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Thomson decline as part of TUI by Andrewpool
1 / 10

Sailed several times on Thomson ships and standards have gradually declined, this was the worst. Standards of food cleanliness service and variety of entertainment were bad. Have even been on Island escape a few years ago which was better than this ship is now.

The Captain never attended the captains evening - maybe he had a tip of- as most people who attended had stomach upsets that started one day later. Does noro virus really spread like this - unless it is in the food chain? Don't know as the usual blockage of information to the cargo happened when there is a problem.

DINING- Freedom- long queues to get into restaurant, long wait for service of food and drinks, food only warm and standard poor.

Buffet- Only warm food of not very good standard,

CABIN- Thomson have classified this as a Platinum ship as it has tea making facilities in the cabin and a flat screen TV. Only programs available on flat screen TV were analogue signal with no normal TV channels and 3 films which were displayed as narrow screen. Pity anybody who was imprisoned in their cabin due to reporting a stomach upset! As this was round canary islands then satellite TV reception is possible if the company could be bothered.

SHIP- Vibration in port is ridiculous, must be something wrong with auxiliary engines or design of ship.

Good Points- shower was good and getting off ship was.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Dont go

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First and Last by Peter Sinclair
3 / 10

17th to the 24th Jan 2014

First the good points - The staff were very good, with special mention in praise of those who operated the Mistral Restaurant. A very good and safe dining experience.

The suite we were in was O.K.

The entertainment team were very good until half of them went down with the Noro Virus or was it just good old fashioned food poisoning picked up from the self service canteen.

Now the bad - The ship itself is sadly lacking in class and looks like retirement should be imminent. The food (apart from Mistral)was average.

Celebration at times felt like a floating nursing home.

The Noro Virus was both good and bad, good because with so many confined to their cabins there was more room to move about. The bad, obviously sad for the poor souls who caught it and annoying hearing the whoosh of the vacuum toilet every 10 minutes.

If you enjoy cruising in a sad ship with mostly elderly, morbidly obese companions, The Celebration is the one for you.

The staff deserve a better ship as much as the customers.

Thomson should be doing a whole lot better.

My first and probably last cruise unless anyone can convince me otherwise.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Try another cruise line

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Canadian nightmare by Roy S
3 / 10

This is an old ship (renovated?). We had 300 with norovirus on the week of17 to 24 January there is no hot water in the public toilets sometimes no soap and only one hand dryer the smaller theater bar smelt of vomit and the lower stairs of urine! The portions in the main restaurant were skimpy to say the least! they did everything to distance themselves from the Norovirus outbreak . that together with rough seas anda failure to dock at La Gomera resulted in a " never again with Thomson " experience

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1 / 10

We were on the Thomson Celebration for one week from in January just after a week spent at the Sensatori in Tenerife.

Cruised on Thomson ships many times, but never ever again after this experience. We paid extra (over £300+) for a deluxe cabin on deck 7. We booked this cruise over a year ago when we were on the Thomson Majesty. We were assured that there was no obstruction to our porthole and we looked at the deck plan and the lifeboats were above on deck 8. In reality we had 3/4 of two portholes obstructed by the bottom of a lifeboat. This made the cabin depressingly dark. After complaining to guest services they said we could not move cabins as the ship was full. Very disappointing and also the air conditioning did not work effectively. After many phone calls they sent an engineer to fix it which worked for a while then reverted to being ineffective again. Eventually on day 2 of the cruise we managed to get a fan to help cool us.

I agree with the previous review regarding insufficient staff to get a drink and in the main restaurant it was the same. Food generally was poor and often tasteless and this time as two ladies traveling on our own together we experienced a general lack of respect by the restaurant staff and bar staff. We have never never experienced this on board a Thomson ship before. Speaking to others ladies they said the only time they were not overlooked was when they joined a table with a male presence. The staff generally did not have or give us that feel good factor that we have always had before, which is a shame. Don't think that this is a happy ship at all.

The ship did shake especially in port. Also agree that ship full of little extras and annoying that one crew member walking around with plastic card selling the drinks package when he would have been better employed getting drinks for people.

The shows were generally very good but for me the star of the ship was a lovely singer/guitarist called Benjamin Moss. He has true talent and I told him that he was wasted on the Thomson Celebration. I wish him well because he was the only crew member who made me smile and cheered me up with his lovely songs.

We couldn't wait to get off the ship (which did have the novo virus on board prior to us embarking) and please believe me that this is not a platinum ship at all and more people I talk to say they will not travel with Thomson ever ever again

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014
  • Advice: Don't bother going on this ship that is my greatest tip

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What are Thomson doing by Susan D
3 / 10

This was our third cruise on the Celebration this year and since April we have seen a decline . We did voice our concerns in August but was informed by Thomson Customer Service that they were sorry they did not meet our expectations but had for the majority ! So we went for our first Christmas & New Year cruise with the hopes and expectations that all would be perfect, not so, how wrong were we.

Drinks service on board is really poor a wait of at least 45 minutes to get an order in and maybe an other 15 minutes to get the drinks. Not by any means the staff's fault , they are just not enough. All our previous cruises with Thompson up to 2013, staff had sections, they had time to talk to you, your drinks were topped up , you didn't spend time you have to be relaxing looking for bar staff !! We bought the drinks package and we have lost out badly, we just could not get served even when going to bar yourself you had to wait ages. The drinks package just keeps adding concessions , and now you have the lovely new coffee shop which replaces Explorers and that is not included in the drinks package, although they did reduce hot drinks for you. This still makes Hemingway's crowded from those who may have sat in explorers now go in here , so there is lack of seats and of course bar service a major struggle as they look after the casino too. If it wasn't for the fantastic casino staff you would never get a drink while playing !

One of the biggest disappointments was we were expecting a WOW factor on arrival, big company , big brand , was expecting big decorations. So not the case, was truly lacking and Horrizons had none at all !No Christmas shows just repeats from what they have done throughout the year, same quizzes, same jokes! same play. No build up to Christmas or New Year from Cruise Director Gavin, if a announcement was made by him it was geared around selling something! You were constantly hassled to buy wine packages, wine taster evening's , pictures (of which 1 night they had 5 areas on board they set up to grab you ), We sailed Christmas Eve but docked Christmas Day when all shops were closed ? No fireworks New Years Eve as we were sailing ! They even hassled you to buy champagne for New Year , no offense the price we paid I was expecting it to be free ! No little touches for Christmas, mince pies in cabins? mulled wine ? just a repeated CD playing same Christmas tunes. Even the Cruise News was the same , could it not have come with Christmas Colors ? They did do Santa for little ones.

Food was cold, repeated and you could see the servings of certain foods in the Lido was reused on another seating. Food was the same as what was served in August, except Christmas and New Years Day.The Lido is now no longer 24hr dining and closes at 1am, which although I can see opening all the time is silly I do feel it should close when all the entertainment is closed. On New Year Eve it still closed at 1am although people were still on the Lido deck drinking and dancing!

We had a feeling there was virus board as they switched to serving us, drinks menu's were taken in. When I asked why drinks menu's were taken in I was informed it was due to passing on any germs, I sort of understood that , but the menu's for drinks and snacks you had to buy in full were still out ? If you got a large straw with a drink the tip of the paper cover was on but if you had a smaller straw it didn't ? This was to stop spread but did not make sense why one and not the other.

Everything now on board seams geared around extracting as much money as possible from you. You no longer feel important to Thomson, we made a written complaint and left it with reception, we were not contacted by anyone to say they would look into it or that they had received it! Nothing from the cruise director!.

Constant vibration throughout the ship even in dock!

Basically we paid for a Christmas cruise and we actually got a very poor normal cruise. Certainly not standards you would expect from Thomson.

I have since seen a review on cruise critic which is recent and it looks like they have not listened or done anything

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013
  • Advice: Dont buy the drinks package , you will loose money as you can not get served

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Thomson Celebration - Red Sea Magic by Shammond
5 / 10

We cruised over New Year December 2012 - January 2013. Whilst on board this ship in Safaga, we experienced a significant amount of dust from one of the factories. My husband has recently been diagnosed with an extremely debilitating illness which has been linked to this dust exposure. Does anybody have any photo's of the dust or would anybody like to share their experiences with me? If so, please email me on

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, booked with Thomson

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Brilliant been on this ship 5 times by Lorraine A
10 / 10

We have been on the equinox,celebrity cruises and the royal Caribbean also holland America.

But the best is Thomson by far. It's smaller friendlier, the staff are brilliant

And the entertainment are of far better standards than of the larger ships.

It's very friendly and we met lots of nice people on being part of a family.

Go for it!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Book mid ship on deck 4 outside cabin.. A great position

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dreadfull cruise by Lynn B
1 / 10

Been on Thomson ships in past including this one, Christmas and new year ruined, this ship had been in dry dock and in my opinion was rushed back into service, the crew didn't have time to get into a routine, food was cold when it finally arrived, waited hours in dining room, we gave up in end and used lido for eating. Not what I want on cruise like to be waited on. Ship was boiling in some people cabins I had to wear fleece in ours, toilet spraying water mist when flushed, toilet in cabin not working for first 9 days(what would happen in emergency) could go on about dreadful room service when confined to cabin for three days with what ever bug was doing the rounds none of which was crews fault, profit before people!!! That what Thomson have become. Loads of regular cruisers felt the same

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New Year cruise by Babykins
3 / 10

We have cruised with Thomson many times but this was the worst cruise we have experienced.Last New Year we were on the Majesty and thoroughly enjoyed it so decided to book again.I'm afraid we will not cruise on the Celebration again.The facilities could not cope with the number of passengers.We could not find a free sunbed so busy just like sardines cramped together.There were no seats available in Hemmingways bar on an evening too small.We had to go up to the top floor to the Horizons bar with no entertainment at that time.The staff could not cope with the workload they had we felt so sorry for them.I have never had to queue as much for meals reception drinks etc.We landed in Lanzarote at 11am and had to queue an hour to get off the ship just like a cattle market no organization at all just a free for all.

We feel this ship needs some serious organization otherwise people will go elsewhere because lets face it Thomson other companies are getting as competitive now with good facilities.

We will give you one more chance next New Year on the Majesty if not up to expectations we will certainly cruise with competitors.

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Massive Dissapointment by coohoo
3 / 10

We have been on 14 cruises with Thomson all fantastic. This one was such a let down. Cut backs have been taken too far. Meridian dining room was so short staffed we waited 2 hours most evenings had to chase a wine waiter for a glass of wine the food was average and only just warm. So short staffed in the bar that there was no time for the staff to have a bit banter with you. No 24 hour buffet no fancy towels design in our rooms no chocolates on your bed. What have Thomson done to there loyal customers. We have a 2 week cruise booked in July on the Dream, I have already been in touch to cancel and change to a land holiday. I am sure we won't be alone in turning our backs on Thomson cruisers after such a let down

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Go back to the drawing board and make it like it was

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Ship of Smiles by Experience Cruisers
10 / 10

As the Captain says....”She may not be a floating multi story block of flats with an Ice rink and climbing wall in the middle, but what she does have is character” and what a character she has. All the staff, from the numerous members who clean up after you, up the Captain all have smiles on their faces, they are all extremely helpful and friendly, really making you feel special and making your holiday. The food is just magnificent, in both the Meridian restaurant, which is waiter service and in the Lido which is self service. The variety and quality of food and it’s presentation is outstanding at all times of the day. The Meridian restaurant has an ‘open dining’ policy, meaning that you can dine whenever, where ever and with whom you want, unlike other cruise liners, which in our opinion is far better and more pleasurable. The bars, of which there are 6 of them littered about the ship, cater for every taste from a quiet relaxing drink with soft music in the Horizons bar, to lively music and entertainment in Liberties Bar, and serve you with proper, named brand drinks, not weakened, local brands.

The entertainment staff are something else. Every one of them is simply brilliant. The dancers and singers in the Broadway shows provide a ‘London Class’ spectacular evening show, which they perform twice nightly, for the early and late diners. During the week the show caters for all tastes, from ‘Killer Queen’ to ‘Classics from the shows’. Every performance was fantastic, with every member giving 110% energy and effort. The ship’s group, Top Men play in the daytime and evenings in Liberties, have a huge selection and sounded brilliant. The duet , pianists and singers throughout the ship were excellent and added to the mood and enjoyment of the evening. The head of entertainment, Gavin, should be very proud of all his staff and a huge thank you to him for being an excellent host.

The ship is cleaned within an inch of its life all the time. All area’s including your cabin, are kept spotlessly clean and safe with Sanitizers throughout the ship. You are issued with a ‘Credit Style’ card at the start of your holiday, which you use at all times to purchase drinks and pay for goods, and boarding and disembarking from the ship, which is a very smooth and efficient process.

We have suggestions for anyone going onto the Celebration. Firstly consider the All Inclusive drinks package, no matter what it costs. (It’s more expensive when you get on board rather than per-booking it.) It is well worth it and makes life so much more easier, with other benefits. And choose your cabin on whichever deck you prefer, Not all cabins have double beds, and the single beds can not be made up into a double.

To summarize, Its a fantastic ship, with magnificence staff, food, drink entertainment, which is clean and very friendly. We have called it ‘The ship of Smiles’.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Consider the drinks package.Its well worth it over-all

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PROBLEM WITH FUMES!!!! by michael cartwright
1 / 10

Has anyone been affected by diesel fumes when ship in port refueling; especially affected was Deck 4. Pumps used to load diesel allowed fumes to enter via ship's ducts. I had chosen to go to my cabin instead of getting off ship & fell asleep whilst watching a film, when I woke up the cabin was full of the fumes affecting me with shortage of breath & coughing, I immediately sought assistance & was told this was a common problem & instructions were given for the cabin to be fumigated & neither myself or my wife were able to go back to the cabin for at least 4 hours. I ended up with a high temperature as well as the other symptoms & felt very tired, had to see Doctor & was prescribed anti-biotic. On a second occasion when the ship docked & refueled I remained on board again but away from our cabin, but found that the whole of Deck 4 was once again fume filled!

Would appreciate if anyone has encountered this or been affected by this would contact me via this review website to substantiate this situation occurring.

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