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Good hotel apart from the location and beach

"Just returned from the Delphin Delexe Resport, Turkey from an all inclusive family holiday last week. This review is based on an honest opinion as follows:

Hotel: Rated a 5 star hotel with excellent facilities which includes two huge swimming pools, lovely gardens and an expressive indoor entrance. We found the room quite basic for a five star hotel. Good facilities especially for the children due to a playground with a big wheel, bumper cards and train ride apart from the children's pool. Most of the hotel guests were Russian and German which did not bother us.

Staff: We observed that the staff seems to work hard to keep the hotel really clean. Most of them were helpful when asking for directions etc. although they cannot speak proper English except a waiter who kept asking us so many personal questions when dining in the Chinese resturant which exactly spoilt the meal!!

Location: The entrance at the front of the hotel is located on a long busy road alongside other hotels with a beach at the back. Somehow, we did not like the beach as it just consisted with pebbles instead of sand which would be more ideal. The hotel was located in a remote area with a ten minute walk to the nearest shops.

Food: Huge range in the buffet restaurant to include salads, meats and plentry of desserts to suit all tastes. We had difficulty in making telephone booking early in the morning to reserve a la carte resturants as they were already booked!

Overall: A good hotel especially the lovely weather. We would recommend that you take a mixture of Euros and Turkish Lira when shopping. I would advise to be careful when shopping in the markets as the people on the stalls do try and force their customers to buy items even when you try and bargain.

by kittenscats
8 / 10

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Nice hotel, but shame for the beach, and shame for the kids club - please read

"We went to this hotel actually by mistake. I didn't know there are two hotels named Delphin, and I wanted to go to Delphin Palace. When the travel agent told she found available places at Delphin Deluxe Resort, I thought her means Delphin Palace.

Then I was enchanted to see this hotel is rated first one in its area, and came here full of confidence. This was the second week in a two weeks vacation, with first week spent in Letoonia Golf Resort in Belek.

The hotel is very elegant, and the service was very good. Staff is very friendly. At reception I asked for a room close to the main lobby, and we got room at first floor, very close to the elevators, so a very well positioned room.

However, I have to say that we felt much better the first week, at Letoonia.

First, we were very disappointed by the beach. Even if this hotel is a beach hotel, its beach is simply useless. It is a very rocky beach, full of big rocks, so you really cannot enjoy a beach not even close to what you would expect from a beach hotel. Even in the water it is full of big rocks, and the water is getting deep very quickly, so at 5-6 m from the beach it’s already deeper then an adult.

Second, being with two kids (5 and 6 years old), we got a very nice and big room at Letoonia. When we moved to this hotel, the room here seems very small. As I understood from the reception, all rooms are the same size, so we couldn't get a bigger one anyway, but the first impression remained

The pools are not really catered for average kids. There were pools at 0.5 m, good for very small kids, but the rest were only constant depth, 1.4 - 1.5 m, too deep for kids between 5-8 years old. We had to go to pool quickly to get two beds in the first row, to be able to be very close to the place where girls were played, since the water being too deep for them.

The last thing we didn't liked too much was the kids club. The girls wanted to play there, but the staff was concentrated only on Germans and Russians. Our girls don't speak english either, but the staff made efforts close to nothing to integrate them in some games or such.

And there was a thing that was really offending. In last days the girls participated to the pool game where the entertainer thrown some toys on the pool, and kids jump and swim to bring them back. My girls participated too, and in the end they were told to come in the evening at kids club for the game certificate. In the evening, was that, they organized Gala Evening, and the kids who were at the kids club were participated to "Angels dance". My girls weren’t there at that time. Later on, when this finished, we went there to get the certificates for the pool game. The Women who seemed to be the leader of the kids club gave the diplomas to the girls participating to "Angels Dance". Even if she saw us, and she knew we are waiting for the diplomas for the pool game, she simply ignored us, and gave diplomas to every single other kid who were there, till we left alone there, only we and she. For "Angels dance" she gave beside the diploma, a small little box, filled with few candies (like M&M). However, in the end, even if she saw my girls saw every other single girl got such box, she didn't gave this to my girls too. When they asked me" Daddy, why we don't get this", she replied they were ONLY for "Angels Dance". In the end she took ONLY one from the drawer telling it's the last one. We felt like begging, and WE PAYED AND STAYED AT A 5* HOTEL!

The rating I give should be:

5* for the overall service

3* for the pool

1* for the attitude of the staff from Kids club

1* for the beach

by bzamfir
6 / 10

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great holiday

"Hello everybody, i would like to share my opinion about delphin deluxe resort Alanya. My boyfriend and i went there between 22 and 27 september. I chose this hotel because of its high rating here in tripadvisor and i must say it was a very good choice. The hotel is absolutely great, the gardens are like taken from a fairytale, the stuff is very nice and freindly. The food was so so so much and so delicious( i gained 3 kilos while being there hihi :P ). If you go there try the turkish bath it is a real pleasure and great relax .We had a great holiday and i definitely recommend the hotel for everyone who wants to have a good time.

kisses from me


by prianka
10 / 10

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great holiday

"Hello everybody, i would like to share my opinion about delphin deluxe resort Alanya. My boyfriend and i went there between 22 and 27 september. I chose this hotel because of its high rating here in tripadvisor and i must say it was a very good choice. The hotel is absolutely great, the gardens are like taken from a fairytale, the stuff is very nice and freindly. The food was so so so much and so delicious( i gained 3 kilos while being there hihi :P ). If you go there try the turkish bath it is a real pleasure and great relax .We had a great holiday and i definitely recommend the hotel for everyone who wants to have a good time.

kisses from me


by prianka
8 / 10

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royalty for a week!

"just returned from delphin deluxe,what an amazing holiday.there were nine in our party and everybody had the holiday of a truly is worthy of its 5star rating and it certainly is "elite"

the food is out of this world with so much choice you are spoiled for choice,the staff are so friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble.

the whole hotel is spotlessly clean,the rooms and public areas are beautiful,and the entrance to the hotel takes your breath away as you arrive.

the drinks are brought round to you as you sunbathe around the pool,what luxury! even cocktails and champagne are free,to be honest you need take very little cash with you at all but what you do take you are best to take in euros nobody is interested in turkish lira!

now for the downside,be prepared for your waistline to extend especially if you are there for a fortnight!

we also found the russian and german visitors far out numbered the british and found them rude,brash and arrogant,not only to other guests but to hotel staff as well.

please dont let that put you off though as putting up with their attitude is a small price to pay and as the holiday goes on you learn to ignore their ill manners!

we only came back today and already lokking to book for next year

by sunlover013
10 / 10

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Superb Hotel

"We have just come back from a 2 week stay at the Delphine, what a top class hotel. We could not fault anything, the food was excellent and never ending - you could eat all day if you wanted to. Everywhere was spoltless - not a speck of dirt anywhere. In fact wherever you looked somebody was cleaning. Everywhere is carpeted luxuriously. The pools are fantastic and you are right on the beach. The sunbeds are plentiful so you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to reserve one. If you have small children, all around the pool and also on the beach are 4 poster beds with voile around the sides - these are great for small children/babies to get out of the sun. Lara itself does not offer much apart from the same shops that sell clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes, but the hotel makes up for this. There is no where that you can go for a stroll in the evening so nightlife is hotel based. We would definatley go back to the hotel again but I think I would wait perhaps 5 years before going back to the resort - it is very up and coming so needs a few more years to develop fully. Overall an excellent holiday."

by WestMidlandsRooney
10 / 10

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Stayed at the Delphin for 2 weeks,...

"Stayed at the Delphin for 2 weeks, would have liked to stay longer.

Surprisingly little or no noise from any other rooms. Credit card to unlock/lock door, electric independent. Put air con on when we arrived, and on till we left. It didn't go off when leaving the room, and staff left it, 'great' lovely and cool.

Hotel was air con, especially lower floors, where restaurant and other facilities were, so was very pleasant.

We paid extra for 'sea view' thinking we would be facing sea, but arrived to find room looked out over derelict field and had a side sea view. Make sure with T/Cook exactly what you are paying for before you go, as the hotel said booking doesn't specify side or full. It's just luck of the draw. If you get a full sea view room there is arguably a catch, they also overlook the pool and amphitheatre.

There is entertainment every night in amphitheatre till aprox 10.30pm then more in front till midnight most nights. It sounds as if they are on the balcony, 'loud'. The side sea view rooms were much quieter.

The other side of the hotel looks over to another hotel, I don't know if you can see the sea on this side but was told it is also quiet. The front of the hotel looks out over a dual carriageway to some new high-rise blocks.

Any problems, ask for 'Nisa' at reception, a lovely lady who speaks good English and can fix anything.

A big indoor pool with water temp about 27c. A very large outdoor main pool,1.4 m deep with lots of sunbeds with padding, lots of good parasols, maybe 1 to every 2 or 3 beds, 4 poster beds, (clean covers every day) and hammocks. A Relax pool round the corner which was much quieter, both in numbers and music.

There was a nice pool for the children and another next to it for the slides. There were bars and snacks and toilets within easy reach. As you went on the beach there was a self service 'bar’ for soft drinks and iced slush, a row of 4 posters along the top of the beach, and rows of beds, all part of the hotel package.

A boarded walkway covered in grass coloured material led down to the jetty which had a bar and more beds, showers either side of jetty and at top of beach. Staff came round the sunbeds regularly with drinks and apples, carrots or courgettes which they would peel for you.

We used the main restaurant mostly, it was very good, and staff were excellent. Once a week the head chef comes round to each table, gives everyone a chocolate and asks if everything is okay. Told him that some food was cold, he said new equipment was on order, and every evening someone went round the main restaurant taking the temps and writing all down.

At night often pretty slow getting drinks in the bars. A lot of other nationalities in this hotel, especially Germans, but this didn't present any problems. Most of the staff spoke German, but managed to their credit to get by in English.

We saw a vehicle driving up the road one evening followed by dense smoke and thought standards were rather lax, but it was fumigating the area for mosquitoes. This happened several times both in resort and in hotel grounds.

Payphones opposite shops within hotel. We stayed mostly within the hotel and grounds for chill out. Payphones just out of the hotel to the right. Pavements outside were a bit rough, especially by drains, which really hummed.

by M Neary
10 / 10

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delphin deluxe is the best!!!!

"I've been in Delphin Deluxe Hotel in October 2005. I should say that it's the best hotel I've ever been! It's so near the sea that every morning you can breathe fresh sea air. The staff is really astonishing - they solved any problem just in some minutes.Thanks for the individual attitude and warm atmosphere! There are lots of opportunities to relax and have fun,especially the animation team! I'd live to give my best regards to Henry and thank him for that wonderful time i spent there! I've never forget my vacations and i hope to visit this hotel again!

Best wishes, Angel.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Great stay

"The Delphin Deluxe Resort (5*) is 1 and a half hours from Antalya airport away. When check-in, you'll receive a wet towel to refresh and a glass of sparkling wine. The rooms are not up to date but you have TV and hairdryer in place as well as a safe for free. There's enough storage place. Never had any issues concerning cleanliness, there was always someone cleaning. Beware if you book a room facing landside, it's quite noisy as the main road is just next to the hotel. The rooms are clairaudient, could here my neighbour snore. The food makes up for this disadvantage anyway. There's everything you may wish for. The main restaurant is buffet but there are a la carte restaurants as well: Chinese, Sushi, Italian, Mr. Fish and an Ottoman. Never tried these as you had to queue up in the morning to get a reservation. There is an active an a relax pool as well as water slides which are not only for kids fun. Every half an hour a trolley passes and drinks are being served. Twice a day are a melon and a vegetable trolley as well. Should this not be sufficient there are snack bars close by. Tea and cake is being served in the afternoon as well. After 12pm you also may call the room service to get sandwiches, omelet or pasta with no extra charges. The beach is pebbly and after a few steps you are already deep in the water. But there is a footbridge with leaders for easy access to the water. This footbridge is also a bar in the evenings which is quite nice listening to the ocean with a glass of wine in your hands. There is also a little luna park with a big wheel, a little train, a ship and car scooters. Close by is a cocktail bar in a cottage, they also serve "Becks" beer there. Until 11pm the lobby bar is open, but you may move to the piano bar or wait until 12pm when the disco opens or the pub. They serve international booze as well, Martini, Baileys etc. The local beer is worth a try. In the hotel are some shops as well, a leather shop, a juweller and a real small grocery shop. Twice a day there is a free shuttle bus to Manavgat or Alanya, on Fridays is a little bazar across the street. They are building a new hotel besides; heard they will start with cunstruction in October 05 again. Can't say much about the animation, every night is a show but I never went to see it. In the evenings they put up beanbags at the relax pool and you can smoke a waterpipe and have a raki, wine or soft drinks. We had a good time and I surely will go back to the Delphin Deluxe. Sure there is more to tell but feel free to write me should you require more information."

by amazingthing
10 / 10

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