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Amazing hotel, loved everything about it

"Stayed here for a night during the end of June and this place was amazing. The rooms were really unique and very clean. I really liked how they decorated the rooms and in the evening roomkeeping comes in to your room to light up aromatherapy scents and when you return to your room after dinner, the whole room smells really nice and makes everything so comfortable.

The Thai restaurant i think it was called Black Ginger was abit pricey compared to outside food but it was good food so I aint complaning. Breakfast was good as well they might not have alot of food to choose from but everything was really good.

Nothing much really to say as I think other reviews said pretty much everything. Really really nice place although the beach could seem a little dirty when its low tide. Oh and the beach was just across a small road and I think some rooms of the hotel gives a good view of the beach. There are loads of other shops in front of hotel from massage palours to restaurants and might be worth a look at.

by woot
6 / 10

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Honeymoon at the Indigo Pearl

"Went to the Indigo Pearl late May early June 2007 for my honeymoon . After an extremely long day travelling the sight of the hotel soon woke me up , absolutely gorgeous . It was late evening so all of the gardens were illuminated and there fire feature was fully alight and looked lovely. Warm reception by the staff and a golf buggy to our room (Private pool pavillion)

As it was our honeymoon there was a chilled bottle of champaz waiting for us along with a selection of fresh fruit and chocolate cake with congratulations on it , and the bed had a heart made of rose petals . What a perfect start , wife was exstatic :-)

Room was stunning ,spacious with good air conditioning (a must) and the private pool although slightly on the small side partnered with the lovely garden with outdoor bath is where we spent many a late night sitting in the pool havin a few drinks :-)

There is still work going on but it wasn't all that noisy or intrusive and the place looks amazing already so once everything is finished I just can't imagine. The gardens and flowerbeds once matured another year or so will be out of this world with attention to detail glaringly obvious.

The restaurants and bars all look amazing but are very pricey compared to the local prices so take that into consideration when signing the little receipts that WILL end up on your bill at the end of your stay , I tried to keep a track of this so not to be too surprised when I recieved my bill on the last day.

We had an invitation to a management cocktail party one night which we went to , the drinks were free and a nice oppurtunity to talk to other guests and the hotel manager who gave us some great advice about the area and the hotels history. We had a free meal in the rivet grill restaurant as a gift from the travel company and the hotel which would have been very costly indeed had it not been a gift , the food was cooked beautifully and staff were fantastic but sadly the food was not to our taste. We did however go to the Black Ginger restaurant which was stunning set in the middle of a small lake across a wooden footbridge where again staff could not be faulted but this time much nicer food.

The area itself was quite quiet but we did go at the end of the season . Visited Mama mia's bar mostly just on the beach opposite the hotel rear entrance (guarded) lovely cheap food and lovely people . A trip to Patong is a good idea just to see a little more of the island. We went to see the thai boxing one night which was brutal still got blood stains on my trousers (sat in the front row). Also went on an elephant sancturary trip where we saw traditional thai cooking , water buffalo in action , and some other fun things while the rain belted down :-)

We also went horse riding on the beach but I wouldn't recommend it as the horses didn't look as well looked after as I would have hoped , and the men who were there to help didn't really have a clue what to do especially when my horse was trying to rear up and kick with me still on it ! Had a lovely Thai massage close to the beach and had shirts and trousers tailor made as well.

All in all a fantastic honeymoon / holiday and a huge reccomendation from me. Any question please just ask .

Did I mention the Birthday cake the hotel made me ....... Lovely place :-)


by commercialdon
10 / 10

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Unique Phuket experience

"Just came back from a 3 days company offsite/teambuilding event at the Indigo Pearl and I have to say it was a very nice and enjoyable stay. This is about the 8th time I visited Phuket, but this was by far the most interesting and relaxing stay (even if we had to work most of the time).

The design of the hotel has been commented on here before, so I will not go there. Taste is very personnel and in our group of 50 people about half of them loved the way the hotel is setup while the other half was more in favour of more traditional thai style.

I had the luck of being upgraded to a Pearl Bed room, which in essence meant that I had two balconies and a bathroom which is bigger than the bedroom area. The rooms are maybe also the only thing where I wouldnt give the highest remarks as they were lacking a bit of functionality (eg where to I hang my wet swimming staff and towel witout hooks or a rod or line...). Otherwise the layout was very generous and it was impecably clean.

It was absolute low season, so when we first arrived there were maybe 10 other hotel guests and most probably 200 or more Hotel need to say more about the attention we got from the personnel (which also made easily up for a number of technical flaws during our meetings like the lack of aircon, a powerfailure etc.)

The staff was very friendly and attentive, the food for breakfast, lunch and dinner excellent and the eaterie venues fantastic. We only frequented one of the hotel bars where you can play pool and snooker for free and had a lovely time there until very late...

Due to our program we did not have too much time to spend at the pool, but whatever little time we had there was worthwile spent. If you stay a bit longer and occupy a long chair you get served ice water, melon and cold towels...a very nice touch.

The beach is not the cleanest I have seen (there is quite a bit of debris), but the sand is fine and as somebody else commented thanks to the reef very calm and child friendly. There are also countless little restaurants and bars just on the beach, so the next drink is never further then a few steps. We enjoyed a few beers at two of them (Mama Mia and Koebis Bar) and in both places we very greeted with the usual Thai hospitality and friendliness. We also tried the Thai food at the Mama Mai but were a bit disappointed.

For people who look forward to enjoy a relaxing thai massage, just step out of the hotel towards the beach and in the second hut on the right there you get the usual service for 300 Baht...

All in all my best Phuket experience so far.

by walaha
8 / 10

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Great hotel, perfect beach!

"This is truly a nice hotel. I don’t agree about that the beach is not nice, I think NaiYang beach is the nicest and most genuine beach on Phuket Island. It was clean when we where there and the cosy restaurants along the beach is so nice and serve great food for little money. This beach is also much better for families with small children, because it’s a big reef outside that stop the big waves rolling in. Other beaches on the west side of phuket, small children cannot use because of the big surf-waves. So back to the hotel; We (two adults and two children) stayed in a “Pearl Bed room” and it was great and had a lot of space. The service and staff was very good and always smiling and very polite. I think there were more staff than guest at the hotel so you were really looked after. There where three pools and all where very nice. One had a nice swim up bar. Plenty of sun beds and nice service around the pools.The food was really good at all hotel restaurants. The breakfast was the best I had in Thailand, and the ambiance in the breakfast restaurant (tine mine) was really nice compared to other big five star hotels in Phuket. Everything is really beautiful and I do not agree about that there is too much concrete, I think it’s a beautiful garden and both pool arias are very nice.

The childrens club is also very good and I was impressed of that they had a circus school and a lot of activities for children. The staff in the circus school spoke both German and English. All in all my favourite hotel in Thailand!

by H68
8 / 10

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Peace, cool, and colorful!

"From check in to sitting in the hotel's library now and using its free internet service and computer, this has been an excellent experience! The staff are very friendly, and they seem genuinely happy to have me around. The design here is incredible, and the colors are strikingly rich blacks and browns with stunning blue and red accents. I have been to many resorts around Phuket, and if there was a better beach here, this might well be my favorite.

As this hotel has just recently opened, and it's low season now, it's nearly empty of people. I love quiet, and I enjoy the sensation of being one of the first to discover a place. Come while it's still an undiscovered secret!

The hotel is half way finished, but on the other half, there's a good bit of quiet work going on. Even the workers smile when we walk by, and my friend and I were able to take peeks at the new rooms. Very imaginitive and comfortable decoratiton going on!

Breakfast food was quite nice, and the steak house and bar are stunning architecturally and in furniture style. We cant stop taking pictures.

The only thing that's really lacking here is a nice beach. The beach is pretty, but it's not very well maintained...quite a bit of garbage on it, and tons of messy shops and restaurants on the shore. Fortunately though, the restaurants on the beach, at least the one we went to, was phenomenal. Haven't had such good and authentic thai food in ages, and of course, the price outside the hotel was perfect for a value conscious guy like me.

Went by the sheraton earlier today and showed my friend the grounds. I've stayed at the Sheraton many times, and have enjoyed each stay, but we noticed today that the Indigo Pearl Staff are so much more welcoming and smily.

For anyone who wants great design, friendly service, lack of crowds, but won't spend too much time at the beach, this is the place to stay in Phuket.

by davitcha
8 / 10

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Nice, quiet stay

"We took a metred taxi to the hotel & it came up to only THB160, including THB100 airport surcharge! It's only a short 5 min ride. No noise from airplanes at all.

Resort is still in its soft launch stage & there were very few guests, coupled by the fact that it is low season. Beautiful pool. We enjoyed being spoiled for choice as to which pool sun lounger we could use each morning! As for the beach, it is abt a 7 min walk away, outside the property & across a tiny road. The hotel has its own section of beach with sun loungers. There's towels & cold bottled water provided. It's not a private beach per se.

We stayed in a standard room "Kelly's Quarters", which was rather on the small side compared to other Phuket hotels we have stayed before. I believe the Pearl Beds (the next room size up) are a combination of 2 Kelly Quarters rooms, in terms of size.

Liked the tin mine decor & great attention to detail has been made by the owners to have this theme carried throughout the property.

Food was so-so. We ate out at the many beachside restaurants instead.

The kids' club was brilliant. As there were only our kids at the time who patronised the club, they did anything they wanted as they didn't have to stick to the set program. Our kids had a blast. There is a circus school which you have to book one day in advance for.

Service wise was acceptable except that they probably need to train their staff better. At the restaurant, we were asked how many guests for the table. After we told the waiter, he didn't show us to our seats but just wandered off. So we just sat where we wanted! The waitresses were constantly chattering to each other (due to lack of dining guests) - although they were quick in meeting our requests when called for. Housekeeping was very responsive too.

All in all a pleasant stay. And try the Thai massage in the little shopping block by the beach (turn right once you reach the "main" road). THB300 for an hour in airconditioned comfort. And they used CLEAN towels.

by Strabo
6 / 10

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Not keen on new style hotel

"Stayed at hotel previously in 2003 when it was The Pearl Village, since then a lot of money has been spent on refurbishment which I feel has been wasted. The rooms are very nice but the public areas are not to my taste, very drab. A lot of new buildings have been erected taking up the open spaces that used to be around the hotel even the elephants have gone. Having said this the service and staff were excellent. I feel the hotel has also got very expensive. We spent all our evenings at the beach bars and restaurants and had a fab time, would highly recommend No 41 for food and Wots bar for drinks and great fun,. Linda's Seafood is great for lunch."

by LindaJMar
6 / 10

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Amazing Place!

"From the van that drove us there to the time we checked out this was a top class experience. I was amazed when we arrived, the fragrance and the decor were incredible... It really blew my mind, I didnt know places like this existed, every other place on our trip paled in comparison, and the price was pretty good too. This is a very large resort though, so peak times would be hectic I guess. I wont go into detail as there are many other reviews but this is truly as someone else posted here "what heaven must be like"."

by chargin
8 / 10

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Indigo Pearl a Gem!

"I stayed in a Pearl Bed Room which was just fantastic on 2nd level. This has an open very large bathroom which would only be suitable for couples or close families. Room also has two baloncies. Loved this hotel, staff very friendly nothing too much trouble, food excellent and not expensive for a five star hotel. Location excellent, close to airport with outside shopping and beach front bars and restaurants just outside the hotel. There are 2 great pools and another one almost completed. Will be back to stay in October. Design is beautiful this is very unique hotel."

by SydneyBondigirl
10 / 10

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Ultra modern design not Thai

"The design is apparently based on a Tin Mine, but we were not quite sure where this was apparent within the hotel, apart from lots of steelwork and spanner designs scattered around. The hotel still has building work ongoing and at times this can be quite disrupting.

Our standard room was not very large in Thai standards. The bathroom was a flood plain when taking a shower due to the slope on the floor going away from the drain so consequently all the water ended up in the bathroom and sometimes into the main room, we complained to the manager directly and his answer was that most of the other rooms had the same problem. At no time were we offered another room or any compensation.

The main pool is good, with a waterfall and Jacuzzi’s but for some reason they have put in a water feature opposite the waterfall that looks like a concrete wall and is a concrete wall. In fact concrete is one of the main factors around the pool which contributes in making the pool area very hot indeed. However the sun loungers are very comfortable and the pool staff bring you iced water and fruit during the day.

The Rebar cocktails are over priced modern coloured liquids not traditional filled with ice and hardly any alcohol, and the music supplied by the DJ was way out and very loud, it could be heard from your room balcony as if you were in the bar.

The restaurant underneath is modern in decor and is so dark one would think you where in a tin mine.

The breakfast buffet is impressive catering for all cuisines, but the cutlery in the form of spanners was very heavy along with the chairs as well, and the square cups awkward to drink from, the staff were dressed in dark uniforms and aprons, more aptly dressed for working in a foundry, were a little slow serving the tables even though the hotel was pretty empty when we were there.

A lot of money has been spent on the hotel but to have an American Architect design the revamp leaves a lot to be desired.

The staff were pleasant and helpful.

There are a lot of beach restaurants which serve some excellent food, at good prices and a few bars but not much in the way of a night market you will have to go further a field for these.

by Diver0857
6 / 10

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