Royal Panacea Hotel

Gumbet Mah. Oramiral Kemal Kayacan Cad. No:52, Gumbet 48400, Turkey
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Room: 4/10
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why ?

"I can not understand why holiday companies still use this hotel,We were looking forward to our holiday and we love Turkey, anyway we arrived at the hotel approx 2am, no where to get a drink, our room was up 60 every uneven steps and our room, well, damp,balcony that was shared and you could not fit a chair on, view was a treetop, bed was comfortable but sheets not very clean,thankfully the air con worked well. Staff always sitting about watching rooms,we had our suitcases picked open and we had money and believe it or not sweets taken,managed to find someone who was willing to speak English to us to complain to the manager about what had happened,manager arranged a time to go back and see him after he had had time to speak to workers, arranged time came manager refused to come and see us, this was on our second day, rooms were not cleaned at all during our stay, we had to ask for clean bed linen and towels and toilet paper,spoke to rep only to be told "they do their best"drinking water bottle was filled from a tap by a hose pipe, paper cups used in the restaurant,the views from the pool area are lovely, more so in the evening. I complained to the company that arranged our holiday and even begged them to read reviews on here and TripAdvisor. I am not the sort to moan without good cause, I understand that different countries standards are different to ours but......I think that at one time this would have been a lovely hotel, but sadly it is really a has been, and i really felt they disliked the English here, tried not to let things spoil things for us too much but that was hard. On the upper side, weather was fantastic, and our flights with Pegasus were very good."

by Maria A
1 / 10

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"AWFUL,DIRTY, THIEVING/RUDE/DISGUSTING STAFF.....seen cleaner PUBLIC TOILETS!! Cockroaches and insects everywhere. Dining room filthy and food looked unhygienic. Didn't get to eat there once as it looked like we could probably end up with a terrible illness as a result. Room was filthy when we arrived, bedding had not been changed. Curtains were hanging off the patio doors and speaking of the patio doors....these did not lock and our balcony was accessible from the roof and we kept seeing people walking around the roof in the evenings. Totally terrified to leave anything out as we had money and cigarettes stolen on our second day. Kept finding things hidden under our bed. Ended up complaining several times but were told if we complained again we would be kicked out, rep was about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike! We tried to find another hotel to transfer to but they were all full. Everyone in the area seemed to know how bad our hotel was and thought it was funny that we were staying there. Nearly everyone staying there had some sort of issue or problem with the hotel. I am not being trivial, I am usually quite easy going but this was one problem after another at this place and I would honestly not recommend this horrid place to my worst enemy!! stay away please, there are many other 'cheaper' and much nicer hotels in the area......IMPERIAL TRAVEL booked this one for us and have refused to come back to any calls, letters or emails about this hotel!! Avoid this company as well."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't stay there!!
by Mel H
1 / 10

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they should call the hotel the step resort

"when we arrived at the hotel at 5:30 in the morning and to our horror we had to climb hundreds of steps to get to our room which had two small windows and no view. Later that morning we were moved to an apartment which was on a lower level. We knew the hotel was on a steep hill but was never told about all the steps we had to climb to get to most places in the hotel. When going back to the hotel after a our first night out we were followed by a Turkish guy who followed us to the hotel then he continued to follow us through the hotel as there was no security on the gate we managed to get to our room and lock the door the man continued to try and get into our room by constantly trying the handle and knocking the windows I went to phone reception for help to find the phone did not work. I reported this to the reception later that morning who wrote in a book for the phone to be fixed four days later the phone was fixed. We also got fed up with being sexually harrased by the receptionist all the time. The food was ok but by the last day there was not enough food to go around every one. A friend of mine who works in gumbet told me we had picked the worst hotel in the town with the worst reputation I would rate this hotel as only 2 star and not 4 star."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: to clean up there act
  • Good For: Beach
by netty
2 / 10

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amazing value hotel! :D

"Went to the Riviera Guler for a week all inclusive from 5th til 12th june 2011, absolutely terrified of what to expect after all the bad reviews, but was really pleasantly surprised! Rooms were basic, but ours was spotlessly clean, beds changed regularly, clean towels everyday, air con worked really well, shower always had hot water and we had a stunning view from our balcony. TV worked fine, only had about 3 English channels, but i didn't go on holiday to watch TV! All the staff were lovely to us the whole time my boyfriend and i were there, could't have been more helpful or friendly! Pool area was lovely and the unlimited drinks came in handy with the heat. The only downside was the food, it wasn't AWFUL, bit it wasn't amazing either. We ate dinner out twice and breakfast once, but every other meal we ate at the buffet or the snack bar at the hotel. Considering the amount of money we paid, we thought it was amazing value for money! Even had a free shuttle bus service to a really nice beach in Bitez, was a really good day out! Oh and lastly, i'm not the fittest or most athletic person in the world, but the hill and the steps were reeeeeally not that bad at all. People are just whining! If you're on a bit of a budget and you wanna be right in the town center with all the bars and restaurants, then the Guler is a really good choice!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by jennyjenjen87
9 / 10

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Excellent holiday

"I dont know what people are whinging about. its a fab hotel, freindly staff, clean bedding everyday. Not much choice on food, but what do you expect for how cheap thos hotel is. I would definatley go again for the price and also a gorgeous place as first visit to Turkey, would recommend to friends. Alot of steps but as other people have said its in the brochure. Overall 10 out of 10!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Good For: Beach
by sharon300985
10 / 10

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Afghanistan may be a better placw to go

"We arrived 2 apartments booked one for my wife and me and one for our 17 year old son, we where allocated our apartments and went to move in, we went to our sons apartment and there was no cable on the water heater for shower and sink so no hot water, it had been cut off for some strange reason, so off to reception to explain and we got allocated a different apartment for him. We went to the new apartment that had a water heater that worked. We then went to ours and discovered the fridge wasn`t working it was making a lot of noise and hot inside , so off to reception again and explained we needed a fridge to keep medical insulin in he said he would bring us a NEW fridge , 3 hours went by and nothing happened so back to reception and the guy there said he thought we could make do with one fridge between the two apartments!!!!, I explained that was not suitable and he said he would get us a NEW fridge , 1/2 an hour later a guy came and started ripping the old fridge out with a 10 min struggle he got it out because I think the kitchen had been built around the fridge as he was banging and bashing it to get it out , he got it half way to the door then he rang reception to say he had got it out , next he dragged it back to where it came from and using his foot he managed to get it kicked it back into its hole, then our NEW fridge arrived carried by another bloke it was a tiny mini bar fridge that looked 20 years old, rusty and dirty inside , he plugged it in and looked very pleased with himself and off he went. So now we were settled in!!!!!, we then decided to explore , we went to the pool which was quiet so got a sun bed each no bother, pool looked ok , so we went to the bar for a drink and then took a dip in the pool and discovered 1 of the night light floating like a flying saucer in the water still connected to the electric cable , the a guest spotted it and jumped in the pool and put the light back into its hole as if he`d done it a few times. Now its 7-30pm off to the restaurant we walked around the buffet and looked at one another and thought what’s this, so we tried a little and swiftly left as it was awful, off down the 38 steps to head down into the town to find something to eat as we had been travelling since 6 am and where starving. We got up the next day and our son commented his bathroom was infested with ants not 1or 2 but 100`s, a couple of days went by and we where so disappointed with the place and having to eat out all the time we hired a car and drove 100 miles to Icemeler and booked a hotel there for four days. four days later back to “Fawtly Towers” our sons apartment was still ant infested, cleaner must have noticed ants as a worker arrived to re grout the bathroom the result was similar to Mr Bean putting the firework in the tin of paint there was grout everywhere , we carried on with the rest of our holiday making the best of a bad job eating out 100% of the time and only sleeping there and a few hours round the pool , if you want an all inclusive holiday this is definitely one to avoid"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Please dont go you will be dissapointed !!!!!!
by Knockoldman
1 / 10

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best hotel ever

"Been with friends its totally grand.Loved it.service is excellent.Reception service great.

10 out of 10

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
  • Advice: close to bars
  • Good For: Beach
by rickynick
10 / 10

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should be on tv "holiday from hell"

"booking into this hotel was the BIGGEST mistake we ever made,it was a killer with the steps and the staff made you feel like you wre spoiling their day! the food was inedible,we were luckly to have enough money to eat and drink out and only used this faulty towers to sleep an shower in.please dont book here use your money an go to a nice hotel in gumbert as the resort an the beachside is lovely."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by foxylady
1 / 10

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What a **** Hole

"This place is easily the worst hotel i've ever stayed in, even compared to 10$ a night hostels when i've been travelling in Australia. The steep hill and several thousand steps were ok for us but if you are a bit older or had small kids it would be a nightmare.

Had to endure 2 weeks all inclusive is this hell hole, which resulted in having to pay for meals in Gumbet everynight. I'm sure you get better food in prison.

The drinks machine in the restaurant (i use the word restaurant in the loosest possible terms) never worked. Breakfast consisted of Eggs, Eggs and more eggs, and there were always bowls of brown water that I couldn't even hazard a guess as to what it was. Dinner was pretty much always the same i.e terrible, you'll love it if your a fan of turkish pizza. Also as the pool is above the restaurant you get water dripping down.

Our first room was supposed to have a sea view, metal railing and dustbins is a more accurate description. Also the aircon didn't work. finally got moved to a another room but it was even further up the complex and the aircon was so noisy you couldn't have it on. I've read a few reviews about theft regarding the maids, I didn't worry as i never saw one, we had to request clean towels and linen from reception.

The dude on reception was easily the most obnoxious person i've ever met, I was nothing but polite with him everytime i had to deal with him even though his first words to me were that he hated the English.

Just stay away from this place if you want an enjoyable holiday. It looks like it might have been a nice place many years ago, but now it just needs bulldozing, preferably with the bloke on reception still inside.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont even consider this hotel
by MP
1 / 10

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107 steep steps to hell!

"I write this having read thandys account. We arrived home today from the Guler. On our third evening at the hotel we were seated directly behind the poor family who endured their encounter after questioning the manager about the entertainment and we were shocked to see a man whose tee shirt appeared to be in shreds!. I applaud your review and here comes ours.

The hotel is situated very high up on a very steep slope! Ideal if in training for the three peaks challenge, but not for a relaxing holiday. We counted 107 steps from the entrance to the hotel to our room. We had requested a low floor room. I'm a dance teacher so I quite enjoyed the flexing of calf muscle routine, but hated the slippery floors everywhere! The pool bar was understaffed; there was a lack of seating, and perilous journeys past slippy puddles on each journey. My husband tried the vodka, which turned out to be 'vodka mist'.... 17.5 percent proof. All drinks were in small glasses and the one-drink per person rule is true... it became embarrassing to attend the evenings 'entertainment' which consisted of hearing all the stories from other holidaymakers of this doomed trip!

Gumbet is lovely, as is Bodrum, and I think this is the first holiday where I've probably lost weight! Not a cloud in the sky, and public transport is very good locally too.

Our shower leaked everyday. The air conditioning worked. There were many mixes of families and singles, Turkish, Dutch, German and British. We were definitely one of the oldest couples there.. I'm 49 years old. Which didn't matter but is merely an observation relating to the steps again really! This was our first holiday as a couple for over 27 years! We've seen our three boys all grow up. The pool was adequate for us and a lovely temperature, and the water slide was well-used and entertaining to see being used too! But the meals...... ok if you like eggs... scrambled, boiled, fried, and the bread was nice but no toaster! My boys would have struggled with that. We got used to the soup everyday, and the meals for us were workable. But just think about that hill, and if you do go, say hello to the boys at Cheers bar. Lots of Turkish dancing by eager young males in the bars, and a real party atmosphere in Gumbet... but back at camp Guler.... that's another story!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dreamgirls is worth a visit. Try the Cool Breeze bar for people watching and a lovely beer.
  • Good For: Beach
by thehowards
2 / 10

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"As we arrived at the guler resort in gumbet.I went with my mum,dad and me.

we thought it looked very nice untill we arrived , you have to climb up a big hill

to get to the guler and then climb up all of the stair's,People who has got walking

aid's or anything like that wont be able to go to the guler because it was hard enough

and we can all walk fine.

The room wasn't very clean,the shower was grubby

The maid's did the towels up nice on our beds though she left

them on different patterns which was nice.

During the day was good because you have the flume and the pool

for ones like me,we went down for breakfast in the morning and there was nothing

there a tall practiclay boiled egg,sausage the first day i had a roal and there was

a fly flying about the table and it went in my roll.

what i had for a fortnight was cold chips & pasta.

So i would like people to read my reveiw and listen to it because it is true!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Gumbet is lovely but not guler x
  • Activities: cheers beautiful pizza & chips the best food i had on holiday x
  • Good For: Beach
by caitlinm18
3 / 10

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high security prison would've been safer!!!

"After working all year AND overtime for a well deserved family holiday we ended up in what I can only describe as a hell hole!!

The reception guy was very unhelpful; I think he was probably finished his shift n didn’t want to be there!! After popping our AI bands on we were ushered back downstairs (all 50 whatever of them), into an apartment that had neither a balcony nor nice view.

The bathroom hairdryer had gaps around the socket which could’ve given off shocks with all the condensation. The shower screen didn’t fit properly resulting in water all over the bathroom floor. The toilet wasn’t cleaned the whole 2 weeks we were there.

The bedroom furniture had the previous guests underwear (which my partner thought were mine) be buggered!!!! We weren’t even given a sheet the first night.

The restaurant left a lot to be desired - everyone lining up in an orderly fashion, waiting to grab a table, only to be dripped on by the pool water from above. The menu was rice pasta 'flat' meatballs or their version of chicken nuggets, along with a bowl of soup!!! Av got to say their bread was delicious!!! A couple of occasions the restaurant manager let our table out to other Turks, but when it came to us getting our table we were just waved an unhelpful hand in our direction, shoeing us away as if we were worth nothing!!!!

The first 2 days there were issues over the sun beds n the drinks - a rep removed the towels from the sun beds and sorted out the drinks situation (which was that Brits were ignored at the bar whilst Turks were always served first - didn’t matter how long the Brits had been waiting. Also you could only get served for your own drink at a time so although you were sitting next to the bar as a family each family member had to take it in turns to get their drinks, making the whole evening unpleasant as you never got to sit together and chat - one person was always waiting and being ignored at the bar)

Turkish sauna, Turkish shave and hair cut were, however, fantastic.

The pool had too much chlorine in (turning hair and white swimwear green!), not enough sun beds, the pool didn’t get cleaned properly, there wasn’t enough chairs for when there was entertainment (which was only once a week if they turned up!)

The second Wednesday we were there, we were told that the entertainment had turned up but for whatever reason had gone away again without performing. My partner went to ask the manager what was happening as we were all sitting waiting (drinking our watered down drinks). Next thing I know my daughter came running up the stairs screaming that her dad was being beaten up. At this announcement I and a few British men jumped up and ran down the many stairs to find out what was going on! When my partner and 2 other gents had went to ask the questions, as soon as they were asked their nationality and announced they were British the manager started yelling at them to get out! The manager started pushing my partner and a fight broke out. Which resulted in my partner literally running for his life, he was assaulted by many employees at the hotel, who chased him up the stairs with knives. His clothes were ripped and he was so badly shaken that none of us felt safe leaving the apartment (sounds dramatic but we were literally scared for our lives!) I have never in my life been confronted with knives and hope myself and my family never are. My 15 year old son was followed by 2 Turkish holiday makers the same evening in a threatening manor and had to also be escorted back to the apartment. I cannot believe I spent my hard-earned cash on this, which was my first holiday to Turkey to be petrified to leave the apartment. A fortnight in a high security prison would have been more enjoyable!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
by thandy
2 / 10

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Royal Panacea Hotel

  • Call 020 3468 2351

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  • by thandy

    " Sues Place or Geordies Bar are nice for an English breakfast. The Beach is nice also "

  • by foxylady

    " gumbert on the beach is lovely but avoid the town,the traders drag you in all the time "

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Address: Gumbet Mah. Oramiral Kemal Kayacan Cad. No:52, Gumbet 48400, Turkey