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This hotel is wonderful. We loved it...

"This hotel is wonderful. We loved it there. Great small sandy beach. Delicious food. We had two bungalows with private pool and sea view. They were heaven. We really loved the setting. Just the room seemed very simply furnished at first, but we started to like it later. Be prepared for 2 separated beds which are just put together to make matrimonial bed. BUt ok.

But the first inmpression was not a 5 star hotel. I would not recommend to stay in the main building, because I did not like the rooms there. My sister stayed there and her room was small and seemed a bit like a cave. The only entrance door was from outside (not from the hotel).

The views are breath-taking and everything is clean.

We did not like one fat older women at the reception - she was not very nice and she was not helpful at all - we wanted to see some bungalows for the next year reservation. We made an appointment with other lady from reception and then in the afternoon this fat lady was there and she was not helpful at all and pretended she does not know about anything. She was very very slow and kept us waiting at the end of our stay when she was completing the bill. We almost missed the plane at the end. It took her almost 30 minutes to get things done. SHe does not have a nice face and can not handle things nicely. She should be fired.

But apart from that everyone was nice and helpful.

The only downside of this hotel - way tooooooo many Russian tourists who can be really loud and annoying sometimes during the day.

Also One day they forgot to clean our room which was not nice.

Apart from that the hotel is nicely quiet and great place for vacation! Loved it!!!

And want to come again.

by  TB Bouma
9 / 10

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Can't Wait to Return

"My wife and I spent the first week of our honeymoon in mid May 2005 at the Elounda Mare. When we exited the taxi from the aiport, we were greeted by the bellman who took all of our bags. We walked to the front desk, and as we were standing there, the same bellman brought us each a glass of champagne. What an incredible first impression! As we checked in with Maria, she informed us that we had been upgraded to a Presidential Suite with a private pool. We had booked a Superior Suite with a private pool, so this was an added bonus.

We met a terrific group of people while we were at Mare. We were one of a few Americans at Mare. Most of the guests were English, Scottish, German, and French. The age ranges from 40-70, but they are all very young at heart. My wife and I are 32 and 34, and we had a wonderful time visiting with the other guests.

The staff couldn't have been more helpful and more happy to have us there. We loved the staff. Andonis and Giorgos were wonderful waiters at both the Yacht Club and the Old Mill. They were so friendly and helpful. Dimitris, the Elounda Mare bartender for 19+ years, was a gentleman and a great conversationalist. My wife referred to him as our "friend" by the end of our week. So many guests have been returning to the Elounda Mare for years, that the guests do form friendships with the staff. I feel like we did.

Elounda Mare is a wonderful place to relax, eat good food, meet interesting and accomplished people, and forget about life for a while. The grounds are beautiful, the views breathtaking, and the ambience soothing. Mare is expensive, but that is expected. It is a Relais & Chateaux resort. The R&C hotels and restaurants are never a bargain, but they do deliver the pinnacle of service and quality.

My wife and I hated to leave after a week. We are already trying to figure out when we can go back.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Not sure I would go back....

"We stayed here recently from May 25-28. I had wanted to stay here for a while as I had read so many good things about it in various travel magazines. However, on the whole it was a let down and I really doubt I will go back.

On the negative side: 1) the front desk staff can be condescending and rude. My boyfriend used their local phone in the lobby rather than make the trek all the way back our room and the front desk girl shouted across the room "what is the matter with you? Why don't you use your own phone?" 2) they REALLY try and rip you off regarding car rentals. We were assured by the same front desk woman that she had found a special rate at Hertz for us for only 65 euros a day. When my boyfriend expressed surprise at the high rate, she angrily told him that he "will not find a better price anywhere". Well, 100 meters from their front door is a local car rental place manned by a Brit named Paul who cheerfully rented a car to us for 30 euros a day. The front desk lady must pass by this car rental place to get to work - so we just figured that she must be getting a kickback from Hertz. 3) the dining room staff is condescending. The majority of the guests appeared to be German (and some Brits who brought their own jars of Marmite to breakfast) and that is who got the 5 star treatment, best tables, long conversations with the maitre'd. Americans like us were put in the back. 4) the food prices are LAUGHABLY expensive. On Friday night, there was a seafood buffet offered at their "casual" restaurant for 100 euros per person (not a joke!) so instead we took our 30 euro car into Agios Nicolaus and had a wonderful dinner for 2 at one of the restaurants facing the town lake for about 40 euros (for 2). 5) it is not for everyone - I am 39 and felt very young. It seems to cater to Germans and Brits in the 60 yr. age bracket.

On the positive side: 1) the toiletries are the trendy "Korres" line and they are constantly replenished. 2) the views are beautiful.

Management response from Fotis_Kokotos, 30 Apr 2007

The management and owners of the establishment are happy to let our guests know that we were seriously concerned with the issues raised in their review and have taken steps to rectify them. We have thoroughly reviewed our front office and restaurant policies and have renewed our staff with new middle and upper management to ensure strict adherence to proper policy. All our food and beverage policy is being reviewed, in line with a very generous renovation of our main kitchen and its storage facilities. Not only that, but we have undertaken a thorough renovation of our rooms, suites, and bungalows, as well as adding an amazing new Six Senses Spa to our facilities. We maintain our character as a very charming, elegant, quiet, and calm resort that caters best to people who come here seeking privacy and seclusion.

by Jemimagold
2 / 10

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awesome food!

"My partner and I stayed here in August 2004 for one week. Everything was top-notch. The food was the BEST! The Old Mill Restaurant is pricey but definitely worth going once or twice.The suite was huge, and had 2 full bathrooms. Also had plenty of room outside on the balconies. The beach was a little small, but there was large, nice, safe swimming/snorkeling area.

I am dying to return to this small paradise this summer!

by travelerAthens
10 / 10

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"Oh! That idyllic setting overlooking the Mirabello Bay, when we are lazing in the attractive garden.

We have completed our 11th visit to Elounda Mare and can't wait for our visit in 2005.

We are always interest to see all the new luxury cottages and constant improvements.

As ever, staff wonderfully caring and attentive, excellent cuisine.

H & R Lang

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Great if Money is No Object

"We (two adults, one 3 year old) stayed here in July 2003 for four nights and really enjoyed it. The bungalo was very small but the plunge pool and ocean view partially made up for it. Our son enjoyed the shallow common pool and found just enough kids hanging out to have fun.

The restaurants are all gorgeous- we particularly enjoyed lunching al fresco. The site and the carved rock construction are amazing and beach facilities are fabulous.

Noah's Ark (the kids center) was B+, a good but not great time for our son. We used it twice because we really needed down time, but not more since the activities were limited.

But, given the small room size and astronomical prices we'd shop around for an alternative if we go back to Elunda.

by royroyroy
4 / 10

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Stuck and scared over 9/11/01

"This was our third stop in Greece for our Honeymoon(we are in our thirties). We got there and immediately felt like the place appealed to an OLDER clientele. We also had a deluxe cottage with a plunge pool.

The views were nice but I would agree with previous posts about a need for renovation all around. The thing I would like to share is our experience being stuck there over 9/11. You could not get a phone line into the states, so all the Americans started gathering in the lobby waiting to use the internet that they were nice enough to allow us to use as this was the ONLY form of communication to the states. The uncomfortable thing is that their staff were clearly AMUSED by the Americans freaking in the lobby and were basically laughing at us amongst themselves. Of coure the hotel had lots of cancellations because all flights had been cancelled, and they were openly talking about this at the lobby desk. My husband and I were supposed to head out to Turkey a day or two later. We immediately cancelled this as we didn't think going to Istanbul was the best idea. When we went to the desk to ask about staying on at the hotel, they told us they were completely sold out and the only room they had was the most expensive hotel room in the place and they would need to charge us full price.

(We had an upgraded room at first, and now all of a sudden it was the only room available at full price......??) We asked about all the cancellations, and suddenly there weren't any... which was strange since airlines still weren't flying and the place appeared EMPTY. The worst thing was the next morning at breakfast. Believe it or not, the waiter came up behind my husband and made a sound like a bomb falling and exploding. This is 100% true. My husband did not tell me this until we were home again. We were made to feel like extreme foreigners and there was no sympathy or empathy at all. We ended up staying in our room the rest of the trip and pulling the tv with CNN out to the plunge pool and really not leaving too much after that just trying to figure out how to get back home.

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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Wished I had stayed the entire trip here!

"I stayed here for part of a ten day trip to Greece. Out of all the places we stayed, this was by far the best and most beautiful! Just turning into the town of Elounda took our breath away. We had a cottage with a private pool and truly wanted to move in permanently. The town was very charming and there were many attractions only a car ride away in Crete. I would go back in a heartbeat! This was the most impressive place I've every stayed at."

by narnialady
10 / 10

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Nice but sleepy....

"This was the 3rd & final stop my husband & I made our our honeymoon.

The staff was pleasant (but not that knowledgable), the gardens were beautiful (however, ridden w/mosquitoes. I counted 25 bites after dinner one evening & I had repellent on). We had a deluxe w/a private pool. the room was just OK. We expected more. The pool was peeling, the bathrooms had harsh florescent lighting & the decore showed alot of wear. On closer inspection, the place was like a pair of outdated but comfortable & broken in pajamas and it smelled a bit...damp...shall we say. For the money, we expected more from the rooms & decor.

The views are stunning & so are the grounds. The place is a bit tired though. A MUCh older distinguished crowd (lots of Brits, which my husband is) who have been going to this place for years when it was 1st opened (& clearly the place hasn't been renovated since then). I gather that most of the slighty younger crowd was next door @ the Elounda Beach & we did go over there & ALMOST switched.

Also, my husband & I both has very bizarre massages. The slathered us with oil & rubbed our butts & when she turned me over did my...um..chest. I looked at her starnge & she stopped but we were both perpelxed about that.

Anyway, if you are looking for seclusion & privacy but without much social ambience, then this would be good for you. However, we both found it to be TOO quiet & the crowd was much older then we expected. I would say it was kind of boring but my grandmother would love it.

Management response from Fotis_Kokotos, 30 Apr 2007

The management and ownership of the hotel would like to thank our guests for posting their comments, especially for pointing out that we have perfect “privacy and seclusion”, “stunning views”, and “beautiful gardens”. Four years later, we can say with certainty that we have addressed all the issues raised in the review except for the fact that we are still one of the quietest and most serene places to enjoy a vacation. The bungalows these particular guests stayed at have been thoroughly renovated, and so have every single one of the hotel’s other rooms and suites. As for the spa experience, we now have one of the world’s best spas, the magnificent and enormous brand new Six Senses Spa that offers some of the best treatments anywhere.

by lmb13
6 / 10

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"My husband and I stayed here for the last 5 days of a greek island honeymoon and it was by far the best. The service was perfect, it rained (briefly) one day and they brought us complementary greek olives and wine to our room. The room was incredible. We had a suite with our own pool, unblocked ocean view, teak lounge chairs on the patio, fireplace, and whirlpool bath. Housekeeping 2x's a day. Their restaurants serve wonderful food. Beautiful gardens with lime/pomegranate/lemon trees. I just can't say enough about this place. I would go back in a heartbeat."

by KJBleu
10 / 10

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Vacation in Paradise

"For a couple who likes to be off the beaten path and not interested in seeing 30 countries in three days, this is a slice of paradise and everything you would imagine the greek islands to be. I highly recommend splurging for the presidential room wherein you will have your own private deck and pool! wow.....THIS is luxury. The walls of the room are whitewashed and the tapestries and bedding are indicative of the area. It's cozy and romantic. Fresh fruit in our room everyday and lots of little extras here and there. Olive trees, Pomegrant trees and all kinds of fruit trees grow all around the resort. It's like Eden. The dining was very good and the staff was great. Every morning, we had breakfast at their outside patio cafe and it was delicious. To sit and eat in the warmth of the sun while gazing at the Mediter. Sea....what more could you ask for? We went in October and the water was too cold for our blood....but relaxation and beauty was abound. You cannot go wrong with this resort. Money well spent guaranteed! I would go there again in a heartbeat and 100% enjoyed our romantic time there. An oasis!"

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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