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Traveller reviews

clean room but unhelpful staff and lack of amenities

"i booked a double room in this hotel as it was billed as being very near to the O2 arena. when i checked in, i wasnt told that there were no double rooms available (Despite having paid for one) and was given my room key. i felt that i should have been told they were giving me a Twin Room instead of the double i had booked.

The room was clean, well insulated from noise and had a powerful shower. however, no basics were provided e.g. toothpaste, hairdryer.

The hotel was billed as being "very near to the 02 arena". my taxi from the hotel to the arena cost £18 one-way so i feel this description is an exaggeration. However, i have to compliment the hotel on a tasty and plentiful buffet breakfast.

by ginger31
4 / 10

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Excellent Hotel

"Ok first of all, I wasn't sure weather I should stay at this hotel, after I read some negative reviews on this site. However, being a stone throw away from Canary Wharf where I was on an assignment, I thought I'd give it a shot. There was complimentary car parking included, wifi fi access throughout the hotel, flat screen TV's in the rooms and a very friendly team of staff. I stayed at Ibis docklands for a week and I will return and recommend it to all my friends and family. East London is rough, but I did not see one instance of trouble during the week. All I saw was men and women in suits and some builders, who came in a for a beer after work.

If you are going to be working in Canary Wharf, visiting O2 dome for a concert or visiting Excel for a conference, this is the right hotel without shelling out ridiculous prices charged by the likes of Hilton and Holiday Inn.

by h0teluser
10 / 10

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Checked in ... checked out

"Wrong room type reserevd, unhelpful staff and generally the most depressing building I've set foot in - need I say more? I didn't stay

and checked into the Hilton down the road instead. If you can afford it I'd advise anyone to do the same.

by nn22
2 / 10

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This hotel is rough & we had the night from hell

"We arrived at this hotel after travelling on the DLR. We had to travel under two busy roads and through two underpasses. Our first comment would be dont go out at night as there are youths with hoodies verywhere. A few stood on a bridge and tried to spit on our heads as we walked underneath. The hotel is very smokey and there is not a separate restaurant. You eat and drink in a small area adjacent to the reception desk. There is no security and anyone from the street can walk into the hotel and access the rooms. We had an awful night as a bunch of youths had booked two rooms and spent all night slamming doors and running up and down the hall between the two rooms shouting & some were half naked. A number of hooded youths were also seen entering the hotel and going into these rooms. We complained three times to the hotel before these youths were finally ejected at 4.15am. We did not sleep or feel safe in this hotel. We would not recommend this hotel. We have stayed in Ibis hotels in the past and found them a very good basic hotel but this one is the exception to the rule. We would also point out that the rooms are very small and the ensuite looks like a portable plastic bathroom from a caravan. There are no baths in this hotel only showers. We could not wait to leave."

by Westendgirl64
2 / 10

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Wanted to leave Immediately

"This Hotel is located beside a main road and some apartments, there is a local pub opposite the Hotel but that is it for local amenities unless you drive. As my taxi pulled up outside and I pulled my bag through the little gate to enter the Hotel my first impressions werent good and they proceeded to get worse. As I entered I was hit with a stink of cigarette smoke, I'm not used to it coming from Ireland but still it was too much to bear! There is no separate reception area or bar / lounge / restaurant its all one space! The reception desk is part of the food service area but just at the far end. The woman who checked me in had a stained T-shirt on with a hole in it she had obviously been working in the back kitchen and wasnt dressed for front of house. The lounge/seating area doubles up as the bar and sat at several tables were single men nursing pints and smoking. Very lonely looking sight and unnerving as a single female business traveller. The room was stark and almost bare with a small double bed low to the ground covered by a single blanket and bedspread and one pillow although there was an extra blanket and pillow available. The bathroom was small and basic but spotless and had a good shower unit. For the positives the place was clean and there were complimentary magazines in the lobby. This is a low price Hotel but honestly its not worth what they are charging."

by irisaris
4 / 10

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Very Noisy

"The hotel was what I expected basic but the room was a little bigger than I expected. The main problem was the location by a very large roundabout. So after being woken up at 6:30 with the traffic I had no chance of getting back to sleep. I was on the side of the main road of which there is two. Maybe facing the front will be less noisy."

by gster22
4 / 10

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Good for what it is

"I needed a hotel for an overnight stay in the docklands for an early morning meeting.

This hotel served the purpose admirably. It's clean, accessible, and near to public transport.

A perfectly good hotel, but nothing special.

by unspecified
6 / 10

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Not Good

"Well just returned from one nights stay at this hotel and compared to the IBIS euston this is far inferior.


Is right off Dcklands Light Railway service so its about a 3 min walk.

Bedroom clean and nice spacious bathroom which looks something outta Star Trek.


Staff not intrested in filling you in about hotel. ie lift is behind you breakfast is served at various times.

Had difficulty trying to explain i wanted an iron and had to tell him where it was located.

Receptionist on checking out was trying to deal with 3 people at once although it was not busy.

No-one knows how to smile.

was charged nearly double the price of weekend rate room because it was "MOTOR WEEK".

i would probably recommend the Euston Branch as for me ill be going back to the Mariott in Kensington much better place

by acesigma06
2 / 10

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Frequent guest here

"This hotel is a great value for the money if you get the special internet rate of about USD70. We've stayed here four times. The location is out of the way, but the hotel is new, clean, staff treated us great, and you can check in as early aw 7:30 AM, which is great if you have flown all night from the states. Ask and you get the hairdryer, and the Tube is a short walk away. Nothing really around the hotel, but not a too long tube to the city. Very clean rooms and furnishings, nice bed and bright cheerful. You will not be disappointed at the rate - great value for the price!"

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Oh Dear!!!!

"This is the most miserable place I have ever had the misfortune to stay!!!!. Due to work committments I have stayed in this hotel several times, and I have to say considering the location and the room rate it is horrible. The staff are unfreindly the place is not particularly clean and it is overpriced for a budget hotel.Keep looking!!!!"

by a13kjy
2 / 10

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