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not any one spot the real problem of Laguna Park2 by Igor M
1 / 10

I spent my holiday from the 6th to the 16th at this hotel and i can give proof if needed and I have also video of what i'm writing here, I'm from Italy, be patient with my typing, it could be mistakes, but I'm sure you will get the point, was last minute option 4 me and i knew would be a nightmare, it's not only about stars-hills restaurant etc... this place keep ruin most peoples holidays since 2010 (as i read many post all are telling what i found in person but also i read post that are too fake to be true) the worst for my point of view, LIES! that start on the website to the managers and staff personnel, I did book an holiday with a plan, expecting at least warm swimming pool, my target relax, i don't care about anything else and fussy things but i needed sun and swim, as February it's winter time in Tenerife, sea water and also, most fo the swimming pools around in Tenerife are cold, i choose this hotel for the heated facilities,but swimming pool was very cold, reception manager also denies about this service at laguna p.2 and didn't know was on the website , really???, i realize Spain-Tenerife doesn't check this hotels and what they really provide/sell to customers, on their web site it's written in spanish and English "piscina climatizada"... never exist!!!! this what i've been told from the main manager at the reception never exist,but they keep selling holidays with this bad strategy, it's not about money and what any one else wrote here & pay for their holidays, cheap or not, I had many other bad services from Laguna Park 2 not listed here, same as many other complains i read in this post, i try to get in contact with tourist office in Tenerife, i wrote them my complains in full but no reply since now, i'm waiting to know why this place still open or why tell lies and no one check this out. Who is behind all this? who allow places like Laguna Pakt 2 to give hospitality to tourists? this is kind of place where people can get also disease as it doesn't reach European standard, in other countries this Laguna Park2 will not be able to sell this stories. Please Spain-Tenerife check this hotel, send an inspector and see by your self RIGHT NOW!!! as many customers are writing since long time now WE ARE NOT HAPPY of Laguna Park 2!!!! our complains are real!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: do not choose laguna park2 as are selling LIES!

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laguna park 2 by eddie44
8 / 10

We had a great holiday here there was friendly staff, very clean rooms. There was only two problems:

1)the food was very good except it was cold but the last day we were there it had improved.

2)there is a very steep slope from the pool to the bar so if you are disabled like myself it was very difficult to get up and down, apart from that it was a very enjoyable holiday

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, booked with on the beach
  • Advice: go all inclusive
  • Good For: Beach

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not to bad by Sarah H
4 / 10

i was a bit worried about staying here after reading all the bad reviews but it wasnt as bad as people had made out,the staff were very friendly and helpful, the evening entertainment was good especially for young children,fresh towel and bedding every other day, people had said that their door did not lock but i didnt have a problem with this, on the down side there was alot of steps and big slope on the resort,the room was in need of decorating,i went for a self catering appartment but this was a waste of time as the hob took 1/2 hour to heat up, there was no shelf in the oven,only one pan,no frying pan,i had to pay 10 euors to hire a kettle for the week, 5 euros per day to hire the iron (no ironing board) and 20 euros a week for the tv,i was glad that we hired a car as the walk to the sea front was hard work as the hotel was up a steep hill

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: siam park
  • Good For: Beach

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Athletic trained to stay here by Pat G
3 / 10

Sour faced reception staff on arrival...very steep stairs and lots of them to get to was stale and cupboard doors were sticky.. Cooker filthy...we had to buy plastic cups ...beds were ok as you were so tired and muscle pain with the climb every time you were going out so bed was a relieve ...bathroom was ok ..plenty of hot water and clean towels..table ad chairs on balcony filthy ....never used them...pool was good ..sun beds needed washed though ...never used restaurant taxi down twice a day cheap fares...not a problem ...when arriving back late at night quite scary if your female as its dark and secluded getting to your apartment ...defo won't be going to Laguna park 2 again...but will go back and book a hotel nearer the beach as Adeje is nice ...

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Pools nice
  • Good For: Beach

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Not for the Less-Fit by Dave S
3 / 10

This hotel is definitely not for less-than-fit! It is up the side of a very steep hill, but it doesn't finish there - when you come out of the reception you have to negotiate three flights of steep steps and then it is downhill to your apartment and the restaurant, which means when you come back to reception it is uphill, and then the steps and then the descent down the hill. The hotel itself is quite adequate but nothing to write home about. It is probably two stars at best. The food is not brilliant, although the breakfasts were quite good. Definitely will not be returning. The room was basic but was cleaned regularly, go regular clean towels. Ask for a room with a view the rooms that don't get the sun are cold at night, even in Tenerife.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: I would suggest booking somewhere else - don;t bother with Laguna Park 2

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2 / 10

We are widely travelled and have experienced good and bad and this was definitely one of the BAD experiences. Although the staff were very nice, the apartment was in dire need of updating and renovation. We always book self catering and although this apartment had a cooker, there were NO SHELVES in the oven to put anything on. Although it had a microwave, there were no DISHES to put in it (we had to use a china fruit bowl). There was NOT ONE cooking utensil (including a can opener), no knives to prepare food with just the basic 3 knives, forks and spoons for the table. 3 very small cups (no mugs). There was NO TOASTER. In the end we had to go out and buy tin foil cooking dishes as the hotel said they didnt supply them! The bedroom door (which leads out to the front path) was falling off with a big gap - looked like someone had tried to break in.

The pool was down a long slope and then you had the trek up again on return. To hire an iron was 10 euros per week (wouldnt do it by the day). Washing machine and tumble dryer 5 euros each. Internet 4 euros an hour. The very old fashioned thing of PAYING for your television viewing. Supermarket next door - DONT USE - calls itself Pay Less. You pay TWICE AS MUCH as anywhere else. Also had to put up with workmen next door making something (I just dont know) but were using drills and hammers from about 5pm until gone past 9pm EVERY NIGHT.

To get from the centre to the hotel you had to climb a VERY STEEP HILL. The locals call it cardiac hill. We are keen walkers but it was a killer at night if you went out for a meal and a drink. This is not just a slope but a hard slog up hill.

There is a courtesy bus but only runs twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. If it offered just one bus at 11pm for example, we would be more inclined to go out knowing we could get back again. If anyone has walking difficulties or pushchairs - THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU. In fact, avoid ANYTHING over the other side of the T1 motorway. The lower side of the motorway is fine.

I just dont know how they get people in there. They must be like us and first timers. Anyone going back must be bonkers.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Hire a Car. Eat out at restaurants.
  • Good For: Beach

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diabolical by millymolly
1 / 10

two weeks of hell between 15/12/2012 and 29/12 2012 how anybody would want to return to this place is beyond me. you have to negotiate 42 steps to reception accomodation is either up or down a hill and the resteraunt is at the bottom of a hill.if you have any infirmaty or are a senior citizen please do not visit this hotel come appatments,LET ME REITERATE FORTY TWO STEPS NO PORTERAGE OR ASSISTANCE OF ANY KIND AND A TAXI REQUIRED EVERY DAY TO GET BACK TO YOUR ACCOADATION.BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED PS PLENTY OF COCKROACHES TO CONTEND WITH IN YOUR ROOMS


  • Holiday details: Dec 2012

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Not the best! by Hate cockroaches
5 / 10

The Laguna park 2 , sounds inviting but quite the opposite, I went here with my husband and on our arrival we were dealt with by a person at reception that was not at all helpful or welcoming due to his lack of English , then when given a map of the layout went off to find our digs for the next 2 weeks only to be faced with a large amount of steep steps and a long downward hill and no lift in sight! The view was good though. On first inspection the room was a bit grim but ok , the beds were quite comfy but to my horror I woke the first morning only to find I had shared my bed with a very large cockroach this was the norm I later found out. The room was cleaned every other day and although English wasn't their strong point I found them friendly. Food in the restaurant was a little bland but ok, the restaurant staff were friendly and food was regularly topped up. The pool was lovely but very cold, there were plenty of sun loungers round the pool area, the pool bar was clean and also served food, the man who worked at the pool bar was very rude and intimidating to the point it stopped me going to the bar he was fine if you ordered alcohol but dare you ask for tea or coffee, I mentioned the problem to the restaurant staff and it was dealt with which was quite impressive. There are some nice bars once you get down the hill and if you can't face the hike back up its only 3/5 euros for a taxi. Shop round as things are a bit more expensive in the shop next door but at least you don't need to face the hill. Entertainment in the bar at night is ok with a range of entertainers and friendly bar staff. With 4 days of rain we paid for a TV card but it took 3 days to sort this out as the TV wasn't working in our room. The patio doors were not closing but we didn't experience any problem due to this. Made the best of our 2 weeks but wouldn't return to this hotel.

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VERY average. Wont stay here again. by Trev W
2 / 10

Visited early October for one week.Very disappointed generally.On arrival staff at reception were unfriendly and sombre to say the least.A kind on "take it or leave it" attitude.The apartment was tired and looked like it had not been touched for years.Apartments close by overlooked a window above the front door which made privacy difficult.The family of cats urinating and pooing outside the front door made the smell there awful.There is a steep slope up to reception which was about 200 metres away and then three flights of stairs to get to the bar or reception.The restaurant is basic but clean and the food is generally well cooked if a bit predictable.Security is good if a little oppresive with numerous uniformed staff carrying batons.Would I go here again? NO and I do not recommend this to others.One got the impression staff found us a nuisance.Hardly a good way to spend a holiday!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with Lowcost Holidays
  • Advice: Go somewhere else
  • Good For: Beach

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it was fine by John C
8 / 10

i went on my very first holiday on the 22 nd of may 12,i had read all the reviews and was a little worried not knowing what to expect. apartment was really clean ,the maid was really nice,she came in three times ,all the staff were all very helpfull. now i am a very fussy eater an cant eat veg or continental food so the evening meal i could not eat but thats me ,the breakfast was brilliant ,anyway 10 mins down the road u can get a bumper breakfast for 6 euros at scotch corner or dinners all british the hill everybody talks about is big but if you walk up it very slowly it's not that bad ,i walked up it once a day ,at night after a few beers dont even think about it lol. overall i loved it and i am planning to go back again next may, i hope this was helpfull.

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not so bad for us. by shel and kev davies
5 / 10

We stayed for 1 week april 24- 3rd may.Arrived at tea time ,found the receptionist rude as he was talking on the phone and trying to check us in,although as the week went on found that all the receptionists did this.We stayed in 2 x poolside apartments which were very clean although there were signs of a previous break in on one of the patio doors.Cleaners came 5 out of 7 days and changed towels and sheets as req.Showers can be prob as boilers only hold 30 litres of hot water and takes 20 mins to heat up for the next one.You have to pay for hire of ALL electrical items.Food in buffet, serve yourself restaurant was good for us.Plenty of fresh salad,chicken and fish which is our diet back home.Nightly Entertainement starts roughly 10.30 pm but your all inclusive drinks stop the same time ??? so eiher get them in before or you pay extra.Entertainment for kids is average and hopefully gets better as season goes on.Pool is not heated (freezing and salt water)but very clean. Attitude and service of Restaurant staff are ok ,but bar and pool bar staff ARE PRETTY HORRENDOUS.I found that being direct and telling them daily , you didnt care for their attitude, was the best option prior to and whilst ordering your drinks.Elizabeth and polish Paul in particular -please take note !!Hilly Location wasnt great ,but lovely views,20 mins walk downhill to beach and its closer to adeje rather than americas.Not rec for people with mobiliy problems and if you have youn kids you need a pram.On the whole for what we paid (&1600 for 7 all inclusive) it was good.We would return but only because the kids loved it

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, booked with

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Worst holiday taken by Susan Stork
1 / 10

Waited two days for a bath towel. S/C waited four days for a 'fork' (not funny) Mislead, not near bars and beach. Derelict hotels next door with druggies breaking into apartment every night. If wanting a toaster you had to hire one the same with an electric kettle. Many many steps.

Very very noisey at night. Only good thing was the balcony the faced the sun all day.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Would not go again, neither would all the others I spoke to.

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • Laguna Park II Apartments
  • Address: C/ Pais Vasco 2 Urb Torviscas Alto s/n, Tenerife 38660, Spain

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  • by Queen Bee

    " you really have to very fit and enjoying walking as very hilly "

  • by

    " Go there! Have Fun! Shopping, beach, pubs, clubs, water parks, minigolf. Its just Awesome "

  • by Hanson Family

    " For the price paid, good value. "

  • by Jess

    " Do not stay in your apartment all the time! Get the free bus to the beach and shops and barter for a bargin! "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Avoid the time share touts with their tickets and offers "

  • by Carmel

    " Use the free bus and go on the Catamaran to see the Pilot Whales "

  • by fayeandpaul

    " aqualand is close by,use taxis or the free bus if the hill is too steep.reserve the cars outside harleys to eat your evening meal "

  • by shel and kev davies

    " take advantage of the all inc drinks before 10.30 pm "

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