Iltur Apartments

156. Sok. No:4 Marmaris Merkez, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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"my husband and i have now spent many years going to marmaris and have now been to iltur 3 times the owners papa and salih are the most consierate people that i have met there is nothing too big or small that they wont do for you the apartments are kept to a high standard of cleaning beds are changed every other day towels are the same but if you need more clean towelsthey will get them for you i would recommend any one thinking of going to marmaris to go to the iltur and see for themselves just how freindly and caring they are i am going back to iltur in june next year kate and ivor"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay there and find out for theselves
  • Good For: Beach
by katie
10 / 10

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good value for your money

"first time in turkey and i found salih and happy very helpful,appartments basic but clean will be returning to iltur appartment next year when we go."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, booked with Goldtrail
  • Advice: good value for money
  • Good For: Beach
by alana
8 / 10

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excellent value and great people

"This would be our third year here at the Iltur Apartments, We love them, they are simple true but are great vvalue for money.

The owners are lovely people and are very caring and trustworthy people. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

Handy for the beach and the main shopping part of Marmaris.

The pool is spotless as are the apartments.

I now call these people friends and would never consider going any where else.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by lena thomson
10 / 10

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"This was the worst Apartments I have ever stayed in! Firstly the owner (who is by the way not a day under 65) doesnt speak a word of English neither do any of the staff now I know that I dont speak Turkish but if you are going to accept British tourists then at least make an effort to learn the laguage! The apartments are old, dated, dusty and VERY VERY basic. The owner is only willing to talk to you if you buy water/beer/vodka from him - He actually glowered at us every time we came back from the shop with things that could ahve been purchased from him at a higher rate!

The apartments have no lifts and we were onfortunatly on the third floor! walking down 3 flights of marble stairs in flip flops can be noisy and also dangerous when he turns out all the lights at 9pm!

The worst thing about this apartment thouhg is that he locks the doors at 11pm and leaves the poor boy that works for him asleep on the hard sun loungers - so anyway after a great night out my sister who was staying at a much nicer apartmnent block asked if she could borrow my CD player for the next day, so I took her back to our apartments and gave her the CD player then went to walk her halfway to her apartment, before we could get thee the owner came flying up his stairs and shouting in Turkish then proceeded to herd us into the reception where he locked both me and my sister and my friend! He then brought that poor young guy in and I can only imagine he was shoutying at him for allowing my sister up to my room, so I tried to say its ok we were only geting the CD player but he pushed me backwards on to one of the couches, my sister then had a go at him for pushing me and he kicked and punched both her and my friend who had came to her defence! After much rattling of the door he let us out and I was too scared to go back! Luckily I have a Turkish friend who came abck with me the next day to sort this out - onkly to be told a pack of lies by the owner about me allegedly bringin back all sorts of Turkish men to the apartment! Luckily my friend knows me well as we had mety last year and he told him he knew this couldnt be true - the apartment owner seen sense and apologised but I didnt spend the rest of my time there I took my stuff and bunked up with my sister!

To sum this place up, I wouldnt send a dog here never mind a tourist looking for a fun holiday and felt the need to warn ANYONE about staying here!

by Mhairi Mayhem
1 / 10

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Nice simple apartments....but beware!!!

"If you want a simple, cheap apartment 5 mins away from the beach and close to shops and restaurants then this should suffice. The apartments are fairly small but serve their purpose as a base, there is a pool and bar but both are very small and the pool never seemed to be used as it was often in the shade. Nevertheless, you're so close to the beach it shouldn't matter. Its a quiet area but close to the bars and restaurants on 'long beach' and about a 20-30 min stroll to the nicer restaurants at the marina. Dolmus/minbuses pick up a couple of minutes away for Icmelar (the next town which has a nicer beach).

We had a nice time in the apartments but kept to ourselves (me and boyfriend) until we woke up one morning to find our phones missing, my bag and bf's wallet emptied out on the balcony with some English money missing. We were 3rd floor in a corner apartment but when we reported it to the owner he didnt seem to care. There was some speculation as to whether the theft occured through the unlocked (but 3rd floor) balcony, or whether someone with inside access/keys/a guest had stolen from us (on a plus side the police looked into it and had help from a friendly shopkeeper who translated to the police for us). Not that I want to put you off going here, but if you do I would recommend keeping the balcony locked at night regardless of the floor you are on (tho I gather aircon is expensive there), and put a stool or something behind the door at night, so if the same thing should happen again you would be alerted to an intruder.

If you come in late (even 1.30-2am we found) the entrances are usually locked but there is ususally someone sleeping by the pool or near a door to let you in. Same applies if you arrive from the airport in the early hours.

by helenback56
5 / 10

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Loved it here ! Very quiet,clean and...

"Loved it here ! Very quiet,clean and basic. Only a few minute walk to the lively part. Staff are lovely to get along with especially salih and masood (happy) had a laugh with them. Pool not so big but children enjoy it. Shops and supermarkets only around the corner. Beach is a 2 minute walk. If you ask me its in a great part of marmaris. I loved it here and hope to see you all agen :) love from Chelsea from Liverpool."

by C Dowling
9 / 10

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The apartments are very basic but...

"The apartments are very basic but clean. Air conditioning was the major let down as on our 1st night leaked all over the place. On closer inspection of th sofa underneath the air con unit realised his must happen regularly as for the old water stains on the sofa!


We bought a fan from the local supermarket and used that daily in our room.

Apartments in ideal spot 2 mins from the beach and main strip. Reception staff not good with English and unless you are buying beer from the bar they are very unhelpful!

by E Mcmurdo
4 / 10

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We stayed at these apartments last...

"We stayed at these apartments last year and found it very good value for money.

Very friendly staff and the rooms basic but very clean.

We enjoyed it so much we are going back this year.

by  E S  Menditta
8 / 10

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Friendly and helpful staff, simple...

"Friendly and helpful staff, simple style very clean apartments.

5mins walk to the beach and amenities, bars, restaurants, shops etc.


by L RAE
8 / 10

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This is a really good place, I am a...

"This is a really good place, I am a teenager recommending this to anybody who is wanting a good hotel, with friendly people. It is quite close to the beach and night clubs, but not so close, you can’t hear them at night!

It's very hot, and I have been to turkey for 3 years now, this hotel is very good, with basic rooms that are Good for families, older travelers and anybody else wanting a good holiday in turkey!

by As Spedding
7 / 10

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  • by lena thomson

    " Loved the boat trips Portofinio's and the george and Dragon offer a great night out. "

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Address: 156. Sok. No:4 Marmaris Merkez, Marmaris 48700, Turkey