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Fantastic holiday - well worth the trip

"We have just returned from our trip - 13th February to 20th February 2012. We had a brilliant time - our tour guide was 'Ernest' - who was outstanding. Would certainly recommend you try and ask for him. He was extremley helpful and knowledgeable.

Regarding cash points - our guide ensured if you needed cash he would get the driver(s) to stop at the ATM. Is worth noting that you can now purchase foreign currency on board the Lady Mary.

Yes, the early mornings can be tiring, but because we were up and out earlier than the other guides, we had the opportunity to spend more time learning about the temples/tombs without anyone else getting in the way, either when taking pictures, or by the next tour guide waiting for you to finish. Much better to get up earlier.

Do your research before you go. There are added costs for additional trips - however they are all worth it. Flying to Abu Simbel is far better than going by coach.

The staff on board the Lady Mary were very polite and helpful. Food was plentiful and everything was spotless. There was a bit of loose flooring on one area in the dining room, however that was repaired immediately.

The trips to the various shops, papyrus/alabascar/gold etc. again are worth the visits, if not to buy, to look at, without getting harrassed.

You dress up one evening in costume - plenty of choice on the boat, however, could also take your own costume.

Would certainly travel to Egypt again.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2012, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: Try and encourage the rest of your party to agree to start the trips as early as possible. You get to see more without the crowds.
by Karen
10 / 10

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Not 5 Star

"Returned from a weeks trip on the MS Lady Mary end of November. This is most definately not a 5 star boat, think 3 star and you will not be dissapointed. The staff are brilliant but the food was not particularly good (except for desserts) and our cabin smelt. As the boat was full we could not change cabins. Was moored for day and a half outside Luxor, surrounded by other boats, which seemed a waste of time."

by holidaylover
5 / 10

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brilliant holiday but exhusting

"I have just returned from a lovley holiday on the Lady Mary it was brilliant but very exhusting however here are a few points which may help other travelers.

1 the salad is washed in bottled water with an added purfiying tablet

2 There are no coins readly avabile for the toilets with are usually filthy and you will need you own paper as only 1 sheet given

3 No cash poin t on boat and hard to find we did have 1 cash point stop on the trips out and requested another one, take plenty of english cash you get a better rate,

4 insect wipes a must as they keep thre flies away

5 be prepared to be hasseled by sellers at all sites by up to 50 men and boys but they dont bother you if you dint make eye contact

6 Take a pair of full length jeans if going on the camel ride and some sweets for the local children

7 Unless you are very energetic dont do Amb simble, feluca, nubian villiage as they are all on the same day followed by galabain evening we did very tiring

8 I was unable to get soya milk or decaffinate coffee onboard

9 you are not allowed to use kettles, hairdryers, or curling tongs on board so not worth taking

10 Swimming towels provided

11 Make a effot to wake earlie on the first morning and look at the veiw it's a wonderful site and the only chance to see the view as you travel from your cabin

12 be aware that you will be parked longside other boats so may not see out of your cabin window.

13 You will have to get up earlie but it is well worth it because some mornings we were first at the sites

I hope these may answer some questions. We were 2 couples travling together aged 60 - 68. We all learn alot from our guide who worked very hard to make our holiday enjoyable, interesting and excellent value for money. I would recomend it.

by Cats
10 / 10

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Amazing, but very challenging experience!

"MS Lady Mary is most definately a tired and dated boat. BUT, the cabins are extremely spacious, clean and well presented, with large windows that give you an amazing view of the nile on the odd occasions when you are not looking at the side of, or into the cabin of the next door boat. The Crew and staff cannot do enough for you and the atmosphere is unbeatable.

Food is varied and plentiful, leaving plenty of room for safety eating and also indulging in the delights of Egyptian catering. There is plentiful bottled water available and in terms of the cost of drinks, fully inclusive is an absolute must, as then you simply eat and drink to your hearts content, water, soft drinks, squashes and juices, local beers and spirits etc.

The Egyptologists that work these boats are amazing and, again, they go the extra mile to help you!

The major downer is the abject lack of info provided, leaving you, and us at the time, reliant in this sort of information, which i have to tell you is essential.

When you book the 'Cruise' - Which in reality is an overnight trip from Loxor to Edfu on the first night, with a couple of hops across the nile to Esna and the odd other place, leaving you then moored for a day or two. You then take a day trip back to Luxor, through the Locks, which is an amazing sight, especially the floating and lockside salesmen throwing their wares onto the boat to entice you into sales. You then end up moored ontside Luxor, 7 or 8 boats abreast for approx 3 days. This does of course give you the opportunity to walk around and see some of the otehr boats, especially the real 5* boats, which we were told the Lady Mary was. She most definately isn't, but she is still extremely comfortable nonetheless.

You are not told about the extent and the full cost of the holiday, which takes the shape of all of the 'optional extra' trips - Abu Simbel £135 each, Balloon flight £75 each, Camel ride £45 each, to name but a few. This can and probably will cost you up to an extra £500 per couple, but of course, when you pay, that is charged in $ and if you pay by credit or debit card there is 2%. You get a nice few £ added in charges for exchange to boot. It also transpired from going on the various tours how little of your hard earned money actually goes to the people providing the service, clearly highlighting how much goes into the fat cat coffers and of course the rep's commission!!

That said the trips are amazing and worth building into your pre holiday budget, taking the appropriate amount of cash with you to cover it all!

The itinary is challenging and you are up very early to early most mornings to get the trips done and dusted before the heat fo the day really sets in, although the sun was still doing it's bit at approx 28-23C by 9am in the morning on the week we went, commencing Sept 26th. There is no disabled access and you will be trecking through albeit small gaps between boats on occasions, as well as getting in and out of various forms of transportation.......AND as was eloquently, but honestly exlained by our particular Egyptologist Ahchmed, and does need bearing in mind in reality, "Health and Safety in Egypt, is optional!" Therefore, you really need to think before considering taking children!!

You are mostly back on the boat by lunchtime and the afternoons are often free for 'melonoma farming' (suntanning)lol!

Nearly every excersion is met with the expected 'merchant dash'. However, i have to say, that since our last trip to Egypt 8 years ago, things are improving and the merchants, while they can still be challenging and extremely pushy on occasions, are generally learning and backing off, using statements such as 'hassle free', 'no hassle'. You also get the 'cheap as chips' and somewhat commical 'asdaprice' too!!

It seems to be a part of the Itinary too, but the trips to the perfume factory, alabaster workshop and Jewellery factory were met with a range of emotions amongst out group, most finding it an imposition on our holiday time, others apparantly finding some nice bargains.

While very expensive, the alabastor workshop does put on a fantasic pantomime and is worth the visit jsut to see it. - I will leave that to your imagination!!

On the whole a Nile Cruise is an amazing expreinece, a fantastic way to see Egypt and something that i would recommend unreservedly. BUT, if you want a holiday, do what a lot of us did and book another week in a resort afterwards to recover, you will need it!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: Do as many of the optional trips as you can afford.
by PaulR
8 / 10

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Ms Lady mary is the best

"Just come back from an amazing holiday aboard Ms Lady Mary with my Mum, sister & son who is 10. There where no other british children on board but this did not bother my son as he spent all his free time in the pool on top deck. The staff mad a real fuss of him and he had a wonderful time. He loved the visits to the temples.

The boat was very comfortable and clean. Been all inclusive is a must as you drink so much water. The entertainment was ok but not on for very long but as you had some ealy starts it didnt really matter because you wanted to get an early night.

The food was lovely. A wide variety of foods. One member of our group had a food allergy and he was catered for very well. The service from the waiting staff was excellent.

Our egyptologist was excellent. He spoke very good english and had a good sense of humour. The guides around the temples where informative but not too intense and he made sure that you did not get hasstled too much whilst having your free time. He answered all questions asked without fuss, even if some of them where a little strange!

The optional extra tours are well worth the money. The aswan city tour was good and the visit to the Nubian village. But would highly recommend the hot air balloon ride, amazing even though its a very early start.

The only thing that let it our visit down where the hagglers. You never felt like you wanted to stop and look in the markets for fear of being hasstled which was a real shame as there was some lovely things to see. To be fair though they never bothered me that much if i had my son with me, they seemed to respect that he was only young.

We went to one alabastor factory where i felt i was ripped off, they have the gift of the gab but if you where to stand up for yourself and not give in im sure it would be different. The visit to the jewelry factory was the best as they did not approach you and just left you to look around.

I would highly recommend the Lady Mary to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: do the hot air balloon ride
by becks
10 / 10

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To see the Nile go with MS Lady Mary

"Just back from the most wonderful adventure cruising along the Nile. Lady Mary is a warm and cosy cruise ship you soon feel comfortable and relaxed. Cabins were spacious with wide windows giving you such a view of the Nile whilst crusing along lying on your bed! if on 2nd floor! The sun deck was spacious with plenty of sun beds and a good canopy when the heat starts melting you! Food was good you never went hungry....lots of choices and desserts mouthwatering! All Inclusive is a must with the hot weather, it was 100 in April! you need to cool down all the time......! The trips were amazing and all organised very well..all the cruise staff were very helpful. Our tour guide was amazing we learnt so much.. do try the excusions..especially the flight to Abu Simbel well worth the early morning rise you will never forget the experince...and the light and sound show in Luxor. A few drawbacks the noise of the engine is constant humming all the time this can be heard on all floors of the cruise ship which can get annoying when trying to sleep...entertainment is not brillant usually something is on for half an hour a night..but the Gala night is really will love dressing up great fun! but every morning you are up early 6.00 am is the lastest you be up so most people are in bed by 10 to 11 pm ready for the next day! you will really need the sleep to enjoy the trips out. Most afternoons you are on the ship on deck just enjoying the wonderul views of the Nile. The street markets are great but because the sellers haggle you all the time you really do not get time to look at anything you just keeping walking to get away from them!! such a shame as there are some really good things you would love to buy! do keep anti bacterial gel with you at all times where ever you go after touching money or toilets you need to wash your hands...try not to eat outside the ship even ice creams can be dodgy! and use a straw if you buy a can drink. Most people on the boat did get upset stomach at least once we thought we would escape this but no un pleasant but just remember your tablets and drink plenty of bottle water which they give you on ship all the time. We had a wonderful time on MS Lady Mary and as you leave the ship to go a shore you will walk throu lots of other cruise ships and you will see that MS Lady Mary was far the best!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: Do at least 3 of the see so much more.
by Tourist
9 / 10

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Excellent Cruise

"Have just returned from a weeks cruise on the Lady Mary with Cosmos. The whole experience was very good, the staff are exceptional, very considerate and keen to please, always friendly and approachable. The cabin was quite large well equiped with a good bathroom and efficient air conditioning. As with the public areas of the ship some decor is just becoming a little warn and will need updating in the near future. The food was plentiful with an excellent selection of salads and breads, main courses were substancial but did lack a little finesse, but the wide choice ensured there was always something to enjoy, puddings were beutifully presented. We were lucky to be on the river side whilst moored at Aswan and no other ship was mored along side so we had a great view, but at Luxor we were in the middle of seven ships tie up together. We paid the extra for all inclusive and this was well worth doing for the constantly available supply of drinks and water which would have been very expensive otherwise.

The trips were all fascinating and our guide was excellent. We did enjoy our holiday very much and would recomend the Lady Mary to anyone.

by Douglas
9 / 10

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"we stayed on the lady mary March 2011 and had a brilliant time. the ship itself was well maintained and clean, the food was varied each day and had the most delicious deserts, fresh fruit & salad. All of the staff were helpful & friendly and we had a great time with them all. The locals are a bit hard to take when we went on excursions as they inundated you trying to sell their wares and all of them expected payment for anything ie asking where toilets were & toilet tissue, they also randomly start talking to you about the place you are visiting and expect payment - our egyptologist advised us to ignore them rather than politely decline and that done the trick. i did find the whole trip tiring but it was well worth it especially abu simbel - definitely worth the 2.45am start! An additional week after this trip is recommended. I rode a camel which was fun but after paying gbp £15 for it i didnt expect to be paying another gbp £10 at the end - we were told by the owner that we should tip our guide as much as we felt they were worth, when giving my guide gbp £10 he suggested i gave gbp £20!! all in all i'd recomend this ship as we had a great time"

by cuffy
9 / 10

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The best holidqy I have ever had.

"I was on the cruise in November 2010, it was absolutely fantastic. The entire crew from the Captain down were super, nothing was too much trouble and were so happy and helpful. Our particular Egyptologist was "the best" what he didn't know about Egypt isn't worth knowing. Our group were wonderful, we all got on well, even though I went alone I never once felt "alone".

I want to go again - and SOON!


  • Holiday details: Nov 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Archers Direct
  • Advice: I liove history, if you do this is the holiday for you.
by Marion
10 / 10

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Nile Cruise

"Have just spent a week on the Lady Mary and had a fantastic experience. We went for my 50th Birthday as it is a trip I have wanted to do for some time, I was not disappointed. The ship is nice and clean a little jaded on the soft furnishings but otherwise well kept. The staff are very friendly and cannot do enough for you. Food was ok I soon get fed up when all inclusive but everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was always something you could eat. We were placed into groups for our excursions and our guide was called Shereen she was fantastic, made everything interesting and easy to follow, always new where the shadiest spots were and told us jokes on the coach. You have to be up very early but soon got used to this and welcomed it when it was far too hot. Your afternoons are pretty much your own if you do not go on any extra trips. All in all a wonderful experience I would recommend to anybody."

by englishelly
8 / 10

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A wonderful week

"Just back from a wonderful week cruising the Nile on the MS Lady Mary, the boat was fab, staff fantastic, Cosmos Rep Ahmed was terrific along with the Egyptologist Mohammad.

We met some fantstic people, who we will keep in touch with.

would definatley do this again.

(but maybe a diff time of year as was so very very hot)

also learn the word LA (no) as you are constantly pestered for money by locals wherever you stop.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: wonderful
by LadyBro
10 / 10

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"We had a fantastic time no complaints whatsoever. Our Cosmos rep Leon and Egyptolagist Shareen was very informative and professional but was also great fun we were lucky to get them both and also the crowd we were with were great fun. The ship is well kept and very clean the staff are very friendly and helpful. The food is excellant, you dont have to get dressed up just smart casual for evening dinner (men three quarters shorts and smart shirt/t-shirt)or you can get dressed up if you want to. The trips to the temples etc are well organised and informative and the hot air balloon trip is a must, if you have booked this holiday you're in for a great time enjoy"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: well worth seeing
by Cosmos attack group
10 / 10

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