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"Stayed in Cumana apartments in July 2011, we were worried about staying in them after reading the bad reviews on here, the actual apartment was cleaner than expected it to be but after a couple of days the ants appeared, we couldn't leave any food on the work tops or table, everything had to go in the fridge including chewing gum, the ants are smaller than ours and get everywhere. I slept on top of the bed as the bedding didn't look very clean and some of it had holes in it.

The apartments should have air conditioning as they were very uncomfortable, we had to hire a couple of fans from reception.

The pool looked very nice and the area seemed clen enough but my children didn't use the pool very much because of the selfish locals who live in some of the apartments, they put their towels on the sunbeds first thing in the morning to make sure nobody else sat on them. According to the list or rules you are NOT allowed to reserve sunbeds it seems it's one rule for the holiday makers and another for the locals who I found on the whole to be ignorant.

The first morning I went to the pool with my children, my daughter of 19 left her towel, handbag etc on a bed which didn't have a towel on, suddenly a man appeared shouting at us, he didn't speak English but I could tell he was angry, he then picked up my daughters stuff and plonked it on a chair so he could put his towel on the sunbed. How rude!!!!!! The pool was always full of locals who shout and scream and make you feel very uncomfortable as though you are trespassing. After the 3rd day we didn't use it again!

The steps weren't a problem for us, they are fine as long as you take your time, my children ran up and down them, I am happy to say I actually lost weight on the holiday from all the walking, the heat and the steps so was pleased I had the exercise. We counted 157 from the shopping centre up to our apartment, they aren't as bad as appears on here, there are walkways between each flight, so not continuous one flight of steps.

We were very happy with the location of Cumana, close to the beach and shopping centre. I would stay in the same location again but definitely not at Cumana, it could do with a bit of updating, air conditioning, getting rid of the ants and the pool should be made more available to the holiday makers.New bedding is a must too.

The reception wasn't open enough either, the day we checked out we had to be out of our apartment at 12 noon but weren't being picked up by the coach until 5pm so wanted to leave our luggage in reception while we enjoyed our last afternoon, but we had to sit outside reception in the heat for at least 40 minutes waiting for someone to open up reception so we could check out, then the man promised he would be there at 5 so we could collect our luggage for when the coach came, again he was late and the coach (full of people) had to wait for us.

It could be a lovely place to stay if money was spent on it.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, self catering, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by Jo Guernsey
4 / 10

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"my husband and i stopped in the cumana for a last minute break in march, yes i expected plenty of steps ( we have been to puerto rico 8 times) but the rest of the complex is badly in need of some attention! We had ants in every room, in the bed, up the walls etc when i complained i was told we would be sent up a spray (which we had to use every day) but those ants are pesky little buggers and refuse to stay dead! there were holes in the bed linen and the blankets should have been used for the dog. The pool looked tired and dirty and needless to say we went to the beach every day, and the man in the poolside bar looks like he should care a health warning all by himself!!! Plenty of spanish were in their own apartments there, which of course if you would want to use the dog bath (oh i mean pool ) you would be pushed to get a sunbed. the towels were only changed twice during our stay and cleaning doesnt seem to be important."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by traceyb44
1 / 10

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"Me and my best friend (aged 20-23) stopped in cumana for two weeks in July. At first we was slightly baffled dragging all our suitcases up the stairs and realising we were on a slight hill. But we was literally a 5 min walk to the main centre at night which was great! .. we met alot of spanish and english friends by the pool... food not great at the pool bar however we never really ate much due to drinking far too much at the happy hour in town night before. Music played through the day by the pool and staff all very friendly.. We liked it that much we went back in September for another two weeks!! .. it wasnt as busy but still enjoyed our stay. The appartments were very basic but still brill for too young girls to literally sleep and get ready in we spent far too much time in the busy town centre PARTYING! But overall experiance was great!!

We are going back in just over a week but Cumana wasnt avaliable to stay in so we are next door Arimar .

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Shakira
9 / 10

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brill hotel an great staff

"holiday was great apartments were lovely for the price not one thing to compliane about staff were lovely exspecially antonio he was lovely an very help ful!!

hotel was close to everything shops and bars..

about a 5min walk down taxi are cheap to 3euro.. an its only 3euro down to the beach..

wat we paid for the hotel was well worth it we all had a good time an every thing was perfect...

thanks guys

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: it was lovely staff are very helpful nottin we can complaine about !! we loved it
  • Good For: Beach
by rozzy
9 / 10

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How can you complain.

"We stayed at the Cumana for a week in April after being moved from the Omar on arrival due to government closure. We found Antonio on reception most friendly and helpful. Yes the apartments are basic but had more than some places we have stayed. If you just need somewhere to sleep and cook occasionally, perfect. Yes there were ants, but your abroad what do you expect!! Apartments kept clean, fresh towels every other day, cleaned twice weekly. Yes residential for the spanish and they might not appreciate your presence taking up their pool space, would you, get over it. Most of all Antonio will go out of his way to help you. On arrival we had no hot water, true to his word was fixed first thing in the morning. If your looking for luxury then pay the price. We enjoyed our stay very much."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Kibsta & HM
7 / 10

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Hi my name is sharon. We stayed in...

"Hi my name is sharon. We stayed in the cumana in august for 2 weeks and it was brutal. It was very residental couldnt even get a sun lounger at the pool. And the spanish that was staying in the hotel was very ignornat and intimadating. I wouldnt recomend it for families. My appartment was hid in the bushes so you could not get the sun. And The pool was too small."

by  S.s Smith
1 / 10

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Apartments were perfect for what we...

"Apartments were perfect for what we wanted - a week away in the sun, close to the centre of things and clean. They are basic apartments but cater for anything you could need in a self catering apartment - tin openers, bottle openers, cutlery, pots, pans etc. The cleaning was excellent - towels changed every day, beds changed weekly and apartment cleaned thoroughly every day except sundays. Staff very helpful - they organised taxis for us and also arranged car hire for a day. We requested change of room as we were allocated a terrace and would have preferred to have a balcony - there was no problem changing! Perfect location in puerto rico. Only thing I would say is that they may not be suitable for people with walking difficulties as there are quite alot of steps although this is to be expected in Puerto Rico and we were at the top in the one bedroom apartments - the family apartments werent as far up I dont think."

by J Gibson
7 / 10

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hi all just back from 2 weeks in...

"hi all just back from 2 weeks in cumana apts in puerto rico.apts very close to main center of things. Apts were very basic they were cleaned durring the week. The staff are very very nice and really helpful they cant do enough for you.The pool is a real let down its the smallest pool i have ever seen at an apts complex we had to be moved out of our apt there was a cockroch nest in the air vent so when they were disturbed they went everywhere and they were big i had to atend a private clinic while i was there i got a bad infection from the pool so i didnt use it again it was dirty and freezing really if you want a nice clean basic place to stay dont stay here. At the weekend the locals come down from the city and they really dont like tourists they all sit around the pool and they keep all the loungers for them selfs so you cant get one i will spend a bit more time looking around for a nice place to stay before i go back to puerto rico as the resort is great and the weather was amazing so please look around and ask your friends before you book that holiday as it costs enough be careful and enjoy yourselfs..s from dublin ireland"

by Adams
4 / 10

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did not want to stay in the cumana...

"did not want to stay in the cumana after readin all the bad reviews about it. when we opened the apartment door there was a big cockroach on the telly so i didnt sleep the first night. the manager gave us a bottle of spray n told us that the cockroach were comin into the apartments from doors being left open . that was the last one we seen for our 2 week stay. our group had 3 rooms n only 2 cockroachs wer seen. we paid for 1 bedroom apartment but got a 2 bed which only had 5 steps to the pool area. cleaners were in every morning and the reception staff was very helpful. the apartments are only about 25 steps into the main shops which is great. if you like ur breakfast, then the place t go 4 a proper fry is murphys kitchen, its delicious......... the cheapest pub is right next door to it n a pint costs u only 90c and a bottle of bud 120e. if u like ur vodka n red bull then m n m,s is certainly the pub for u as its only 2euro a pint.. and there both less than 5 mins walk from the cumana which is great. the only downfall is the pool is not 4 kids but we used the tressemar apts 2mins up the road for the 2 weeks which is brill 4 the kids n it has a lift down to the shops so you dont have to face all those steps. overall brilliant holiday,lovely weather but i wouldnt bring the kids next time as not an awful lot 4 them over there"

by M Smullen
8 / 10

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very small compared to the other...

"very small compared to the other hotels i have stayed in when i have visited gran canaria. but area very nice as usual. i dont recomend that when you go out into the center commercial that you visit the bubbles restaurant because we went there on our last evening and i flew home with food poisoning from the fish croquette meal i had. Apart from that i severely reccommend that you stay in puerto rico in the future and i intend to go back"

by J Maddison
5 / 10

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My apartment was very good, very well...

"My apartment was very good, very well equipped for a basic self catering apartment. The apartments were cleaned everyday and the maids were lovely. No entertainment, although there was a pool bar and the pool was big enough with plenty of sun loungers.

There was a lot of noise from the commercial centre which was opposite the apartments and it went on until about 3.00am in the morning. I took my 2 children to these apartments and found them to be ok and value for money.

I would not recommend this hotel to people with buggies or with walking difficulties as it has too many steps and they are steep.

by D Davies
7 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by Kibsta & HM

    " If you want luxury go somewhere else, if you just want somewhere to sleep and cook then stay here. "

  • by Shakira

    " great for being close to the centre!! "

  • by traceyb44

    " forget heels! "

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