicky, 19.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Once in a life time oppurtunity - trust me.
by VickyLouise
10 / 10

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carribean classic

"We went on this cruise on 5th December 2008 and can say it was great and i cant understand some of the bad reviews.The staff couldnt do enough and Ramone our cabin boy was first class,also dwight from the casino bar was friendly as were the croupiers .The barbeque at island catalina was brilliant and entertainment also good.I am sad that the ship is sold as I would have went on this ship again. Sharon McLean"

8 / 10

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"Reading the bad reviews i am quite litrally shocked! the cruise had NOTHING bad about it! we were booked for the first week on the ship and the second in the hotel but in the second we ended up staying on the ship it was that good! ALL the staff were friendly and the captain (John Clarke) and his crew even came and played poolside games with everyone on the ship. It was the best holiday i have been on (my holidays include, America and Monte Carlo, France,and Spain) as you got to see loads of different places! Loved it and i will be deffiently booking myself another cruise. Extremley sad that island star is no longer though!! For all those dissers, you probably had one thing wrong but you cant forgive easilyyyyy!!! :)"

by sophieeeee
10 / 10

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"we paid 6k for 3 of us xmas and new year...... it was fab.... for those who moaned about everything then all i can say is this is a family cruise, you know, kids party etc etc if they want all the glad rags then go on royal carrib and pay 25k....... so sad its gone......"

by tlc935
10 / 10

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island escape

"we are just back from spenting one week on the island escape med cruise had a brillent time . The shows that were on every night were fantastic the show team were amazing and the comady acts were brillent

The food was lovely and plenty of it.

Our only downfall was the size of our cabin on leval 6 it was not suitable for three adults.And the pool was very small other wise we had a great time

The ports were not the best but there was one or two nice ones the port of cannas it had lovely scenery with many yatchs We tought the shuttle bus would bring us into the town were we would find some shops but when we got there it was a waste of time there was there was no were to shop

..The holiday overall was brillent and i would recommend a big 8/10 and i cant wait till next year. :)

mongey family

by mongey07
8 / 10

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Worst Holiday Ever

"This was the worst holiday and complete waste of money I have ever spent! The ship was awful. I have read reviews of people who have given this dirty, run down dosshouse 10/10 and I have to wonder if those people even have the remotest idea of anything decent. The food was damn awful - sailing in the Carribean eating pasta!!! Fine if it were a meditterean cruise, but hey, how about some carribean food! The toilets - more then disgusting. Plastic plates to eat from and straws to stir sugar into your coffee - how class is that!! Entertainment - oh please, better entertainment watching paint dry.

It was very disappointing that Christmas and New Year went without any form of propoer entertainment. Food on christmas day was a dire as all the other days.

The jacuzzi was used as a toilet - probably by those who gave it 10/10!

I nearly cried when the P&O Ventura docked next to ours.

I suppose if you want a holiday surrounded by dirt, run down conditions, poor food, plastic plates, awful bedrooms, stinking laundry - our sheets only changed once the entire holiday and generally abmismal surroundings, then hey, knock yourself out and book on this ship. If you want a decent holiday, excellent value for money, good food and a clean, hygenic ship - book somewhere else!

by 1401JM
1 / 10

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holiday from hell never sail with this company




I book this holiday as a once in a life time experience for my husband and myself my brother and his fiancee went with us. We booked the latin carribean cruise and specially in February as this meant we could be sure of really good weather.Day 1 was spent getting to know the ship, unpacking and resting after the long traveling. Day 2 we set off for our first destination which was very lovely. Day 3 we were at sea again and (Jean my brothers fiancee) and I booked for a massage in the spa, Jean's engagment ring went missing in the spa it took security 2 days before they serched the spa and of course the ring was never found. (real nice start to your holiday NOT)

Well to get to the point from then on everything went downhill,

4 ports out of 8 were like third world country and very depressing and up setting

the captain was adviseing people not to take their credit cards,money or jewellery of the

ship at one stop in panama a taxi driver told us not to walk into the town or we would be shot raped or attacked and robbed THIS IS NOT MY IDEA OFF A RELAXING HOLIDAY THAT COST US £3200.00 per couple the ship was like sailing on the sea cat there was 4 shops on it which were very expensive there was3 bars in which the pints of beer were made up from 2 bottels and what ever was left in the second bottle went to the next customer these bars were charging british prices even though we were in the carribean, the food got really repetative and was mainly cold except when you paid the extra in the resturants the hall ways were leaking water on peoples heads as you were walking down them. We hit bad weather due to a excursion bus being late back and were at sea for 3 days were as 90% of the passengers were sick in all this was the worst holiday i was ever on.

by carolin
1 / 10

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the ashtray gang

"I dont no why all these people are moaning we had a excellent time we had brilliant waiters that looked after us named... LINDO AND BASSAM. we partied all night it was as though we were the only ones to enjoy ourselves, every one was old and wingein they need to get a life and chill out it was a holiday let ur [--] hair down people. Our ships should of taken most of them to burmuda triangle to get The cabins were very clean with a different design of towel evryday on the bed everyone was helpful apart from the old people.. We meet some great people who we had fun with we always met at the big ashtray aka..pool deck we even got threw out of bingo it was fun...we had a brilliant time quack quack. The moaners and groaners should reliese that holiday is to let your hair down and have fun how many times do you get to visit the caribbean in your life???? SO CHILL THE [--] OUT"

by nik and rik and co
9 / 10

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Sad goodbye

"We were not aware of the departure of the Island star when we were aboard last July, and were already , well the kids were, talking about next year's holiday on the ship. This was our second time on the ship, the first being 12 months prior.

We travelled with our 2 children, now a 6yrs old girl and 13yrs old boy, and also my wife's parents, both in their early 70s. We all had a most wonderful experience. Like the previous trip the food was exceptional. Most importantly (for me) it was available at any time of day or night in the deck level buffet style restaurant, and you could keep going till you burst. The buffet restaurant on deck 6 (i think) was only open at lunch and dinner. This was a lovely place to eat and we have particularly fond memories of watching dolphins swimming alongside us as we ate our dinner one evening. The entertainment was fabulous. In the main theatre and in the other bars. We were treated to comedians, musicians, etc.. The cabin staff were great with the kids, and us, making animals out of towels when they did the cabins, and generally being very friendly and helpful. They as well as the restaurant staff became like friends to us.

On each occasion we had a week on the ship then a week in a hotel on land. Now don't get me wrong, the hotels we stayed in were very good quality with high standards of accommodation and service. But my god, what a come down from ship.

I believe, not having cruised on any other ships, that this was one of the most family friendly and laid back cruisers. I hope there's another like it somewhere for us to try, when I find a job again and can afford it.



by stolen_alien
10 / 10

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first cruise

"WE have just returned from our first cruise. we booked it to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary. i was a bit worried before we sailed that we wouldnt like it however we had the most brilliant time, the crew and officers were all very friendly. the food was excellent with so much choice our only critism was we didnt like the tea bags. We booked shore excursions at every island and wasnt disapointed with any. We loved the fact that it was so friendly and relaxing. We both agreed that this will definitly not be out last cruise but are sad that it will not be on the island star. we thought captain JC was great and i had a secret crush on gary! We wish the whole of the crew every success and happiness in where ever their next venture takes them."

by L N G
9 / 10

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MV Island Star

"We have just returned from the caribbean on the last voyage of the MV Island star and would like to thank captain JC,the officers and crew for their professionalism in making this a most successful ending to this lovely ship.

We believe JC and most of the ships officers and crew have been offered alternative employment with TUI or with Royal Caribbean and give them our best wishes for the future.

Having previously cruised on the Island Star it's a shame that TUI did not invest in keeping this friendly ship going as she will be sadly missed.

David and Sue Kershaw

by Island star
9 / 10

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