Bristol Hotel

Viale Trento 71, Riva Del Garda 38066, Italy
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Traveller reviews

Best Ever Holiday in Years.

"Arrived 25th July 2012 for short stay at 21-15pm after flying from Manchester.On arrival at hotel even though we where late the hotel offered us evening meal which was much needed and very nice too.In all even on this short stay the STAFF, ROOMS, FOOD, and POOL area brilliant they couldn't do enough for us, will be going back for longer stay. Please read all reviews on this Hotel but you have to try it and make your own mind up, some people winge for the sakes of it, those people can't help them selves. If you don't fly try Travelstyle its at the right price you wont be disappointed.Can't wait till we go again.

Teacher say's Thank you Mr Luca

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Verona, Venice, any tours round the Lake are Brill, and the market in Trento.
by Barrie H
10 / 10

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pretty basic

"we stayed at the hotel bristol in early oct 2008. All in all it left something to be desired. The decor made it seem like you are in a seventies timewarp. The food was basic and the staff mostly unfriendly. Despite the brochure saying 15mins to the centre of Riva, we found it was moore like 30 to 40mins walk. It also is on a very busy and noisy road. The room was very cold and the beds uncomfortable and I also saw two large crawling insects in the bathroom. I will go back to Riva which is lovely but not this hotel."

by mollymiff
4 / 10

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Don't stay at this hotel!

"Hotel is a good 20 minute walk from main town. Taxis charge 15 euro one way to hotel

Owners and some staff were very rude.

Breakfast was not great and alot of people who chanced dinner there didnt think it was good etither.

Rooms are very small and old, bathrooms had dozens of spiders on the floor each night.

Some fabulous hotels in main town which are better than this one

by Featherl
2 / 10

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Worst food ever

"We stayed at the Hotel Bristol while on a Shearings holiday in September 2008. The Hotel is in a poor location which is not too bad if you are fit & healthy, unfortunately not all of us are. However, it is a 15 minute walk into Riva if you are able. The hotel itself is clean & comfortable. However, the food was disgusting. Breakfasts were OK but the evening meals were inedible. We are not fussy eaters but we could not stomach the rubbish that was put in front of us. For example: Brocolli & Anchovy was served up for dinner one night, very little was eaten, and it was served up as a salad the following evening!!!! Ugh!!!! The staff were really miserable and unsmiling. I have never felt compelled to write a review before but we feel that this experience was so bad that we would like to try to prevent other people from making the same mistake. The other people staying there that we spoke to felt exactly as we did. Riva was lovely but choose another hotel, there are plenty."

by MaeveBlackpool
4 / 10

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A good place to stay.

"The hotel is a bit out of the way but a pleasant 15 minute stroll gets you to the harbour area. The reception staff were excellent and offered a room safe for a returnable deposit of 5 euro's. The food was good with a continental style breakfast and three choices of each of the three courses for dinner every day served by a very efficient staff. The bar service was good with very good measures given on spirits (poured by eye by an inexperienced staff member.) The bedroom air conditionig is free but has a tarrif if left on all day, ours was rather noisey from the fan. The room itself was kept beautifully clean and was adequate as a base for sleeping and dressing etc. There is a LIDDLE store a few yards away where you can buy all of your drinks, chocolates, crisps etc at rock bottom prices. Verona is an hour away and Venice is two hours away. Trips up into the mountains and around the lake are a must. All in all, a lovely place to stay."

by yachtieShrewsbury
10 / 10

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Service, what service?

"Rooms were clean and well serviced.Noise from departing staff on motor bikes in late evening and staff talking loudly and late at night outside the rooms.

Waiting staff appeared somewhat officious in regard to one choosing table seatings for party.

Waiting staff doubled up as bar staff and there were insufficient staff ,who were also not cognisant of drink avaiability.

Reception staff could have been more helpful in the bar, as they too, worked behind the bar and could have aided the others instead of staying seated at a dining table on a very busy night.

by gyb2
4 / 10

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Would not recommend......

"As we booked this hotel for our 6 night stay in Riva del Garda we thought that, based on previous reviews on this site, we would be getting into a nice 3 star family hotel. It wasn't quite like that, however.

There were several points which made our stay much less comfortable than we thought.

1. Noise. The hotel is on a very busy Viale del Trento which produces a lot of noise and air pollution throughout the day. At times it was difficult to hear what my wife was saying next to me at the pool and this nose continued also at night. Depending on where your room is located (we were at the back of the hotel) the noise of passing cars and especially motorcycles woke us up several times during the night.

2. Food. Dinner, all in all, was just about ok for a 3 star hotel. What spoilt it all was the breakfast which was totally inadequate.The juice (or at least they called it juice) was more like colored water, selection of breads was very limited, if something ran out guests had to specifically ask to get more (ham for example) and several times ham was not available anymore. The only positive point was that they also served high fibre cereals.

3. Parking places. Hotel specifically states that there are parking places available for guests. In practise, however, these parking place are reserved for the buses !! We tried to park twice in this parking lot and both times were told in a very impolite manner that we should park somewhere else because "we are waiting for two buses to come in this afternoon". True, there is a small parking place on the other side of the hotel but it is hopelessly cramped (and I have scratches on my car to prove it !!) In 3 nights out of 6 we had to park the car outside the hotel in a public parking place because there was no space left .......

All in all, this hotel clearly is more concentrating on serving guests arriving on a bus than the individual traveler.

4. Staff. I seldom have been told anything in such an impolite and rude way than what the assistant manager said to me concerning

this famous parking place. There is no sign anywhere saying that those places would be reserved for buses (and they are the best places) and, additionally, the exhaust fumes from this "bus parking place" come directly into the dining room.........

All in all, what can one say...... Riva del Garda itself is a very nice place and I would definitely go back there. But not to this hotel, there are several other 3 star hotels nearby (we checked some of them) which I'm sure are better value for one's money.

by Bouwf100
2 / 10

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Hotel Bristol, value for money?

"The hotel is OK, good for the price. The rooms are comfortable, air conditioned and clean. The pool is the thing that attracted us to the hotel and was very good. However, the half board option is not one I would recommend. Perhaps a little naiveley I thought the offer must be good and the reviews on here backed it up. I found the food bland, over cooked and certainly not what I would choose. Still for the price what did I expect. there were some very good pizza take aways in the area, as well as a number of supermarkets.

The staff were OK, cleaners were particularly freindly.

The hotel is a good 10/15 min walk from the town centre, my wife has the blisters to proove that wearing stilletos is not a good idea!!

by sheptonred
4 / 10

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great value bristol hotel

"Bristol Hotel in Riva is a comfortable, good value hotel.

Staff - excellent , very friendly and helpful.

Lounge, bar, tv room, dining room, reception, swiiming pool and outside areas - immaculate (decor very fresh and clean).

Rooms - clean with everything you require (note - not all rooms have air conditioning!)

Food - dinner -good with choice of 3 starters and 3 main courses,( extras offered if required) dessert buffet.

Cash machine , cafes & small shops for essentials (also Co-op ) within 50 yards approx.

Car parking - not really enough spaces

Note - hotel is about a 25 min walk to centre and lake side and on quite a busy road.


by marxbros
10 / 10

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Newmarket Travel

"Spent 5 days at this hotel in October, 2005, the hotel itself was fine, unfortunately our trip was not.

We booked with Newmarket Travel Europe by coach brochure which specified on the front page "no overnight travel" we got picked up in Glasgow at 01.45am (despite being told when we booked pick up would be between 6.00 - 9.00am)

Return journey we left our overnight stop in France at 7.00am (6.00am local time) and did not arrive back into Glasgow until 04.00am (weekend clocks changed which made it in reality 05.00am - calculate the times for yourself and they still claim we did not have overnight travel.

by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

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"I very much enjoyed my stay at the Hotel Bristol in June. I found the staff to be very helpful and assited me in everything I needed. The pool terrace was perfect for lazy days around the pool getting brown and the location was just right, quiet enough to sleep at night but in walking distance of the centre of Riva.

I would definitely recommend the hotel for anyone looking for a relaxing break away.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Address: Viale Trento 71, Riva Del Garda 38066, Italy