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Hungerford, Hungerford RG17 0SU, United Kingdom
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Best Warners Holiday

"The Concierge week last week where we had terrific entertainment good food and a splendid room Thanks to all the Littlecote team

Joan & Peter Woodsford

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Enjoy the Old House and beautiful surroundings
by Joan Woodsford
10 / 10

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SAGA specials !!!!

"We thought an adults only hotel would be an ideal place to celebrate a 40th birthday - wrong. Warners define adult as an average age of 70. Entertainment was ballroom dancing, and if u wanted to get away and sit in the bar you could, as long as you wanted to listen to the piped ballroom music!!! Caberat was also for the same age group. Dont expect risque comedians or songs from this century, or indeed the last 50 years at this establishment. Save your hard earned pennies and stay at another hotel that you dont have to pay for entertainement that is not suitable.

One good point was the food. Very large dining room but food was excellent. Just a shame the conversations with your neighbours was all about their strokes and heart attacks!!!!

Room was ok. Paid for a signature room. However put on 2nd foor and had the eaves that took out 1/3 of room space.

Stick to going on a themed weekend for your own age group, and warners, you need to advertise these as holidays for older adults/senior citizens.

wrote and complained and not even had the courtesy of a response yet.

by NorthantsDotty
4 / 10

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fantastic time at littlecote

"we have stayed at littlecote hotel three times in the last four years,and had a fantastic time every year.Entertainment,food,and rooms are 1st class,we enjoyed dancing and singing along with the MADNESS TRIBUTE band,(excellent group) last year,motown music(2005) and a james bond music night in 2004,which was outside! Dont forget to walk round the beautiful house as well,go on take the chance and visit littlecote,you WILL love it !!"

by elmo007
10 / 10

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Good Weekend Break

"This is our first visit to a Warners break and found it to be most enjoyable. The food was excellent, the Medieval Night in the old house was great fun.

The entertainment was good and the swimming pool, sauna etc was good. There were a lot of foreign staff, but most spoke english. There was lots going on if you wanted to join in, but as it was a sunny weekend we did a local walk, and also visited local villages. If you like history the old house can be visited at any time, including the haunted bedroom. The grounds were lovely including the Roman mosaics.

We only had a basic room, which was very comfortable.

Although there were a lot of older people, there were a wide age range enjoying the shows and dancing.

This was a great weekend.

by Andlid
8 / 10

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Nightmare at Littlecote!

"What we hoped would be an enjoyable mid-week break turned out to be a nightmare! With staff off due to the virus that seemed neverending (our stay was canceled by the hotel in Oct 2007 due to a virus and rescheduled for Jan 2008), our welcome wasn't helpful (porterage didn't exist - we had to find it), and we didn't sleep because we were located across from the lifts (people would be congregating in front of the lifts waiting for an empty car after the evening's entertainment very loud and boisterous) and, if not the sounds of drunken revelry, the lift's recorded voice became a grating mantra (doors opening, doors closing). We suggested they move us more than once but they didn't even consider it! Needless to say, our experience from beginning to end was nightmarish and we were glad to be returning home.

BTW: don't ask if there is Wi-Fi available as the staff don't know what that is and all you get on the TV are channels 1-5. We couldn't take part in most of the activities due to the weather and my husband's disability. We asked for a diabetic menu and none was produced, though the waiter assured us it would happen. As we were the youngsters on site (I'm in my 40s, my husband in his 50s), we felt like we were in an old-folks home!

TraveLodge can produce a better experience for less money. I won't recommend Littlecote. The place is being run into the ground and caters to the older generation only!

by JeanHF
2 / 10

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A great weekend break

"This was our second weekend break at Littlecote House and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Everyone was joining in with the activities and although there were some much older people, the main age range was by no means at the upper end of the age scale. We did upgrade to a Royale Room, which we feel is worth the money for the comfort, the facilities and the views, but we heard no complaints about the standard rooms. Service is friendly and courteous, and the staff really seem to care about the guests' welfare."

by Antal
10 / 10

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Great for the young at heart

"I have taken my elderly mother away to a number of hotels and have always had excellent service from the Warner Hotels. Littlecote is her favourite; with the usual package of good service and entertainment plus a beautiful Tudor mansion and gardens you can visit at any time and a Roman villa and mosaic in the grounds.

Yes, the demographic is skewed towards the older generation and there's rather too much emphasis on ballroom dancing, but if you're looking after an elderly relative this ideal: there's plenty for them to do while you escape to take up the outdoor sporting activities (rifle shooting, archery, fencing) on offer or use the leisure club facilities.

by Kheldomage
8 / 10

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enjoy life enjoy your break

"just returned with my wife from our new year break which we had with our friends. it was the best 4 day break we have had.excellent food,staff and entertainment.rooms are great and you can pay extra and upgrade but not really necessary as with all the entertainment and activities who wants to stay in their room.

we danced every night and young zac kept the disco going till 2 in the morning and we were at that time the only ones around.

we cannot praise the staff enough for the way they looked after us from the room maid to the entertainments manager they all made you really welcome.

we are in our late fifties and the hotel had visitors from all age groups,most joined in on all the activities and many danced till their energy ran out.

as with all hotels you will always get some miserable people who just moan from arrival till departure but as with any break you get out of it what you put into it.

we are there again in febuary for the rock and roll weekend this being our 7th visit in 2 years and are looking forward to it.

we can only highly recomend littlecote house and their theme weekends are the best we have been to.

by david_stokes777
10 / 10

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Old folks home!!!!!

"I was extremely disappointed with this hotel. Had it not been for the lovely sunny weather I dont know what we would have done! On arriving the car park gives it away as half the spaces are disabled parking. This hotel is basically an "old folks home" - all the clientele are over the age of 70. The hotel rooms are basic, shoddy and not to a high standard you would expect for the cost of a stay here. The decor is worn and tired both in the rooms and general areas -all the staff are foreign and can barely speak any English. Food in the hotel restaurant of an evening is diabolical to say the very least. I ordered a main meal of Salmon which came with a teaspoon of peas, carrots and TWO new potatos !!!! How generous. On the second evening I ordered a glass of wine in the restaurant. We had eaten our starter and main before the drink arrived.

The menus on the bar are all stuck together, sticky and grubby. This hotel looks beautiful from the outside.....but be warned... do not visit this hotel if you are under the age of 65 and like somewhere classy and nice!!!! Im in my early 30's and expected a mix of ages here - but be aware, this is Wheelchair and comode hellllllll on earth!!!!!!

by suemgibson
2 / 10

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I had a wonderfully relaxing stay at...

"I had a wonderfully relaxing stay at this Warner’s hotel. It is a beautiful setting with an old manor house on site.

The room was very comfortable and well decorated. The food was of a good standard and lots of it.

Entertainment was great with different theme weekends featured throughout the year.

Would recommend for a relaxing break for anyone but even more so for us over 50's.

by ANG1560
9 / 10

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littlecote eighties weekend

"I and 3 of my friends were at liitlecote for their eighties weekend 2 weeks ago. What a great weekend.

We went for my friends 40th birthday. So the entertainment was the most important thing for us. We weren't dissappointed. Dj Barry Vinyl and Dj David kept us dancing all night, as well as the Madness and Duran tribute bands.

We also did the line-dancing, quizzes, bike trek etc in the day, as well as explore the beautiful grounds and old house.

Our accomodation was comfortable and clean, all the staff friendly and helpful. The food lovley. The leisure centre was great. We hope to come again one day soon. Thanks Littlecote


by jessicaSurrey
10 / 10

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spot on

"we arrived on friday, myself and 3 adults with learning disabilities, and a further support worker, we were met my 2 very helpful chaps who could not do enough for us, parking and disabled access spot on.

the whole time we were treated with respect and total understanding.

I would totally recomend Littlecote and we will be booking to come again very soon

senior support worker ,

by harveyoxon
10 / 10

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