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fourth visit

"As title suggests this our fourth visit to

Fortuna Beach Hotel and i cannot fault it. I do not know what the moaners have to complain about we get a good clean room the hotel areas are cleaned constantly ALL the staff are brilliant and the friendliest i have ever known always always with a smile and a joke and will help in any way they can.As i said fourth visit and it has improved each time i have been i am now booking for next year 2015 all you others keep away and let us regulars enjoy a nice holiday with laughter all day long

  • Holiday details: May 2014
  • Advice: Just go with the flow
  • Good For: Beach
by uncleneddy
8 / 10

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Mrs Yaman the first!!

"I have spent 3 weeks at this hotel this year and loved every minute.The hotel, the staff, the food,the closeness to beach etc, the Turkish bath, all excellent. BUT...I have to agree with the ExmrsYaman....Mehmet is a liar and a cheat so please BEWARE!!!.Hecan cry for England and his mum mustbe sooooooooooooo poorly the amount of tablets she needs!!!. Apart from that I lOVE THE PLACE xx"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Co-op
  • Advice: Stay away from Mehmet!!
  • Good For: Beach
by Yaman the1st!!
9 / 10

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"My second time around now and loved it just as much as the first time.

Got a suite room this time and it was beautiful albeit a bit cold at night but that is not the hotels fault as we went end of season.

Was nice to see the same old faces again although some of the staff have now left which is a real shame as they really made the place, you really felt like you had come home again.

Food was as good as i remembered although towards the end of the week it seemed like they were just using up whatever was left in the cupboards which is not fair as i paid the same price when i was last there and expected the same standards.

Hotel staff still working as hard as they did keeping the place clean and tidy, suprised they still have that moody receptionist working there after all the complaints my friend had many an argument with her when she was turning the computer off mid conversation with her children.

Have been keeping in touch with a lot of people i met out there, and from this trip too, so a litte word of warning, dont be suckered into giving Mehmet money for "tablets" for his sick mum, from everyone i have been talking to he has made thousands.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: need more entertainment in the hotel, Ash does try his best though
  • Good For: Beach
by ExYaman
8 / 10

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You get what you pay for !!!!!

"On first arrival it looks ok, reception area is nice. We were upgraded to a suite which was carpeted but it had stains all over it. The bathroom was awful the bath was stained and peeling and looked like it had been painted with gloss paint. The pool is very small, unfortunately we didnt get to go in as it rained nearly the whole week. I wouldnt like to go during high season as you wouldnt get around the pool.

The staff were a little unfriendly, trying to get a smile out of them was almost impossible. The food was not good at all, I feel sorry for the chef as he must have a very limited budget, I am sure he did his best but mash potatoes had been liquidized and were like soup, most of the meat was unrecognisable. The chicken was ok, but all in all pretty poor food. I would not go back to this hotel or the resort as I thought it was like Benidorm, full of knock off shops. The mountains were lovely but the beach was just shingle. All in all it was a very cheap holiday, and you get what you pay for.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont bother !!!!!
by Wendy
2 / 10

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never never never again

"just got back 23-07-10 omg all these other people that are slagging off this hotel are correct in some ways

the sunbeds are 10 years old and all stained and there are 26 of them the pool is very small 12 people in and u can't move after about 3.00pm the sun goes around to the side so u loose it

the entertainment advertised is not there nothing at all apart from cd's that are like somebody said in another review just rap and then only about 4 of them

the rooms are ok for sleeping and getting dressed

showers are into a bath that has been painted and not very warm

the maid service is good clean towels every day and make the beds

air con in my room worked but daughters room leaked down on to her dresser

the food was absolute rubbish everything was cold as they filled with hot water at the start then just kept tipping fresh on top of old ok if u like cold fish chips breakfast consisted of boiled eggs and loads of saled and cheese cold brussel sprouts at lunch ok for rabbits

we ate out after the first 2 days

if u have kids dont go not very child friendly the private beech was a joke as have of it was rented off and there were about 16 sunbeds for fortuna guest and no bar for drinks u had to buy them or go back to the hotel

there are a few nice places to eat ie jasmin that do 2 meals for 29 tlr and bamboo beach bar is good for entertainment and only 100 yards from the hotel but then again you should not have to spend a £1000 on food and drink when u are all inclusive

turkey is great but not this hotel 1* for me thats for the room only

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: yes not to go
by jim
1 / 10

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dont go there

"have just returned from this hotel it was a joke only 22 loungers for all of hotel the staff are ignorant our rep didnt turn up so saw noboby till the day we left it isnt ai it part ic the beach is not private you have to pay as the icecream also.if you like weal lager or.gin vodka or raki you were ok if not you have to do without.the turn coffee machine off at 10,and lights in foyer at 9 and we were left in the dark.meal times were a joke,boiled egg,s every morning and a 4 slice toaster that didnt work properly,if you like chick rice and meatballs you were ok they were on every night the food was always cold.everytime you went for something it wasnt there either spoons,cups glasses,milk,water,teabags u got a bit sick asking for 2 weeks so we did without.the bread was left out uncovered from lunch time till suppertime .we went for potats only to be told they werent cooked yet we waited 20 mins for them and they were raw and unedible so we did without we booked airport assistance and were dumped at airport to find out ourselfs i wudnt go back if you paid me one of the reps said hotel has went downhill since it was refurbished i never read reviews about this hotel or i wouldnt have gone and no entertainment what so ever"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont waste your money by going there its a joke
  • Good For: Beach
by holiday queen
2 / 10

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Good, clean hotel in a Central location

"I have just returned from a week in the Fortuna Beach hotel and I cannot fault it. I believe it to be good value for money having stayed in Icmeler the previous year in a more expensive hotel. The food can be repetitive but I never went hungry. The hotel is very clean as are the rooms with fresh towels supplied daily. There is very little room around the pool to sunbathe but the hotel overlooks the sea so therefore just a short walk to the beach. The location of the hotel is the most appealing factor being close to the beach and also the shops and restaurants. Try the turkish bath in the hotel,which consists of the Turkish style bath followed by a full body massage - excellent value for money."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: This hotel is ideal for couples and singles and for anyone looking for a quiet holiday
  • Good For: Beach
by icimay
7 / 10

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Our first bad Experience in Turkey

"We didn`t book to stay at the Fortuna Beach we received a phone call a few days before we left,from the booking agent to say that the hotel we had booked was closing early as there was not enough people staying there so they were being transfered to the Fortuna.

On arriving the foyer and the reception area looked great,once we had booked in and got our key and went to our room,well I have a thing about bathrooms what a shock I got when I put on the light the bath had been painted the paint was an the floor on the wall tiles and the grouting between the tiles was black,the room it`s self was nice and clean as were the beds and the air condtioning was available to use as and when we needed it.

Our first breakfast was ok the usual things cereals/boild eggs/toast the toaster was what you would use at home but this only did one side at a time so you have people stood waiting to put there`s in, we didn`t stay for lunch we went for a walk round Icmeler,dinner wasn`t too bad and that was it, the following day things went down hill very quick if you like chicken you will be alright here,we had it at lunch and dinner every day with a bit of turkey thrown in for good measure.

The staff didn`t have much to say you I would greet them with a good morning or a Hi you were lucky if you got a grunt from them.

After a week the hotel closed as the guests left for home which left only a few of us in the hotel and we were upgraded to the five star Munamar Hotel for our second week,I would not go back to the Fortuna Beach for free this is not a four star hotel

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Escape
  • Advice: Icmeler is a lovley place to see and stay
  • Activities: The Bambo Beach Bar staff are great
  • Good For: Beach
by yorkey
2 / 10

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"me and my boyfriend got moved to this hotel along with 15 other guests. we went told untill arriving at the airport with £50 each to spend on there excursions we went even aloud to hav it in money because it benefited them. when we arrived the hotel looked lovely we went up to our room and there was blue moldy carpet with stains all over it and two single beds which were hard. The air conditioning was fantastic but everything else was rubish. the pool was soooo small and the food was atrociase we were on an all inclusive holiday and we ate out all the time because it was horrid. Lunch was okay but everything else was bad. The staff were so miserable and took half an hour to serve you at the bar. the only drinks you could have was there beer or vodka. This hotel would be okay if you were an old couple because there was no entertainement and i would base it on a 2*. We met some amazing people and they made our holiday worth well . I wouldnt recomend this hotel to anybody.."

by maggieturk
2 / 10

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This hotel is well worth a stay - don't believe the bad mouthers !

"This hotel has excellent service and very friendly (joking) staff with clean rooms. Location is superb and noise levels at night are acceptable. Food is varied although slightly repetitive after a weeks stay. Lots of fresh local produce and salads etc - puddings are excellent. Pool is quite small but beach is much better - blue flag status. Icmeler itself is lovely and very relaxing.

Take the taxi boat to Marmaris and look round the old town - well worth a visit. The day trip to Turtle beach and mud baths is not recommended - too crowded and food at lunchtime is truiy awful.

by LondonLovelies
8 / 10

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This hotel is AWFUL ... believe the bad reviews!

"We were at this hotel in June this year. It is NOT 4 STAR as advertised, it is 2 star at best.

The bedrooms & bathrooms are extremely dated & need a total overhaul.

The food was the worst I've ever experienced abroad.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! A worse version of hospital food at best!

The pool is very small with not enough sunbeds or umbrellas to serve the guests at the hotel. Plus a sewage smell from the toilets was strong on certain days with a breeze blowing in the direction of the pool. The hotel beach sunbeds are charged at 5 Turkish Lire per day.

Noise from both inside & outside the hotel was unbearable, & often until 2 / 3 A.M.

The only good things I can say about this hotel is that it's in a lovely location, scrupulously clean, with friendly staff.

by womenabroad
2 / 10

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excellent setting and staff make for a wonderful holiday

"We have just returned from a weeks stay at the Fortuna beach hotel, we had read the other reviews on this site and went with slight worries. The hotel is small, sandwiched between two 5* hotels either side but holds its own. The accommodation was comfortable and very clean and more than adequate and the sea view was superb.

The food was good with plenty of choice in the salad bars, and two hot choices at both lunch and supper, I accept that liver casserole may not be to everyone’s taste but try it its delicious! The desserts were very good with a large variety of choice. The bread was also great, not sure what they do not put in to the dough but English bread always gives me indigestion but not the bread in Turkey.

The staff are really friendly. The bar staff , will smile and often say no when you order your first drink but bring it anyway, I was then told "only one drink on all inclusive", when I looked shocked the lad laughed his head off "and said only joking my friend". With the buffet style meal beware leaving your plate/drink on the table and going to get bread or a drink as it will likely disappear, the waiter then waiting for you to return to the table and look shocked, before laughing and producing the plate, cutlery or drink from behind their back, worked wonders on the children, and some of us oldies too.

The beach is managed by Memhet, he was great and has a fantastic personality, the sun beds are free, you pay for the mattress 2.5lira a day (£1), oh beware of the fine gritty beach it gets very hot under foot.

We didn’t try any of the trips offered all of which can be bought from the reps or from the seafront captains, but heard very good reports from others that did do the trips, so can’t give recommendations there. But have a Turkish bath in the hotel. It’s best to have one of these at the start of the holiday. It costs £20, the reps will sell you a bath trip for £8-10 but it won’t be a patch on the hotels, I won’t spoil it by telling you about it just try for yourself.

Would I go back to this hotel again…….. Definitely!

by kennopy
10 / 10

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Fortuna Beach Hotel

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