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You get what you pay for, more than happy!

"Me & my sister went this hotel on a last minute deal. Cannot fault anything! Hotel clean and tidy, all staff very friendly - even though can understand everyone elses reviews about Alex. The manager Charlie speaks very good English and is funny. We read the reviews before going so was aware about the weekend with the locals turning up. With this everyone was up and waiting for the sun loungers to be put out, else you wouldnt of got a bed nor umbrella. Down falls as everyone says no lifts and the air con is a fan, but saying that it did not bother us in the slightest! we only climbed stairs once with cases wasnt like it was eveyday! And we found if we left balcony door and bedroom window open the room was kept cool. Food : we enjoyed all the food that was on offer and even tried new things there. Entertaininment was ok - something for everyone i.e reptiles, illusionist, belly dancer, karaoke. Benyi one of the bar men makes a very very nice cocktail which he names "green" and was very popular throughout our stay with the guests. Local beer tastes like Bud i think. There is a tennis court/football pitch at the back of the hotel and is table tennis and a few other games near the pool side. Beach is black sand and a five minite walk from the hotel. There a a few shops along the beach, but take in to consideration Playa de la Arena is a quiet area of the Island there for it does not have loads of bars or shops. The main tourist area is 40 minutes away? and on the bus costs 3. 50 Euro's one way. Los Gigantes is 5 mins down the road and cost 2.60 via taxi. We went to Siam park for the day which cost 32 euro's per adult and 25 for a child, personally i dont think its worth that much! Yes rides are good but theres not enough of them! We went on the sunday arrived at 10am and by 1pm we had been on everything and was quite bored after. We both felt Cyprus water park was better, but still were glad we went.

If you think like me : take as you find then you will enjoy this holiday!! We would go back anytime!

Thanks to Charlie and all his staff for a very pleasent stay.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Charlotte
10 / 10

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Never ever again

"This is the worst hotel I have ever had the misfortune to stay in. Towels changed once a week, which was one more than the bedding. Food was awful from our room we could see all the fresh tins delivered into the kitchen every couple of days.Avoid at all costs even the entertainment does not always turn up,we watched it a couple of times and maybe it would have been better not turning up.

When the maids did clean the rooms, they never swept up and sometimes mopped them but one bucket of water could do 12 rooms, without changing the water.

Drinks are all served in plastic glasses day or night. All inclusive from 11am to 11pm except between 6pm to 8pm were the pool bar has closed and the bar is not open, daytime snacks at the poolbar usually consist of mini croissants with a proscessed ham and cheese in them.

No air con. and a really poor fan on the ceiling that had the switch taken out so it could not be tuned up

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay at the Barcelo Varadero next door
by jay
1 / 10

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absolutely brilliant

"this was our second time in Tenerife the 1st time was on the north of the island, We arrived at 1.30 in the morning the night staff were great he even brought us up food to our room within 10 mins of us getting in there! the next day it poured down and wasnt much to do. The barman Mundo was great then we met the manager Charlie he couldnt do enough to help with any problems we had, we wernt impressed with our room so the next day we were changed to another room on the bottom floor which was great 2 steps and into the pool :) every one was great at this hotel so don't believe everything you read about this hotel it was great value for money and very clean the staff were also great and were going back in august so it wasnt that bad !!!!!! and the weather was great to! well done Bahia Flamingo!!!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by caz 1
8 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

lovely location

"Just back from tenerife;) I really like the hotel- nice and pleasant, looks just like on photos. The most what I like its location- lovely for someone who looking for romantic time not too many tourist not too many shops and flashy disco clubs, just perfect place to have wonderful time- without thousand of tourist in the back following Your steps;) If You going there- good choice;) Rooms in hotel they are nice - but not double beds ;/ staff- very nice, very helpful, food- if You like English type of food- You will be happy, I was more expecting Spanish deli- but You cant get it- English breakfast every day;/ but is good choice of other stuff so You want be hungry;] (for tenerife deli- go to Neptune restaurante- its delicious!) nice drinks;]lovely pool, I like that it was not too many rooms in it so its just nice hotel, every day they been doing some entertainment- I enjoy it. I think its a good hotel and PERFECT location. You have buses going every 20 minutes to next town los gigantes 1.80 euro per person, or You can walk and see amazing views for about 35 minutes;] You can go for a lot of trips and staff are very helpful;) Its lovely beach about 5 minutes of walk from hotel,or You can go for a walk on cliffs- stunning view and photos guarantee;] Its GRATE place- I would go there again."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Media Travel
  • Advice: more spanish food
  • Good For: Beach
by JustKot123
8 / 10

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cheap and cheerfull

"we arrived in the evening around 8 pm, all staff were really we arrived at this time of the evening we did notice food was only warm. The food was really nice had lots of variety.

The hotel was very clean and we had our towels changed every day .The location was spot on 5 mins to walk to the beach 10 mins to the next village (los Gigantes)despite some peoples reviews of needing to be super fit to walk there! Pool area was really nice lots of space and plenty of sun loungers. We had a late check out and the reception staff was very helpful and let us keep the room for as long as we needed it for ..WITH NO EXTRA COST.Thankgod we didn't decide not take everyones criticism on here as we would have missed out on a lovely holiday!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: in need of modernising
  • Good For: Beach
by sun worshiper
6 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Not ideal

"Nice clean hotel but the food was awful. If you are a vegetarian do not go All Inclusive as you will not enjoy the food. The best meal of the day was breakfast as there was variety. The chef did not have any imagination for lunchtime or evening meal. There were 7 hot trays each mealtime and four were vegetables (chips and rice at every meal) the other three trays were fish and two meat, most of which were not appetising. There was salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, grated cooked carrots and sweetcorn, and in the evening left over rice mixed with left over meat or fish but no cold meat to eat with it. Each mealtime ice cream and fruit were only on offer, we did have cake two meals out of 28! I felt sorry for the children as they did not have children type food (pizza, fishfingers etc!). Snacks ..ummm... they are available once a day, made up sandwiches BUT they are the left overs (have no problem with that BUT) they are uncovered not put into any cold terrines and left on the pool bar to select with no plates or napkins to hold them once selected ... in the summer months it would a trap for all to get some form of food poisoning (flies and heat on protein). There was also nothing for the children to do as they did not have any animation team and the evening entertainment when they put any on (two nights in 7) started at 21:00hrs. Although the hotel had ramps you would have to be on the ground floor for it to be fairly wheel chair friendly. While we were there it was Valentine’s Day and the hotel did nothing to celebrate it, the food was just the same and there was no evidence of a celebration in this hotel at all. The staff are friendly, the bar man was scary being Cuban, I asked him to change the music on the blasted sounds sent out around the pool, the reason being he did not speak English well and he was putting 18+ censored music around the pool! (with young children present) The rooms were hollow and you could hear the neighbour snoring and when the other holiday makers came back from their night outs their return echoed throughout the building. One couple complained that the noise from the generator kept them awake all night and they were dutifully moved, however, they did not have a change of sheets or towels the whole time they stayed even after asking every day. The beach (which is black sand) is a fair step up and down hill. You can walk to Los Gigantes (if you’re fit) and it would take about ½hour up and down hill. Buses are every hour to Player Das Americas and will take over an hour to get there.

Would I go again

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Its no good for children
  • Good For: Beach
by Shell577
3 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Wouldnt go again

"Just back from a week at the hotel, On first impression , the hotel was clean and tidy, and all the staff we delt with spoke pretty good english, we were given a room on the 4th floor , only to find, there are no lifts, so had to carry cases up 4 flights of stairs. the rooms are VERY small and very basic, the beds are hard as rock, and the air-conm consists of a crappy fan , a lot of the lower floor rooms were empty and we were informed that they were already booked out, mmmmm yeah , on fri nite half of the locals of north tenerife ,and there loud, screaming and rude kids turned up, you couldnt enjoy the pool , they took over, the life guard told them on a few times to chill and quiet down, it was fab when they all shipped out again on sunday nite, , then we get to the food, its was ok, and plenty of it, breakfast was nice, bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, ham, cheese, ceral, yogs, fruit, toast, cakes, every day, that was good, lunch, was salad with nothing to have with it, white fish, chicken or pork, rice or pasta and chips every day, , at nite it was salad with stuff to go with it, then a pasta dish or red meat, and fish , again either pasta or rice, and chips, ice cream for desert with tinned fruit or a cake

the bar didnt open till 11 at the pool, u could get soft drinks at breakfast, but they shut the doors at 10.30, no ice creams in the day time, the pool bar shut at 6 , then u had to wait or dinner to get inclusive drinks of any sort, then after dinner, it was nite entertainment,hang on a min while i climb back on my chair after falling off laughing !!!!!!! the first nite was a magician, who was pretty good, then after that it was a disco music CD in the bar ( which most nites never even opened till well after 9 !!) one nite we had a kareoke, the guy had a face like a kid whos toys were taken off him, he let one guy sing , then packed his stuff up and went !!!!! , we paid a decent amount for the holiday, and expected a better standerd of all inclusive, that to me was part inclusive not all !!!!, so if u want a very basic hotel and dont mind stairs, or screaming rude kids at weekends, then the flamingo is for you

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with tele-text holidays
  • Advice: look for some where else
by julestwin
5 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

things seem to have improved.

"My first stay, it was very enjoyable and well worth the money. The rooms were clean and nicely decorated. All appliances worked! Staff were friendly and rarely away from their stations (and made mean G&Ts). The pool is unheated, but in June it was a perfect temp. I'm pale skinned and umbrellas allow a lot of sun through, so take SPF50+. The hotel did not appear to be very busy, but I would imagine it will be crowded around the pool in high season (beach is only 5 mins walk though).

Very little entertainment, but Carlos (behind the bar) was always willing to put on some dance music. Food was warm and OK but not spectacular. Other bars and restaurants are quite close by.

If you're looking for 5* dont go here, if 3* (as advertised) then its a bargain.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont be put off by previous reviews
by Reviewer
5 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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"this was a last minute deal we diddent know what it was going to be like and it was absolutley dreadfull the only thing i can say is that it was clean. the food was barely edible i have stayed in better boarding houses. i would not reccomend this to my worst enemys. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS WE DID."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: i would not reccomend it
by glad to be home
3 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

i don't agrree

"i really enjoyed my holiday, i think the some people are never happy.

The staff were great, specially tatiana, the waitress, she was very helpful. the manager took time out on various occasions to say hello.

My room was clean with a sea view.

Food was ok, prefered breakfast and lunch, my girlfriend is vegetarian and they tried to accomodate.

Had a laugh with bar staff but definately lacking in entertainment in evening, but beer was good.

My holiday was cheap, if i paid alot for it i could have picked holes but i've certainly stayed in worse 3*.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: very relaxing
  • Good For: Beach
by team jo'e
7 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Disgusting Hotel

"New paint on the outside, nice brochure photos those are the positives.

Here is the reality our room was to have a sea view this was extra yes we could sea the sea if we looked left but straight a head was a building site, paper thin walls the occupants in the next room sounded like they were in our room even when talking quietly.

The room was was filthy when we arrived, windows grubby, slime all over the bathroom, stains on the woodwork with chunks of it missing floors were dirty as well. The room smelt of a mouldy mop after we had requested it to be cleaned but the dirt still remained under the table, in the corners and under the bed.

When we took the sheets off the bed the mattress was filthy and we ended up with ants in the bed.

Evening meal on the all inclusive option was limited 1 mbeef, 1 fish, 1 pork dish with just rice or cold french fries. Soup looked like dishwater Everything either luke warm or cold slalds looked recycled and no cold meat available.

Staff very unhelpfull rude most of the time Manager more interested in making a promotional video rather than dealing with customer complaints.

Behind the bar only local spirits. Only one beer available, no choice even if you wanted to buy other drinks. No entertainment Daytime snacks limited and the staff reluctant to serve anything almost like they did not want you to have either a drink or food.

I fell ill after just sampling the food on our first evening and lots of other guests with various gastro related ilnesses.

You are not allowed to take any food from the restaurant or to your room. the tiles around the pool area has the glaze comming off so you need to be carefull where you stand everything is filthy tired and old, the sun umbrella's outside even are dirty and stained.

The best thing that could happen to this hotel would be to dissapear. The cracks were painted over but this ship is sinking fast.

If you want a value for money hotel avoid this hotel like the plague..

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Media Travel
  • Advice: Don't go there
  • Good For: Beach
by unhappytraveller
1 / 10

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Sadly not the best place to stay

"I re booked this hotel having spent a nice few days there last year 2009.

The standards have dropped considerably. I did not expect luxury and am very realistic about what you get in a three star all inclusive package.

The rooms are reasonbly furnished and beds comfortable linen changed twice in a week, towels every other day. The room however was never swept or mopped the whole week hence sand from the balcony was walked back in the room and got everywhere.

Pool area clean enough but very tired and tiles flaking up. When it was cleaned the same bucket of water was used so the dust was moved from side to side.

Restaurant clean too but the food was very samey and often ran out and we had to ask for dishes to be replaced. Lunch is a choice of three dishes so not what we are used to on all inclusive.

Bar by the pool shuts at 6pm (Bar waiter is also the life guard which could be a health and safety thing if children around) Bar waiter also dissapeard all the time and kept everyone waiting.

Main bar was supposed to open at 8pm but as the waiter in the resaurant was alo the barman one day it didnt open till 9pm and shuts promptly at 11pm, no option to pay after that time.

The receptionist was lovely and was always smiling and happy not to be said for the barman.

Really dissapointing stay.

On a positive note the area although quiet had a couple of nice restaurants and the beach (black sand) patrolled by lifeguard was lovely and clean. Nice and central to get a car and see much of the island.

Maybe stay elsewhere though!!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Fleetway Travel
  • Advice: Probably give it a miss
  • Good For: Beach
by Essexdavidos
3 / 10

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Hotetur Bahia Flamingo Hotel

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  • by caz 1

    " Dont go the first two weeks in april as the north side of the island come down for a holiday and they take over the place "

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