Idas Hotel

Kayabal Cad. No:67 Icmeler, Marmaris, Icmeler, Turkey
3 star
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Idas The Dump

"This building needs pulling down .It is the last place you would want to be on holiday.The rooms are dirty everything is stained, it should not be given 1 star never mind the 4 star .I can still feel ill if i think about the place dreadful .Having been to turkey many times never have i come across such a place with ignorant bad mannered staff that goes for the manager to.I have never seen so many people crying on their holiday and all because they were at this hotel.I find it very hard to believe that anybody would rate this hotel ,possibly the staff that work there be warned do not ignore this write up .Everything wrote about this hotel that is bad will be very very true be warned ."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, booked with teletext
  • Advice: Stay well away from it at all costs ,buy a tent for the beach .
  • Good For: Beach
by mrs sue jones
1 / 10

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avoid at all costs!!

"Returned 24/10/2011 after 2 weeks at this alleged 4 star hotel.Food was luke warm heated underneath by night lite candles and all complaints to staff(of which there were many)were met with a shrug of the shoulders.this was our 6th holiday in turkey and set a new low standard.Location is on a busy main road none of the rooms have an outlook other than road/close adjoining buildings and a noisy nightclub"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take bath/sink plugs as there are non installed
  • Good For: Beach
by dickydumpling
1 / 10

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Hotel from hell

"This is one hotel you would see on holidays from hell .What a dump the rooms are dirty the bedding stained furniture the same .We opened the fridge door and it fell off not working at all bathroom dirty a very depressing room .The food terrible all public areas very dirty the staff all looked like they needed a bath we could not eat there at all .There was a man in the ladies loo every time i went like he was hiding .It has 2 main roads around it very noisey vile outlook from balcony a boarded up building people sleeping on balcony what more can i say it got a clean when it rained ,but needed a strong power wash all over"

by susan56cumbria
1 / 10

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not what i expected

" i stayed at this hotel in may,the room was basic, i would rate it2* blankets on the bed no duvet. food was good and plenty of it.the staff were friendly. didnt realise it was situated in a busy road!"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: the rooms needed updating the view from my balcony, was overlooking the side of another hotel
by lone traveller
5 / 10

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Hotel Reps unhelpfull basics missing

"Hotel made you feel like a poor relation. There are 3 blocks A B C we were in Block C the rooms are basic but clean. The only problem was they did not leave clean towels no hot water for 3 days also no draws so you had to live out of your suitcase. Basic needs in any hotel no matter the rating.

The reps Karen and Mel are useless I know they work for a bad company Gold trail but they made you feel you were complaining for no reason instead of doing there best to help they fobbed you off with if you carry on complaining I will refuse to deal with you. In the end we found the managers office ourselves and a few whent in to sort problems.

My advice is not to book I know you do not pay alot but you are still entilted to basics of hot water,clean towels.draws also curtains

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Breakfast Included, booked with Goldtrail
  • Advice: please do not book
  • Good For: Beach
by poor relation
3 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Give it a miss

"Booked as a late one through but when I read most of the Hotel Reviews about it being so bad I thought 'Oh yeah seen similar before in other resorts and found the hotels to be good.' I thought that sometimes there is no pleasing some people but I'm afraid they were absolutely right.


I am not a snob but the room we were offered was absolutely awful and I tried almost the whole of the first day to get the room swapped by, first of all the hotel reception - waste of time! I then tried hotel management who mtold me to wait and speak to the representative ( Did that and she advised me to speak with the Travel Agent in England ( They were at the same level of competency as the Hotel Reception and that was absolutely no interest whatsoever even though on and off I spent almost the whole day on International Calls to UK most of which I paid for. eventually told me to phone the head of in Fethiye and she would sort it out. When I was eventually able to fathom out the telephone number gave me and spoke to her she said it was down to couldn't care less and I eventually booked a 3* Hotel over the road which was many times better that the alleged 5*. The Intera Relax(pronounced Interra)is a sister hotel to the the Intera Resort hotel of which there are 3 blocks 2 for Block A and one for Block B. Almost all activities centre on the Intera Resort Block A hotel including meals for which you are required to cross an extremely dangerous and busy road several times a day. The room in Intera Relax was on the ground floor and absolutely reaked of diesl fumes from what I presume was the hot water system. I was a bit concerned that possibly Carbon Monoxide fumes were also infiltrating the room but cannot prove that although I did make my feelings on that subjecty known to the rep and reception. My 'partial' sea view consisted of the black rubbish bags at the rear of the hotel. I could write loads more and have photos to prove it but will close for now unless anybody would like to hear more. My advice is don't stay here but visit a websiteand get value for your hard earned cash

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Icmeler is a smaller version of Marmaris which can sometimes be a little brash
by D.Taylor
3 / 10

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dreadful, smelly and horrible

"When we arrived the room we were given was so bad, we did not even unpack our bags. It was dirty, paint splashed on the floor and the smell of sewage was dreadful. They put us in a second room, where at least the air conditioning worked, but the floor was filthy and broken floor tiles, split level and very dangerous. It was also under the swimming pool area, stank of chlorine and had no natural light. The 3rd room was definitely better, but small and only cleaned every 2 days. The floor was filthy, the fridge did not work, and it stunk of sewage all the time. Every one was the same we all were very upset as it did ruin the holiday.

The hotel itself was not very clean, the staff were demoralised and only a few were friendly. The food was ok if you like salad, but the hot food was not very inviting. The food was only served at set times 3 times a day so not really ‘all inclusive’. The bar was only 6ft long and the queues were dreadful for getting your 'all inclusive' drinks and the plastic cups were very rough around the edges. There were no staff waiting on anywhere (although in other hotels that were 4 star they had waiting staff getting you your drinks)

We were told by the rep (who we never saw during our stay other than the welcoming mornings) stated that Goldtrail rated this hotel as 2 suns - which is not even 1 star - please be aware that every couple we spoke to had the same problems as us - that was about 30 of them. You can actually get a good 4 star hotel in Turkey for the same price as this dreadful place, be very aware it is awful. We will never go back. Goldtrail have lied about this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by minimon01
1 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"i didnt know wot to expect as it was a last minute deal. but good value for money .our flight was delayed so we landed late the rep from goldtrail was really nice .on journey to the hotel we stopped for a break as the transfer was two hours long we were given leaflets to say times for food .on arrival at the hotel we were signed in then given our keys and shown to our room.the room was basic but good enough for me and my two boys to sleep in they had a tv and fridge in. the tv had cartoons to keep my sons amused why they waited for me to get ready .the food was lovely and the staff were children loved it there they also enjoyed their trips out as well and the evening entertainment was really good overall me and my two boys really enjoyed ourself and will consider going there again .the people spoke english as well and the markets next to the hotels had such lovely stuff which was good value for money .the day trips were lovely but i would remend people who go to turkey to go for two weeks so they can fit more of the excursions in.i.e waterparks. turkish bath which i recommend ..boat trip.quad bikin and many more the beach is just a walk away and a boat to maramis as well."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with co operative
  • Advice: go see for yourself dont take other people word for im planning my holiday there for next year
  • Activities: viking boat trip .waterpark turkis bath
  • Good For: Beach
by s j smith
9 / 10

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Give It A Go

"Just arrived back from Litera Icmeler Relax after a weeks holiday. Travelled with my in Laws sharing 1 room and at the price we paid £249 each for peak season we really were expecting the worst. Transfer from Dalaman took about 2 hours with a 15 minute stop for toilet/refreshments. Were shown to our room on 2nd floor and yes it is really basic. Was told on journey back by Goldtrail Rep that they only acquired this Hotel in October last year and I think they have just reopened it but really should have done some refurbishment first. There is a small pool and a bar at the Hotel - bar closes at 8pm. However regardless of your room being in Relax or Deluxe you all have full use of same bars/pools. All meals are taken over the road at the Main Block (called Deluxe) where there is also a large pool with music/pool games etc during the day. Breakfast usual for Turkey - Boiled Eggs, Cereals, Fruit, Cold Meats, Cheeses etc as I don't eat breakfast at home more than enough for me but if you want a Fry up most bars near buy do a full English for £2!!!!!!!!! Lunch & Evening Meal were plentiful loads of fresh salad, always a Chicken dish (which is only meat I eat) loads of vegetable dishes, fish, turkish pide breads etc. Last year we stayed at The Grand Pasa Hotel 5* in Marmaris and rooms were lovely however we all thought the food was better here. There is also another Hotel over the road which is also classed as Deluxe and we spent most of our time there - always a sunbed and really quite and peaceful no boom boom music (remember I was with the In Laws lol) and loved to sit at tables near bar at night and watch all the hustle and bustle of the shops just across the road.

Hotel is ideally located close to bars, shops etc - beach is only a 5-10 minute walk away and Dolmus stops very close to Hotel to take you into Marmaris for 2 Lira (about 80p). Loads of bars and restaurants on the doorstep if you fancy a change or a late drink.

For the money that we paid we cannot complain and all in all had a fab holiday - so much so that I am planning on going back in 2 weeks with Hubby but will probably stop at Deluxe if we can -if not no big deal as the only time we were in room was to change or sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by jbeckybo
9 / 10

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Gold Trail

"Having arrived at our resort after an epic journey which I am sure every visitor to Turkey is up to scratch on we were told that our hotel the Litera De-Luxe was fully booked and that we would be staying in the Litera Relax, what a joke you could do anything but relax, what a dump, Smelly,Dirty, Nothing Working, Nowhere to hang your clothes in short a place where you might just keep your dog(shame on the dog)seriously this hotel is the pits and as for Gold Trail they well words fail me as to how they can treat people in this way, well they say money talks and they will never get anymore of my money. This was the Holiday from Hell,I had never heard of Gold Trail until last week and I hope I never hear of them again. I invited a friend to join us one evening to have a look at the food and she just laughed and said she would rather strarve then eat in the Litera and informed me that it was known locally as "The Hospital" among other names."

by plugrtr
1 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

never go with goldtrail holidays...

"never go with goldtrail holidays again after staying at this i begin.when we arrived after a long coach drive 2 hours we was shown our hotel which was across at the relax,when shown our room it was very basic small balcony and the balcony door didnt shut the fridge was broke no hangers in the wardrobe, and there was a smell of drainage which was coming from the bathroom, the pillows full of stains ,the room no was 508,our friends stayed in 503 which was the same they got locked in coz the door broke.the lift worked once that was when we arrived the other 6 days it was broke.we reported the door to the rep so she advised us to get a deposit box but wait for it when we asked at reception ther was none left he told us to go back later on to see if there was any when people had left,we finley got one 6 hours later,many people complaining .when we went for tea the food was okay part from it being just warm,once getting our food u have to try an get a table but it was full so we sat at the bar area and we were told we coulnt sit there i told her we wasnt moveing coz there was no wear to sit .the pool at the relax is hanging dirty thick with dirt round the pool.the delux overcrowde ,the idas is quite but after a couple of days the pool was dirty hadnt been cleaned i think they only clean the one at the delux coz he did this about 8 oclock at night!the rating isnt 4 star its only 3 if that.the beach is ok but u get mithered all the time i will never book with goldtrail again they need to send someone out to stay there an se what its like,i know we didnt pay a lot for the holiday but u dont expect a smelly room every night so if any ones booked to go to this hotel i go back to the travel agents and change in."

by  S Park
1 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Where do I begin, arrived at Litera...

"Where do I begin, arrived at Litera Deluxe around 8am, room not ready so went for breakfast, room ready about 9:15, taken across main road to Litera Relax (Cell Block H as it later became known!). Our room was very, very basic, two small drawers a large wardrobe with 6 hangers (2 broken), bathroom clean except for black mould in shower.

Floor had just been mopped and my wife did a lovely pirouette across the floor. Fridge was empty and turned off, balcony very cosy!!

The couple we went with were next door, their room same as ours but the door lock didn't work, reported but still waiting for repair, great security eh!

When we booked, the other couple asked for a bath as he suffers with a skin reaction in a shower, they were told that a bath would be included, was it, nah. When they went to complain they said THEIR paperwork didn't include a bath, it seems THEIR paperwork didn't correspond with several of the holiday makers who did complain about various things.

In the brochure we were shown the photo of the hotel, it was of the Deluxe (Block A) and the Relax (Block C) together, no mention of one being 100 yards away. The pool in the Deluxe was the largest and the noisiest, no way could one relax so we used the small pool in the Relax which is one depth (1.8Mtres), no good for children. The pool had a recess around the edge which was thick with grime, probably several months of oily residue. When we asked why this hadn't been cleaned the answer was the recess was too awkward to get at, aw bless!!

We heard of numerous complaints over the two weeks, some of them quite unbelievable, people with physical complaints being put on the top floor whilst sweet young things being given ground floor rooms. You may think this was acceptable except for the fact that the lift was out of order most of the time and when it did work was unpredictable.

The staff were as miserable as the hotel, hardly a smile. The Reception staff were downright rude and although they could speak perfect English when anyone complained about something they, all of a sudden, couldn't understand and just shrugged peolpe away. The Goldtrail Reps were ok when you were booking a trip etc but when it came to following complaints their cooperation was extremely poor, they didn't seem to want to know.

Having said all this we did have a reasonably good holiday, the food was, for us anyway, ok (as long as you liked CHICKEN !!) and Icemeller is a lovely spot and apart from the shop owners and taverna staff badgering you all the time the locals were quite friendly.

My recommendation to anyone thinking of going to Icemeller please steer clear of Litera Hotels & Resorts and Goldtrail (Booked through CooperativeTravel) but enjoy the resort.

by John Tennant
3 / 10

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