Looe Bay Holiday Park

St. Martins, East Looe Cornwall, Looe PL13 1NX, United Kingdom
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Looe bay holiday park. Excellent

"Arrived early and was able to chek in. Caravan lovely and clean couldnt fault it. Staff all friendly and helpful , found everything abouts the right size for the campsite. This is our second time of going and happy both times. Only complaint is shop is. Very over priced. But apart from that perfect."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Let your hair down and enjoy.
by Zita B
9 / 10

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The best caravan holiday ever!!

"We have been going to Looe Bay for 11 years. Our accommodation has always been of the highest standards and the cleanest it could be. The food in the restaurant has always been excellent as is the takeaway food. The entertainment has been second to none not just this year but in all the years we have stayed there.We go back at least twice a year sometimes three or four. If ever we have had a problem it was always rectified promptly and to our satisfaction.We will continue to stay at Parkdean Looe Bay for many years to come and have booked for October half term, we can't wait.35 days and counting!!!

Mr M Blamey

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Michael B
10 / 10

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Never Again..........

"Well were to start, we arrived at Park dean an hour before out check in time and was very pleased that they gave us the key to our caravan. After a 3.5 hour drive with 2 young children we wanted to have something to eat but we were told by reception that the resturant and the bar only serve food at set times and that we would need to book in first thing in the morning to be able to eat there as the resturant wasnt bigger enough for the amount of caravans on site.This was also the case for breakfast, which you need to book in the day before. They told us the nearest place to get food was the cost cutter shop on site but we would then have to cook or we would need to go into looe itself. We then went to our caravan which was awful everything was stained with dirt, there was cobwebs over the celling and there was a awful mold smell,there wasnt enough sheets/covers for the beds. The caravan was also very basic which would of been fine but we had paid for an upgrade as the holiday was booked thorugh the sun, after rining reception to ask if we had been given an upgraded caravan they informed us that they had no record of us paying for an upgrade. We managed to ring Park dean head office and they then informed us that the upgrade we had paid for wasnt for the caravan it was for the time of year we had got the holiday????????? Which i have since found out was a lie as the leaflet in the sun states that the upgrade is for the type of accomidation you stay in.

The park was very run down and dated and the swimming pool area was dirty and rather boring, not that we actualy went in the pool this was just from looking around the area. The arcade was very basic and not a lot of the things worked. We came to the conclusion on the first day that we would find things to do out of the park and thats what we did for the rest of the holiday. We did not attend any of the evening entertainment as we were so disappointed with the park we just didnt see the point.And we could here the music in our caravan during the night anyway which was kind of shock as we was a far distant away from the complex. While out of the park we had a really good holiday and would highly reccommend visiting Mevagissey and Kidzworld in St austell, also Crealy theme park was a great day out. But i will never stay at park dean again and not just the one in Looe bay.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: N/A
by donnaac
2 / 10

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"after 7hrs in the car with 2 kids we arrived to a dirty ,dull, dirty van with someone elses bar of soap in the shower still,the bedding was left on the bed to make up ourselves,this was the most depressing bedding i have come across hairs on the mattreses didnt help.the rest of the site was justas bad,the food and entertainment were just naff oh and the on site mini supermarket is cost cutter the nearest been 14miles away.the pool was also a disgrace from the pool side to the changing rooms,i have never felt so depressed in all my life and felt we couldnt even make a go off it for the kids ,they deserved better.we asked for a refund and returned home the next day,having booked atrip to SEAFIELD CARAVAN SITE NORTHUMBERLAND,were i would sooner stay in their toilet block than consider parkdean again.please dont go."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take plenty of bleach!!!!
by cath gilbert
1 / 10

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could be improved

"We arrived to not enough bedding which had a stale smell. The sofa had another smell as though dogs had been sleeping on it. We asked for someone to come and look at the gas fire soon after arriving, nobody attended during our 4 day stay. luckily the weather was good so we only had to use the caravan at night. kids running about in the next caravan could be heard often up until 10pm. one night thumping music went on until after midnight, this may have been park entertainment. the caravan was spacious yet cosy but the smells were4 offputting. we had quite a good view."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
by cornish chough
5 / 10

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extremely dissapointed

"I have just returned form my holiday at the Parkdean Holiday park in Looe Bay, I booked through sun holidays so wasnt really expecting too much, and had only previously booked them through Haven so was looking to try something different. Big mistake, the caravan was filthy, although they provided decent plates, cutelry pans etc, we didnt want to use or touch anything as the caravan itself was dirty. there was dust and dirt pretty much everywhere and my partner found a ball of blonde hair with fluff and dust attached to it behind a curtain. The toilet roll was dirty on the outside, you could see dirty finger prints of the person who had placed it there. the caravan was small, we were unable to get undressed in the rooms with out falling on the beds! however if the place was clean we wouldnt have minded, we had to make a long journey to the nearest morrisons to get cleaning products, I spent my first night cleaning just so we try and feel comfortable. There werent much of a amusement room, as well as any entertainment they tried to provide. and the take away food was really bad, we had two burgers and chips, and chicken nuggets and chips for my daughter, all got left after a couple of bites as you could smell dirty and taste stale grease. So we never spent too much time on site and had to make very lengthy journeys to go elsewhere to enjoy our break. Im just so relieved we booked via the sun and didnt waste much money, I would have been livid if i'd booked independantly and paid what they normally charge. Safe to say I would never recommend Parkdean to any one, and definately not the one a Looe Bay."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: l
by unlucky
1 / 10

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tin opener

"after booking my new seaton caravan on the internet i was very disjointed when i got there and found it was three years old when unpacking our clothes we realized there were no draws so most of our clothes are left in the suit case the bin smelled awful all the trims on the door were falling off and the tin opener was that bad we bought another one tried to use the cooker the spark did not work im sure the caravan we got was not the same as on the internet as for the site the pool shut at 6 and the entertainment there were no variety always the same people there was also no entertainment for teenagers the putting was a joke that smelled of stagnate water looe itself is a great place"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, caravan, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by snitch
1 / 10

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Park lovely butOverwhelming dog stench in caravan!.

"Stayed through sun vouchers. Have stayed here before so were not expecting any problems. However the caravan we were given(No.32) was owned by people who had three large dogs that were allowed to do what they want(according to Park staff). The stench was unbelieveable and carpets were absolutly filthy. Housekeeping staff were very helpful but apart from spraying the caravan every day were unable to clean carpets as it was a privately owned caravan. We have suggested that this caravan not be booked out again until carpets cleaned and stench removed as it is not a positive advert for the camp. Staff all friendly that we dealt with and food was ok(you get what you pay for), park was clean."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, caravan, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't stay in No. 32,put a dampner to start with, Whilst in Looe don't forget West Looe as well - interesting shops. Don't bother with Squid Ink Restaurant over-rated, over priced. Walk around the beach.
  • Good For: Beach
by Disappointed
5 / 10

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"We have just returned from our holiday in Looe bay holiday park (Park Dean) We were extremely impressed. The caravan was fantastic, very modern and clean. We were in a "new for 2011 caravan" In fact everything about it was great, we have no complaints at all . The restaurant food was lovely and very well priced. Everywhere was clean,tidy and well kept. We went with three children under 10 and they loved it. They enjoyed the swimming, the amusements, the tennis court and also the football court. They even enjoyed the playground which is suitable for all ages. The entertainment was not fantastic but you cannot fault the "troupers" they gave it their all every night. They just need a little more variety in their acts. The only complaint I have is that the pool changing rooms were a little dirty in particular the showers. Looe is a lovely but busy town. The beach is fantastic, you can relax on the sand or you can go to the other side down some steps and you have a vast amount of rocks and rock pools, there is even a cave! The kids loved exploring and they caught all sorts from crabs to starfish! We would definitely return and we recommend Looe Bay to friends and family. A********"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Caravan, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by not given
10 / 10

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Clean, tidy and friendly

"We booked thtough the Sun holidays and expected the standard caravan, nothing particularly spectacular. Having only ever stayed at Haven sites in the past, I was a little apprehensive about Parkdean.My concerns proved unfounded. The site was clean tidy and very presentable with a small play area for children. Our caravan was very spacious, well equipped and spotless, excellent for myself, my partner and our toddler, Haven need to up their game! Staff on reception were friendly and very helpful, would definitely visit again, all in all a very pleasant caravan holiday. The walk to Looe bay involves a very steep tarmac path, we managed the trek down but opted for a £5 taxi back with the pushchair, then noticed a bus which operated from the site to the bay so check that out"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take a trip to Looe bay itself, loys of little quirky shops and a small sandy beach
by SB
9 / 10

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perfect holiday :-D

"we cant fault looe bay parkdean-the site-caravan-staff -food entertainment everything was the best-to top it off the weather was beautiful-swould definately recommend to friends :-D"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, caravan, Booked Independently
by herbiegirl
10 / 10

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Superb campsite with 1st class staff

"I am a single parent who spent four days in February at the camp. We travelled there by train and the bus dropped us outside the camp, EXCELLENT.

On the first night my son had a serious injury to his hand, totally his own fault but panic set in as we needed to get to a hospital and we had no car. The camp manager drove us to Liskeard and then on to Plymouth, he would not accept any payment for the fuel. He stayed with us the whole time we were at the hospital and was a great support to me. My son had to have surgery on his hand and therefore our holiday was a bit spoiled but we still had a great time. We are going back again next week for an Easter break and are thoroughly looking forward to it. The caravans are superb, lovely and clean and oh so warm, just what you need after a swim in the lovely pool.

We did not get to use the restaurant on the last visit but did eat from the take away, food lovely and cooked fresh, also very good value for money.

I would not hesitate to recommend this campsite to any one and Looe itself is gorgeous and only 10 minutes away on the bus. If you use the bus and have kids ask for a family return it is a lot cheaper.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, caravan, Booked Independently
by Caroleaf
10 / 10

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  • by Mrs Howard

    " The Granary Restaurant by monkey sanctuary and The Eden Project - fab! "

  • by HaveAGreatTimeOnHolidays

    " Loved Looe Bay- Crabbing was the best part- it made our holiday F.U.N !!! "

  • by Nicky

    " only for families with small children. "

  • by Caroleaf

    " If using bus ask for a family return if you have kids it saves a fair bit. "

  • by cornish chough

    " take your own bedding or a supply of febreze "

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