Paradise Island Harbour Resort

Harbour Drive, New Providence, Bahamas
2.5 star
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6.5  / 10
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Cleanliness: 7.5/10
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My sister and I just stayed there and... by TC Coombe
8 / 10

My sister and I just stayed there and had a wonderful time. I'll admit after reading some of the older reviews we were a little cautious, but were already committed to the trip. We generally rely on ourselves for a good time, and not on others to make it for us, but we needn't have worried about anything.

The room was above average for a 3 star resort, and the view was fantastic! They have done many recent renovations and are still updating, but they only work on one floor at a time which they close off to the public so you don't have any inconveniences.

The entire staff is courteous and helpful, but not intrusive at all. The food was excellent, although we did not get a chance to try the 'fancy' restaurant. The man-made lagoon does have some trash wash in from the harbour, but they take care of it throughout the day (without disturbing you). We did find out that the best time to go is in September, or other times in the off season.

They have a lot of students show up during spring & summer breaks, and they allow drinking at 18 so many of the students turn the place into party central and just trash it. What a shame! So if your an adult single, couple, or family, go in the off season and you'll have a wonderful and relaxing time. If you're a student and want to party, please be an adult about it and have some respect for other people’s property, and those around you.

By the way, the pool is salt-water and you can float in it forever - Heaven!

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Billed as a superior 3 star,... by G Lindon
1 / 10

Billed as a superior 3 star, oversized pool snorkelling lagoon.

On our arrival, the reception staff said we could not have adjoining rooms, as we had booked and there was no way we would be able to even be on the same floor.

After a 20 minute wait, they told us that the rooms we would be getting, would not be ready for two hours.

I would not even rate this place as a 2 star - it was grubby, had very dated and tatty decor and the air conditioning when working, was very noisy and the staff could not have cared less.

The food was repetitive undercooked and poorly presented. The lighting in the dining room was very dull (I wonder why?).

The area by the pool was strewn with dirty food plates and food that the numerous cats were left to enjoy.

The outside bar was very smelly and the carbonated drinks were regularly flat, staff interest NIL.

The puddle that was the pool was very cold and was cleaned during the morning when people wished to swim.

The snorkelling area was littered with cans and debris not pleasant to be in at all. The so called entertainment was pathetic and when on succeeded only in blocking the foyer and access to the lifts.

I would not recommend this place to backpackers never mind a family.

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A damp, musty, smelly, rusty, old... by Reg Sanders
1 / 10

A damp, musty, smelly, rusty, old 60's style hotel. I booked a 2 week holiday for my family and it was a total waste of £5,000! ($10,000) I wish I had read some of the reviews on it before I went.

The staff just weren't bothered. We had to fight to get the twin connecting rooms I had paid extra to secure in the UK. The air/con was incredibly noisy, (like you'd expect in some cheap 60's motel). The whole place was leaking. The ceiling collapsed in the Dive Shop. Nothing worked, the whole experience was terrible and I am in dialogue with my Travel Agent.

The pool bar stank of stale booze, the drinks machines were unhygienic and dispensing flat coke etc. Plus they were faulty and giving electric shocks.They played urban, street, hip hop sounds all day every day - 100 decibels - by the poolside, and then all night in the bar. What little entertainment was amateurish in the extreme.

A total rip off. The decor was bodged and painted over, check out the ceilings in the main restaurant. It’s a shame, they must have milked millions of dollars from the US and the UK tourists over the last 40 years, but have re-invested nothing back into the hotel. Check the decor inside the lifts for example.

It’s a sad, run down relic. No surprise that Holiday inn removed their name from ownership, it would damage their reputation.

Don't stay there - trust me.

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Great Stay At The Holiday Inn Sunspree by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

I've just returned from a very comfortable stay at the Holiday Inn Sunspree on Paradise Island. I found all the staff to be helpful, and the rooms are great... this hotel has one of the most comfortable beds I've slept in in a long time. The all inclusive package is great value for money. This is a great 3 star property... it does exactly what it says on the tin!!!

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Clinton Davis is a great hotel manager by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary at this hotel, because of mr Davis our trip was perfect. We were disappointed with our room at first, but Mr Davis upgraded us to a beautiful suite on the eleventh floor. We slept with the balcony door opened at night and enjoyed the ocean breeze and the sounds of the ocean. Clinton Davis has the most pleasing personality, he makes the stay at the Holiday inn Sunspree worth going for a visit.

We are planning our 32nd wedding anniversary at the Holiday Inn Sunspree because of Mr. Clinton Davis.

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Going there again by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

Work/pleasure have taken my wife and me to Nassau in September and November 2003. Each time we stayed in this resort for a few days. The room was excellent with great views over the harbour and the sunsets and twinkling lights at night across the water. The staff could not have been more helpful and everything was spotlessly clean. Reading negative reviews on this hotel make me wonder if we did not stay at the same hotel as those reviewers. Yes the beach is man-made, small and not where I would choose to swim, but the pool is a large interesting shape and clean. The staff and others try hard but the "entertainment" is nothing special and mainly takes the form of live background music. The variety of food available is such that we could always find something we liked. We really had no complaints and thoroughly enjoyed staying in this resort. We are looking forward to a few more days there in December.

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The best vacation I have ever had by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

The Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort is located in an excellent location. It is a few blocks from the beach on one side and a few blocks from the Atlantis Casino on the other. The hotel is a self contained vacation in and of itself. You can find just about anything you want there; food, drink, pool, spa, gym, etc. The staff was courteous, full of laughs and just plain good people. I would recommend the Holiday Inn to anyone who wants to vacation in the Bahamas.

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Best spring break ever by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

Myself and 3 other friends stayed at this hotel last year for spring break and had a great time on the island and at the hotel. We bought the all inclusive package which was well worth it, if not for the drinks alone. The food was great- i miss that pasta bar they had during lunch, and the higher quality restaurant inside the hotel (must book in advance) had wonderful food, as did the outdoor restaurant. Beautiful pool, beach was a little tiny, but within a 5 minute walk of a HUGE beach so that wasn't even a big deal. All the bartenders and hotel personnell were wonderful, extremely friendly and helpful with regard to all aspects of our trip. We will definitely be going back.

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Worth the price by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

A friend and I wanted an inexpensive fun in the sun trip in August.

Being from Miami, we thought it would be great to go to the Bahamas as it is just a hop away. I will just say this, you get what you pay for!

We went realizing that we were paying a low price and so of course, we didn't expect 4-stars or Sandals-quality. So if you go with an open mind like we did, you'll have a good time. The food is just OK. There are a lot of kids at the pool. Go to Cabbage Beach which is a 10-minute walk away. But I seriously recommend the snorkeling tour. It is awesome. For $35, we took a boat out to 3 reefs... including one with sharks! The fish are gorgeous and plentiful. And the snorkeling with the sharks was just plain cool. That said, if you want an inexpensive place to sleep after a day around the Bahamas, you'll get one. If you want service and to be treated like royalty, go elsewhere.

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This place was great by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

I had a blast staying here. It felt like we got the VIP treatment from all of the staff. I'll definitly makes plans to stay here again in the future

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This hotel has been awful for many years despite repairs by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

I am familiar with this hotel because I first stayed there on my first trip to the Bahamas. My girlfriend and I booked it and after one night there, we moved to another hotel on the beach side of Paradise Island.

People who are unfamiliar with Paradise Island do not realize that this hotel is on the harbor side and has no decent beach to offer. It's location makes it the least desirable hotel location on Paradise Island. Furthermore, it was in a terrible condition years ago. A year after this trip, following 4 more trips there, I moved to Nassau and lived there for 3 more years. I am not at all surprised that despite their claim of renovations a few years ago, it remains in terrible condition. It is a terrible shame that tourists are still being fooled by misleading brochures and travel agents. If there is mold on the ceilings and walls, it is no wonder that guests are experiencing coughs - mold like that is highly dangerous. Unfortunately, the government of the Bahamas is not very efficient when it comes to health standards and other functions. For example, their ambulance service is terribly inefficient and dangerously slow in response. Accident victims often die needlessly after waits of over an hour for the ambulance to arrive.

Tow trucks will arrive on the scene in 5 minutes. Even native Bahamians, if they can afford it, travel to the U.S. or Cuba for surgery. This being said, Paradise Island and Nassau can be a fun time, but you have to pay for what you get. Another alternative for budget hunters is to book a cheap flight to Paradise Island and then take a taxi across the bridge to Nassau and stay in an inexpensive motel on the harbor near the bridge for less than $100 per night. Paradise Island is close enough to walk or take a taxi. You will still save money, plus you can experience places on Nassau Island, like the Poop Deck restaurant overlooking the harbor and other places downtown that the locals frequent, the boating crowd, etc. and get to know a bit of the local culture, the food, meet people who live there, etc. Confine your explorations to the perimeter of the island, West Bay and Bay street, the areas that border the water. It is much more fun than just playing tourist on the beach and in the casinos. Of course, this advice is for adults, couples or singles, not people with kids in tow. People who actually live there rarely go to Paradise Island for an evening out. The population is racially mixed, although the 8% white population live and play along West Bay, the perimeter. If you drive across the bridge from Paradise Island to Nassau and go to the left and drive up West Bay you will see lovely mansions and restaurants.

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Good food, close to everything by Familytraveler03
8 / 10

I went in late September and before I went I read the reviews and was worried but was pleasently suprised. The food was great along with the pool and the staff. Cabbage beach, and Atlantis were a short walk.

Snorkeling at Rose beach was fantastic. The only complaint was the man made beach at the hotel. It has potential but there was some garbage in the water and on the bottom, but probably more fish for snorkeling than a tour to Rose island. And its right there. Don't believe every review you read and keep and open mind. The food alone was worth the trip. Try a dinner or two at Harbor View and then go see the prices at Atlantis.

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