Bellino Apartments

Agiou Vasileiou 34, Crete 70014, Greece
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we had a good holiday

"anybody fortunate enough to stay at the bellino apartments will have a holiday they wont forget. thanks to the staff and location. thank you soula georgia and derry."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by Alan F
8 / 10

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Home from home

"i stayed in the bellino for 2weeks with my girlfriend Claire and my 2 friends.Momma sulo and the rest of the staff, George,manus,nina and momma's daughter(love), were brilliant and made us feel welcome from the very minute we arrived.Mamma even reffered 2 everyone stayin there as her babies. The food in the Bellino is beautiful, and Momma even took time out to cook a meal for us before we left.I would highly recommend stayin here, when i return to crete i will definetly be returning to the bellino.Thanks again to all in the Bellino, see ye again xxxx"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: lively,friendly.homely
by Momma son :)
10 / 10

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briliant time ever...!!!!

"the best holidays i ever had.thanks mama Soula for the great time we had at Bellino me and my friends.the food was fantastic and George's cocktails the best i ever had.everyone have to go there"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: briliant time
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by bud
10 / 10

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faulty towers!

"myself and my wife stayed in many places but this was well below standard!

sheets were very bad no towels on first day and then was acused of loosing them when the cleaner {who was also the cook} came to change them on the second day

the food was really bad and what was worse we wore over charged the first 3 days we eat there by the cook/cleaner so check your change and what your been charged for.

we found that seening we were the first guest of the season the rooms were not cleaned propperly and we found that one of the two chairs was broke since the year before!

over all i wount recommand going there at the start of the season and most off all check your room and report as soon as possable any issues as we nearly were charged for towels we never got on the first day

the owner was nice but watch out for the staff and mind your valuables

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: cheat and well placed for some of the most wounderfull villages on the island
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by crashcln
3 / 10

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Great time had by all!!!!!

"I travelled from London on my own to meet up with a group of girls travellilng from Dublin!!! From the moment I arrived I was made very welcome!! The appartment slept 3 people and it suited us well!! The accomadation was basic but as we didnt sleep much it was fine!! It was clean and if we asked for anything the staff tried there best to accomadate us. Mama Sula was very friendly and although our appartment was next to her sleeping quarters and we often made lots of noise at un sociable hours she never complained!!! The bar staff were lovely and became our friends for the week we were there!! and we will keep in touch!! Coming out with us for some great nights out!!! They were a great asset to the appartments and definetly helped to make our holiday unforgettable!!! Although there were many nights when we struggled to remember!!! Due to shots and buy one get one free offers they we took advantage of in Players and Murphys!!!!

on my last day the girls all left on an early flight but Mama made sure that I was able to leave my bags and the two girls sat with me and kept me company for the day!! Mama Sula even allowed me to have a shower and get ready to leave in her appartment and made me feel very very welcome!!!! she then drove me in her car to the bus stop!!!

This was one of my best ever holidays and I would love to come back!!! I would recommend Bellino for anyone that is looking for an affordable fun holiday!!!

by shivLondon
10 / 10

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defo be back

"stayed in bellino end of augest unreal week one the best ever on our first nights we stayed in da bar till aine the barmaid was finished and herself and emma took us down to the strip showed us the right places to go not that we really needed to know since the two girls came out with us every the mornin den wen we had a hangover we thought nina the cleanin women would be comming in wrecking our heads but she didn't come in till we went the pool which i was surprised because i read reviews before i came and i thought she would of been pulling us out of the beds...emma and nina cook the food and its unreal real irish sausages and rashers which can be hard to find...i was delighted....mama sula the owner is very nice she tried to help us with everythin................ met loads of great peple stayin there that week def comming back again hope your still there aine and emma GO GGGGGGALWAY GIRLS LEGENDS"

by shelly1988Dublin
10 / 10

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awful place!

"I went on a last minute holiday with three female friends. We knew Bellino was only a one star so didnt expect much and being students that was fine with us. However the place was worse than any student dive! There were ants and spiders all over the apartment and towels and sheets were changed once in the week. Also the cleaner was absolutely nuts! She gave off if she had to do any cleaning at all and even manhandled one of the girls! I would say stay clear of this place."

by seriousbudgie
2 / 10

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Best holiday ever

"We went to Bellino me and my 6 pals and stayed in 3 rooms . When we were looking for our holiday, we searched the net and found bellino's website... we read the reviews and it was just excellent . also a friend stayed a year before and he said that he had great holidays with mama soula ....even though i had stayed in luxury hotels , mama soula welcomed us from the first minute we arrived at bellino and made a welcome meeting at the pool and explained what she can offer and gave us advice on renting quadbikes and stuff , that helped us a lot .. mama soula made our holidays become the best days of our life , , the girls emma and aine helped with everything we needed!!!!!!!!!!I havechanged my opinion for big hotels BELLLINO 4 EVA!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Room Only, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach
by Kevin56
10 / 10

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"My cousin (Susan) & I booked a last min hol 4 18th May 2007. Her suitcase didnt arrive for 2 days that was start of the drama!! When we arrived there were 2 guys stayin from Dublin (Keith & Tommy). On the Sunday Susan's suitcase eventually arrived, so let the hol begin !! On Mon 21st May it was Keith's birthday & Mama Sula very kindly threw a bbq for him, we had a blast.. I started a holiday romance that night with Keith... Next mornin on r return to r appartment we had been broke in2, all my money, camera, clothes etc had been stole, complete nightmare but Mama Sula was great,,, Yeh agree could have been more luxurious.. But 2 years this week me & Keith celebrate r 2nd anniversry, were happily engaged, & Susan & Tommy got together after the hol & got engaged last June... MAD!!! Holiday from hell. But it was fate & was meant to be!! We will go back for definate, but wouldnt stay for r honeymoon!!! LOL ...xxxxxx"

by Crete2007
6 / 10

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best hol spot

"What can i say about bellino,it was the best spot,"a home away from home"!loved every minute of it and was made feel at home.Mama Sulu was the best hostess as was emma.

food was savage as it was cooked in front of your eyes.

Plus there was only a small no of guests staying there when we were staying and there was 8 of us in it,os we all came home with 20 new friends than b4 we went out there.

the apts are only 5 mins from the strip,strongly recommend going to players,temple bar,the shamrock and go to the aqua park.mad craic.

am hoping to go back again this year.

apts are basic but you wudnt want to eat in ne way.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: would go there again
  • Activities: night clubs
by uncle deco
10 / 10

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A stay il never forget

"After a long plane trip all the way from Ireland I was happy to be greeted warmly by the owner of the appartment. She gave us some basic rules to follow and guidelines so we would feel comfortable. I was happy to obay.

There was no problem untill I was in bed the following morning at 5am when i hear my appartment door being opened. A blond cleaning lady enters and starts giveing out saying that we are to loud. "Excuse me im in bed you BELLEND. How on earth am I makeing so much noise? " She then started cleaning (if that is what she calls it) using a damp brown stained cloth to wipe down our table and cooking area, which was already dirty before we had arived. She then cleaned our plates and cutlery, which again we havent used and by the looks of the cloth is making them even more dirty.

After a the firts two days of this happaning I complained to the owner who assured me that the cleaner would not be entering my appartment that early again. This agreement lasted a hole 12 hours before i awake to the blond lady disecting my fridge. She made so much noise im suprised she didnt have to wear earmuffs.

We were told we could make as much noise as we liked untill 11.30 because there were children trying to sleep next door. As young people do we made our fair share of noise and would leave the appartments for niteclubs at 11.30. Through out our stay this niose curfue decline over the days untill we were not aloud to make any noise at all and the only place we were aloud drink was in there bar (which we werent aloud to bring our own drink into). There excuse for this was that we were makeing to much noise, even tho at there bar they would have music blearing untill 11.30.... i realy dont see how it would be possible to make more noise that that!

After finding our sorry excuse for a cleaning lady pouring our drink down the sink and breaking the glass shelf in our fridge ( her attitude was "your problem you pay") and then stealing kitchen equipment we had had enough of this place. They were trying to make us pay for the "stolen" goods.

Just to make my stay that little less plesent when Im trying to leave the hell hole and am on the airport bus and am called by none other then the blond cleaning lady. She is now accusing me of stealing a lampshade (no joke a lampshade, according to them it would make a nice present) which has for some unknown cause has gone missing. Apparently she has seen me take it and knows that i have it. I am now being Grilled by the owner, owners daughter and a cleaning lady. After a 10 minute argument, as the bus passingers watch on in shock I storm out after wishing them a most horrible death.

To finish off on a good note. I would return to Crete and enjoy the life there but never again to these appartment (maybe only to watch them burn to the ground)

4 / 10

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"After reading the reviews we were expecting the accomodation to be horrific however it wasnt as bad as other reviews led us to believe.The location was perfect for us as we were a group of 14 young roudy sexy leaving cert students and it turned out the whole block was filled out with similar crazy youths of the modern world.

HOWEVER....the staff seemed nice at 1st BUT..things took a turn for the worst when we woke one morning to find a blonde haired [--] gazing down at us as we slept soundly in our beds, with our morning glorys. She proceeded to make a rucus, in "attempt" to clean. Yet her cleaning skills were limited to emptying water bottles and counting the kitchen utensils, which she later tried to fine us for "stealing" them. (Although why would you bother stealing their dirty, second hand cups and cutlery). In her basic English she managed to imply we were all dirty [--], having frequent gang bangs and drinking ourselves into oblivion. She also made false allegations of property destruction as we boarded our bus to flee the gypsy-ridden country!

In their infinite they also decided it would be for the better of the hotel, to fire the only decent employee, and the only one who could speak English. Emma-- you will always be at that bar in our hearts.

As for the location. None better. If your looking for a night to remember, bask in the ambiance of the elegent old town, a mere 10 minute climb up the hill, with a fine variety of ye-olde restaurants. The unmolested old village stands proudly erect, with its old-world buildings. Having made your choice (and it was always a hard decission) of restaurant, we were welcomed with a hearty Dia Duit and meal worthy of a Cretean.

And the drink. Proton (the Tesco of Hersonissos) has plenty of cheap, yet effective drinks. Everything from vodka to beer, wine to other alcoholic delights, yet we advise you stay away from the 30cent "Pills" beer.

The clubs and pubs were amazing, Irish bars out of this world. One euro shots = very locked people. Fish bowls too, amazing. Beware of the Dutch end of the town. The nightly ritual of being abused by the gypsy children was, at first, irritating to say the least, so watch your valuables. However as time passed, we came to love these dancing, glow-stick bearing natives.

Go to hersonissos. Its great.

p.s just be careful if your a boy walking by yourself.


by Katie194
4 / 10

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