ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort

Avda Grandes Playa, Fuerteventura 35660, Spain
3 star
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lovely by tracybeaker
10 / 10

been twice to this hotel stayed in the annex nice food and drink lovely. second time u have to pay for your own water hotel no longer provides this. beach is amazing pure white sand clear blue sea beware waves are high and strong. further up the beach is a nudist beach.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: take plenty of high factor sun cream wind can burn.
  • Good For: Beach

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Totally wonderful holiday! by JJO
10 / 10

I don't normally book all-inclusive packages as I like to try different restaurants and explore the area I'm visiting, but we wanted a relaxing beach holiday this year and the Oliva seemed to offer everything we wanted.

I booked a week for my family (2 teenage girls, 17 and 19, my husband and myself) first week of June. We had 2 seaview rooms (actually I think they are all seaview). It was perfect. The location on the beach is totally amazing. The room decor is dated but still in good condition and very clean.

There are 4 restaurants - all buffet (2 are your 'everyday' restaurants, the other 2 are a Chinese and Canarian which you need to book and can only visit once each week). Food was plentiful and varied, not haute cuisine, but a high standard. Someone mentioned in a previous review that it was all chips and potatoes - not the case when we were there. There was a choice of 5 hot meat/fish dishes every day, 4 or 5 hot vegetarian dishes, a pasta/noodle/rice section with about 6 dishes, the starter section consisting of salads, cold meats, eggs, seafood, cheese etc, a bakery section (for breakfast there seemed to be every type of bread available) and about 12 desserts and various cheeses in the sweet section. The snack bar food was the same everyday however - chips, pizzas, sausages, burgers, cold meats, eggs, salads, fruit, cakes and ice cream. You could eat non-stop all day if you wanted and there was something for everyone.

The Chinese restaurant was a very pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting authentic Chinese food in Fuerteventura but the Chinese chef ensured that is what we got. I am half Chinese so believe me the food was excellent!

It was my husband's birthday when we visited the Chinese restaurant. They layed out the table with candles, napkins in the shape of swans and hearts, flowers and sprinkled petals. A rather large and delicious chocolate cake and champagne was provided - all on the house. We were very impressed.

The bars are open all day and the bar staff will mix any cocktails you want. Beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea are available for you to help yourself.

Like any hotel with a pool you need to book your sunbed early whether the other guests are German, English, Indian or whatever! 8.30am was about the right time to find a bed - I always had a swim at that time anyway so it wasn't a problem but people coming to the pool at noon still managed to find sunbeds - just not right next to the pool, there was no shortage.

We used the pool by the main hotel building which is where all the activities took place. I think the annexe pool is quieter.

If you stay in the main hotel you are provided with fresh pool towels every day.

The staff were great, we received first class treatment.

Entertainment during the day consisted of volleyball, water polo, rifle shooting, aqua aerobics, yoga, other exercise classes, bingo etc. There were tennis courts, pool tables, table tennis etc as well. Evening entertainment was partly provided by the hotel's animation team and partly by other entertainers. The African gymnasts were especially good.

There are a lot of steps in this hotel so not worth taking high heels! Dress is casual. Weather was perfect - hot during the day (but comfortable as there was always a breeze) and cool in the evenings, air con not required.

Fuertaventura is a quiet island in general compared to for example Tenerife (stayed in Playa de Las Americas). The Oliva Hotel is perfect for families and older people and not for your 18 - 30s crowd wanting something more lively. My teenage daughters had a great time but I think if we had stayed more than a week they may have become a little restless...

My only complaint is the hairdryer in the bathroom was useless. Hotel hairdryers are never very good but this one was a ridiculous tube contraption, no power and short tube. BRILLIANT hotel otherwise!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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Loved it!! by PSS
10 / 10

Absolutely fab hotel!

#Friendly Staff - very welcoming when you arive! And very helpful!

#Had an amazing view from room!

#Very nice room!

#Cleaners were brill!

#Sunbeds were comfortable

#Enjoyed the pool & jaccuzi!

#Nicest white beach and gorgeous blue sea ive seen!

#Very very nice food!!!

#Air con!

#Local town nearby and worth going very nice shops and bars!

The only thing I would complain about is the layout of the entertainment area, the chairs are in rows like youre at the cinema or something, they should be grouped like you would find in a pub or bar! Also the beer was awful very cheap, made you feel sick the next day and only had 2 beers night before! And wasnt imrpessed with the cocktails! However it was all inclusive so the drinks arent going to be brand drinks so its fair enough of course :)

Other than that I absolutely loved it and I would definitely go back again!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Change youre seating arrangement better for the entertainment as very off putting!!
  • Good For: Beach

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Best Overall Holiday by ollyday mayka
9 / 10

Been back from Olivia beach for a week and missing it.

we have done all the Canaries now , and some Mallorca resorts , Crete etc.

Olivia Beach was the best overall holiday we have been on.

good spacious apartment, beds nothing special but OK, free safe deposit box is a nice touch , as is the free bottled water from reception.

Food very acceptable and did not bother with themed restaurants on advice of other reviews and guests who felt it was a waste of time.Only on one night from 11 did I struggle to find something , just made a whopping cheese and onion sandwich followed by Ice cream and melon..marvellous .

There were a lot of different nationalities ,including spaniards , which gave a nice balance to activities. did not see one person drunk which was really reassuring with all inclusive booze on tap , with the usual cruzcampo beer being refreshing without blowing your head off , and gin n tonic is the same anywhere so no drama's there.

The beach is second to none in size and cleanliness , with the brochure pictures if anything not doing full justice to how good it is.

Plenty of lifeguards patrolling as it can be dangerous if you go beyond 60-metres out , but you really do not need to with the waves crashing in.....great fun...get a body board on day one to get your money's worth.

I was able to stay in the sun for longer than I usually can becuase the strong breeze makes it feel cooler than it actually is in temp....but Beware as you will burn if not covered in factor 20 minmum.

Only spent a couple of hours in main town to buy cigs/gifts , nothing special but I did not go for the town so who cares ? I would say it was best for lazing about , reading , chilling out, and windsurfing IF you are in to it.. do not expect loads of razzmatazz ,it is not there.

WE WILL GO BACK....fantastic holiday enjoyed......

loved it.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: lay back , read a book , eat when you want ,get on that beach, chill out
  • Good For: Beach

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super everything by lucy and julie
10 / 10

i went in feb with my mum and we realli enjoyed to rooms were very clean and spacious they were cleaned everyday to a high standard and the maids work very hard, the food was cooked fresh every meal time nothing was heated up and the staff were very helpful, the reception staff spoke very good english and kept asking is there anything else we need.

The entertainment was very good and was kepted to a very high standard they kept entertaining you every minute of the day and nite with the shows they work very hard for

from earli in the morning till late at nite.

All in all i enjoyed the hoilday and i am going back in september 25th with my sister for 11 days this time because that was onli a week.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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supper weather by thornbeck
7 / 10

My partner and had a weeks stay at the Olivia Beach all the staff are freindly and the service was of a high standard as are the rooms We had a holiday maker in the rooms each side that had the tv on early morning and late at night (dont know why tv is in the rooms this spoiled our stay) The hotel is in the middle of no where and not a lot to do we felt that because of this the entertainment was inserficiant for the voluem of holidaymakers at the hotel and appartments the food was repetive ans catered mainly for the Germans lots of them overal we enjoyed the stay i would say this is a place if you are looking for a relaxing holiday Margaret March 2009

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: verry dull
  • Activities: None on offer
  • Good For: Beach

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We have just spent 2 weeks at one of... by M Brook
9 / 10

We have just spent 2 weeks at one of the best all round holiday locations we as a family of 3 (2 adults and an 8 year old) have been to.

We stopped in the seperate annexe section which in our opinion had the nicer pool, however did not have a view of the beach unlike the main block which is right on it.

All the staff from the cleaners to the bar staff and the receptionist were brilliant, they seemed to take a real pride in their work and all spoke good English, whilst we were there we had lots of German, Dutch, Spanish and even the odd French person, so the kids club which our daughter loved (and is all free) came back with loads of new friends and an odd bit of the lingo (puts our schools to shame how so many of them could speak almost perfect English at 8 years old and most English kids couldn't speak a single word of German, Spanish etc...)

The organisers of the kids club were great, keeping them busy whilst we had a couple of hours in the morning and again in the afternoon to soak up the sun.

The 4 restaurants plus the 2 poolside bars served all manner of food and there are drinks machines all over the place just to help yourself (including beer) whenever you wanted it. Cocktails were also included which we managed to work our way through, well, most of them.

All in all a fantastic hotel, great location, great entertainment and great staff, a credit to the Riu group and we will look out for the Riu sign next time we fly away from the great British summer!

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I wanted to review this place from a... by Louise Newson
8 / 10

I wanted to review this place from a younger point of view. I went with my parents (altho im 20, yes still getting free holidays) and I really wasnt sure what to expect. It was a wicked holiday, mostly thanks to the people who were there at the same time as me! The rooms were nice, always clean, the food choices were plenty, and the entertainment was... well ok. Disco was pretty fun too. shame it only wen on until 2!!!! and the dj played my fave tunes! even better!

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I'm giving this accommodation a 6/10.... by K Nelson
6 / 10

I'm giving this accommodation a 6/10. We booked an All Inclusive package but weren't overly impressed with the food choice. If you liked chips and potatoes then fair enough but after 3 days it became a bit much. We actually ate out in the town 3 out of the 7 nights. The hotel itself and is clean and well maintained. It is probably 90% German and this is what is catered for.... undertandably. However I would not return to this accommodation again. Granted we probably should have looked at the reviews more carefully before we booked and I will deffo be doing this in the future.

If you are looking for a quiet hotel based approx 5km out of town then this is perfect. If you are looking for something different, livelier and some english entertainment then I would recommend you book somewhere else.

Corralejo itself it quite quiet so I would avoid this if it's not what you are looking.

On the positive though the weather was fantastic, late 20's to early 30's whilst we were there. Beach that the hotel is set on is absolutely stunning.

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Excellent location of the hotel right... by L Stewart
8 / 10

Excellent location of the hotel right on beach/sand

we travel with 2adults and 2children aged 10/ club not for english full og germans/french etc.

We stayed in the anx in a 1bedroom air cond in bedroom didnt work buit the nights were cool for us ( wouldnt have happy if it was peak times) NOT A 4* i would rate it a 3*

Hotel and rooms very clean but hotel needs a referb.

Food ok at hotel but after a week we were getting sick of the food.

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Cant really say enough about this... by Page
9 / 10

Cant really say enough about this hotel apart from the fact that we will be returning at some point. Rooms were clean and all hotel staff were friendly and helpfull.

Entertainment was a bit dissapointing as it was mainly geared towards the German guests but since they made up a good 80% of the guests i suppose you have to live with that.

We stayed in the annex which admittedly has seen better days really could do with a little bit of a makeover. But the food for an all-inclusive deal was fantastic.


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My wife and I got a transfer from the... by rocker
10 / 10

My wife and I got a transfer from the disgusting Lobosol aradise apartments to RUI Oliva Beach, we could not believe the difference, the Lobosol is supposed to be 4 star, if it is the RUI Oliva Beach is 50 star, it is a superb hotel, great food great staff, great everything, I cannot recommend it highly enough, we are going back in march, we cannot wait.

9 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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