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Horific holiday

"We booked with Thomson Cruises to travel during February 20014 and were really excited at the prospect to be traveling on the Celebration. It turned out to be the worst holiday that we have ever had. My partner became very unwell mid way through the trip and was kept in the intensive care unit on the ship.

When we arrived ashore we were transferred directly to a local hospital where we were accompanied by the ship's welfare officer, she advised that her role was to support us through the process until the ship sailed. We found her to be brash and not compassionate. She immediately advised me that we were unlikely to be passed fit for travel, on being told that we definitely had to stay I began to cry, this was a very daunting prospect as I didn't speak the language and found the health care system unfamiliar. Her response to this was "come on, you knew this was going to happen". I suppose it had some benefit, I realized that we were there alone and I would have to support my partner.

Before this happened I was told that I would have to pay the ships medical fees of approx £3700, I was astounded by this as we had shown our insurance documents on board the ship and at the hospital, we were told by the ship staff in the medical center that they would not make contact as it would be night in the UK and the company would be closed. If I hadn't been so worried about my partner I probably would have noticed myself that there was a 24 hour phone number clearly printed along the top of the documents. While in the hospital I advised the welfare officer that we would not be able to cover the costs and they would need to approach the insurance company.

We had been assigned a local agent (not employed by Thomson) but found him unreliable and had an agenda of supporting his local friend’s business. He didn’t turn up when he was meant to and was of very little use to us.

I was taken back to the ships to collect our belongings four hour before it sailed, the welfare officer arranged to meet me at reception 1 hour later. The welfare officer advised me that they had attempted to debit the medical fees from my partners account but it had been declined, as I had advised her it would be.

After struggling to reception with our bags I was met by the welfare officer, the purser, the local representative (along with his boss), and several other members of staff milled around us. At this point, despite seeing our insurance documents several times, I was told that I would have to pay the medical fees as I disembarked, I didn’t feel like it was an option not to pay, again I advised that we didn’t have the money available, I was then told that I should find someone that would cover the costs, again I advised that we didn’t have the funds available. At this point I was asked to sign a document stating that I would cover the costs within the next 10 days so that I could disembark to rejoin my partner.

We were stranded in Morocco for 11 days, 3 of which we were in hospital. Mr partner had problems with his heart and was extremely fatigued after discharge.

The local Thomson reps came to our rescue, they supported us to find accommodation at their local complex and supporting us in gaining the documents we needed from the hospital. When we asked for help we felt that nothing was too much.

We tried to rest while we were stranded, this was very difficult as we had ongoing battles with the insurance company for information and support. However if this was not enough, we found that Thomson had deducted the sum of the medical fees from my partners account in smaller amounts leaving him very overdrawn. When we discussed this with the bank, they advised that there is a ceiling limit to which the company could withdraw without our approval and by breaking the costs down they had been able to take the funds.

Several months on I am still in shock at how badly we were treated. We have sent a formal complain to Thomson to which they have replied, it has skipped over all of the issues and advised that problems are often found with the local staff. We had no problems with the local staff of Agadir, they were outstanding, we also found the hospitality staff (restaurant and bar staff) fantastic, they were all from the Philippines…..

I will never book with Thomson again and have been looking at how we can take this matter further.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: I would suggest that you don't travel with Thomson on on board any of their ships.
by badgercat
1 / 10

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Thomson Celebration Cruise Ship Review

"I have just spent a week on the Thompson Celebration Cruise Ship and will try and put across a balanced perspective


1. Very professional and friendly waiters, cabin personnel and other staff

2. Good food in the main "Meridian" restaurant. Lots of mass produced, but very good food in the Lido" restaurant

3. I personally did not like the shows, so never stayed. But the rest of the family seem to enjoy these


1. Overall drinks and wine - Very expensive. Would highly recommend a drinks package. Some drinks were a "total Rip Off"

2. One of the days, the whole family experienced some prolonged sea sickness. I was charged £6.00 for 6 sea sickness tablets. These normally retail at the equivalent of 0.2p.

3. This is really a glorified "Booze Cruise" ideally suited to heavily tattooed people who want a drink from 10.00am till they fall over really!!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, booked with Thompson Shop, Bradford
  • Advice: Get a Drinks Package
by GH16
5 / 10

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Anyone keep fit on the cruise

"A great little read if you're looking to stay fit on your cruise. What did you think of the running track?"

by Brenda T
9 / 10

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Thomson Celebration - Never Again

"My wife and I travelled on the Thomson Celebration Colourful Coasts Canary Islands cruise during the first week in February 2014. We paid an additional £126 (including £42 booking fee) for a cabin upgrade to an outside midship cabin on Deck 3, which we were advised would be in a quiet part of the ship. As experienced cruisers we have generally found a midship position to be the most comfortable.

Despite the £126 cabin upgrade, we were unable to sleep on the first night (whilst sailing from Tenerife to Gran Canaries) due to a continuous and disconcerting vibration, together with an incessant whirring noise, possibly from a nearby air conditioning unit. Accordingly, the following morning (1st February) we reported the problem to the ship’s reception, with a request to be transferred to an alternative, quieter cabin. We were advised however, that, although there were some empty cabins remaining at that time, as further passengers were still to board the ship later that day, a cabin transfer would not be possible as all of the other cabins had already been allocated to the new passengers. The reception staff made it clear to us, however, that our complaint had been formally logged and we would be advised in the event of an alternative cabin becoming available later in the cruise. Despite having paid the cabin upgrade tariff, we would have gladly accepted a smaller/inside cabin if it had delivered more comfort.

As the cruise progressed, with no alternative cabin available, we remained in our original cabin throughout the cruise, together with the incessant vibration each night whilst at sea. In light of this, we suffered many sleepless nights which unsurprisingly, degraded our ability to enjoy the various trips and daytime activities as we were constantly tired.

After speaking to other passengers on the cruise, we found that many were experiencing similar problems to ourselves and had vowed not to use the ship again. One couple, who were experienced cruisers, even said that if this had been their first cruise, they would never have cruised again

When we returned to the UK, we wrote to Thomson outlining the problem. However, in their response, they denied any knowledge of the complaint, saying that no such record could be found in the ship’s reception register, implying that we had in fact made up the story and had made no such complaint. They argued that we had not followed the correct procedure by not reporting the problem at the time of the event (first morning) and accordingly they were not prepared to accept any responsibility regarding the problem or take the issue further.

However, as we had followed the correct procedure, we subsequently wrote back to Thomson expressing our anger and suggested that the absence of the complaint record was down to a lack of diligence by their own staff. In their second response, however, Thomson upheld their earlier comments.

In conclusion our advice is do not cruise on this ship and if you do and you have any problems, don’t expect Thomson to help you. Once you’ve paid your money they just don’t seem to care. We were proposing a further holiday with Thomson later this year, but now we will be using another company.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't book, use another company
by Bluedemon
2 / 10

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Thomsons do not listen

"In replay to the last review, I have been trying to get Thomson to accept the ship had issues in Dec . I have written several letters and had several conversations on the phone, I was basically told ...they were sorry they need not meet OUR expectations but met the majority of others. They never explained or come back with a response to any of our issues. So will think the only way Thomson will listen is when they have lost the season travelers and struggle to get bookings. Our expectation was to have good service. good food and to feel it was Christmas on board. Maybe I expected too Thomson ?"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013
  • Advice: Do not book
by lolabell
2 / 10

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the true story

"The Thomson celebration ship which left on 17th of Jan to 24th leaving Tenerife for a canary trip believe me the passengers was telling the truth it was a awful experience in all aspect ,poor standards and that noro virus with do not disturb signs as most was ill, but Thomson has up to 6 months to give us a report and time to water down the truth . very very disappointed.."

by lovesholidays
1 / 10

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Great Holiday but beware!!

"We have just returned from the Colorful Coasts cruise (28th Feb to 7th March) and having cruised on RCI, Celebrity and P&O have to say that the ship compares favorably in just about every aspect. The food was excellent and plentiful with great variety and the entertainment, especially in Liberties was first class. We did book the holiday late and had an outside cabin on deck one - try to avoid this as it is quite noisy especially in rough seas. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and will certainly not hesitate to book again. One word of caution though, we had some perfume that had been bought on the cruise taken from our suitcase on the final night and I have read other reviews on this ship and it appears that this may not be the first time that has happened. Unfortunately we were home before we realized, so my recommendation would be to lock your case on the last evening before venturing out."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Make the most of the entertainment - it is fab!!
by Mark Jacobs
8 / 10

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Our first cruise

"Our first cruise on Celebration was a good experience except for the sometimes rough seas, which was out of everyone's control. Our outside cabin on B deck was large and well furnished. We had a 6ft comfortable bed with soft pillows and duvet, two large wardrobes,TV, tea and coffee making facilities and an adequate shower room..our cabin steward ,Razak,was an absolute gem. The cabin was cleaned every day, and the bed prepared for the night.(thanks for the nightly chocolates).

The food was always nice and hot, with a great choice, whether for breakfast or lunch and dinner. Afternoon tea was a nice touch.

The boys and girls who presented a twice nightly show, were excellent. The tribute to 'Queen' titled Killer Queen, had to be seen to believed. If only their boundless energy could be bottled, they'd make a fortune.

Unfortunately my husband suffered from two bouts of seasickness, but the medics were able to give him the appropriate injections, and he was able to cope with the slight rocking,

We were unable to sail to Agadir due to very bad weather in that part of the Atlantic, but we had and extra day in Madiera which was a treat.

If I had believed some of the reports I had read, I would have been very anxious but I went with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. Hand sanitizing was the rule which we all adhered too. People need to appreciate that the Norovirus is airborne, but the good hand cleansing goes a long way in the prevention of the spread of the virus.

Due to my husbands seasickness, we probably won't go on another cruise, but we agree that apart from that problem, everything else was very satisfactory.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Go without any preconceived ideas. Experience the nightly cabarets, and enjoy being spoilt by the attentive crew.
by Wendy L
8 / 10

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A good holiday but staff and food not as good as last year.

"Having had a fabulous holiday to the Red Sea on the Celebration last year I was looking forward to the Canary Islands Cruise very much. However, the staff did not seem happy for the first three days of the cruise. They were polite, but nothing like as good as before - have their work contracts been changed or something? Examples were - one waiter bringing other people's dirty plates to our table to scrape off their curry dregs while my daughter was still eating her dessert next to him, and just a general air of sullenness.

Maybe people complained because this changed on the third day and the happy-to-help attitude came back.

The Thomson Celebration is quite an old ship but I didn't find anything wrong with the room or the towels and sheets as others have. It was cleaned three times a day and was spotless. The little things like the arranging of the towels into cute shapes had gone though, as had the fabulous band of last year which played out on deck.

The food is bland and was (again for the first three days) luke warm. I thoroughly enjoyed the tea though - little sandwiches and cakes which were very welcome. The Meridan restaurant had good service but again the food was variable, but it is all included in the price.

Soft drinks especially are terribly expensive on board - £1-90 for a can of Coke! In fact, they will get your money all ways so I suggest you buy duty free to have something in your room and buy soft drinks in dock ready to bring back. They supplied ice for the room which was helpful.

Unfortunately, my husband was sick one day so my daughter and I were put under quarantine with him for 24 hours. I understood the need for that. The doctor and nurse arrived promptly and gave him medication and room service was provided. They did not charge us for the bottled water and the precious can of Coke wile we were confined to the cabin (unlike previous reviewer's experiences)so maybe they have changed the rules now. It was a long day though.

The entertainment staff were excellent; they did not seem to be affected by whatever was bothering the Filipinos.

So a variable experience. If I hadn't been before I would have rated it more highly. But I had my fix of sun and was very glad I went.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Take as many soft drinks as you can on baord - every bottle of water is charged to your account and it adds up to lot.
by Allison Owen Jones
6 / 10

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Thomson Celebration - Not! 17 - 24 Jan 2014

"My husband booked this cruise as a surprise to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, he wished he hadn't! We felt disappointed as soon as we boarded the ship, apparently this ship had been renovated - it didn't show!

My husband contracted the Norovirus on the day of our wedding anniversary and as a result we were both quarantined to our cabin for 3 days. We understood this had to be done as this would help to cut down on the spread of contamination, but we should have been issued with some disinfectant within our cabin so as to help reduce the risk to myself and cabin staff. We had been informed that the Celebration's previous cruise had an outbreak of the Norovirus which, in our opinion, due to the fast turn around, the ship did not have enough time to be properly sanitized before we boarded.

The toilet sprayed our legs when flushed even with the lid down and l found faces on the shower curtain. The towels looked grey and old, the whole cabin just felt grubby. Other issues include a fume filled cabin whilst the ship was docked, together with noisy engines, which we couldn't escape from due to being quarantined.

On the last day all passengers had to leave the ship by mid-morning and were then taken by coach to a hotel near the airport. We didn't understand why we couldn't explore Santa Cruz or go on one of the organized trips!?

We'll, l could go on but l won't. Never again!

P.S. I too came down with the Norovirus the day after we arrived home, it's a very nasty bug!

by Seawave1
2 / 10

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What a joke

"My daughter and myself booked a cruise to the Canary Islands to celebrate her 25th birthday this was to be our first and last cruise with Thomson. The Noro virus was on board which we were not informed about. My daughter was seen by the nurse as she was vomiting on the second week and given an injection for the same, no explanations as to what it was, no questions were asked about any allergies to medication and the nurse did not wash his hands prior to and after the treatment. No wonder the virus was rife. The nurse said that the doctor would come to the cabin prior to us leaving the ship to review her but never arrived. The only communication was with room service when we had to order our meals and reception. We even had to pay for the bottled water when my daughters health was compromised by the virus and she desperately had to drink to prevent her being dehydrated.

The floor near one of the beds was thick with dust and the decor of the cabin was dull and drab and always appeared dirty.

The towels were replaced on a daily basis but always appeared yellow and like pieces of rag, they were so old looking. The toilet became blocked four times.

We will never undertake a Thomson cruise again as the experience was totally unacceptable, dangerous and an absolute waste of well earned money.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014
  • Advice: Don't even consider going
by Warriors
1 / 10

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varied experiences on 1st ever cruise

"Booked 3 wk before and being Virgin Cruisers. We flew to Tenerife Friday 7th February and boarded ship about 530pm. Day 1 to 3 we stayed on board as we wanted to relax in the sun. Food good. Waiters brilliant with special mention to Cliff on the coffe bar. Sailing to Maderia in choppy seas put several people in bed my wife included. Maderia scenic tour was good value. The day at sea was ok. Agadir tour of souk good. I enjoyed a haggle. Overall a nice time and we will cruise again if possible."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: I would need a porthole/window next time
by Paul P
7 / 10

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