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Room: 8/10
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Cleanliness: 8.5/10
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Warm Friendly Staff - Clean Hotel

"We had to book here last minute as the Cay Beach Sun Hotel was over booked we were forced to seek alternative accommodation by ourselves. This proved to a great stroke of luck in a disastrous week. This is a large fresh open hotel. Champagne and Juice on arrival in the reception area. Staff are excellent and even gave us a courtesy call mid week to see if we had any issues that needed resolving. I would recommend this hotel to older couples and young families without hesitation. I will return without hesitation."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, booked with booking.com
  • Advice: Free cinema
  • Good For: Beach
by Robert B
8 / 10

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H10 Rubicon Palace Hotel ,Lanzarote

"This was my first ever holiday on my own, I booked via SAGA who again I had never used previously. The booking was all inclusive, and this did not reflect upon the quality of food, drink or service

I found the hotel to be immaculate, the food in the two main restaurants excellent with the buffet style arrangement good and the chefs happy to cook steaks etc just the way I like mine,. The Italian restaurant which was also included I did not try

The Hotel is a bus ride from the town (1.50 euros) or by taxi 3.15 euros , or a good walk

The SAGA Rep (Rita) worked her little socks off to ensure everyone enjoyed their stay. She was ever present and a most delightful lady

I can only fault the quality of the entertainment in the theater as amateurish, whereas the piano bar was excellent

On site there were I believe 9 pools,(never did count them) cinema and Irish bar,. No need to reserve sun beds as there were always far too many for this(shameful activity) everyone

Overall I would return , the rooms are large and well appointed , ample lifts and iI paid the extra for a sea view, which I thought was money well spent overall I thught Very good value for money

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, booked with Saga
by Jim J
10 / 10

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Great Hotel

"I have just returned from The Rubicon a week ago. it was my 5 visit and I went with friends who go 3 times a year and it was there 21visit.

I have read some of the negative comments and I disagree with all of them.

It is worth it's 4 stat status. Beautiful Hotel set in wonderful grounds. The facilities for adults and children are very good.

The Restaurant provides a great variation of food and the people who don't want to eat continental food should stay in their own country.

The staff work their socks off and are always polite and very friendly.

The choice of all inclusive drinks are the best I have ever found, in Turkey its about four and it's cheap and cheerful.

My friend had her 60 Birthday whilst we were there and they bent over backwards to help us make her night very special.

I will be back in May and November next year, there are a crowd of us meet up from all over the country. These are people we have met through staying at the Rubicon Palace.

I am 67 when I have gone alone I feel very content and safe.

Thank you to all the staff especially the front line staff.

Fab place, Fab people and I have written this myself not the hotel!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Everything about the hotel is good. entertainment, food, drinks, pools, pool bar. handy for going into Playa Blanka. Fishing just off grounds.
by Carol P
10 / 10

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Something for everyone

"This is an excellent four star hotel, which caters for all age groups and families. First class accommodation and the grounds and many pools are maintained to a very high standard. The restaurants provide a variety of menus to suit all tastes, There are lots of choice for bars and evening entertainment. No shortage of sun beds and a poolside restaurant and bar."

by Janey B
10 / 10

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nothing you could fault brilliant!

"this hotel has everything lovely food great rooms lots of swimming pools and most of all plenty of sun beds no getting up early for them! nice walk into playa blanca definatley go back.service brilliant kind people rooms are massive food plenty of choice."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with First Choice
by 1978foley
10 / 10

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Disappointing 4* needs improvement!!!!

"Disappointed in this hotel as we went on a reccomendation. Poor service from start to finish. Arrived at the hotel & checked in, was told to leave our luggage in reception and the porter would bring for us on transport so we didnt have to. We thought 'great service'. ....... It wasn't.... We waiting an hour & half for it to arrive & only did so because we personally had to go find it!!! It was still in reception unattended where we were told to leave it. We questioned why this was - to be told there was a mess up. No apology. We stayed all inclusive as better for our children, food was ok but very predictable , same most days. Quality of food was just average- not what you expect from a 4*. Doesn't stay warm very long in serving dishes, rice dishes go hard after a couple of hours if you didn't go when first opens. They didn't ever replace these they just go un eaten as nobody wants them like this. Service in main eating area was shocking, not enough staff, not forwardly friendly & doesn't take empty plates away after course, so u have to continue eating with them there on the table. Very off putting. A baby cockroache was found on my husbands drinking glass too!!!!! The pool areas are needing work, the main pools are very dirty, never cleaned inside the pool or around the pool area the whole 12 days we were there which is bad. There are broken tiles around pool areas which is dangerous, glass & dirt every where. The sun parasols were limited & if available dangerous as the safety catch which stops it from blowing out of its base was missing. So on several occasions parasols were blowing away with the very bad winds. Don't believe what the brochure says about been amazing, pictures are not correct also. The spa is an extra cost, so is the indoor pool- which in the brochure states 5 outdoor pools & 1 indoor. Gym etc all extra charge, ice creams too. Previledge guests get everything normal bookings don't. They have separate eating areas , separate everything and great rooms. Rooms in the brochure pictures actually. Normal rooms are quite plain & old looking, what u expect in apartments. Entertainment was good, that's about it. Overall average hotel , not worth the money you pay to go there. Stayed in many 4* hotels which had wow factor, this one clearly not I'd rate it 3*. Exterior you think very grand looking but inside not the same. I wouldn't return to this hotel, and would only recommend it if you like the average sort of hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with First Choice
by Kelly from Yorkshire
5 / 10

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Cheryl from Lenzie.

"This was our first stay at this hotel.Had a poor start, arrived at hotel it was cold and windy.We tried to put on air con,was told it did not work so offered us blankets!My partner when to reception and he got a heater after pleading with staff.Was also disappointed to have to pay for safety deposit box and the use of the gym and pool.The food was brill,only the pool area to eat was very cold and drafty at night.The entertainment team where fab they put 100% in to every show they did.Piano bar is a pleasant place to sit,and muisic good but again was cold and drafty to sit.Location of hotel we liked and great views .

All said and done we will go back to this hotel main downside to holiday was the weather,and no travel company can sort that out!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2012, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Include cost of saftey deposit box in holiday!consider that the weather can be cold and make arrangements in that event.Most people go certainly to the canaries in winter for heat.
  • Good For: Beach
by Cherlie
8 / 10

6 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"My boyfriend and I have just come back from the Rubicon palace. We are gutted to be home. I dont understand the bad reviews. It is a beautiful hotel, very clean, staff are always maintaining it, but not at detriment to your stay. Lovely, clean room. Only complaint was the room above was noisy at night and people should not wear stilletos on the tile floor! Pools were clean, spa was lovely and relaxing. Views were fantastic. Took a while to get used to where everything was, finding your room and reception etc was a bit of a maze, but soon found our way around. Loads of things to do and see locally, but you can easily have days at the hotel and not need to leave. Buses to other beaches and towns in Playa Blanca only 1.20 euros each. Yes there is no drinks in the room, but buy a bottle of water and when it is empty if you are all inclusive you can top up at meal times. We were never without water, always had a supply in fridge. Loved the local cats, shared my sunbed one day! Food can be samey, but there will always be something you like. Staff are very friendly always greeting you. In the restaurants though one side seemed to friendlier than the other, dont get why, so we tried to eat in the same one. On the same level each night there were a few market stalls so you can pick up some gifts at the hotel. We cant wait to go back next year. You get privacy by the pools, where some hotels we walked past are quite open to passers by nosing at people by the pool. Love it and recommend it!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by happy couple
10 / 10

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Very Nice Stay

"Just returned from this resort after a short 3 day stay to celebrate my wifes 40th Birthday. Hotel is very nice although fairly quiet at the moment, the staff are very freindly and helpful and speak good English. We booked the Privilege Package and this was worth every penny, the room was great and the staff in the Privege areas are the best and nothing is too much trouble, food was good although menu could be a bit limited for a 2 week stay but you always have the option of the main restaurant if you fancy a change, pool was a bit cold and it was a bit windy but this is the canaries so to be expected. Will definitley return for a week at some point, with Privilege? Hell yes..."

by KeithH
9 / 10

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Lovely relaxing holiday

" Just spent two lovely relaxing weeks at the rubicon palace hotel. bar staff very friendly, food choice was good although not as good as some other H10 hotels we have stayed at in the canaries but i suppose with all food price increases they have to do some cut backs. our room was very clean and comfortable for two of us, but with extra beds that are put in for families it can become a little cramped, but this happens in every hotel.We are going back to the Rubicon with our families for Christmas and so looking forward to it"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Comfy shoes to walk the promenade
by people watcher
8 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Don't bother!!

"Everyone knows that first impressions are extremely important. It is a pity therefore that our first impression of the Rubicon Palace in Lanzarote was rather negative. With a little effort this could be a fairly good hotel even if there is no way it could compete with hotels of a similar class outside of the Canary Islands.

To start with we were allocated a room that overlooked a car park, with views of cement mixer building materials and three rubbish skips. We were extremely disappointed as this was a special anniversary trip so we asked for a different room. We were told that the hotel was full and the manager was busy; but when we persisted, a room was finally found. Quite a nice room really if a little old fashioned, but acceptable had this been provided without a dispute. There was no offer of help with our cases and we found out later that there was transport around the hotel which no-one bothered to mention at check in.

The room:

Well, there was no bathroom fan: the safe needed new batteries which took two visits by maintenance (Reception said they were very busy and it would take 2 hours) and I wondered why I bothered anyway as the hotel refused liability. There were no tea/coffee making facilities and everyone does not want to walk to the main hotel for a cup of coffee. The fridge cost 3 euros a day if we wanted to keep our bottled water cool. We wondered who was walking around in boots upstairs at all hours and felt that it may have been the same for people beneath us. Insulation seemed to be at a minimum and noise a maximum.

The maid was excellent apart from knocking on the door at 8.45 one day: a time I do not normally recognise when on holiday.

The dining room:

A large room with tables packed like sardines so that it was not always easy to walk between them. It looked good and the food was varied and not too bad if you chose well. It was a shame that warm food managed to cool and congeal on the warning plates after a few moments and bacon was either incredibly greasy or consisted of small piles of tough solid layers. Hot food at the carvery was quite reasonable. Coffee and tea were a nightmare. There was only one machine and there were always long queues at breakfast. There were thermos flasks on the table but the coffee was usually lukewarm. And what a clever idea to warm the butter under hot lights so that it dripped from the wrapper!

But the biggest problem was the noise. There were no soft furnishings to deaden the noise of a few hundred diners and the waiters seemed to delight in vying with each other to see who could make the most noise. Crockery was thrown into plastic bins, noisily dumped on a trolley with square wheels and rumbled and rattled to the kitchen, to reappear washed and ready to be dumped at the service stations. Cutlery was thrown into bins with a resounding crash from sacks a foot or so above the plastic container. Knives, forks and spoons were sorted by the simple expedient of throwing them as hard as possible into the relevant container. It was hell if you sat close to these stations and with three of them it was impossible not to be affected wherever you sat.

Bread is normally cut with a bread knife but sometimes a serrated cleaver was supplied. This was useless. The staff were friendly and seemed busy but were loathe to actually do anything constructive, sometimes removing plates and cutlery after the first course but never thinking of providing cutlery for the next. And often they did not even do that and dirty plates littered the table until we removed them ourselves.

There were no towels or hand dryer in the men’s toilet outside the restaurant whilst we were there, In spite of reporting it to staff who promised to take care of it nothing happened.


The hotel was situated quite a way from the main town so unless you took a taxi, a night in the town was not too easy. The grounds were well kept and quite the best feature of the hotel although they turned off the picturesque waterfalls during our second week. We never found out why.

The hotel complex was surrounded by ugly wire fences that served no purpose other than to irritate. Our room was at the far end of the hotel and it would have been nice to park close to it. Only two entrances were ever open: the hotel foyer and a gate at the rear leading to the promenade. All other gates were locked. The one at the end of the grounds near our room was only opened for hotel cars so we had to walk the full length of the hotel every time. We were told the gates and the fence was for our security although as the rear gate was never locked and there was a hole in the front fencing this seemed rather doubtful. In any case we did not notice any security personnel.


In general pretty poor, although the Mongolian troupe were quite good but the magician depended too much on low lights and the scattering of confetti. However I did enjoy his one man levitation effect. The children’s entertainment was frantic and geared towards seven year olds. The entertainment team put their backs into it but it did not finish till about 10 pm thus rendering the room uninhabitable for those without children. This may have been the reason it was almost impossible to find a seat in the piano bar.


This all sounds rather petty in the cold light of day but the excessive noise and the many relatively minor irritations ruined the holiday. There is nothing really wrong with the basic hotel that a little attention to detail would not solve. For example all gates could be opened during the day. Dirty crockery could be removed directly to the kitchen and management could be available to talk to customers to find out first hand what they wanted. A computerised form with tick boxes only serves to give lip service to the idea of customer feedback.

So to answer the question “would I return to this hotel?” A resounding “NO”! And I would be very dubious about the H10 chain. Once bitten, twice shy!

But of course we can dine out for a long time on the tale of the Rubicon Palace. Especially with photos and recordings!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, half board, booked with Jet 2
  • Advice: Book somewhere else possibly Las Pocillas
by disappointed xyz
4 / 10

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rubicon palace second to none

"Just returned from rubicon palace and have had a fabulous holiday, we were 4 seniors and joined in all the outdoor activities ,the annimation team led by valentin and simone were great allways smiling joking and getting people to join in, our rooms were excellent very clean and spacious the food was very good and plenty of it, we had no trouble finding a table and they were cleared as soon as we had finished each course the waiters were all very friendly and again allways smiling, the swimming pools and ground were immaculate the evening entertainment again mostly done by the annimation team was brilliant, proffesionals could not have been better we give this hotel 110% and will most certainly go back again thankyou to valentin,simone and the team for making us feel young again,Rita,Len,Brenda and Johnx"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Take part in the games and take leasurly strolls along the promenade
  • Good For: Beach
by old codgers
10 / 10

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by Vicks1979

    " Nearest nice beach is a taxi journey away "

  • by happy couple

    " Go to playa blanca market at the marina rubicon rather than the massive on at Costa Teguise "

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