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Great time, Great people, Great place

"For the second time my mother, brother, and I stayed at the Hotel

Fenix in Glyfada and loved every second of it. The first time was in

2005, and now in 2007. Peace and quite, and nightlife very near if

that is what you like. Again Very Clean, Great food, and a very nice

staff. My family and I can not wait to go back ! It is like family

overseas. By the way, the free breakfast is still GREAT !

by William707
10 / 10

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A pleasant surprise

"Although not in Athens itself it is in a good location. There is a direct bus to the airport (about 30mins) and its very close to the tram to athens which takes about 40 mins. It is also easy to get to pireaus which is part of the reason we stayed here. The tram also takes you to glyfada which is 4 stops, or a 20 minute walk away which is quite pleasant.

The staff here are very friendly and helpful and the rooms are in good condition and are very clean and comfortable.

The only downside to this hotel is the busy road in front of the hotel, however I personally don't think this is really a problem as it was fairly quiet at night and during the day we were out visiting Athens etc.

by tomatovine
8 / 10

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Definately Not A Four Star!

"We stayed at the Hotel Fenix in August this year and we were very disappointed at the standard of the Hotel.

We booked a double room, but were given a twin room which was very small - it also had grey decor and a dirty carpet. It was also noisy as it faced the dual carriageway - where cars seem to race each other every night! They did move us to the front of the hotel, but the room was just as small, had similar decor and a stained carpet.

On a positive note, the staff were pleasant at reception, the pool area was nice and the breakfast ok.

I have no idea why this Hotel has been awarded 4 Stars - I am sure there are nicer in Glyfada.

by scottie123
4 / 10

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"The hotel is OK but not great. It is clean and the AC works fine. We had cold water dribbling from the shower all 3 days we stayed there - the front desk shrugged their shoulders - apparently no hint of even warm water and zero water pressure is equivalent to their idea of 4 stars.

The free breakfast was good and had a nice selection. Food tasted fresh.

The pool area is very nice but is in the shade a good part of the day. Forget getting service in the pool area. It took 45 minutes to get a sandwich during lunch.

The area is a bit run down and has hardly anything near it within walking distance. The tram will take you to the "downtown" area of Glyfada or all the way to central Greece for Euro 0,60 - quite a bargain. To get to the tram, you have to cross a VERY busy street with 4 lanes in each direction going 50-60 mph! Downtown Glyfada is 3 tram stops away and has everything you need at night - dinner and shopping.

Overall, this was just an average hotel in a very less than average location.

by Roma8
6 / 10

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2 km to nearest restaurant

"This hotel is a bit away from everything, - the beach nearby is not very good, and all the shops and reataurants are 1,5 - 2,0 km away. You can go with a tram in either direction about 3 stops to reach places like beaches, restaurants etc.

The hotel itself was totally refurbished for athens olympic games 2004, and the rooms are really nice. A little oldfashioned airconditioning system ( 3 levels only ) our room was bigger than both next door, and faced the old airport, any other direction would be facing a 6-lane motorway. a nice swimmingpool, but no garden. Taxis are very cheap, we payd € 2,50 - 3,00 to go back from Glyfada center. Also, we arrived at Piaeus from one of the islands, and the taxi to the hotel in Glyfada was only € 10. 4 out of 5 working in the recetion were very nice people and very helpful.

by Svein
8 / 10

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Perfectly adequate

"We stayed here for three nights and it was all right. The room was small but comfortable. Various things did not work - like the door handle but this is Greece so you do not expect things to work. The food was adequate. Nice pool. The location is good. The marina and beaches are nearby but you have to cross a busy dual carriageway. The new tram service is close and you can easily reach central Athens on the tram."

by laretal
8 / 10

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Very Pleasant

"I was only staying in Glyfada a few days for a wedding, so randomly selected a hotel from the wedding hotel list. Glyfada is a pleasant little suburb of Athens, good shopping, mediocre beaches and well connected due to the new tram service. Glyfada does have the most excellent coffee shops, just head for Oscars or Chocolat and chill out for a few hours.

The hotel was well managed, clean and comfortable. The air con was good, clean swimming pool and the staff were very friendly and helpful. This would be a great hotel for a short break away from it all. I thought it was very good value. It is a little way out of Glyfada, but the tram which is ridiculously cheap (0.60 e) will have you in the town centre in minutes.

by AndrewCrown
8 / 10

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the best hotel in Glyfada

"We stayed at the hotel in May 2006. We had been driving from Cape Sounio and the next morning were heading to Corynthos. We were there just to sleep and did not have the chance of viewing the hotel pool or enjoying the sea which is about 500 m from it. The hotel is easely accessable and it located right by the busy and fast Athens/Cape Sounio seaside road. Rooms are of the "Best Western" standard with comfortable bed, nicely decorated and new bathrooms. Please ask for a room at the back of the hotel as far possible from the road to ensure silence and peace. There is a constant flow of car even at 2-3-4 am and with the trafic light by the hotel's entry you can hear all the noise from the car's deceleration or accelleration. Breakfast is varied and good. Good place for a stop over or a few days."

by onatrail
8 / 10

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lovely hotel nice area

"stayed at the fenix Glyfada for 7 nights in August 2005. Lovely hotel, fantastic pool area, (with a lifeguard so ok for my 7 year old daughter.) Rooms clean, towels changed daily, air conditioned, well stocked mini bar, with balcony with table and chairs. The hotel offers internet access for 2.5 EURO for 30 minutes.

Hotel is in a fairly quiet area, about a mile up the road from Glyfada town. Glyfada town is literally only a few moments away on the tram. We were staying bed and breakfast in the fenix so we used to go into Glyfada to eat. Glyfada is OK but not really traditionally Greek - its a bit like Blackpool or Southend, with modern buildings, shopping malls, and fast food outlets, but we found a couple of good restaraunts.

The tram service is excellect; we went for a day out in Pirreas, about 30 minutes away.

There are beaches near to the hotel, but they don't have facilities, (sun loungers, umbrellas etc), but there are better beaches a short tram or bus ride away. However, we never went to the beach, but we didn't really feel we were missing out on anything because the pool area at the hotel was so good.

We came to Glyfada for a week of just chillin' out, after 4 days hectic sightseeing in Athens. The area is a bit more expensive than Athens, but you would expect that from a more touristy area.

We thoruoghly enjoyed our time in Glyfada generally, and particularly our time in this hotel. We would return ourselves, and recommend it to anyone else.

by Jon_Ma
8 / 10

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Great place to stay in Athens

"Stayed at the Hotel Fenix for the second time (first time was in July 2002). It is in a quiet area in Glyfada (suburb of Athens) right across the highway from the sea. The hotel has just been renovated (in fact they weren't done with the renovations while we were there) and we stayed in one of the new rooms. The room was a good size, didn't feel cramped at all and was clean and well decorated. The bed was confortable, also. Right next to the hotel is a good taverna called "Ta Pefka" (The Pines) in Greek. We ate lunch and dinner there several times and it's always good. I lived in Glyfada for four years and have returned there at least ten times since then to visit relatives and I would always eat there even when I lived in Greece.

The pool is awesome - very large and clean and wasn't crowded any of the days I was there - in fact it there was hardly anyone else there. Voula beach and Astir beach are a short ride away (I rented a car in Athens, clearly because I have a death wish). Riding into Glyfada is an exercise in stress management depending on what time of day it is but there are a lot of shops and restaurants. Glyfada isn't "touristy" anymore like it was in the 80's so there aren't any tourist shops -you have to go to Plaka for that kind of thing - but there are banks, shops, pharmacies and I like to eat there. I like going to Ainos for gyros. There is also a McDonald's, Applebees, KFC, Pizza Hut and Dunkin' Donuts if you must have that kind of food.

Anyway, if you're going to stay in Athens I highly recommend you stay out of downtown and in one of the suburbs and Glyfada is one of the nicest. And in Glyfada I don't even know of another hotel I would recommend other than the Fenix.

by jorjitoc
10 / 10

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