Rayon Apart

Merkez Mah. Yunus Nadi Cad. No:66, Marmaris, Turkey
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Love my stays at the Rayon

"I just stayed at the Rayon for the second time in October..Once again a wonderful holiday..Love all the staff, They just can not do enough for you..So friendly. The days are relaxing around the lovely pool area, Then great entertainment in the evenings with great cocktails made by the lovely Leon and William... And once again had great food from the Rayon..Never once missed my fry up in the morning.. See u all again in June and thanks for another great time....Save my room for me xxx"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The staff at the rayon make it the best
  • Good For: Beach
by Sharon S
10 / 10

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Hotel = not good

"Arrived at the hotel at 0200 and didnt even see the reception, was shown straight to our room which was horrid. Room had no air con and no option to get aircon. The room looked out onto a bit of wasted land, not a nice view. we had booked for 3 adults. I had to sleep on a sofa "bed" which was broken in the middle lengh ways and width ways. The only bit of bedding we had was 2 ripped sheets, mine wasnt big enough to fit the bed so would end up tangled each morning. was only able to sleep if i had a lot of alcohol.

Room had no toilet roll and when we asked for some we were told to but our own. The maid only came round twice in the week, never changed the bedding or towels once. All she did was mop the floor in the kitchen/dining room/my bed room area.

The food in the restaurant was nice enough but we tended to avoid it because i was being harrased by the waiter, who took a bit of a shine to me. Only positive thing about the hotel was that it was easy to steal water from reception and we didnt get into too much trouble for going for a late night dip in the pool.

On a plus note, Marmaris is a fantastic place and despite the poor hotel we had a great time. Was just disappointed that we thought we were in a highly rated 3* when it was more like a bad 1*

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by serial holiday maker
1 / 10

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holiday from hell

"worst holiday ever arrived at rayon 8-8-10 dirty appartments we were with two familys when we arrived back from a good nite out friends the manager was waiting for us gave our friend a letter telling them they had to leave because we were not eating in the hotel our friend was assulted that night by bar manager surrounded by turkish men threating us with guns and knifes saying they would stab us in our beds when we were sleeping we had 1 hour to leave the appartments they threatened us constantally we all stayed in friends rooms that nite to scared to sleep moved to adem eve hotel they were fantastic ANY BRITISH PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT STAY AT THESE APPARTMENTS could not wait to get back to the UK for our children to be safe"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go there
by del
1 / 10

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holiday from hell and let down

"when we got there on the 2rd aug 2010 i was having a drink with friends we met there year b4 after having a few beers the managment tried to say i had 18 beers when the truth was i had 10.

after paying for the 10 beers i had the manager called steven then ripped the money up and he then started to chuck and smash bottles in front of me.

after a few days we met other friends there and we had a good night by going eating and drinking in other bars away from the rayon apartments.

one night when we came in the manager called steven gave me a letter asking us to leave as we are not eating or drinking in his hotel. after a bit the manager punched me in my face where all my friends and the kids saw.stright away after this happened there was about 15 more turkish men cam to hurt us all.

the day after we had 1 hour 2 get out and was threted with guns and knifs and out safe was also robbed by them.

i would never go back to turkey due to this and i repoted this to police but please borkot the rayon aprtments dont go there it is not safe.

the rooms are dirty the pools was that dirty could not see the bottom of it and was making people ill. the food area had cats on the food what a holiday from hell

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: worse place ever
  • Good For: Beach
by carter
1 / 10

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thank you very much for great holıday

"ı had been 1th time in marmaris and rayonapart it was fantastic holiday for me and my family staff was very friendly and helpfull i m sure we are going back to stay at rayonapart.i have been reading message for rayonapart and some1 is wrote really bad words staff that is no nice and i have been same date with them i think and the food is really good rayonapart rooms were very clean.we are really really enjoyed our holiday. thank you very much all rayonapart staff, IŞIN, DAVİD, WİLLİAM, JAMES and others

see you next year


by handsame
10 / 10

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a joke

"were do i start..i am very disapointed with the way my holiday turned out,i have been going to turkey for the past 4 years with my familey n never experiencd a holiday like it.the hotel sounded very good on reviews but wen i got there and sampled it for my self i just cudnt wait to cum home.the room very basic but clean the hotel as a whole clean the pool area could of been cleaner.as for the staff...one member of staff inperticular was horried i found him to be very rued and not friendly to me or my familey.we were treated diffrent to others as we choose not to eat at the hotel resturant..when we tryed to get a sunbed round the pool so i could watch my 6 year old and keep the sun off my 6 month old baby i didnt stand a chance they had all been taken,i was told to get up early to put my towel down,so the next day i went to put towel down at 6 in the morn and yet again they had all been taken.so the next day i got up at 5 just to put my towel down n guess wot they had all been taken!!! i thought this was stupid i had to sit up in my room all the time my daughter was in the pool and stand and watch her from the balconley!! this i didnt like to do as a pool attendent had just left due to him trying it on with a 12 year old in the toilets!!! in all i wouldent recomend this hotel and also there is no weekly bbq or turkish night!!!"

by jammyscarborough
2 / 10

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i never normally write reviews but...

"i never normally write reviews but after such a great holiday I feel the staff deserve one. other reviews we read before we went made us concerned but we still went as it was cheap. to put it simple - we loved it, we would go again and stay in rayon again!

apartments were large with full amenities, clean, not modern but not run down. secure with double glazing and safety boxes in reception. you need air con as turkey is hot but it is fairly priced. cleaners everyday, enough towels, plenty of space. working hot water.

pool was nice and cool and clean, large with sunbeds all around (although the english people that were there used to put their towels out at 5am!! we put ours out when we got in at 2am to beat them!) excellent pool service - you can lay all day and the staff will bring drinks and put them on a tab. even when we left something by the pool one day the pool attendant came to our room and handed it to us

service was excellent, they couldnt do enough for us, even the cleaner on our last day brought us the tip we had left as she thought we had left it on accident!!

10 mins from the beach, friendly bars 5 mins away, hassle free everywhere, no cocky english dropouts trying to drag you into bars!

i could go on and on...

by N Gregory
9 / 10

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Rayon- let down by location.

"Wanted a cheap week in Turkey with my 2 girls. Was mislead by map of property showing it to appear closer to the harbour which would have been ideal. Rayon is actually in Armutalan; behind Marmaris in a residential area with a long walk to the main resort & beach. The dolmus are regular & reliable but when paying for 3 people, not feasible every time you need to go somewhere.

The apartments themselves are in need of updating it is obvious no money is spent on cleaning the pool, bar or restaurant & this put me off eating there. The rooms are kept clean however & the maids do a brilliant job with obviously limited resources. The staff were friendly & not pushy at all.

Would come again but if we could pick the hotel up & move it a couple of blocks towards the sea!

by Fifitwitch
6 / 10

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rayon what can i say

"Having never been to turkey my wife and myself did not no what to expect . we were told that turkey was basic

but did we get a shock we arrived early hours to be greeted by the night staff who showed us to our room . on opening the door was hit by a wall of heat . the night staff then tried to explain that the air conditioning was £21 this was per week as we found out that morning when we went down to reception

.Not a lot of wardrobe space my clothes ended up in the kitchen drawers kitchen ameinaties were very poor a kettle and a 2 ring hotplate

William James and Billy were fantastic they made up for all the bad things the service the gave was excellent nothing was too much trouble

The people we met there were brilliant and we had a very good time . and a lot of laughs especially about the towels which were so rough it took yr skin off

Turkey all in all was a great place but sadly the rayon s not up to scratch .

by lifeguard08
4 / 10

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very basic, cleansliness nil.

"stayed at the rayon for a week, peak season so expected the amenities to be there upon stay, as they were stated o website when booked. The pool was never cleaned with chlorine, the pool bar was derilict and not open through entire stay..not serving drinks or snacks. The waterfall was not working and the poolside toilets were disscusting, with excretment on toilet seat due to no toilet paper and no lighting, which made it dangerous because you had to go down several stairs holding onto a corroded hand rail. The smell travelled up the stairs towards the end of our stay and could be smelt sat at the nearby sunloungers. Turkish night and barbaque non-existant. The amenities are miss- leading on the website, dont be fooled."

by michellefoster10
4 / 10

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Sold on a picture

"just returned from 2wks at the Rayon., the best thing about it was the staff, William, James and Billy. They couldn't do enough for us and everyone staying there. Bedlinen, i've thrown better out. Towels, you can buy softer sandpaper. You can only have a hot shower between 5pm and 7.30pm. No storage space for your clothes as my husband, daughter and myself lived out of our suitcases for 2wks. If you are looking for basic accomodation and i mean very basic then this is for you. Cooking facilities are no good for a family with young kids as all you have are 2 cooking rings and a kettle. The water fall at the pool wasn't even on and the pool bar was never used. These are the pictures that sold us on going to the Rayon. Don't be fooled by them as we were."

by _cocky
4 / 10

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Rayon Apartments

"Having spent a number of weeks trawling the internet and looking at reviews I choose this hotel.

This hotel was chosen mainly because of the photographs found on the internet but the reality was somewhat different!

What a disappointment!

Firstly air-conditioner £25 per week. Safe deposit box £15 per week.

These are very old apartments. They had a coat of paint and new kitchen units fitted some 4 years ago. Sadly all very badly done! Storage none! My clothes were in the kitchen drawer and in a suitcase.

Hot water available between 5pm and 8pm! So cold showers in morning and at night!

In two weeks every change of sheets seemed worse than the last. Sheets old and full of holes and on one occasion covered in graffiti!!!

The towels were well past there best and could only be graded like sandpaper! Ours varied from 60 to140 grit! Great for exfoliating the skin!!

The restaurant area left a lot to be desired as far as cleanliness and hygiene were concerned. Cats with kittens everywhere including on the tables!! Disgusting!

The hotel location was excellent town centre and beach ten minutes slow walk away.

The hotel staffs were excellent using everything they had available to them to make your holiday. William, James and Memmet worked really hard!

No entertainment whatsoever. No shallow part to pool. Jacuzzi worked for only 3 hours during fortnight.

Fortunately there are plenty other hotels and apartments in the immediate vicinity which can be used free of charge and if with children an absolute life saver.

No hassle policy introduced in 2006 now seems to be ignored lots of hassle everywhere. Restaurants, pubs, shops everywhere!!!

If you have booked this hotel especially by viewing the Rayon website you will be extremely disappointed.

I am extremely sorry to post this rather negative report but one which I feel is extremely accurate and fair!

In conclusion although this seems a negative report Turkey is fantastic and if all you are looking for is a place to rest your head then maybe these apartments would suit. Otherwise?????

by inkingskin
4 / 10

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Rayon Apart

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