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Be aware with your credit card!

"We were there one week (11/10-18/10 2011) and like that the place was good although our apartment was next to the main road to the harbour and the trucks were starting very early at mornings.

We were eating the evening buffet once. When we were paying with credit card the señor said that there was some problem in connection and asked me to re-type the pin code. He said that the first one was not ongoing but if so, they will correct the payment. It took over the week before I can see the payments and so I saw that the both were on my invoice.

The payment was done 14/10, I wrote the email for hotel 23/10 and they haven't answered anything for me yet (25/11). 31/10 I wrote also for our travel agency and they promised immediately ask what has happened. No answer yet (25/11).

I hope they don't make this for everyone.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with tjäreborg
by Arto Y
5 / 10

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Dont Go

"This Hotel was clean and staff were great but that is all that can be said for it.

No Bar!

No cafe or food available during the day

Restaurant at night buffet only

Not enough sun loungers

No toaster or grill in self catering and barely enough crockery. 2 Ring hotplate and microwave.

Only one pillow allowed per person.

No spare bedding

No entertainment.

I could go on but it would sound like the ramblings of a bitter person.

Go there at your peril

by dissapointed from Wales
2 / 10

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Would definetly stay again

"arrived at bristol playa was greeted by staff which are very friendly and polite, had a room with pool view which looked really nice, good value for money..after haveing a shower when we arrived we noticed water leaking all over the front room floor, i rang reception and they were great the maintainance man arrived promptly and they moved us straight away to another room which was bigger and better, the next morning a knock at the door and they gave us a bottle of bubbly to say sorry which we didnt expect at all. we would defo recommend and defo go back there again thanks for a great time bristol playa :-) jo & dave xxx"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
by sexy baby
9 / 10

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What a Dump!!

"Just arrived back today from Bristol Playa.Glad to get home.Thomas Cook should have informed their customers that the pool bar was closed and so was the restaurant bar!We have only one blanket in the apartment and very little cutlery.It was freezing cold at nights. Directly outside our apartment was the sewage/septic tank plant and we couldn't sit outside.Each time we ventured to our car we had to hold our breath!

At sign said that the bars were closed for refurbishment but there was no sign of any work taking place and the receptionist said they were closed-out of season.

We stayed there before and the place has really gone downhill.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Dont go !
by vince66
1 / 10

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Lack of Facilities

"Just returned from a week in this clean hotel. No bar at all. No pool bar or snack bar at all. No entertainment at all. On complaining to reception we were told "closed for refurbishment" yet not a sign of a workman the whole week. All these facilities were listed in the brochure. Nearest bar a good 15 min walk. The sunloungers are more like hammocks. No dignified way to get out of them! The hotel is clean although you are left without towels from when your room is cleaned (4pm one day, 8.45am the next!) until 5pm when they come back from the laundry. We hade one evening meal in the dining room 12 euros each plus a bottle of wine 6 euros. The food was good. But where you would then like to sit in the bar you couldn't. The fridge in the room doesn't keep milk fresh. You have to buy a litre and it's off within 2 days. What should have been and could have been a good holiday was spoiled."

by Yorkiegirl
4 / 10

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very disapointing

"we arrived to be told they did not have what we requested only if we payed extra, or be moved two days later. first room beds were damp had to dry them with my hair dryer, no toaster or kettle or coffe maker,tv broken, this was all changed after complaining, room finally changed after complaining again, sun loungers need throwing out you cannot lie on them at all.very windy area, nice views though.second room fridge door broken and very rusty.furniture very dated.no on site disco and main bar always closed, pool bar only open from 12.30pm till 4.30pm then nothing. no shops bars or restaurants near 10min walk to them.on site restaurant very poor not cooked properly, activated tv for 4 euros to find you could not get sky when i complained they said it was not their company and did not know when it would come on again, an ad came up from sky requesting 5 euros for any channels.would never return. cocroaches and ants around pool and on terrace.lovely island though."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: only to say not to stay at these apartments.
by lady in red
2 / 10

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great holiday shame about some of the staff and the cleaning service

"i had over all a good holiday the kids entertainer was good with the kids he did activites such as fishing mini golf dancing the only bad experience was that there was a few groups of young people screaming and shouting at the night time wakeing my niece up and the reception did naff all about it every nite we had the noise it was bad i was told that the hotel was child friendly the cleaning is also not up to standard either but i had a good time thats the main thing i dont think i would ever stay at bristol playa agian but never say never :)xx"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: nice country shame about some of the things that went on in the hotel
  • Good For: Beach
by natasha kyah~ndey
3 / 10

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Do not stay there!!!

"I actually don't know where to start, We arrived and the girl who checked us in was nothing but ignorant she was talking on her mobile when checking us in and never bothered telling us anything about the apts, she just gave us a piece of paper with a map on it and put an 'x' where out apt was. We got into our apt and it was FILTHY the apts have no air con and the bathroom was full of ants EVERYWHERE. We went to reception to ask about Air con because I was 7 mths pregnant and they just said there was none and we could hire a fan, Whwn we mentioned the ants they said 'well the are everywhere'

Our travel agent phoned to complain and we got moved to a different apt which again had ants but they weren't as much of a problem as the cockroaches they were everywhere!!!!

The pool was filthy and all the tiles in the pool area are cracked and the sunbeds are a disgrace! I complained about the cockroaches and ants and they gave us spray for the room. The towels were frayed and stained and the rooms are not cleaned properly at all.

The only nice person in the place was the kiddies entertainer who actually spoke to us and done what he could to help us thats the only reason I gave the place a 1!

Do not stay there!!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with travelc
  • Advice: only bad reports to tell them
by carmody123
1 / 10

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had a ball

"just back from 2 weeks holiday. everything was great. sheets clean clean towels cleaning lady in regulary staff very nice.would have liked to have sweeping brush and pan in room we will be back. a holiday is what you make of it. kildare ireland"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with freedom travel celbridge co.kildare
  • Advice: had a ball
by kildare ireland
9 / 10

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Brilliant holiday

"We stayed for 2 weeks at the Bristol playa, apartment was extremely clean had a fantastic view of the pool, we had a ground floor apartment which suited our needs and the best part was that the rest of the family was next door so we were able to have lots of laughs etc. Breakfast was extremely good, there was a nice restaurant just around the corner which we frequented often called the Avenida. The local supermarkets were close by 2 infact although the hippo dino was the cheapest. The walk into town along the seafront was glorious, the weather was absoultey boiling but as you walked along the seafront you had the breeze. Walking into town took less than 10 mins. Although taxis into town cost about £2.00. Staff at the hotel were friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Entertainment was fun having happy 2 hours from 10.30 pm until 12.30 where drinks were two for the price of one. If there was a downside to this holiday, it was the fact there was no air conditioning in the apartment although on the last day we found out we could have had a fan from reception. I would certainly go there again and infact are thinking about it for next year. If you can stand the heat July/August is the best time to go. Well done everyone working at the Bristol playa."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Lots of nice restaurants, bars and people.
  • Activities: Steakhouse Grill on the old harbour front, Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant and the Avenida.
  • Good For: Beach
by Horley
10 / 10

10 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Bit disappointed

"I went with my friend who is disabled and uses a mobility scooter. We got a ground floor apartment so there was no problem there. Most of the ground floor have no views so ask for a sea view. Very limited utensils and plates. We had to ask for 4 days for cereal bowls!! Room 267 is a good room if you can walk upstairs as it has sea and pool view balconies (3 of them). Lovely pool area which was never busy.

There was a breakfast room but it was up a steep flight of (16?)stairs so we couldn't use the buffet breakfast. The ground floor bar closed a month ago which really annoyed us and all that was available was the disco down another flight of stairs. This is where they held shows and karaoke too. I looked in the first night and there were about 3 people in it and no wonder - the prices were a rip off.

Pool bar food was poor and prices, again, so high. Two large shandies cost €8.

Supermarket, on site, is now closed, and the nearest one is a good 5 minutes walk away. Too far, if you don't have a strong man around!!!

I didn't like the location as it was a 10 minute quick walk through the old town to get to any entertainment and restaurants. It was very quiet at night and some people would have found it scarey. A taxi is less than €4 but because my friend has to use a mobility scooter I had always to walk there and back!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach
by Sandyscot
6 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Holiday Experience

"My wife and i were here from 6th to 13th Dec. Overall our apartment was clean and roomy although on reflection we should have asked for a move.We were on the 2nd floor C quite along walk from reception and our balcany faced north.Hence no sun. However considering there was only two sunny day in the whole week this didn't prove a major problem.

The towels and sheets are changed every other day. The rooms however are quite basic and the soft furnishings and television need replacing.

The pool area in itself is very pleasant and again impeccably clean but unfortunately this is spoilt by the condition of the sun beds.Without further description they are simply passed their sell by date.

The complex is situated at the northern promontory of Corralejo with exellent views towards Lanzarote. However this does make it particularly exposed to the winds.

Its position makes it ideal for holiday makers who like it a bit quieter.

It is only 10 minutes walk through the back streets to the main centre and harbour. You are spoilt for choice for restaurants and there 2 excellent supermarkets close by.There is a small mini market on site for emergencies and basics.

We didn't hire a car while we were there having been to the island before. However the buses are excellent for getting around cheaply, with the bus station only 5 mins walk from the complex. Our favourite local jaunt was to Cotillo 30 mins on the bus.Little quaint harbour and exellent for swimming.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Corralejo is very quaint and bustling but prefer the south of the island as less windy.
  • Activities: Cotillo
  • Good For: Beach
by kestrel
7 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by Sandyscot

    " Restaurants weren't up to usual standard but had nice meal in Waikiki and Steak House "

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