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Oriana 4th May 2014 (Henry Kelly)

"I did the 2 week Baltic cruise. Music at sea festival was on and Henry Kelly hosted this. I have never met such a rude person totally rude to the passenger and very suggestive. Watch out if you are under 50 and traveling on your own when he is about. I met other female travelers and they had the same problem. We had to report it in the end but as usual nothing done."

by garempots
5 / 10

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mistaken charges?

"We were charged for items allegedly purchase from the shop on dis-embarkation day, after the shops were shut and after our account had been finalized .. the charge just appeared on our credit card statement. Money was only refunded after we asked for proof of purchase. P&O claimed it was a mistake and the usual bland assurances were given. Has this happened to anybody else or is it really just an isolated mistake?"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take warm clothing
by Earlgrey
4 / 10

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Never Again

"Third time I have tried this ship in ten years never again good for the OAPs.

Poor Food, staff not interested in service, management never to be seen and did not talking to the passengers.The activities time table badly planned. P & O have gone down hill will go back to Cunard.

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont book this ship.
by Sy
4 / 10

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0riana cruise 4th May 2014 St.Petersburg.

"Glad I didn't read the awful reviews because I wouldn't have gone.But i didn't and it was wonderful. Spotless toilets all over the ship. Cabins, we had an inside cabin, spotless and definitely adequate.plenty of wardrobe space, a TV.a fridge and the beds were home comfort. Spotless clean sheets and spotless fluffy towels, every day. Made to feel like a queen when eating in the 0riental and the entertainment staff brilliant.Lots to do and we are booking again for September for my birthday celebrating with my 4 adult children/plus husbands and wives.Have some of these discontented reviewers forgotten the airport routines, where every passenger was made to feel like a criminal, where trolleys had a charge, endless waiting for luggage and also paying for luggage. Good luck P&O you did us fine and there is nobody more critical than a Virgo woman."

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: see top line films on board,enjoy the headliner shows and enjoy being papmered in the beauty salon
by Dorrie M
10 / 10

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Abysmal cruise on the Noriana

"Cruise to Arctic to see Northern Lights. Ship had outbreak of noro virus and technical problems that plagued the next cruise. Took hours to check in due to supposed 'deep clean'. How a ship can be deep cleaned in an afternoon to eradicate Noro virus I don't know as it takes days to deep clean small areas in a hospital.

Left Southampton very early morning over 12 hours late as repairs were not completed in time, so missed out on the excitement of sail away. Noro virus restrictions from the outset. Buffet was a shambles, people everywhere, queuing for half hour for a cup of tea as only one drinks station open. Food (when you could get some) was very average canteen style. Main restaurant food again very mediocre. Ocean grill (extra charge) was decent. Trips incredibly overpriced and disorganized. Noro virus spread continued throughput the cruise making it very unpleasant to be on this ship. Ship broke down yet again, in spite of being in port at Alta having more repairs so next Port Tromso arrived at 4pm! Ship also missed Bergen, allegedly due to weather but suspect the ship just didn't have time as had to travel so slowly due to engine problems. And as for P&O customer service?- the most rude and indifferent people I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I will never set foot on the Oriana or cruise with PO again, there are simply better cruise lines out there who treat customers with respect not disdain.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Stay at home
by maidmarion
1 / 10

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"I was on the Oriana Dec 2012 on the 10 day Christmas Market cruise. I was one of the three passengers that got this out into the media, to let the people on the next cruise aware what was going on.

My wife was very ill from the Noro bug, in fact she has been ill on & off with feeling unwell all year. I will say that we did come to a final compensation cash payment and not money towards another cruise, as my wife will never go on another cruise ship. But like other reviewers if i had been made aware that Noro was on the previous cruise i would not have got on the cruise. It also seems that everyone is giving the captain the same nickname of Captain b*** s***. Happy cruising everyone

by P Baker
1 / 10

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Honest First Time Cruise Review

"This is an honest review for first time cruise experience. The car service and embarkation at Southampton was quick, easy and efficient. First impressions were disappointing - Entering this ship looked like entering a regular freight/ passenger ship -nothing enticing or exciting. Then shown to buffet dining area which was mayhem and looked and tasted like school canteen - Very bad first impressions. Deluxe Balcony cabin was not deluxe, bathroom looked like something from the 70's being peach, with a smell of stale water and damp towels. The balcony door didn't close properly and we were absolutely freezing all night even after they had 'fixed' the problem. The main areas of the ship are comfortable but I was totally shocked when told that this ship had been refurbished a year ago - perhaps the 80s look is coming back in fashion?? The entertainment was basically like your typical famous UK camp resorts where the compares are the entertainers. I was astounded that P&O repeated the entertainment on a 2 day rota and several other passengers had seen the same entertainers over the past years they have cruised WOW?. Food in the main dining restaurant was ok however several members of staff had a major BO problem. The spa services was nothing exceptional and very expensive. Staff on the whole were ok but they must be coming to the end of their contract as the majority look as if they couldn't be bothered. The Marco Pierre White restaurant was exceptional and a definite must for anyone!! The excursions are extortionate and a cash cow for P&O.

The ability to visit different cities is the best service of a cruise and I enjoyed the experience and loved the people I met on the ship which made the trip for me. The idea of cruising for me was that a cruise would be luxury as opposed to a ship being a means of travel. If this had been longer than 4 days I would have got off and flew back. I was on a ship -P and O was not a cruise for me.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dine in Marco Pierre White Restaurant
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Cornelia
2 / 10

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Canaries cruise

"We sailed on Oriana July and Oct this year (2013), we found both cruises to be excellent value for money. October we were on Canaries cruise and chose an inside cabin which was bit smaller than outside but for what time we spent in it was really not a problem. Check in as normal smooth and did not take very long about 20 minutes and were on ship. Food was excellent and we tried all restaurants and all meal times esp loved Al Fresco at night to unwind. Staff very friendly and did not think overly pushy. Entertainment there was something for everyone we actually had ballroom dancing much to surprise to all at home but was good fun. We did not take any excursions as they can be a bit pricey and there was nothing that really took our fancy. All in all not bad and not to mention the people you meet like they say its the friends you have yet to meet how true."

by Linda S
9 / 10

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Very impressed. Loved it!

"OK, I realize that as first-time cruisers we were going to be easily impressed, but we genuinely were impressed. We loved almost every moment on Oriana and can't wait to go again. I am shocked at some of the bad reviews on here but maybe more experienced cruisers tend to be more critical. And yes, they are really freakily scared of the Norovirus, and you get squirted with anti-bac gel at every turn, which can get a bit tiresome, but hey, we didn't get it! So they're doing the right thing.

Boarding was so easy, and our F-deck inside cabin was clean and comfortable, if a little claustrophobic at first but we got used to it. We thought the old girl was wonderful (OK she's looking a little bit worn but still looked good to us!), the food was very good, and we could find almost no faults at all with the lovely crew or anything else really about the ship. The weather could have been better on our Ireland, Iceland and Fa-roes cruise, and there was a definite shortage of whales and dolphins, but that's not P&O or Oriana's fault. However I do think they need to have a look at some of the excursions. Some were really not that great.

We discovered the Conservatory buffet restaurant first and were very satisfied. Very nice food, and of course the option was there to fill up on what you really liked and/or try different dishes. We only dined in the Peninsular Restaurant once and though our steaks were absolutely excellent, the starter and dessert were nothing special and the whole formal atmosphere and over-attentive (gravelly) waiters did not make for a relaxing meal for us. I found it quite intimidating, not used to it I suppose. The other nice thing about the Conservatory, for us as smokers, was being able to take our coffees straight out on the rear top deck afterwards and relax with a cigarette.

We met some very nice people on the Terrace Bar deck and enjoyed their company as we looked (mostly in vain) for sightings of wonderful sea creatures. BUT, I heard some tales of unpleasant behavior from our supposedly social "betters". One or two instances of quite disgraceful arrogance and rudeness was reported to have been aimed at us "lower class" passengers who had picked up a cheap deal on the internet. Nasty.

DUBLIN - Terrible disappointment, unless you are a shopaholic. Tour was quite boring (highlight was front doors!), River Liffey was filthy and full of shopping trolleys in upper part of city, river cruise was far too short (and undertaken in a downpour so couldn't see much anyway), though the boat guys were very entertaining! Got absolutely drenched getting back to the coach, where we were told we could not go back to the Oriana as expected, as they were moving her from her anchorage in Dublin Bay into the port, and we had to stay in Dublin another 2 hours! We all got credited £10 for the inconvenience, but that only just covered 2 pints of Guinness and Magners (called, strangely, Bulmers there for legal reasons!. Some people with mobility problems were quite upset and distressed by the whole episode, having already suffered problems by having to transfer by tender from an anchored ship.

ICELAND - 3 stops here. Were lucky really with mostly dry weather but OMG it was cold! And this was July/August! Totally stunning scenery! Amazing stuff! We were totally blown away. Sadly, I heard that the Whale-watching trips were mainly not very lucky with sightings, and one had to return to port due to bad seasickness. Our excursion in Akureyri was spoiled by a seriously barking-mad guide who seemed to think she was there to tell us her life story! Quite weird, but she pulled herself together and got on with the job after someone strongly pointed out her shortcomings as a tour guide!! And the Waterfalls were well worth the trip!

FA ROE ISLANDS - Big disappointment because we could not dock at our original destination due to very bad sea conditions. They managed to find us a more sheltered mooring on another island but this meant that some excursions were cancelled, including our Schooner Sailing trip. Ok, it would probably have been awful anyway cos it poured down all day, but still a disappointment.

The cruise back down from the Fa roes and through the Hebrides was a bit rough, but I was surprised how many people were badly affected. I thought it was exciting!

I realize, looking back on my ramblings, that I have made it sound like a nightmare cruise, but it really wasn't. It was wonderful! Can't wait to go on another, on Oriana if poss, but somewhere warmer next time!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Keep an eye out for Duty-free discount days
by nighthorse
8 / 10

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Oriana Disgusting,

"Arrived at Southampton on the 14th April and Boarded no Problems, until I noticed Norvo Virus precautions , I asked if Norvo was on the previous cruise as I would not have travelled, due to non related medical problem I would not put myself at risk,I was assured there had not been a problem, I went to my cabin and was disgusted at the standard of it, there was mould in the shower and on the walls, This is an inside cabin on C deck, The Air con was on full and the whole room smelt of damp, I went and complained and was told they had been cleaning the system, By now I wanted off this cruise, but we had set sail, The restaurant was disorganised, and the food was either cold or over cooked, and the staff in Pensiular were totally dysfunctional, I asked to be moved to different restaurant , again it was better than the first, The Salt and pepper was in sachets and in the Conservatory the buffet was being served by waiters, and passengers were not helping themselves very odd for a cruise that did not have a Norvo problem, I avoided the self service areas as too risky and stuck to using my cabin for toilet trips, Lunch and Breakfast I took in the Pensular restaurant which was awful rude waiter pushing chairs in while I was eating, had to ask for everything, The same at Lunchtimes, the food resembled school dinner meals not what I expected from P&O considering I have done many cruises with them, Afternoon tea was a joke 35 minutes for a sandwich and one scone, After 2 days I was feeling rough not Norvo rough but very weak , but considering I had eaten barely nothing other than sorbet and cheese , I was not surprised, At Lisbon I priced up a flight home as I was not happy and did not want to continue on what was a much needed holiday, but there were no flights out that fitted, I spent the rest of the cruise sat in Tiffanys coffee bar and doing nothing else, The ship was dirty public areas in need of a good clean and staff in need of some customer training skills, I left the ship on the 21st and have since been diagnosed with pleurisy and Pneumonia, and taking triple antibiotics, and tomorrow 7th May will be going into hospital for bacterial tests, I have an underlying medical condition which I would not have put myself at risk of any infection, I feel as passengers we should have been advised of the risks before boarding, I will be taking this up with P&O once I have the bacterial results but I have never been so ill in my life, I should have been admitted to hospital but due to the risks of being on a ship that had Norvo the Doctors have been visiting me everyday since, I would never travel with P&O again, Watch this space for more updates,"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont take the risks
by Jayne K
1 / 10

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Oriana 24th April 2013 X306

"The cruise on Oriana was one of the best we have been on with P&O ( 25 cruises ).

The food was excellent and our waiter and wine waitress provided excellent service.

The reception staff were very friendly and helpful... wish I could have said that about the reception staff on Oceana... The shows were great and the ship was very clean and all the staff we spoke to were very friendly.

Our cabin was clean and the cabin stewardess was very efficient and polite.

We managed to get on board by 12.00 and we disembarked by 08.45 which was fantastic.

I can't find any thing to moan about so I won't. Well done P&O for a change. The Prichards

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013, booked with Bolsover
  • Advice: Have lunch in the Peninsular restaurant and drink in the crows nest.
by Ray R
10 / 10

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Never again...

"Cabin okay but noisy as next to service area. No where to sit in quiet, background music everywhere even the reading room had noise from the bar next door. Food poor... Uninspiring and arty farty portions. Entertainment was the usual crass stuff but there was a cello duo but the recitals coincided with duplicate bridge sessions. Some good talks on Concorde and Henry VIII's navy.

I felt I was on a floating old people's care home. I'm 68 and felt like I was a youngster.

After 4 days I wanted to get off. I was so disenchanted and bored. It was only the daily duplicate bridge that stopped me from jumping overboard.

Excursions were limited for me as my mobility is poor. The trip on Sicily was dreadful. Long, boring and we were meant to have tea at a good restaurant... It was like a transport cafe with awful snack food and dreadful coffee. Bare tables and chairs completed the illusion.

I have done many cruises with Fred Olsen and will never cruise with P&O again. I would advise you to do the same.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013
  • Advice: Avoid
by RogerofVectis
2 / 10

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