Travelodge Manchester Airport

Runger Lane Olympic House, Manchester WA15 8XW, United Kingdom
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dont use the hotel shuttle service!

"the shuttle service provided by the hotel was an absolute joke,i had to wait for nearly an hour to be collected from the airport which is about a 4 minute ride to the hotel and pay 7 pounds for the experience! i was told to make sure i pre-book the shuttle for the morning, which i did only to find that in the morning the shuttle bus was full,i explained i had pre-booked the shuttle and the driver (who apparently was the owner of the shuttle service)said pre-booking doesnt make a difference its first come first served basis,i asked the reception staff to call me a cab they said they not obliged to do so as the hotel work on a commission with the shuttle bus owner, after a heated exchange of words they phoned for a cab then they told me the cab firm 3636 cars were too busy to come to the hotel they only had 2 cars working, i cannot believe nor understand why a busy hotel at an international airport provide the most shoddy transport service,the frustration from guests was hard to stomach for the hotel staff, fortunately another local cab firm was dropping a member of staff off and he agreed to take me to the airport for which i was grateful and he only charged me 5 pounds!!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: arrange other transport with local cab firm as shuttle service appauling
by amya
1 / 10

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I have stayed here on more than one...

"I have stayed here on more than one occasion and have always found my experience pleasant and enjoyable.

The hotel is suprisingly quiet for its location. The rooms are modern, clean, inviting and great value for money.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone travelling via the airport. The staff are kind, welcoming and fantastic at their jobs!

Whenever visiting Manchester on business this hotel has to be the one to stay at; great access to the City Centre, cheap but never compromises its quality.

by mirsty
9 / 10

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Stayed here for one night, prior to a...

"Stayed here for one night, prior to a holiday to the States. Clearly relatively new, clean, comfortable and basic. Didn't use the restaurant, so can't comment on that.

Only complaint would be the lack of a phone anywhere in the building - I can understand leaving them out of the rooms, but a payphone in the lobby would be handy (this is only an issue for me because I refuse to take my mobile on holiday as a matter of principle!).

The real clincher, however, was the price - £10 for the night on the Travelodge special rate. You can't argue with that!

by Dolmades
9 / 10

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Stayed here overnight before an early...

"Stayed here overnight before an early morning flight to Tunisia, Would recommend it to anyone with an early flight and a longish drive to the Airport.

We booked online a few months in advance and got a double room for £26 and only 2 mins from the airport but not much aircraft noise.

Travelodge has its own restaurant too which was reasonable priced and ok for an evening meal the night before or breakfast before your flight.

by AndyMc133
10 / 10

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Good value for money, close to the...

"Good value for money, close to the airport, ideal for a pre/post flight stopover. We checked in during the night and found the staff helpful and friendly.

Rooms were clean and comfortable.

In comparison with other airport hotels I found it to be quiet even though guests are coming and going 24 hours a day.

by Ann-Marie
10 / 10

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Really convenient for Manchester...

"Really convenient for Manchester airport, providing excellent value for money, with rooms that are clean and comfortable. The hotel was quiet, even though it is located next to the freight terminal.

We stayed here for 2 nights, one before and one after our holiday and found the staff to be helpful and friendly on both occasions.

Will definitely use this hotel again.

by Ann-Marie
10 / 10

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It's a Travelodge!

"We stayed here on a Sunday night before flying out on our holidays.

I booked it in advance and got it for £26.

There is nothing wrong at all with this hotel. It's like any other Travelodge - basic but comfortable. This is a reasonably new one so the bathroom is modern and clean.

Transfer booked from hotel. £6 for 2. I think it is £6 for upto 4 people - so very good value.

For £26 you cannot go wrong and for an additional £60 (minimum) to stay in one of the hotels in the airport im not sure you can justify this for a bed!

by Lethal1981
6 / 10

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Good budget accommodation

"We were happy enough with our stay at the travelodge at manchester airport - it is great value for money, no frills but we didnt expect any. Our room was a good size, clean and comfortable. We ate at the restaurant and again no frills but we were happy enough! The only thing I would say is that although the travelodge is near the airport, it still cost us the best part of a tenner in a taxi getting there from the airport. The upside of that though is that there is no airport noise!"

by dinkydoll
6 / 10

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I have stayed at the Travelodge quite...

"I have stayed at the Travelodge quite a few times when I’m using the airport and I do believe its great value and it takes away any pressures of driving in the early hours.

The hotel offers comfortable rooms and I would certainly recommend that you book here.

The food is a little pricey but it is always cooked well and they have a great choice of dishes. The steak is very nice.

Never once had a problem with the shuttle bus and I will use this hotel again.

by E Smith
8 / 10

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Does what it says on the tin!

"Arrived late after business trip to Berlin and Prague, good location for airport / train station and very quiet room.

No towels in room, which was only noticed when I stepped out of the shower...

Other than that, exactly as expected (cheap and cheerful)

Good breakfast (chargeable)

by NumberOne&Two
6 / 10

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Cheap and cheerful

"Travelodge are normally a good deal for the price they charge and this was no exception.

It's a new build and close to the airport but not noisy. The directions on the web site to the hotel are a bit daft though.

Check in was no problem, staff were friendly, room was large and clean - can't ask for much more really as we only paid £26 for family room. I've paid more than that in other places and had a worse stay.

There's a pub nearby but I had to wait soooooooo long to get served.

by M Turner
8 / 10

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Large clean room

"We stayed here the night before flying back home. The room was impressively big and clean. As mentioned in other posts there are no phones in the room. A courtesy guest phone in the lobby or even a pay phone on the premises would have been helpful.

The service in the restaurant was slow (they were packed) but reasonably priced.

You need to reserve (and pay) for your seat on the transport to the airport as soon as you check in as the vans fill up fast. We had to leave at a later time than we wanted and I was worried we were going to be late for our flight. (If I had had access to a phone I would have called a taxi).

Overall, this hotel is a great value for the money and I would stay here again.

by Fliffy
8 / 10

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Address: Runger Lane Olympic House, Manchester WA15 8XW, United Kingdom