Club Atrium Apartments

Yunus Nadi Caddesi 25. Sok No:8, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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"Been to this hotel 4 years in a row and wouldn't consider going anywhere else.always made to feel welcome you just can't fault it me and my friends have met so many special ppl including James who's a fantastic waiter n person :) I'm due to book for august this year with my 6 year old son who will just LOVE it the place to be club atrium and all the people that work there make it such an amazing place just perfect :) xxx"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: just enjoy this fab place
by Samantha J
10 / 10

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"What a awful hotel staff rude WAITERS eating chips off plate before giving to customers, dirty cups on table at breakfast spend money they like you don't spend money and they won't speak to you, room had a view of trees. So avoid 613/614 reception staff slam safe key on desk when u ask for it always on games on computer. Earmarks itself hassle u so much to get u into bars restaurant and shops puts u off. Turkey next time ? No way"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: rooms clean maids nice
  • Good For: Beach
by paul b
1 / 10

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Great hotel

"I've just been to this hotel with my mum and aunty and it was great spotless apartment staff can't do enough for you so helpful we are going to book for September it was so nice. I don't know how people can moan and groan about this place fantastic and center to everywhere keep up the good work atrium see you September can't wait."

  • Holiday details: May 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Havahanna reastuarat lovley also Olympic bar great
by Lesley J
10 / 10

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party hotel, entertainment too crude for chrildren rooms are discusting in apartments if already booked demand a refund or upgrade to the hotel part which only sleeps 2

"staff are very forward and seem to think they can put their hands all over you had to complain to management before it would stop and even then they had a terrible attitude even when we caught the cleaning staff stealing they denied and said if stuff was on the floor it was put in the bin, everythings about money even when u buy the cds and tshirts they still pester u to buy more all the trampolines bouncy castles and most things for children that is advertised you have to pay for this isn't Included in ur stay food is ok not a big choice for such a big resort and its not family orientated at all like advertised the rooms are very basic for self catering but too be honest u wouldn cook in them anyway need updated badly and r absolutely filthy the rust and limescale on kitchen taps and bathroom tabs is just a joke heard the hotel part just had there bathrooms updated and I think this is the ones tomas cook showed us when booking also the room they showed us didn excist as when I showed the hotel staff they said they hadn't seen this room and it wasn't in there hotelwe booked a room for 4 and got room with 1 double bed and in the kichen area two hard chairs which had no matresses and also we paid £50.00 for air con which was only in the bedroom and was pointless from then the first complaint we made we felt like we were then disliked until we were handing money over felt like alls the staff done was beg us to buy from the catering staff to entertainment to photogther to waiters the desk staff and cleaners everyone was just after your money once they got it that was it until the next day and night also everthing we bought either shrunk broke fell apart and none of the discs dvds or cds worked properly until the end of coruse we only new this when we were home and it was too late overall this is a party hotel day and night apartment part was stinking the staff were never helpful when needed the cleaning staff were caught stealing by a family we met from Scotland and Glasgow and also are family and the rest couldn't prove it was them but knew the ovbouis they have a cheek to have a sign in loby sayin keep noise to a minuim after 12 when bar cuba plays really loud music until 5 so if u want a clean room in a family orientaded hotel don't book club antruim"

by aidan1984
1 / 10

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Great Holiday, Fantastic Hotel

"Great Hotel, With very helpful enthusiastic staff.

Lots of trips and excursions available and plenty to keep Veronese entertained.

Nightly entertainment and on site night club so just a few seconds stroll to your room.

There is a spa, hairdressers, tattoo parlour, jewellers & supermarket all on site :)!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Get Involved in all the fun entertainment.
  • Good For: Beach
by Jo Glasgow
10 / 10

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our holiday

"we have just came back from hotel atrium. there was 7 of us the rooms weren't grt but we were not in them much. we went bed and breakfast it was fine but could have done with fridge in room. didn't realise till last day we could have hired 1!!! anyway couldn't fault anything else every1 was so helpful couldn't do enough for you. the entertainment at night was good ebo ali g and little ali were fab. i have a daughter at 4 and she loved ebo. he was so good with the kids. we heard a rumour that they be leaving at end of season. as they dont get paid enough for what they do. think it would be a big mistake letting them go!!!!! as it wouldn't be the same place without them. my daughter was sobbing on the last day as she didn't want too come home. ebo is a jack of all trades he dresses up as a clown for the kids and then he dresses up as a woman for the bingo he is sooo funny. my nephew who is 15 really enjoyed it too as they were really good with him as well. we are hoping to go back next year but as i said wont be the same if ebo and ali g go so i think they should pay them what they are worth!!!! they all work so hard. we all had a fab time there. thanks too you all the mcallisters from scotland. and a big hug too ebo from rebecca xx"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: there is plenty too do and the food is cheap. great for kids up to about 9 or 10 as there is a big play area for them and it's really safe in there
by bobs
9 / 10

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The best staff in turkey

"I have just returned from a weeks holiday at the club atrium in marmaris i travelled with my teenage daughter and my partner we had read the reviews for this hotel on the internet and saw that it had mixed reviews so didnt know what to expect On arrival at the hotel we were checked in without any fuss and shown to our "apartment" which consisted of a small bedroom with a double and single bed in it, a bathroom you could not swing a cat in and a sink and fridge that was classed as our kitchen area the room was not up to much at all for a family of three but we thought we would wait and see what the rest of the place was like as we did not plan on spending much time in the room i am glad to say this is were the dissapointment ended the hotel itself was absolutly brilliant with three good sized pools one with a pool bar there is also two different restaurants here as well as the pool snack bar which all served great fresh cooked food ( i have never gone self catering and ate in my hotel as much the food was that good ) and the staff here are the best i have ever encounted they look after your every need from the guys serving in the bars and restaurants to the customer care and entertainment team and the house keepers they are all there to make your stay the best it can be there is entertainment in the hotel everynight and although can sometimes be a little cheesy it was always great fun to watch well done to Ibo, Ali G and little Ali for all the had work doing the shows we also met the manager here Emre who you can tell really cares that his guests are having a good time and it shows all in all apart from the room size this has got to be one of the best run and nicest hotels i have ever stayed in anywhere it has everything you need all in one place but the staff and management that work there really make it what it is thank you all for such a good holiday i will definately return next year"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
by miller20
10 / 10

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"Club atrium is the best place in the world. Loved it there! Entertainment was amazing, Ibo's Bingo was the best! It's in a great area! Had all the kitchen essentials, air conditiong, view from the room was nice. Staff are really nice, never leave you waiting. So much to do, entertainment throughout the whole day. Going back next year as it is the best place in the world!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Meet Ibo!
by Tasha
10 / 10

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best hotel.

"we went to club atrium in may 29 2011 for 14 nights then we booked an went 23 august for 11 nights then me an my cuz av booked again to go back on 1 0cto for 7 nights, this hotel is absolutly brilliant, i would recomend to any one, in may i took my 2 girls age 12 , 13 they loved, so when we went back in august my 18yr old daughter and botfriend and my grandaughter went with us, we add abrill time.we are of back in may next yr for 14 naights an met some lovely poeple who have booked as well an we are all meetin up,go on book it you will av agreat time, x"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by jasmine
10 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Excellent holiday and top star staff

"My first holiday to turkey and it was brilliant. The staff were very friendly and helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make your stay brilliant. They are all brilliant with kids and all the staff are great. The waiters and bar staff are very friendly and funny and the entertainment staff made you have a laugh and was very unique.

The facilities was very good, as they pretty much have everything on site which you need, but are very close to other restaurants and a short trip into main town of marmnaris.

Overall me and my daughter had a fantastivc time and cant wait to bok our next holiday there again for next year. Would really reccommend. I miss all the staff there already and only gt back yesterday :-( xxxx

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: boat cruise - but book with james
  • Good For: Beach
by kellyfearn
10 / 10

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all you need to know

"when i first arrived at club atrium it was confusing as its not an enclosed complex, anybody can walk in and out and theres a road seperating it that cars and totems go down, very dangerous. im 13 and the bell boy, grabbed me, pinched my bum and winked at me. i found this extremly intimidating, i was then scared to be on my own for the next couple of days. the breakfast is very basic, just bread and egg and meat. but then, you get what you pay for. there is a place called the robin hood across the road that does a full english breakfast for 70p (2.5 TL). the pools are nice and always clean and there is a lovely on site shop called ''asda'' (not the real english one) run by a lovely woman and her husband, we got to know them over the two weeks and they gave us discounts. the poolside bar is nice and we ate in there almost everyday, they come round and ask you if you want drinks, food, ice creams etc. so you dont have to leave your sunbed.the food is nice, but you'll soon get sick of the chips, lettuce and tomato that come with everything. the rooms are nice, but you will need air con as it gets very hot. wherever your room is your not likely to sleep as if you have a pool view your near cuba, if you havent you have a view of the main road and you hear a dance bar called cheeky boys all night. speaking of cheeky boys, if you want a lapdance go there, if you want a nice family entertainment night, don't. the havana restaurant is nice, and the roast dinner is possibly the best i've ever had. however if your looking for a fantastic restaurant turn left out of the havana and try the ''Oasis'' its run by a lovely scottish lady, no hassle and the food is beyong amazing. the robin hood and sidewalk bar (along the same road) are also fabulous too! if your looking to book any trips DO NOT go through thomas cook, they're so expensive. go through out of the atrium hairdresser, walk down that road and turn left and you will see ''james place'' it is a travel shop that you can book all the popular trips under, kids go free and teenagers half price. adults resonible prices anyway. we went to atlantis waterpark and it was rubbish, men touched all the kids innopropriatly, food was rubbish, it was unclean, slides were rubbish, it wasn't a very good day. go to aqua dream, a much better waterpark with lots to do, clean and friendly atmosphere. turtle beach trip is lovely, lucky for us we saw some turtles and you get to go in the mud baths, however is a very long day. turkish baths are fun, as long as you dont mind men touching up your semi naked kids. (do that towards the beginning of your holiday as it pro-longs your tan) all inclusive boat trip was by far the best, lots of swim stops, sunbathing and beach time. entertainment at the hotel is rubbish except the kids mini disco is good and little ali does it every night and the kids love him. bingo is the best. ibo dresses up in drag and does the best character ever ''sexy lexy'' hes abit rude with the whole swearing and on about his boobs] -------- etc but they dont understand there doing anything wrong. all the waiters are lovely give or take a few. and the kids play park is wonderful except it smells from the cats pooing in there. theres always something going on around the main pool in the day but if you like a more relaxing holiday you can always head over to the relaxtion pool on the right of the havana. club atrium are there when it matters, unfortunatly one of our party were in hospital, they took us back and forth whenever we wanted and even came to check on us after there shifts. absolutley amazing. they have drivers that will take you anywhere anytime. if you want to go to the city centre then stand outside the havana and put out your hand when you see the number 2 minibus coming (should say armutulan on it) its 1.75 each and youll know when your at the city centre because youll see mcdonalds. you get on the same place you get off and just say stop when you get back to the havana. the tattto guy is brilliant, 3 people from our party had tattoo's done. the room doors also are still opening, we were room 651. you have to learn the ''knack''. special mention to ali'g. ibo. little ali. erol. osman. fervid. and all the others! i wouldn't go back to club atrium but it is a great family resort. though do be careful of the men as they dont take flirting as a joke and thing your handing them -------- [sex on a plate. maids are absoultly brilliant, helped me loads when i asked for extra things. free wifi in havana ''club atrium'' password ''atrium2011''"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomas Cook
by reviewer9711
6 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Fantastic Time!

"Myself, my partner, his mum and sister stayed at the Club Atrium Apartments for 11 nights.

When we arrived it was in the early hours of the morning and we were greeted by welcoming and happy to help staff.

We were informed of all the options such as air con, security box etc as well as all the different entertainment available on each night.

The room we stayed in was 634. It was all we needed for our stay, possibly better if we had a fridge to keep water cool but shop on site so it was easy enough to go and buy ice cold water.(we were b&b, they also had self catering apartments avaiable)

The pool entertainment was fantastic everyday! The entertainment team, bar staff and waiting on staff work so hard and they make your holiday brilliant. Everyone is so happy and they wait on you hand and foot.

The hotel is in a good location, it is a 15minute walk to the beach front. If needed you could go onl holiday to the Apartments and not have to leave as there is so much there!! Things such as shops, tattoo parlour, hairdressers, internet cafe, park, games centre, restaurant, entertainment stage, night club, 3 swimming pools as well as pool bar and restaurant.

Overall we had a fab holiday, it was not what we expected but we enjoyed it and would definately return.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Make sure you do take trips out of the apartment area, we also did a jeep safari as well as an all inclusive boat trip and they were both fantastic!!!
  • Good For: Beach
by AmberF
9 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by Beth**

    " September Restaurant And The Cuba Bar In The Resort And The Havana Restaurnt In The Resort "

  • by karcalor

    " Flares restaurant is a must,Dreams jewellers-tell Apdullah Karen recommended "

  • by tracie n ricey

    " oasis restaurant. boat trips all inclusive, white water rafting. scubba diving, jeep safari. market "

  • by tricia1259

    " Loved the Jeep Safari..... definitely a must especially when booking to go with Crazy Kevin "

  • by g

    " lovely place and hot weather "

  • by sarah

    " maybe ok for young families, but better for those with teenagers. "

  • by Kazbar

    " Try the Havana attached, the meals are beautiful and the best we've had. "

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Address: Yunus Nadi Caddesi 25. Sok No:8, Marmaris 48700, Turkey