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What a good place to stay for tasty food, pleasant accommodation and with helpful staff.

"Pleasant, clean and well equipped accommodation.

Walking distance from beach and shops with buses outside.

Good selection of food for all tastes. From healthy fresh cooked fish, vegetarian and assorted fresh fruit, to their own burgers, pizza with delicious concoctions of beef, pork, chicken and fish, followed by beautiful creamy deserts. Wine and all drinks included in price!

Good base to travel around from or relax by the pool, enjoy the food then relax with a book or TV showing BBC ITV etc as from home, which I did as a busy single pensioner needing a break from winter. Great for kids to with good entertainment for them.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, booked with Skytours
  • Advice: Go all inclusive.
by Rosie Jenkins
8 / 10

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"We booked the Playa Olid Hotel three weeks in advance at our local Thomas Cook branch. We fully intended to go to Egypt this year but were persuaded otherwise by the Thomas Cook adviser. The adviser suggested Tenerife as an alternative location; Playa Olid and Siam Park. She also went on to say the hotel provided UNLIMITED access to the Siam Water Park throughout our stay (as stated in the Brochure). On the strength of this advice it seemed a deal which we could not refuse.

We booked the holiday that day, unfortunately we found out after we had booked, that the advice given was incorrect and the water park was not on offer nor was it unlimited. Be very careful when booking make sure you get the Water Park Offer in writing! The entrance to the water park is approx. £80 for a family.

The Hotel itself was fine, although the rooms do not have air conditioning; the food is good but very repetitive. The pool area is OK but in the brochure it stated there was two pools and one was heated. There was only one pool open which wasn't heated! This experience has put me off Thomas Cook for life. We have just returned from a week at player Ollid and was very disappointed. The complex was very empty, This was more like a 2 star then 3 star. The Snack Bar was closed. The rooms was basic in the kitchen area the fridge was very old and rusty. Due to the concern i read regarding breaking in the complex felt uncomfortable to leave the bedroom window open as there was no ceiling fans. It stated in the accommodation section of the brochure that that they had a hairdryer and there was no hairdryer. It was very noisy as you could hear the buses pulling up as you are by the main road and this complex is very close to the tf1 motorway. Sorry to say but i will not be returning to Playa Olid lid but will return to Tenerife its a fantastic place and caters for every one.

by K Thomas
2 / 10

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"We stayed at the Play Olid oct 2013 & are returning Sept 2014 the entertainment is for kids (when you have kids that's all you want to keep them entertained & not being bored) Christina is fab & does a great job in what she does even in the day she gets you in the pool,also zumba & loads more,everywhere is clean not a spot of rubbish anywhere, cleaners do a great job, in fact all the staff are great & very friendly,there's lots of food & choice to choose from, so come people stop moaning & get a life, great family hotel, we went with an open mind (due to reviews) but its a great hotel & great location, hurry up Sept 14 lol"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by playa olid fan
10 / 10

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Great holiday

"Had a great week at Play Olid hotel spotless, reception and bar area all refurbished to a high standard.

The food was excellent lots of choice to suit everyone, staff very helpful and friendly, not missing out the pool bar which served up tasty snacks and delicious slush cocktails.!!!!! only problem for me was NO AIR CON in rooms:( so come on get the air con installed and it would be just perfect.1111

Pauline and Ainsley Tullibody.:):)

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012, Booked Independently
by Pauline M
8 / 10

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excellent holiday

"we have just returned from a week holiday at the playa olid apartments. it was a total fantastic holiday the food is fantastic and plenty to choose from. the pool area is great. but do get up early to get a sun bed. the staff were very very polite and helpfull. only downfall i can say is the day of cheack out you have to be out at 12 midday. they only have one shower room so if there is a few cheaking out on the same day its caos..shops and beach within 10 min general highly recommend this place i would def go back."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Soren P
9 / 10

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awesome holidays

"We have been twice here first time we did self catering second all inclusive had an amazing holiday apartments are lovely and clean food excellent service is kind and friendly were going in three weeks today for the third time all inclusive and cant wait love playa olid awesome holidays xx"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, booked with low cost holidays
  • Advice: experience all the food
by Denise S
10 / 10

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"Stayed at the Playa Olid Apartments on an all inclusive basis for one week and I have to say that this was one of the best holidays we have experienced. The food in the hotel was excellent, with freshly cooked joints of beef, lamb, pork and freshly roasted chickens, all carved by the chef. All the staff are helpful, friendly and efficient and the apartments are spacious and kept spotlessly clean.

We found the location of the hotel very good, with a gentle walk down hill to the seafront, although as pensioners on the walk back uphill we interupted the walk with refreshment breaks (a beer for me, a tea for my partner. I cannot recommend this hotel highly enough for value and quality. We booked through Ola Holidays and I thank them for finding us such wonderful accommodation.

Finally I would like to make a special mention of Angel Rodriguex Sanchez (Tobsny), who served us well at meal times, made us feel so welcome. Tobsny you are a star sincere thanks for all you did for us and a special thankyou for the two coffees you served us with whilst we were waitng for our coach transfer in the pitch black of morning before the restaurant opened. Best wishes Ian and Marlene

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Just enjoy it
  • Good For: Beach
by Marlene E
9 / 10

15 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

A fantastic holiday

"This is the second time I have been to the Playa Olid. I visited in September last year and returned at the end of March this year.

The food is lovely, the apartments are clean and tidy and all the staff are friendly.

I went with my partner, her daughter, son in law and grandson, the entertainment is basic but you get what you put in. Ronnie the entertainer put on lots of activities and tried hard.

The weather was brilliant, seven days of sun and we will be returning.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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dont listen to the bad reviews!

"i went to costa adeje. Playa Olid hotel 9th-16th oct. with my friend im 21 and she is 26) before i went like everyone does i red the reviews and i was worried what the hotel and food would be like. but it was nothing like what other people said.

all of the staff were nice and very helpful (i had an incident on holiday and they helped alot) there was a wide variety of food the only thing i would say is that it is the greatest for vegitarians. i didnt come across any under cooked food. the apartment was a good size and cleaned everyday except thurs and sundays which was fine. the pool was clean it is a wee bit small and there is limited beds by the pool. the only rubbish thing is that there is no aircon and u have to rent a fan. the entertainment at the hotel wasnt great but okay.

one thing that ****** us of was that the day before u depart your meant to arrnage transport from the hotel to the airport... we kept ringing & ringing. finially got through and they said they did not have us on their list, so we were going to book a taxi. so then we spoke to a rep and he was pretty rude and rubbish. but in the end we managed to get transport, so you have to persist

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: boat trip of some sort. we went on the maxicat. there is also one called freebird
  • Good For: Beach
by lou
9 / 10

10 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Nice Hotel - shame about the noise!

"On arrival at this hotel we were checked in quickly and efficently by the polite reception staff and directed to a 3rd floor room. As we were travelling with an 8 month old baby with pushchair we asked to be moved down from the 3rd floor and were given a room on the 1st floor blue 107. The hotel has different colours for the different parts of the hotel which we didn't really understand but the colour of the room you are in is the colour of the number above your room we later realised. They may ask you this in the restaurant. After 1 night in this room we asked to be moved because we were directly above the bar area and come midnight when we wanted to go to sleep we could still hear people shouting and laughing in the bar - this was really loud in the bedroom as the rooms are laid out so the bedrooms are on the front by the corridors. The hotel is very open plan so the noise travels between the floors and through the corridors so even the quietest of noises seem really loud. The reception staff again were really helpful and moved us to the other side of the hotel (green 214) - this room over looked the Sky Park (a disused bungee jump etc park) which was better but still extremely noisy all the time.

We went to Playa Olid over the Easter Holidays and many Spanish came to the hotel for the long weekend break including a group of Spanish men. All they did was scream and shout at the tops of their voices all the time, in the restaurant, by the pool, in the corridors at 4 o'clock in the morning - there was no getting away from their racket. In addition to this, while we were there there was a stag do and a hen do (both English) and they were worse than anyone, their language around the pool was so bad that families had to leave the pool area and they were drinking all day everyday and passed out on the sunbeds by the pool and were still there in the morning. A disgrace and an embarrassment to the rest of the English people there. In all, the hotel was SOOOOOO noisy there was no chance of getting any sleep other than a few hours here and there. You have no chance of sleeping in in the mornings as people are up and down the corridors shouting and screaming at one another for no reason and then the maids are about doing an excellent job of keeping the hotel spotless. The hotel have a security guard who you can contact through reception who will come and sort out noise but by that time you're already awake and fed up!

The food in the restaurant was fabulous - fresh meat and fish cooked to order every lunch and dinner time, pasta, pizza, chip, hotdogs and burgers amongst other dishes every lunchtime, salad bar at every meal, themed evening (a canarian night, a chinese, an indian night). We went for 14 nights and expected the have to eat out a couple of times but we didn't eat out of the hotel at all.

The pool areas are nice and clean, the top pool and bottom pool have bars and the kids pool is just a stones throw from the top pool bar over a small bridge and has astro-turf around it which was good for the kids. All the pools however were FREEZING and our daughter ended up in hospital with Bronchitis and a sickness bug after getting freezing in the kids pool and accidentally swallowing some water from the pool. The reception staff were very helpful when our daughter was taken ill and called doctors to the room on 2 occasions and every member of staff asked how she was once they realised she was in hospital. All of the staff were very nice and there was no difference in the way they treated the all inclusive or the paying guests as far as I could see. Yes...we had plastic glasses after the 2nd day of our holiday but this was a relief for us because there were kids running around and it makes sense not to risk having broken glass everywhere surely??? It was no problem..they had tall plastic glasses for long drinks which were great.

Lizzie the entertainer was brill - she loves the kids and tries to involve them all in everything. She works alone and does very long hours but is always happy and full of energy. The mini-disco was good and the entertainment was good - a snake show, an animal show, belly-dancing, a quiz, bingo, live music - enough to occupy the kids so the adults can sit and have a drink and relax really. During the mini-disco they did keep trying to get the adults up to dance with their kids which we got a bit annoyed with - the whole point of the mini-disco we thought was to occupy the kids for us for a bit not for us to have to join in but it was fun.

Near to the hotel are some Spanish nightclubs and on certain nights (I think Sundays and on certain bank holidays) the spanish go to these clubs and stay their till the morning and then come out screaming and shouting and whistling at each other. This was particularly bad for us because it was easter but from 4 o'clock in the morning onwards the noise was again, horrendous and we unable to sleep.

The maids are really good, they cleaned our room every day except Thursday and Sunday (although this randomly changed to Wednesday and Sunday half way though our holiday) with fresh towells and bed linen. We did find one cockroach in our room on the 2nd night but didn't see anymore and they are so common in Tenerife that I thnk it'd be unusual not to see at least one on your holiday here.

We visited the Monkey Park on one cloudy day - it was really good - watch out for the cheeky chimps and buy some food to give them - they are very entertaining, but it is £10 per adult and £5 per child over 4 to get in and £12 each way in a taxi so quite expensive. The first 10 days we were there the weather was glorious but then for the next 4 days was very disappointing, cloudy.

Overall - this is an excellent hotel run by excellent staff but it is ruined by the guests and the local noise. We will sadly not be going back to Playa Olid although not sure what the hotel can do about the behaviour of the local people or the noise of their guests other than what they are doing?

by lucyloob
4 / 10

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Excellent Hotel

"We have just returned from the Playa Olid after a weeks stay booked through Monarch Holidays, We arrived at the Hotel around 1 in the morning aftrer an early evening flight from Manchester with the youngest in our party absolutley shattered after i think dropping everyone else off at there hotels and us last (Taxi from the airport next year!!!!!. We had read on some reviews that the staff at the Playa Olid arent very helpful/pleasent to the guests well if that is the case they all must have been off when we stayed because everyone we came across were absolutley fantastic and couldnt do enough for theren guests. We stayed All Inclusive and the food was quality and plenty of variaty. The apartmant was huge and spotlessly clean with great views from the balcony. The only moan we had was the entertainment for the kids could have been better and that is not having a go at Lizzy the kids entertainer who does a fantastic job but when she had a couple of highly deserved days off there was nothing for the kids to do. We will return next year!!!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
by johnc
9 / 10

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Excellent! March 2011

"We have recently returned from a fortnight here. We had a fantastic time. We have two children and this Hotel is very family friendly. There is no air-con in the apartments which during the summer months could be a problem but for our time of year it was fine.

We were all inclusive, the food was delicious, menu repeated during week two but plenty of variety. From the cleaning staff to the Reception, the dining room staff, all were very friendly and helpful.

Very good location, walking distance to the Americas but far enough out not to be "in the thick of it". It was very clean, apartments cleaned every day except Sundays and Thursdays.

Would definitely recommend to our friends.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Baby-Beefy!
9 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Playa Olid Apartments

  • Call 020 3733 7423
  • Call 020 3642 8221

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Top traveller tips for Playa Olid Apartments
  • by cheryl26

    " wigan pier was ok for food ! "

  • by suzianni

    " Good restaurants on the area, friendly people, nice beach, quieter than Las Americas down the road. "

  • by Ross Le Chef

    " Restaraunt Noray playa la pinta and American dreams Las Americas both fab "

  • by wendywoo_rarara

    " Beautiful area, nice bars & restaurants with lots of great entertainment for people of all ages. "

  • by Marrina

    " Restaurants on the ebach were all nice, Wigan Pier was great for English food and drinks "

  • by Baby-Beefy!

    " include money to hire the safe in your room in your budget! "


    " Visit the beach at Fanabe, stop for a drink and watch the world go by. "

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