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Good trip round atlantic islands by Jonathan S
9 / 10

We have just returned from a weeks colorful coasts, canaries/ madeira/ agadir. I am a cruise newbie, and was very impressed by service, uniformly excellent, food, and cabin, which was quite spacious. . We had a larger one with window. Perhaps not worth extra on this trip, but it was our 40th anniversary so splashed out.

We thought extras, trips and drinks a little pricey,and rather over plugged, though our celebration cake complete with serenading waiters ! was very reasonable at £12,. Entertainment was enjoyable and varied.

Spirit is an older ship, a traditional liner design, which I rather liked.

We had some rough weather on 2 days and she was very stable, no problem. We did have to drop the arrecife stop, which was ok for us but disappointed others. We knew most of the islands, this would be a good intro if not familiar.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Bring a corkscrew and buy a couple of bottles onshore.

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Fjordland Wonders by JulieS
9 / 10

Terrific week aboard Thomson Spirit - definitely no wonder it remains a popular ship. Its size is a winner. Cabins are certainly adequate and pleasantly presented. These compare most favourably to other ships. I'm not normally a fan of the entertainment at sea but Richard's show team were eye-poppingly talented and versatile. Superb standard and lots of fun.

Norway is, of course, unbelievably photogenic and an itinerary of both fjords (ports of Flam and Geiranger) and cities (Stavanger and Bergen)is perfect.

The experience was great once underway but embarkation at Harwich leaves a lot to be desired. A one and a half hour queue in the car just to drop off luggage? This cannot be right and needs thinking through and organising properly. Not a good start to an otherwise wonderful trip. Hence, no 10 awarded.

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norwegian fjords cruise by Barbara G
9 / 10

We have been on previous cruises and this is our first time with Thomson. I have to say we were not at all dissapointed from start to finish.The ship has a wonderful compact feel to it and we found it very easy to move around without getting lost as we have done on the bigger ships.All the staff were very polite and helpful and the housekeeping team were excellent and very efficient indeed. As for the entertainment that was just first class throughout our cruise and i think that other cruise lines could learn a lot from thomson cruises with regard to making you feel just that little bit special. I have not known a cruise line to actually take you on a tour backstage to show you the workings of the entertainment team and then to sit down for a questions and answers session with the performers and then they actually had a parade of some of the waiters and waitresses,chefs maintenance staff cleaners housekeeping etc which all in all made you feel that you knew everyone. Everything on thomson spirit exceeded my expectations and having just returned home i am already looking to book my next cruise on the same ship. The 24hr buffet restaurant was superb with something for everyone.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: book your excursions once on board as there is so much to see and do on the ship that you might want to change your mind and not do an excursion

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norwegian fjords by johnno
10 / 10

we have just returned from aweeks cruise to the norwegian fjords, sailing from harwich, we found everything on board was of the highest standard. The food and the entertainment was really top notch, could not find any faults whatsoever. All the staff from the captain to the cabin maids were brilliant.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with co-op travel
  • Advice: the entertainment team, the shows etc.

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Baltic Explorer by stamer
10 / 10

This was our first cruise. And it was fantastic. When we book this cruise, we didn't know what to expect, so i did read a lot of reviews. And some where ok, but not very usefull for first time cruisers.

So first off, i would just like to say, a huge thankyou for the thomson team on board the ship. The holiday was fantastic, the places we visited were beautiful, and we would love to go again.

Here is some tips and information which i would of found very usefull.

Our cabin, was the basic inside cabin, it did our purpose well. it was bigger then what i thought it would be. There is plenty of wardrobe and draw space. TOWELS ARE SUPPLIED, so dont take your own. There was also shampoo and shower gel, but im fussy so i used my own. The room attendants were fantastic, and clean 2 times a day.

Food was great, not to be faulted. There was always something that you liked. We went half board, as me and partner are not big drinkers. Thomson wanted £400 each for AL (All Inclusive). It is not worth it unless you plan to be drunk 24 hours of the day. As you dont have time to drink even if you wanted, as you where out all day. Drinks were roughly the same as pub prices, apart from cans of coke which were £1.70 a can.

The only place you had to pay for food was Sirocco, which is a la carte, 6 courses, and only £19 pp. And it is worth it. Great food and service.

Tea and coffee is free and available 24 hours of the day if wanted.

Another thing that worried me was the smart dress code. As i am not a dress person. But you can wear smart jeans and trousers with a nice top.

You cant wear sports wear or flip flop in restaurant unless in lido buffet, and there you can wear what you wanted. And we only found out the day before that there is no luggage allowance. :-)

There are washing machines and dryers on board, and only cost £2 per load, which is good, as we did a couple of loads. Irons are also provided, which are not great but they get the job done.

Hair dryers are provided in rooms, but i will admit are a bit rubbish, it took double the amount of time to dry my hair. Plugs are European, so we had to buy an adaptor while on ship. But the reception do supply a charging service for free.

Spending money was also an issue with me, We ordered all our spending money before we went. as i didnt know what to expect. Thomson staff at the shop advised £100 per person per day, and that was just for visiting the countries. so we got nearly £800 in foreign currency, And we got it in their own currency aswell. BUT we did not need all of that, we found that we only needed about £50 maximum at each stop between us, because all we brought was a couple of small souvenirs, and maybe a drink in some places.

And then we thought that £800 for spending money on the ship was enough. And it would of been if we hadnt of spent nearly £500 on jewellery. So when we got back to UK and traded in all of our currency it was nearly £500. Which was nice :-).

Next i would suggest that if you plan to do excursions, book them before you go away. We did this and it saved time, and we knew that we didnt have to spend any money on them while away. Most people book the excursions while on board the ship, and they said it was a mistake, as they had to que for a very long time. And sometimes they were all sold out, so they were dissapointed. You had to book excursions in Russia, as they require a visa, unless you plan to pick one up in UK before you go.

Excursions were all great, and i would recommend them. Great staff and tour guides.

I am Diabetic, and was worried about keeping my medication in a fridge. But you can use the fridge in reception, they will keep all medication for you if needed.

There was easy access for disabled and wheel chair users, with plenty of lifts, and the staff would also reserve places for the restaurants and shows.

The entertainment was brilliant. You couldnt of wanted any better. They try to please all. In the day while at sea, they try to put on activities that would suit most. from talks, to quizzes, and sport activities. They also have a kids club, but there was only 3 kids on our cruise i think.

The weather was hot, but we got told it was quite cold, so we packed a few jumpers and trousers, and rain coats. Which were not needed at all. We feel that we didnt pack enough summer things. So check the weather before you go.

The pools were small. not big enough to actually swim tho.

The spirit is an old small ship. but we glad we had her. She was charming, and homely, and we glad that she wasnt bigger. we saw a huge ship, and it looked like a block of flats due to balconies. I woulnt change the spirit at all.

Overall it was a fantastic holiday, and we couldnt of wanted any better. we already looking into our next one with the spirit.

I hope this wasnt too long, and it answered some questions that you might have.

  • Holiday details: May 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: enjoy every minute

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Aegean cruise by Marie B
9 / 10

Travelled on Spirit cruise ship 20th March for 7 nights. Had an excellent time, the food, drinks, staff and entertainment were very good.

Couldn't get into Crete and Rhodes due to bad weather, did an extra visit to Turkey (lots of shopping)

2nd week stayed in Paphos hotel very good (Phatheon Beach)

Booked Spirit again for November to Canaries Hope this is just as good.

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old ship but still great. by Norman S
10 / 10

Great ship, the crew are excellent, the food great, entertainment great, cannot fault it. Cabins could do with a refurbishment. Showers aren't that good but are Ok. Compass Rose restaraunt is just superb. There is slight vibrations around the ship but nothing to spoil our relaxation. Tours are a bit expensive, so pluck up the courage and venture out on your own.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take loose clothing as the food is just fabulous.

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Thomson Spirit, Aegean Discovery by Sidneyparrot
8 / 10

The Spirit is showing its age, some carpets have been changed and everything is scrupulously clean but after a recent week on the Celebration (sister ship recently upgraded) the cabins and dining rooms are a little disappointing. Other than that you cannot fail to have a great holiday on the old tub. The food is beautifull, particularly in the Compass Rose, good selection of wines, really good value if a package is purchased at the beginning of the cruise and the entertainment team were one of the most professional yet. This must be one of the best value holidays ever, one tip...never talk prices with other guests, everyone will have paid a different price, just enjoy.

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Mixed feelings by Hodges
5 / 10

Just got back from the Aegean discovery cruise on Thomson Spirit and have mixed feelings about it! Overall I guess I enjoyed it, We ate too much as food is in abundance and the cabin was very good. We chose to pay extra for a deluxe cabin on deck 8 - we thought the higher up we were the less engine noise we would get. Wrong! It is an incredibly noisy old ship, especially on deck 8. We had to put up with vibration, tapping noises and the often loud drone of the ship. One morning at 4.30 am we were woken by a crew member sweeping the narrow service gangway right outside our window - and he wasnt quiet either! A couple two doors down from us complained and we weren't bothered again but they then asked to be moved because of the other noises. We also had a lifeboat right outside the window - disappointing but it didn't really hinder the view too much. However if there is a next time I would probably go for deck 6.

Hair dryers are provided and ok and there were two sockets, one for 220w and one for 110w. My hair straighteners worked better on 220 than at home so make sure you take the correct adaptor. The cabin stewards were brilliant of course and the crew talent show was great fun.

We do feel that little cutbacks are becoming bigger issues. A few years back, a glass of orange juice would have been served freshly squeezed with fruit garnish and a cocktail stick/umbrella and was extremely popular now it's straight from a carton with no frills - boring and pretty tasteless. There were other little cutbacks we noticed which individually may be minor - but aren't the frills all part of the fun of cruising?

The compass rose restaurant is lovely and food excellent and we also ate often in the Lido restaurant. The food is plentiful but a bit 'samey' just slight variations. I'm not knocking it though because they all work so hard, non stop, and there was plenty of it. Cabins were kept spotless.

Sun beds could do with being changed, they are a bit basic and tired looking, but functional. The layout of the ship is strange and we did find it difficult to find our way round sometimes and it is much smaller than the Destiny, I definitely preferred the old Destiny.

Unfortunately two of our key destinations, Heraklion and Rhodes were cancelled because of the rough weather conditions but that was unavoidable. Overall a good break but I would try not to use the old Spirit next time.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Bring back the 'frills'

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around the british isles cruise by oceandawn
10 / 10

got back this morning from around the british isles cruise and had a fantastic time,we have been on this ship before so knew what to expect but we thought everything was much more improved than our last cruise on here,the food and entertainment were excellent! everyone is so friendly and helpful, the ports of calls were beautiful at lots of ports we did our own thing and managed to see and do lots at a lot cheaper price! my favorite place was the orkeny islands and would like to go there again!thanks thomson spirit for a fantastic holiday and thanks mr big red dog for taking me!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go to the live shows in broadway

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Magic of Fjords by Nikki W
10 / 10

We have just returned from the Magic of Fjords cruise to Norway. What a fantastic trip. Everything was made to feel effortless for us from checking in to returning home.

All crew and staff were helpful, friendly and efficient and everywhere was kept spotless. We have a 6 year old and many of the staff remembered her name after only being told once (even the Captain knew her name when we met him). On board there is plenty to keep you occupied if you want but enough space for peace and quiet too. If you have kids make sure they go to the Kid's Club as the staff ensure the kids have a great time and make friends.

Make sure you are prepared to gain weight as the food is superb quality and so very tempting that being available 24 hours a day it is impossible not to tuck in.

The scenery in Eidfjord and Flam is spectacular. We went on an excursion in both ports. The Eidfjord tour was good but we thought the trip to the Dam was a bit pointless (once we saw it) and would have preferred longer at the Wildlife Centre. The tour in Flam through the hairpin bends was superb though and the tour guides on both days were really informative.

In Bergen we did our own thing and found it very easy to get around and lots to see (make sure you take a raincoat though as it rains there a lot). The people are very friendly and lots of them speak English (we tried Norwegian but I think we failed miserably). A visit to the Fish Market and the old part of town is a must.

If you want to buy things in Norway make sure you take plenty of cash as things are very expensive (even food and drinks). We carried bottled water and waited until we were back on the boat to eat to save the cash for presents and souveniers.

This was our first cruise and will definitely will not be our last. If you like scenery then the Norwegian Fjords cannot be beaten and the crew on the Thomson Spirit made it even more special.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Read the Cruise News that is delivered daily so you don't miss any of the activities or shows that you want to do/see
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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Our Spirits kept high by a great cruise aboard Thomson Spirit! by Manxmatador
9 / 10

We have just returned from a 6-day cruise to the Norwegian Fjords aboard the Thomson Spirit and cannot compliment the vessel, the crew, and the itinerary, enough! There's no disguising the fact that she is a "grand old Lady", but the quality of service we received on board was among the best we have enjoyed on any cruise liner!( and we do speak with 10 cruises behind us!) The food, available at all hours, was excellent, as was the waiter service...and the entertainment, led ably by cruise director ,Richard, was of West End standard,with the addititon of the team's so spontaneous enthusiasm and youthfulness!! Each evening we were present, a standing ovation was given and deserved. On a personal note, we were privileged to enjoy a performance and lecture by comedian, Don McClean, which will remain long in the memory. All in all, a wonderful holiday,for which we are indebted to a very professional outfit from Captain to cabin attendants! Well done to all!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Take advantage of all the entertainment, lectures, and other activities on offer

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  • by Andy B

    " If you can get the All Inclusive Drinks package - do it - you'll save a fortune! "

  • by Stevem039

    " I would certainly suggest the upgrade to a higher cabin, as we did.. The lower decks seemed rather warm n stuffy "

  • by John, Karen and Molly

    " don't book the trips, most places can be explored on your own "

  • by scattycat

    " Make the most of the on-board activities "

  • by janelizzie.

    " Attend the welcome session and read the daily cruise mazagine features the days activities. "

  • by Lyn Appleby

    " Relax and enjoy the experience. The crew are all so friendly and helpful "

  • by Kaye Penny

    " Watch as many shows as you can - excellent entertainments team. "

  • by mick2395

    " Ask for deck 6 near everything "

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