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Voyager of the Seas 14 days to New Zealand

"We were most disappointed with our holiday to New Zealand.

The Windjammer restaurant was overcrowded it was difficult to find a seat to have your meals with 3,300 passengers on board all coming at once to eat and rushing to find a table then being reminded over the pa system to vacate tables quickly so that other passengers could have their meals.

A ship this size should have at least two windjammer restaurants to accommodate so many people.

The shows at the La Scala Theatre were very poor towards the end of the cruise.

Restaurant food in the dining rooms was repetitive and of poor quality.

Toilet in our cabin was always flooding and required regular maintenance and sanitation.

The on board sales promotions were a total rip off> Poor quality items for sale which could have been bought at the local two dollar shops.

The ports of call disembarkation was a disgrace spent over an hour getting off the ship. Poor organization by the management at one point embarkation at Auckland the passengers were quarreling and verbal fights broke out due to people jumping the queue to get back on board ship in time for departure. Management lost total control and there was abuse thrown by passengers at the security staff who had no understanding and lacked compassion for the elderly who were waiting there was nowhere for infirm passengers to sit and rest while waiting over one hour in this queue.

Our visits to ports of call were always delayed due to either poor weather too windy, and the captain was always late bringing the ship into port so when we disembarked wed only had two to three hours to visit each destination and then hurry back on board by 5.30pm but the ship did not leave until midnight.

Our Cake decorating Captain spent more time on Ships TV promoting self interest. So who was steering the ship it was always late on arrivals to port.

There is a health problem on the ship many people were suffering from Viral infections principally respiratory my own husband had suffered from a urinary tract infection needing to see a Doctor and take antibiotics for ten days.

Our overall experience was poor and we will never sail again on the Voyager of the Seas.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: none
by Michael Mulukin
3 / 10

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ship needs to be in quarantine

"there was so many people coughing chest complaints.

needs alot more intertainment.

food in the windjamma meat tough alot of the food was not hot enough who likes cold chips fish waiting for fried eggs only one station

aircond was so cold needed to wear a jumper

getting on and of ship was good.

staff were good

by Beverley R
4 / 10

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voyager of the seas

"i can discribe the whole experience fairly quickly....absolute waste of time & money. i have been on the Rhapsody & this boat & ship are a disgrace to royal caribbean"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013
  • Advice: never travel on it again
by davidaj
4 / 10

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Our first cruise ever on Voyager of the Seas

"As this was our first cruise we have nothing else to compare to, only our own experience.

Our cabin #9392 deck 9 was Aft with a balcony. The room was clean and more spacious than I though it would be, the balcony was a godsend as I could not imagine not being able to look out to sea and see the sunrises which were beautiful. The furniture on the balcony was in need of replacement as it had been well used and worn. The service to the rooms was twice a day. No noise at all from this location. Our daughter and her family had an inside cabin on level 8 and said that we had more ship movement in our cabin being at the rear, we did not find this a problem,and in fact it 'rocked' us gently to sleep! We had very calm seas the entire trip.


1.Embarking not a problem, we flew in from Brisbane(to Sydney) and arrived at port 2 hours before we were supposed to get on, however we all got onboard straight away and cases were outside our cabin very quickly.

2. The ship had an instant 'WOW' factor.....They never made them like this in the 70s! Unbelievable that they can even float!

3. The food range was something for everyone and I preferred the 'Windjammer' to the Restaurant Dining as explained below. Having so much food three times a day to choose from, i actually did not have dinner a couple of evenings as I found it all to overfacing.

4. Staff lovely, some had little English but very friendly, a couple of issues...see below.

5.Disembarking not a problem except with the account issue listed below.


1.As we are in our 60s, we only found a few of the onboard activities that attracted us like the onboard Auction of portraits, seminars

We watched the 'Ice Show' which was good but not as 'Great' as everyone was saying it would be. We have seen better. Attended a Seminar which was interesting and my husband went to a couple of movies. Bingo was the most expensive, for $48 we were given three sheets with four games on each and a Red Jackpot sheet. Game 1..Top line only, Game 2 Second line only, Game three third line only and Jackpot called but only in 42 calls! On the last night for the big jackpot the place was packed out and people lined up an hour before the game started. Two shows were very entertaining and lots of laughs. Denise Corby Band really good at 'High Notes'

2.The shops in the mall were nice but lacked variety of stock and prices were exhorbitant. Good deals however in the watch shop.

3. Coffee was horrible onboard, either warm and like dishwater or so strong that it had a burnt taste.....A jug is put in the cabins so suggest you bring your own instant.

4. Staff onboard gave conflicting information many times which gave us the runaround on more than once which was frustrating having to either climb lots of stairs or wait for lifts.

5. Even though we had settled our onboard account the day before disembarking and lined up for over an hour to do so, when we were about to disembark we were told to go back to settle our account. One of our purchases of art three days prior, had not been added to the account until the final day so had to line up for another hour to settle that amount. Please make sure you read your account and that everything has been added before you disembark.

We had two stops on this cruise, Noumea and Lautoka.

Arrived in Noumea and bus shuttled us all into town. Got out and saw a street 'train'behind bus with passengers already on so hopped on and told we needed tickets at $30 each. Got off to get tickets but a coach driver said he was giving passengers the same tour on his A/C Bus for $10 each, as there was 6 of us we hopped on the coach. Noumea was 'horrible', dirty, graffitti everywhere and the people in Noumea looked depressed! We could not wait to get out the place although did walk around and have coffee etc and did the 'hop on, hop off' bus. Got back to ship to be told we would not be going to Lautoka Fiji due to a technical fault on the ship and would be staying in dock in Noumea until 4.30pm the following day! This was my personal greatest disappointment as I used to live in Fiji in the 60s and this was my first trip back to see the place and the reason for the cruise. We were given 40% off our next cruise so i guess we were at least compensated in that respect.

All in all we enjoyed our first cruise and would go again, I am not sure that we would do this route again and would love RC to have other routes and ports of call as we have seen NZ which seems at this stage to be the only other 'local' option. Ten days was a great time frame and any longer would have been too long for us. Make sure you put lots of money in your account for spending onboard with your sea pass as you will need it!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013, Booked Independently
by Rocknrollgran
9 / 10

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Our first cruise is not our last

"We have just returned from 8 day cruise to Tasmania on Voyager. It was our first cruise and we loved it. The staff, food , cabin and overall experience were first class. We ate breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer Cafe and then dinner each night in the dining room. It was nice to be waited on for dinner and the selection of food was varied and of excellent quality. Our waiters gave excellent service and were extremely pleasant. We loved this cruise so much we have already booked a 14 day cruise to New Zealand in November. We can't wait to board the ship again and enjoy the experience."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, booked with The Cruise Team
  • Advice: The Ice Show is spectacular
by garylodge
10 / 10

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great holiday

"Just came back from 8 days to Tasmania . There was 5 of us in an interconnecting room that we found excellent . We had a great time .. the staff were amazing our room attendant was always pleasant and helpful and room always clean . Our waitress in the dining room was the best !!! Everyone you passed had a smile and something pleasant to say . The food was excellent , we had most of meals in dining room breakfast lunch and dinner as our mum was in a wheel chair it was easier . Also being in a wheel chair was no trouble at all all very helpful. We found lots to do pool area was lovely and never packed and we also found everything on board quite reasonably priced . Will definately holiday on The Voyager again ."

by Lyn U
9 / 10

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not great

"voyager of the seas was a great ship, but the things that went on were not,people in your room without knowing about it, after complaining to guest relations, with people that could not understand english very well, we were cast off as agitaters and they were very rude children unsupervised in the windjammer, rolling fruit on the floor and putting it back in the trays???? not enough to do for older passengers,xmas was not like we expected,did not see santa ,only at 7am for the kids , no turkey, when we asked why the answer was americans only have turkey at thanksgiving??? we are aussies on a aussie cruise. no time to mention others"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Ron cresswell
8 / 10

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On Board Medical Service Experience

"That was my first cruise experience for 14 nights Tasmania & New Zealand. 5 stars customer service, and was very enjoyable. Up until day 10 somehow I had bad nose bleeding problem, and caught a cold. Went to see On board Doctor VD for both issues, but he was totally ignore my nose bleeding issue because wasn’t bleeding at that time. He advised to see him again when my nose is actually bleeding.

After using the prescribed nasal spray from him, my nose bleeding problem even worse. Went back to see Dr VD while my nose was bleeding, but feeling been treated with no care & no manner. Without any checking and asking any question, simple said ‘burn it off’ and going to charge you US$200, ok?’ with no further explanation. I was shock and had no idea what’s going to happen with my nose, but just about 5 seconds he was yelling to me said ‘if you don’t want to do it, why you come to see me? Are you just coming to give me pressure?’ I just can’t believe how he can be so rude. I was unhappy and walk out the Medical room while my nose was bleeding badly.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Keep warm, don't get sick, bring cold & flu tablet
by glee
6 / 10

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"the ship is very impressive -even tho 3,500 + pass. --not crowded at all

the plaza walk /mall fantastic -pubs ,shops, cafe etc

my time dining worked out ok --buffet up top very crowded at start --but ok afterwoods.

activities --were a real let down -not enough at all even the older people said so --roller skating up top was good --the ice rink was a bit of a scare --but did it all the same --didnt break anything >

norvirus was on the ship --couldnt understand why the toilet entrance doors were not wedged open??

bit let down was no good free gym classes --only stretch and abs 7 /7,30 am --yuk --only pay classes at decent times ( why should we pay ?) -yoga spin pilates boot camp --where are the step aerobics circuit zumba etc --to work off all that grub

overall great ship --but activities and gym classes big let down

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: relax and enjoy
by Willie W
7 / 10

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Our First Cruise

"We enjoyed our cruise but had nothing to compare it to as this was our first cruise. The service was great, food good and the staff very friendly. Our room was clean and our cabin attendant was most hospitable. However we missed out on the ice show because the seating was full on our allocated time and when we returned for the next show, as we had been told to do, after standing in the queue for at least 40 minutes ,we were asked to stand aside until the allocated seating was taken up for the second show. As it turned out we missed that show too. It would have been a good relations exercise to have put on another show for the many people who missed out. Very disappointing!!"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Include more shops. Make the ice show available to all guests.
by Donze
8 / 10

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Prices jacked up for Australians

"Just returned from a 14 night cruise on Voyager of the seas that left from Singapore cruising to Bangkok being the first port of call then on to Vietnam, Port Hedland Australia and finally Fremantle Australia. First up the boarding process in Singapore was utter chaos waiting hours in very long queues which was totally disorganised, with no one to tell you what you needed to do or where to go. Once we finally boarded the ship we discovered from a fellow passenger that the prices of everyting went up by $10 when all the Australians came aboard. The food I was very disappointed in, with poor selection and the menu was repeated too often, we also had to buy water at a very hefty price. The first two ports of call where a waste of time as it was a two and a half hours bus trip each way, to and from from the cities, leaving very little time to do anything and Port Hedland should have been given a miss as well. Infact having only three ports of call on a fourteen day cruise was insufficient, there really should have been at least five. The only good thing I can say about this ship was the service which I could not fault. All in all though, this cruise was the 5th cruise I have been on and I can honestly say the worst I have experienced."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with Cruise Planet
  • Advice: Choose another cruise ship
by Chris R
3 / 10

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Big Ship, big appetites, big prices.

"Our 11 day cruise on the Voyager was crammed with passengers. There was always someone behind, beside or in front of you.Food was good as the big eaters will confirm,( gluttony is ever present!). Bar prices are too dear, more resonable prices would mean higher turnover. There was a constant and annoying flow of reminders in print and on TV to make passengers aware of the need for gratuities! We were asked to sign an authority for the company recommended scale of gratuities,--and this was before anyone had experienced ANY service! What if the service delivered was below par??-are we then entitled to a refund?? Don't like this gratuities business one bit."

  • Holiday details: May 2012
  • Advice: Do not expect too much
by Tuk Tuk
5 / 10

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  • by Ron cresswell

    " must have an outside cabin,as you can hear noise from deck 6,7,8, insides "

  • by Rocknrollgran

    " Choose 6pm dining so that you dont miss evening evenings that start at 7.30 and 8.30pm "

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